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Manchester United

Owen Hargreaves’ Fitness Plea

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We're probably a bit slow on the uptake of this one but its worth reporting again anyway for those of you who may have missed the story originally, but ex Man United midfielder Owen Hargreaves, who is now a free agent having been released from Old Trafford a few weeks back, has resorted to uploading videos to YouTube in a bid to prove his fitness again.

Paul Scholes: a tribute to a player born in the wrong country

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Paul Scholes: a tribute to a player born in the wrong country - originally posted on

In the last 15 to 20 years the best central midfielder that I have seen — the most complete — is Scholes. I have spoken with Xabi Alonso about this many times. Scholes is a spectacular player who has everything.

Podcast: Top 5 Favourite Things About Sunday League Football/Amateur Soccer

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It's Friday, so must be time for some shameless podcast related self-promotion. Taylor from Man Utd Offside and myself have been hosting the Total Football Soccer Show on WRIR, and posting the show as a podcast on Podcast Offside. This week's show (first broadcast on Thursday, October 22) was completely lacking in professionalism.

Podcast: 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Soccer

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Time for a bit of shameless self-promotion. Along with Taylor from Man Utd Offside, I've been co-hosting a public radio show titled the Total Football Soccer Show. We're eleven episodes in, and have been posting each show on Podcast Offside. I wanted to bring the 11th and most recent episode to you attention here on [.

RoM Reaction To Ronalo’s Likely Exit

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My feelings on Cristiano Ronaldo have been there for all to see. Whilst it's always been obvious he's a bit of a tosser, he's always been our tosser. I like United having players other fans hate because it's enjoyable to see how wound up they get.

To me, he felt less like ours after his behaviour last summer.

Newcastle United

I Get No Credit For Signing Nolan Because I’m A Cockney

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It seems that Alan Pardew isn't the only Newcastle manager who blows his own trumpet. Joe Kinnear while at Newcastle For some strange reason, there's an interview with former Newcastle manager Joe Kinnear, in the Newcastle Journal this morning, and Joe goes into the self promotion game himself. This is what Joe said today, [.

Newcastle United’s Ground Renamed: Mike Ashley’s Idiocy Knows No Bounds

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Oh Sweet Jesus!

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Newcastle United have angered fans with plans to rename their ground the James' Park Stadium until the end of the season.


Are Sam Allardyce and Arsene Wenger Feeling The Mourinho Effect?

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Arsene Wenger is a man of many talents but modesty is not among them judging from his most recent outburst. In the aftermath of the announcement that Arsenal had made a record profit in the last financial year Wenger took time out to draw attention to his record for developing young players.

A quick update

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Howdy folks. No, this isn't a mirage, but it's me. Tendering a quiet explanation as for my lengthy absence. I'm not really going to be posting here much do to time commitments and the need to be paid even a little bit for writing.

But since I got my first start here at the ol' Arsenal Offside, I wanted to drop by as I will be doing from time to time to do a bit of self-promotion and updates.

The Rest

Book Revie: The Didi Man

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First off, a confession: I don't like biographies. In particular, I don't like player biographies. Too often they're pretentious, ego-massaging,bank account boosting exercises in self-promotion that offer little in the way of genuine insight. Unless, of course, you consider tales of lads' nights out or those of puerile banter as falling under the category of insightful.

Zlatan’s Book Tour Continues

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Zlatan, in a bit of self-promotion stop it for his new book, did an interview with Gazzetta which was published this morning. It doesn't disappoint. The Fiver offers a few excerpts, while the rest can be read here in Italian with a magic password (requires registration).

He, Mourinho and Balotelli should probably have a talkshow when all is said and done.

Hot Time In Old Town? There's an app for that - CBS Chicago's Most Valuable Blogger Voting

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We aren't quite to Hot Time In Old Town's one-year anniversary (September 14) so that makes a couple of new changes and announcements around here all the more exciting. First off, if you like Hot Time in Old Town, there is now an iPhone app for that. Well technically there's an app for SB Nation but so close to HTIOT's birthday?

Larissa Riquelme now just one game away from getting naked on the pitch

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Football strip on the cards Back on 4 July when Paraguayan model Larissa Riquelme vowed to strip on the pitch if her beloved national football team won the Copa America, it seemed likely to be another shameless attempt at self-promotion on the back of a major football tournament (she had made similar declarations at last [.

Vote for ME, the WNT Blog

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WARNING: Unabashed self-promotion below.

Do you enjoy reading the WNT Blog? Does it make you smile? Perhaps a chuckle? Does it give you some valuable insight into the daily happenings of the WNT that you can get no where else?

If so, please cast a vote for the WNT Blog in the voting for BEST BLOG in the annual year-end Best Of U.

Duncan Ferguson - An Everton hero

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In a shameless act of self promotion I am pointing you the way of another blog - Royal Blue Mersey - where I wrote a tribute piece to the legendary Duncan Ferguson. It is part of the new Everton: Classics section of the site detailing memorable players, seasons and matches.

I'm sure I'm not the only Evertonian to list big Dunc as their favourite player (especially those of a certain age) and certainly couldn't fit all of his special moments in one blog so if you have any special Ferguson memories you would like to share feel free to comment either below or over at Royal Blue Mersey.

The 100th Episode Promo!

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The 100th episode of Winning Ugly is quickly approaching and because we love shameless self-promotion on this show, it's time to start doing just that!
If you haven't heard, the 100th episode will be LIVE and unedited. That's right, no safety net, totally live.
What are we thinking?

For your consideration, we give you the first Winning Ugly 100th Episode Promo!

Open Call for Footy Writers

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Are you as excited about the coming World Cup as we are?

Soccer is this intense shared passion, and in that spirit we've decided to open up our blog to passionate writers.

  • Watch a World Cup match? Â Write your report on it
  • Thinking about tactics, strategy? Â Write your analysis
  • Have a well thought out editorial banging about in your head?

Social Networking FTW - Twitter Edition

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Social Networking For The Win - Twitter Edition

Timbers FC - The official twitter account of the Portland Timbers.

Ryan Bach - A VP with the Timbers front office and posts some great pictures.

Timbers Army - Keep up with the bar crawls, tailgating, charitable events and what else the supporters are up to.


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A little in the way of apologies and self-promotion. I've been missing 'round these parts for the better part of a month and I'm sorry. I started several Monday Morning Manager posts, but didn't finish any of them. And while I've continued to pour everything I could into playing the game, I just didn't have the time or attention span to also coherently and entertainingly write about it very

A Small Moment of Fame

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I'm not normally one for self-promotion, aside from the standard Twitter announcements and a plug or two in the various other places I sometimes appear, but I couldn't let this pass by without...

2010 World Cup Tidbits: Where We Stand in Africa

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It's been some time since my last post so let's catch up on some news from the 2010 World Cup and African football, shall we?

First off, some self-promotion ... my post on Africans in the UEFA Champions League from earlier today ... don't you dare miss it!

- Are you interested in the upcoming African Cup of Nations in Angola?

Thursday, in (Very) Brief

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Nice bit here from Dave giving Dick a dose of his own medicine.

Pia has announced the USWNT roster for an upcoming friendly vs. Japan ... 5/20 and 5/23 ... meaning that 17 US players won't be with thier WPS teams for a bit - but for the most part won't miss any matches. I was interested to see that, while the Breakers lose 4 players, one of them isn't Lil.