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Toronto FC

How to Watch MLS Playoffs: TV and Streaming Listings

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Check out our three Big Storylines, National TV and Streaming Listings, and From a Sounders Point of View.

Three Big Storylines:
  1. New York Red Bulls versus Toronto FC: Toronto FC set the all-time record for points in a single season this year with 69 points over 34 games, but after being the losing team in last year's MLS Cup they know that regular season records only go so far.

Looking closer at MLS and MLB cities

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This year's baseball season is shaping up to have more MLS cities in contention than in past years. The Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners are off to really good starts, and this is not good news for MLS. Currently, both teams sit in first place of their respective divisions. These two cities have drawn better at the gate than any other MLS teams, but will it continue if their baseball counterparts continue to position themselves for a playoff push?

Seattle Sounders

Sounders vs Orlando City, live stream: Game time, TV schedule and lineups

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Flip on JOEtv if you can't make it down to the stadium.

Seattle Sounders resume play at CenturyLink Field with a 7:30 PM midweek match against Orlando City. This match starts just 20 minutes after the Seattle Mariners game against the Detroit Tigers so you should plan for difficult traffic and parking hassles.

Sounders exploring possibility of moving USL games to Tacoma

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Project would include building a soccer-specific stadium.

Although it's unlikely anything will change in the next couple years, the Seattle Sounders are officially exploring the possibility of moving their USL team's games to Tacoma, according a letter distributed to members of the Sounders Community Trust.

Sounders set MLS attendance record while league average drops

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The attendance numbers are in and the Seattle Sounders once again reign supreme.

The Sounders set the Major League Soccer attendance record for a fifth consecutive year while the league average suffered a slight dip in 2013. The Sounders averaged 44,038 fans a game at CenturyLink Field this year, which is more than double that of any other MLS team and whatMLB's Seattle Mariners averaged this season.

Snorting the Endline - Freddy Montero's Home Run Shot

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A long, long time ago we tried to start a soccer website; thought we were writers or something....

It was called "Snorting the Endline" named after Robbie Fowler's infamous goal celebration and one of our favorites of all-time. That site failed miserably. I mean who would want to read our ramblings!

Timbers Tid Bit: Deflated Edition

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This weekend was not a particularly joyful time for me. I suppose that will happen when you almost simultaneously watch your home team lose 4 - 0 and then a few minutes later watch as your national team loses 4 - 2 in the final of a very important tournament. The proverbial cherry on top was when the New England Revolution failed to do anything but suck against the Seattle Sounders gracing our northern neighbors with 3 additional points.

Major Link Soccer - Sometimes its Nice to Dominate Edition

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It was a great weekend for Seattle sports. The sun made a welcome appearance and plenty of people were out in the parks playing pick-up games. The Seattle Sounders absolutely dominated Toronto FC in front of a packed house and the crowd was as loud as I've ever heard them at a regular season game.

Seattle Sounders Softball Game Features Highlight-Reel Plays, Hilarity

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Seeing the Seattle Mariners' struggles recently, the Seattle Sounders decided to change it up today, dropping this whole soccer thing and picking up bats and gloves. It turns out, many of those lovable faces we see on the pitch can actually play a little softball, including members of the walking wounded.

Soccer Overtaking Baseball In Toronto, Other Cities

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In 2009, Seattle Sounders FC became the first MLS team to have an average attendance higher than the same city's baseball franchise. Led by a rabid fanbase that snatched up season tickets at a record rate, the Sounders drew an average of 30,897 fans to Qwest Field last season, compared to the Seattle Mariners' average of 27,102, a gap that will likely widen further in 2010.

EDITORIAL: Seattle's Success - And Reactions

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Today's topic: Â

Seattle - And the reaction of some MLS fans to the city's success

by Glenn Davis

I have gotten alot of feedback lately on the Seattle Sounders FC and most of it has been positive yet I am a little perplexed but some of the reaction that comes from fans who seem tired of the story in the Pacific Northwest.

San Jose Earthquakes

Sounders change kickoff times for three 2017 home matches

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This is most likely to avoid traffic issues with nearby Seattle Mariners games

The Seattle Sounders and MLS announced earlier this week that three of the Sounders games have had their scheduled kickoff times changed. This is probably to accommodate the Seattle Mariners, who have home games at Safeco Field on all but one of these dates.

Sounders v San Jose Earthquakes - Three Questions

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Tonight's 7:30 PM start between the Seattle Sounders FC and the San Jose Earthquakes could cause some traffic issues for all parties involved. The Seattle Mariners start play just about 90 minutes earlier. So players, coaches, and fans should all leave their homes earlier because tonight is a must-not-miss match.

