Modern Football Is Rubbish: Painfully Atrocious ‘Half-And-Half’ Scarf Spotted Outside Leicester-Man Utd Match (Photo)

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Being the largely moderate folk we are, Pies are not exactly hardliners when it comes to the contentious issue of half-and-half scarves in football.

We do see that, in mitigating circumstances, they can serve as relatively inexpensive mementos of certain notable matches, perhaps a Community Shield tie or a Simod Cup semi-final.

Modern Football Is Rubbish: Behold, The Half-And-Half Manager Scarf Is Upon Us (Photo)

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On Monday evening, Leicester City held West Brom at the King Power in a largely routine 1-1 draw.

Indeed, Nacer Chadli's swirling freekick to open the scoring proved to be one of few stand-out moments.

However, the fixture is sadly likely to be marked in the annals of football history as one of the darkest on record, for it was on Monday 16th October, 2017, in Leicester, that the world first bore witness to the managerial half-and-half scarf.

Worrying Trends: The Plague Of The ‘Half-And-Half’ Football Shirt Is Truly Upon Us (Photos)

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By Chris Wright

Pieswere just about getting to grips with the maddening logicof the half-and-half scarf when modern football culture goes and delivers us another stiff toe-poke to the goolies: The half-and-half shirt.

Now, we've seen Arsenal fans butchering two perfectly good shirts to create half-and-half home/away jersey cut-and-shuts in the past, but at the very least the two donor shirts have belonged to the same club.

‘Fans Could Use Budget Airlines’ – UEFA Chief Michel Platini Explains Plans To Host Euro 2020 All Over Europe

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By Alan Duffy

Forever in touch with the common-or-garden football fan, UEFA bigwig Michel Platini has revealed that he is pondering a radical rethink of the 2020 EUROs, with cities all over Europe hosting games. The star of the 1984 Euro Finals said:

"The Euros in 2020 could be held all over Europe.

Euro 2012: Sweden Fan Forced To Get Beers In After Losing Bet With Ukraine President Mykola Azarov

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By Chris Wright

After waging a round of beer on his country beating Ukraine in their opening Euro 2012 game, Sweden fan Ola Sjostedt (who is head of the Sweden Supporters Club) had to make his way to the government offices in Kiev to settle his boozy debts.


Champions League: Porto Fan Clambers Over Into Juventus Section To Swap Scarves With Rival Supporter (Video)

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Porto's hardy band of travelling fans were in fine form last night, singing, chanting andgenerally cavorting the night away despite watching Juventus knock their side out of the Champions League.

The revelryin the away end was perhaps best encapsulated by alone Porto fan, who scaled the perimeter fence and clambered over into aJuventus section just to swap souvenirs with a rival supporter.

Video: Builder hides Portsmouth shirt inside Southampton’s training ground

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Video has emerged of a Portsmouth-supporting builder hiding a Portsmouth shirt and scarf within the walls of Southampton's new training ground. The multi-million pound training complex is currently being built at Staplewood. But despite the painstaking attention to detail that has gone into the project, it appears that Saints or Scum as they're known [.

Arsenal midfielder threatens to put a Tottenham scarf down his pants

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Arsenal youngster Emmanuel Frimpong has stirred things up ahead of Sunday's north London derby in his own unique way. The midfielder, currently on loan at Fulham, pretended to put a Tottenham scarf down his pants during a live stream video broadcast.

Old Brazilian Lady Takes Live Pig To Atletico-GO vs Palmeiras (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Match tickets? Check. Scarf? Check. Piglet. Check...


Video: 101GG

Manchester United

PICTURES: “Most famous scarf in the world… still only a fiver!”

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Moments after it was announced to Manchester United fans outside of Old Trafford that the game against Bournemouth had been abandoned, one merchandise seller tried to make his £5 matchday scarf seem like better value for money.

"The most famous scarf in the world, still only a fiver!" he joked.

What Mancini can learn from Sir Alex

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Early in the season, Roberto Mancini looked ideally equipped for the challenge: unflustered, superior, endlessly cool in his natty woollen scarf.

During the game against Sunderland last weekend, however, he appeared anything but the master of his emotions.

He refused to join in the celebration of a spirited comeback, sitting alone in his managerial recliner, shaking his head.


A Perfect Match Football Gifts For Valentine's Day

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With Valentine's Day fast approaching, Andy Greeves takes a look at the best gifts you can treat your football-loving partner to this February 14th.

Build a Home Together

There is nowhere football supporters are happier than at the home ground of their beloved club, so why not make a special place for their 'special place' in your house.

Brendan Rodgers Unveiled As Liverpool Manager – First (Grainy) Photo

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By Chris Wright

It would look like the deed is done. Here's Liverpool's brand-spanking new manager holding the requisite shirt and scarf aloft at Anfield this very morn...

