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England Under-17s Win World Cup In Sparkling Style, Danny Murphy Still Finds Something To Moan About

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England Under-17s won a World Cup recently by coming from two goals down to whup Spain 5-2 in the final, but you might've known that good old Danny Murphy would still be able to sap all the joy and ebullience out of everything.

An ex-England international himself, Murphy was thoroughly disheartened to see the Under-17 squad decide to reverse their shirts while collecting their winners' medals, thus obscuring the Three Lions crest.

New 2014 World Cup Argentina Away Shirt On-Sale

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Adidas have been very busy over the past few months and have un-veiled no fewer than four Wold Cup away shirts this week including this very popular Argentina Away shirt which alongside the Home shirt released earlier in the year is sure to be donned by the many neutrals for this Summers Finals in Brazil and it will be no surprise to see the number 10 on the backs of the shirts either!

Outfitting the World Cup, One Shirt at a Time With groups...

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Outfitting the World Cup, One Shirt at a Time

With groups decided and fans growing more anxious with each passing day until kick off arrives in Rio de Janeiro, our friends over at Clean Sheet Co.

Top Five World Cup 2010 Shirts and The Worst Jersey Of the Lot!

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Unless you've been living in a cave for the past few months you would be aware that a World Cup is literally, of should that be figuratively, just around the corner. In an effort to squeeze more life out of the biggest showpiece event of the past four years we have come up with a list of the best 5 World Cup 2010 shirts.

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On This Day In 2012: Arsenal Duo Giroud And Coquelin Make Minor Shirt-Based Error At ‘End’ Of League Cup Tie Against Reading (Video)

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Hard to believe we know, but it was five years ago to the very day that Olivier Giroud and Francis Coquelin entertained the nation by getting all confuzzled at the business end of Arsenal's chaotic 7-5 victory over Reading in the fourth round of the League Cup.

After somehow conspiring to go 4-0 down within the 37 minutes, Arsenal pulled a heroic comeback out of their collective derriere thanks to late goals from Laurent Koscielny and Theo Walcott in the 89th and 96th minute respectively before the final whistle thweeped at the Madejski Stadium.

Ligue 1: Montpellier Conjure Up Novel Way Of Getting Rid Of All Their Misspelled Shirts

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Due to a rather unfortunate production error, Montpellier HSC recently found themselves with a large surplus of misspelled jerseys they were unable to shift.

A glitch in the manufacturing process meant that every Montpellier shirt produced for the 2017/18 both player issue and the replicas being sold in the club shop ended up with an 'L' being accidentally dropped from the club crest.

Non-League Snapshot Of The Day: Referee Rejects Concerns Over Potential Kit Clash In FA Cup Qualifier…

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Horsham FC welcomed Ashford United to their Culver Road ground on Saturday afternoon for an FA Cup first-round qualifying tie.

Unsurprising for a team nicknamed The Hornets, Horsham turned out in their usual delectable yellow and black home kit.

Horsham v Ashford United yesterday.

Sweden Women’s National Team To Play With Inspirational Quotes On Shirts Instead Of Their Names (Photos)

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The Sweden women's national team have decided to drop their names in favour of plastering inspirational messages across their shoulders.

The shirts are being produced for the upcoming Algarve Cup, with each player selecting their own quote of choice from fellowprominent Swedish women.

Team captain Lotta Schelin has opted for a quote pinched from the Twitter feed of politician Gudrun Schyman that reads, "Never look down on someone unless it is to help her up".

Bayern Munich To Play In Special Shirts Made From 100% Recycled ‘Ocean Garbage’ (Photos)

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When Bayern Munich take to the field for this Saturday's home game against Hoffenheim, they will do so wearing a very special version of their kit.

In conjunction with Adidas and marine conservation foundation Parley, the Bundesliga giants are set to play in a unique red stripmade entirely from plastic ocean debris.


Cyber Monday Deals: 40% Off Selected Football Shirts

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Today is Cyber Monday and have joined in the fun with some fantastic deals on many of the best selling 2014-15 football shirts.

They have handpicked a selection of jerseys and knocked as much as 70% off the price.

However, this sale can last for 24 hours only and will end at midnight GMT.

The new 2011/2012 Arsenal kit/shirt/jersey

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We're a little behind the times here at the Arsenal Offside, as we navigate the choppy transitional waters from The Martin/Sairax era to The Largely Unknown Jackasses era.

But finally, nine days after the fact, we have a post about the new Arsenal kit/shirts/jerseys/unis/whatever you prefer to call them.

World Cup 2010 Jerseys: Japan

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There's a reason for everyone to look good at the World Cup. After all, if you can't look good while winning, what's the point?

Japan's reason is damn good: they represent one of the world's biggest fashion hubs, perhaps the single biggest fashion hub, in Tokyo. Therefore they must put on a show and do honor to the living spirit of Hidetoshi Nakata, who's surely critiquing their every fashion move.

West Brom

Intergnashing of the teeth

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Nash break

I have long developed an extraordinary capacity to completely switch off from Arsenal during international breaks. I practically went into hibernation the moment the final whistle blew against West Brom and it's only now that I'm kicking my cocoon open so I can peer out.

Premier League Shirts, now only 20 Million Pounds

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The numbers are in on Premier League shirt sponsorships for this coming season, and, as expected, they are mind-numbingly ridiculous. The 20 clubs in the English top flight brought in a total of £99.75 million for putting names on shirts this season, up from a paltry £72 million last season. That's an impressive average of just under 5 million quid per team.


This shirt reminds me of…….

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This shirt reminds me of...... Â I don't know about you but this shirt from the 2001/02 season always reminds me of Juan Sebastian Veron. I'd be lying if I said the ultimate failure of Veron to fulful his undoubted potential at United isn't one of my greatest disappointments down the years. When 'Seba' [.