LA Galaxy

Major Link Soccer - Trouble Brewing for the NASL

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The NASL prepares for the loss of 2-4 teams, Landon Donovan opens himself up for a USMNT call up, and Christian Pulisic is taken out of reach.


First we had Christian Roldan making the 24 under 24, now we have Zach Scott in part one of The Philly Voice's 34 over 34.

Ross Fletcher made an appearance on Prost Amerika where hediscussed Seattle coaching changes and Lodeiro.

Los deportistas y futbolistas mejor pagados en el mundo 2010

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La revista estadounidense Sport Ilustrated se encargó de hacer una lista con los 20 deportistas, no estadounidenses, más ricos del mundo.

Imagen, mercadotecnia deportiva y muchas cosas mas hacen que aparezcan nombres de futbolistas que no están ni siquiera a un nivel importante en su carrera pero amasan grandes fortunas de dinero.

How Many Years Until the First Winning/Losing Season?

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Currently, Real Salt Lake is in their 5th year of existence as an MLS team and they've yet to have a winning record (defined as having more wins than losses). It got me thinking, which teams in the five major American sports leagues have gone the longest before their first winning season?

I used the reference family of sites to figure this out (Baseball Reference, Football Reference, etc).

felix hernandez

Felixing Fredy Montero Now Throwing Out First Pitch For Next Felix Hernandez Start

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Modern life can be pretty amazing. After PTI put up a photo with Felix Hernandez celebrating his perfect game, Felixing became a thing. A thing that was so cool the George & Dragon pub suggested that all Sounders goals scored should be celebrating by Felxing. Fredy Montero then retweeted that idea.

Stat Geeks Rejoice: King Felix Wins Cy Young

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Stat geeks have been saying it over and over and over again: Cy Young voters shouldn't simply look at win-loss record. This year, the Cy Young voters listened. Felix Hernandez, who only had a 13-12 record, won the American League Cy Young award. Proof of Hernandez's domination was in deeper in the stats he had a 2.

New York Yankees

Michael Pineda Career Over?

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Michael Pineda of the New York Yankees will miss the rest of the season due to a shoulder injury. And the news could be even worse for Pineda and Yankees fans: The star pitcher's career could be over.

The reason why Pineda may be history is the type of injury he suffered. In general, shoulder injuries are very bad for pitching prospects.

Yankees Steal Michael Pineda

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The New York Yankees needed pitching help. What do they do? In a trade with the Seattle Mariners, the Yankees stole one of the best, young pitching prospects in all of baseball. Michael Pineda, who showed dynamite stuff as a rookie last season, heads to New York, while Jesus Montero was sent to Seattle.

2011 AL Rookie of the Year Winner

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We've come to our final award. After name the NL MVP, NL Cy Young, NL Rookie of the Year, AL MVP and AL Cy Young, we are left with just the AL Rookie of the Year award. Who takes home the top prize for rookies in the American League.

Here are our top five rookies in the 2011 American League Rookie of the Year race:


Ten Best Baseball Prospects in 2011

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Every baseball fan is excited by their team's best prospect. There's something magical about dreaming about a baseball prospect coming in and blossoming into the game's next big star. Which players are the best prospects in all of baseball. Here is the official EveryJoe breakdown of the top ten baseball prospects:


Rafael Soriano: New Yankees Setup Man

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Rafael Soriano was one of the most dominating closers in baseball last year. On Thursday, he signed a deal with the New York Yankees to become the Yankees setup man in front of closer Mariano Rivera. Soriano's deal is reportedly worth approximately $35 million over three seasons.

Last year with the Tampa Bay Rays, Soriano was 3-2 with 45 saves and only three blown saves.

Cliff Lee Free Agent Destinations

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Cliff Lee is baseball's biggest free agent this winter. The star lefty is arguably one of the top five pitchers in the game. Last season, Cliff Lee pitched for the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers. After leading the Rangers to the World Series for the first time in franchise history, his stock is higher than ever.

Phillies Correct Mistake, Get Roy Oswalt

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In the offseason, the Philadelphia Phillies made a great move by trading for Roy Halladay. However, they made an equally bad mistake when they gave away Cliff Lee to the Seattle Mariners. Instead of having two of the game's best starters, the Phillies inexplicably hurt their chances for minimal return.