Via Liverpool Echo

Brendan Rodgers Unveiled As Liverpool Manager – First (Grainy) Photo

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By Chris Wright

It would look like the deed is done. Here's Liverpool's brand-spanking new manager holding the requisite shirt and scarf aloft at Anfield this very morn...

Via Liverpool Echo


Alleged Newcastle horse puncher Barry Rogerson insists he’s an animal lover

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The Newcastle fan alleged to have punched a horse following last weekend's derby defeat to Sunderland insists he's an animal lover. Unemployed factory work Barry Rogerson, aged 45, from Morpeth, reeled off a list of pets and a penchant for feeding foxes in mitigation for his attack on a police horse.

Top five theories about Sergio Aguero’s mystery ‘stupid injury’

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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has revealed that Sergio Aguero is out with a 'stupid injury' to his foot. But the Italian wouldn't be drawn on the cause of the mystery ailment which will rule him out of tomorrow's match against Sunderland. Mancini said: "It is a stupid injury. It was not his fault.

Richmond Kickers

Richmond Kickers 21st Birthday Party Giveaway

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The Richmond Kickers are turning 21! To help celebrate, VA Soccer News and the Richmond Kickers are going to be giving away a prize pack that includes four tickets to the April 6 home opener (Kickers vs Riverhounds) and a limited edition Kickers scarf.

As most Kickers fans know, the Richmond Kickers have recently partnered with 4-time MLS Champions, D.

Second Annual Sounder At Heart US Open Cup Pickem

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Last season loyal reader bmvaughn rode the brief but memorable Cinderella run of the Richmond Kickers and some other quality lower division teams to an early points lead, but he couldn't overcome the fact that the (understandably) most picked team among contestants went on to win the Cup for the third season in a row and so the title went to site writer Dizzo.

Season Ticket Holder

2013 Season Ticket Holder Scarf Voting

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Democracy in sports, y'all! Thanks to the Alliance Council, Sounders season ticket holders now have the opportunity to vote on the design for the scarf that will be distributed to STH's in 2013. This was originally conceived as a chance for the fans to design scarves and use a contest to decide the winner, but scheduling constraints led to a compromise in which the team's designers would come up with 4 alternatives and let the fans vote on the winner.

Blame Canada, Official Strikers chant vs FC Edmonton (video)

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Burrito is back! And want The Ultras and Flight 19 to learn and sing this song for the Strikers vs FC Edmonton game this Friday!
Vamos Strikers! Lets show them putos they come to Lockhart to lose! Defend the pinche Fort!

Blame Canada, Blame Canada
It seems that everythings gone wrong
since Canada came along,
blame Canada, blame Canada
They're not even a real country anyway!

New England Revolution

Westmont Ultra Raffle Benefiting October 8 Event

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Westmont Ultra Raffle Benefiting October 8 Event

There is a great raffle going on that closes tomorrow. All the proceeds will go towards the very important Fire 15th Anniversary celebration. There are a lot of little things going on behind the scenes that need the help. The grand prize is two tickets to the Second Star Club for the August 18th game vs New England.

Fans’ View: Fans from afar

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Our series of fan posts continues with a post from Avery Kravitz, who writes about following the Union from New England.

There are three things New England sports fans enjoy doing; Watching the Patriots, hating the Yankees, and clinging to the hope that the Big Three can stay out of a retirement home long enough to win another NBA title.

Seattle Sounders

A US Open Cup Experience to Remember

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Article by William Schulz

To be completely honest, I haven't been a "serious" sports fan for very long (I strayed in my adolescence, long story). For reasons I won't elaborate on here, Kansas City and its stadia became my homes away from home. An unfortunate side effect of that choice was that I became a complete stranger to sports success.

Sounders v Chelsea FC Friendly - Gamethread

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Tonight's game is about pomp, circumstance, crowds, evangelism and practice. It is not, nor is any friendly about who wins (ok, USA-Mexico is). This Wednesday night's 6:30 PM nationally-televised game between Chelsea FC and the Seattle Sounders FC will be a display of joy and passion. It will be a celebration of soccer history in Seattle that starts with a Roger Davies Golden Scarf ceremony and ends with Roger Levesque saying goodbye from the pitch.

Roger Davies - Golden Scarf Awardee, Sounders Legend

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Prior to the Seattle Sounders v Chelsea FC friendly NASL Sounder Roger Davies will be awarded the Golden Scarf. The scarf is now awarded on a much more limited basis than previous years, but there is little doubt that Davies deserves the recognition of his importance to Seattle's soccer history. This guest post is to provide those that missed his greatness with a reminder of just how much he meant to the Sounders.