Screw the Seahawks

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While we're on the subject of obsessing about shirts...

Sounders HQ should be taking notes from this guy (or gal).

Hell, after looking at the rest of the gallery, the league as a whole should pony up for a consulting fee right now (with the understanding that goddamn adidas™ still sucks in fantasyland—witness the New England kits—though the Packers ones aren't bad).

Color Blind (More Shirt Talk? Really?)

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The DC United third shirt announcement got me thinking about the distribution of shirt colors in MLS, notably the common complaint amongst league fans that "everything is red and blue" with navy blue often singled out as a particularly egregious offender. So I did what seemed logical and headed for a spreadsheet (sad, I know, but true).

World Cup 2010 Jerseys: Ghana.

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Another day, another brilliant Puma kit for the African nations.

Ghana's nickname doesn't have quiet the ferocity of an indomitable lion, the mystical grandeur of an elephant of the precociousness of a fennec in short, they ain't an animal but Puma has still done more with a simple black star than most kits at the World Cup have done with twice as much.

World Cup 2010 Jerseys: Portugal.

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Not all fashion tasks are created equal, like mankinis for the obese, fur coats for dogs and Canadian tuxedos. Nike was posed one of these difficult problems when handed the sketching pads for Porgual's World Cup 2010 kit: how not to make red, white and green look like Christmas.

World Cup 2010 Jerseys: Spain

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When playing with such flair, such panache, not to mention toting a European trophy in behind, rolling in style is mandatory. And style often means fresh, new, crisp.

Looks like the individualistic style will have to come from the football, then. Adidas has run out nearly identical kits for Spain the home red and the black away which mirror their "generic" line for the 2010 World Cup.

Rewind: You Go This Way, I’ll Go That Way.

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Everyone gets a Michael Owen brochure. But who really needs one? Will everybody stop linking JT to Man City? Lorient unveils a horrendous new kit. So we counter with your favorites. CR9 is the new Beatles. A big American gets a big move.

Major League Soccer

Jersey deal a measure of success for Canadian soccer

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Pro leagues have come and gone, often launching with high hopes only to fold in dramatic fashion. But as Major League Soccer gets ready to add a pair of new franchises in Vancouver and Montreal in the next two years, there are signs things are different this time around.

2008 MLS Jerseys Unveiled: The Verdict

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Take a look at the 2008 MLS jerseys and tell us which are the best and worst.


Universitario have kit stolen ahead of big game

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Robbers lift shirts... Now we have all heard about football players being robbed while playing, but this is something else. Normally the thieves in question target the unoccupied homes of Merseyside millionaires. But one team in Peru suffered at the hands of criminals who broke into their stadium. Universitario had 50 shirts and 90 pairs of [.

Universitario hit by grand theft ahead of vital game

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You can't trust anybody these days!

Universitario's preparations for a Peruvian championship match were hit on Monday by the theft of 90 pairs of soccer boots and 50 shirts from their changing room at Lima's Monumental stadium.

The theft took place on the ahead of an important match away at Deportivo San Martin tomorow, which could take Universitario back to the top of the league.

The Rest

Football's Oldest Derby

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Football's oldest derby takes place this Sunday, 30th July 2017, for the 157th year.

The World's oldest football derby will once again take place on Sunday 30th July as Sheffield FC face Hallam FC. Now in its 157th year, the derby was first played on Boxing Day 1860 under the original "gentleman's rules" and is a celebration of football's true and original values of Integrity, Respect & Community.

Gewinnspiel von 3 brandheißen Shirts

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Liebe Fussballfreunde, Wir haben wieder einmal ein neues Gewinnspiel für euch. Die Sportnex GmbH, die unter anderem das Portal betreibt und Artikel (original getragen etc.) von über 30 Fußballvereinen der 1., 2. Und 3. Liga versteigert, hat uns drei tolle Produkte aus den Vereinssortimenten exklusiv zur Verfügung gestellt.

Product Review | 8 Bits & Leather Cats For Summer

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Thanks once again to the good folks at, my admittedly-minimal wardrobe has expanded by a couple of items just in time for summer.

I've got a handful of soccer shirts in high rotation, particularly in the summer, and the latest horse in my stable is the Puma Foundation Graphic Line Up Tee, featuring world stars of the game in all their 8-bit goodness1.

“Baller” - a football version of the NBA’s classic logo. Or is...

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"Baller" - a football version of the NBA's classic logo. Or is it a prospective, progressive movement to create a mixture of the two sports? I'm thinking David Villa would be good at whatever that would be called. One can only imagine... [Spotted over at Who Are Ya Designs]

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During international week I tend to dig out some old DVDs of greatest spurs moments, great FA Cup wins, the best 100 goals or one of the many simple league wins the club so embarrassingly release (and I buy) just to get me through the boredom of no league football. Don't get me wrong I watch the England matches but I also watch the other international games if there's a spurs player involved.

Just wanted to let everyone know that our friends over at...

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Just wanted to let everyone know that our friends over at SoccerPro just redesigned their site, which looks quality. But even better than that is the fact that they're giving a 20% coupon (with checkout code "NEWSITE20") on everything from soccer jerseys to the Nike CTR360 boot to this Arsenal "Victory Through Harmony" shirt.

Kaka has arrived

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Kaka is in Madrid for his unveiling it appears he's not exactly crying over not being in Milan. His perma-smile is about what you'd expect from someone about to start earning the Abramovich-sized yacht loads of money that he is, even if it does appear that he may have been kidnapped by the two men sitting on either side of him at the end of the clip above.