Scottish football Friday kick offs


Friday Night Football: Short and Sweet?

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To Motherwell and part two of the great SPL Friday night football experiment.

Pity poor Motherwell. If you want to try something (sort of) new and attract the punters with cheap tickets it's probably essential that you get ninety minutes played.

Unfortunately this Friday night project was abbreviated.

Hibs: Friday Night Frights

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Pat Fenlon finds himself in the Hibernian trenches for the first time this evening.

Another SPL Friday night experiment as Hibs take a trip to Motherwell.

Perhaps I'm guilty of misreading his intent but my impression was that Henry McLeish had suggested Friday night football as a way of reinvigorating the lower leagues.

Friday Night Football

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Would you be happy if you were going to a Scottish football match this evening?

There is a suggestion that the SPL might be looking at playing games on Fridays as part of their backlog clearing plans.

The talk seems to be of the April holiday Fridays, although as these are both after the split I'm not sure what the need is.

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SPL: Motherwell v Hibs

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An acquaintance, for whom the glass is forever half empty, insisted to me last Sunday evening that Hibs would be in the bottom three of the SPL after the next three games.

That is mathematically possible. And this particular lover of life had, unlike me, endured the trip to Dingwall to see goalkeeper Ben Williams do a Highland fling in losing three goals and three points to Ross County.

Friday night football: Maybe ask the fans

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How was the Friday night experiment for you? Partick Thistle fan Tom Hogg has his doubts:

According to the papers, the Scottish Football League will examine the attendance at the Partick Thistle v Greenock Morton match in its trial slot of Friday evening, against last season's equivalent Saturday fixture as a measure of whether to extend Friday night football to other matches.