The Game In America Is Growing And Support Is Coming From The Ballparks

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I guess you guys are wondering why I put the hat logo of this Minor League Baseball Team as a starter to this article. Well to be honest it all intertwines with the support of the World's favorite game and how it has had steady growth. I think we already know about those European or foreign professional athletes who play in the four leagues of the United States and Canada.

Major League Soccer

Choosing Soccer Over Baseball

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By Clemente Lisi – NEW YORK, NY (Apr 2, 2012) US Soccer Players -- There is a large number of American soccer fans who don't really care that another baseball season officially began last week when the Seattle Mariners played the Oakland A's in Tokyo. Opening Day will be this Thursday when the season gets underway in earnest for all Major League Baseball teams.

A Mixed Bag

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A general rule I have is to always find a humorous picture that encompasses the general topic of the article. Today we have a photo of the Richie Havens Mixed Bag album. The article is truly a mish-mash of whatever I felt like posting, also know as a mixed bag. The humor is that I actually have this album.

Boston Red Sox

Red Sox Acquire Erik Bedard

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The Boston Red Sox have been searching high and low for a starting pitcher to add to their rotation. They almost traded for Rich Harden, however that deal fell apart at the last second. On Sunday, the Red Sox made their moving by trading for Erik Bedard of the Seattle Mariners in a three-team deal.

Mariners Lose 15th Straight Game

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Once upon the time, the Seattle Mariners were 43-43 and the playoffs weren't totally out of the question. However, since then, the Mariners have now lost 15 straight games. Their latest loss came Sunday afternoon against the Boston Red Sox.

The game started off well enough for the Mariners.

Best Pitchers in Baseball - April Edition

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A number of Major League Baseball pitchers are off to hot starts in 2011. If April is any indication, the 2011 Cy Young Award races in the American League and National League will be fierce. The cool thing about this list below is it features both old, wily pitchers and up-and-coming flamethrowers who could revolutionize the game of baseball.

Nelson Cruz Homers in Fourth Straight Game

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Another game. Another Nelson Cruz home run. The Texas Rangers have won their first four ballgames of the season and Cruz has a homer in each of the contests. His first three homers came against the Boston Red Sox. His fourth was on Monday night versus the Seattle Mariners.

On the season, Cruz is hitting .

Los Angeles Angels

Chone Figgins Trade Rumors - Oakland A's?

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Last year, the Seattle Mariners inked Chone Figgins to a big contract. In his first season with the Mariners, Figgins was mostly a disappointment. Recently, there has been talks about Figgins being traded from the Mariners with the Oakland A's being the main destination mentioned. Could there be some truth to the Chone Figgins trade rumors?

Adam Kennedy Arrested for DUI

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Adam Kennedy, a second baseman recently signed by the Seattle Mariners, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with DUI. The arrest came as he was driving near Newport Beach on State Route 73. According to Adam Kennedy, he was originally pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for speeding.

Kennedy went on to say that he was having dinner with friends prior to getting into his car at around 8:00 PM.

The Rest

Major Link Soccer: Hand of Raul

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A handball knocked Brazil out of the Copa America Centenario after the world soccer power couldn't muster a goal of their own for 90 minutes.


As a long-time Seattle Mariners torture victim fan, even I found a lot of new information in this excellent video chronicling Nintendo's ownership of Seattle's second MLB team.

The Top 5 Most Futile Pro Sports Teams

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The criteria for this list involves franchises who have not changed cities or nicknames and have never made it to a championship final in their respective sport. A minimum of 35 years is used to gauge a futile existence.

Teams reviewed were picked from the NFL, NBA and MLB. The NBA Finals, World Series and Super Bowl are the significant events being evaluated.

Michael Owen’s carefully considered hunt for a new club

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In mid-July, Michael Owen announced on Twitter that he was "getting closer to finding a new club" after being released by Manchester United. "Had a good deal of interest but just need to pick right!" he added. At 32 years old, Owen is coming off yet another injury-plagued season in which he made just four appearances (and scored three goals), down from 17 the year before.

Major Link Soccer: Estrada's Backstory, Beach Soccer, Friendlies Not Trophies

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This week's addition of Major Link Soccer should help you get caught up on some of the Seattle Sounders stories we haven't covered here yet. Somehow, despite writing at least three stories a day, multiple FanShots and occasional FanPosts there is still other amazing Sounders related content out there.

Yu Darvish Sucks in Debut

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All eyes were on Yu Darvish as he pitched for the first time for the Texas Rangers. The rookie from Japan took on the Seattle Mariners. The results? They weren't good. Darvish already has baseball fans wondering if the expensive import is going to be a bust.

In the first inning, Darvish gave up four runs.