Membership Has Its Privileges - Expand Them

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When the whole Seattle Sounders Alliance was created it was clear that not everything was going to happen immediately, but things have happened. There's some governing documents, non-supporters are able to get designated tickets to Cascadia Away matches, we ran the Supporters Summit, there are recognized supporters groups chosen by a fan organization rather than by members of the front office and we're not done.

The Rest

USA Nike National Team Scarf Giveaway

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In celebration of the USMNT returning to RFK Stadium to face Germany on June 2, 2013 Virginia Online Soccer News is giving one lucky winner a free USA Nike National Team Scarf. Show up in style with this great scarf and show your support for the Yanks!

USA Nike National Team Scarf


Scarf of the Month

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All quiet on the field so I thought I'd point out this new off-field promo. The Rapids are doing a Scarf of the Month promo this year. Each month of the season there will be a new scarf design for sale. Each scarf will sell for $25, but you can pre-order the first 4 for $70 until Sunday, a 30% savings.

Win a Savile Rogue cashmere football scarf

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OTP has teamed up with Savile Rogue to give you the chance to win one of the world's finest cashmere football scarves. Savile Rogue scarves give a nod to football terraces of yesteryear, shunning in-your-face logos and cheap nylon in favour of a traditional bar design and the comfort, quality and warmth of top grade [.

Fulham Fans To Wear Green And Gold

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MUST have tonight claimed that the green and gold protests will continue this season and will start with tomorrow's game against Fulham, with the away supposedly joining in.

"At the match tomorrow assuming the Glazers' security don't try to suppress free speech a significant number of Fulham fans will be taking Green & Gold scarves into the away section," said Duncan Drasdo, chief executive of MUST.

EURO 2012: Poland Prepares To Debunk ‘Curse’ Of Tournament Hosts

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Poland and their ballerina goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny are all set for tonight's Euro 2012 tournament opener against Greece. It should be an interesting game if the Greeks remember not to park a bus or a Trojan Horse for that matter in front of goal as they did in 2004.

Goodbye to the Man for the Big Occasion

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After an underwhelming 2011-2012 season, most of which was due to lack of selection rather than any failings of his own, there was general consensus that Dirk Kuyt had little time left as a Liverpool player. Still fit as ever, still capable of producing in front of goal, and still committed to the cause, even if its commitment to him had waned.

Chelsea’s victory parade featured some delightfully awful singing from Fernando Torres

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A day after winning the Champions League in Munich, Chelsea returned to London and held their open-top bus parade to celebrate the season's cup double. The joyous occasion was celebrated with a few songs, including a rendition of "We Are The Champions" from Fernando Torres that was so off key, the cameras couldn't even show the singer, Didier Drogba leading the "Super Frankie Lampard" chant and David Luiz shouting his usual hilarious nonsense.

56ers NPSL start supporters group

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The Madison 56ers have started a supporters group for their National Premier Soccer League team.

For $20, supporters group members get a season ticket and a 56ers scarf – the regular price for those items is $50 ($35 for season ticket and $15 for the scarf).

In exchange, the club asks that the members make a commitment to attend each of the team's eight home matches, or find a friend to fill in for them if they can't make it.

Noticias: Ibrahimovic Deems AC Milan’s Season “A Failure” And Blackburn’s Unlucky Chicken

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AC Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still reeling over the fact that Juventus snatched the Serie A title from under his nose - literally. No surprise there, given that Milan were pretty consistent this season and still failed to win a trophy. Yes, Gennaro Gattuso, you've been missed!

POTD : Smiles From Quevilly Ahead Of The French Cup Final

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8-year-old Siham from Quevilly poses with her football scarf ahead of the French Football Cup final against Lyon this weekend. It's going to be a treat for this Futbolitina!/ via Daylife,

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A Look at the Season Ticket Holder Box

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Dynamo season ticket holders are receiving their season tickets today, mine arrived this afternoon and I figured I would give everyone a look at what we got. The box includes match tickets (including a foil embossed one for the inaugural match in the new stadium), a small book with some information about the stadium and the new account management system, and a scarf.

Alex Gerrard: Now With Less Plastic?

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No Grand National would be complete without an appearance from The Queen of Scouse. We have no doubts that Alex Gerrard is smiling because she's just come from the "cocktails" stand and who can blame her? No Grand National event can be taken in whilst sober.

As Mrs. G "wrote" in her OK!

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v. San Jose... or at least these injuries have suitable replacements

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The [bad] Cheesequakes logo has been retired in favour of this NASL rehash.
Canada right? Cold? Wintery?
That's bullsh-t. It's broken 20 C every day for the last 9 days. Today's forecast, cold, rain and misery. And talking about the weather is typically clichéd, but in football terms, it's important.