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The Union's hope for the future, Colorado changes course, and Champions League results: Brotherly Game Daily Links 8/16/17

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More links than Merion Golf Club.

Philadelphia Union News

What an end of season clear-out will mean for the Union's salary cap situation
The Philadelphia Union could clear up as much as $4.46 million in guaranteed compensation (although it will probably be much less).

MLS Capology: Where the Union (might) stand with the salary cap

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MLS Capology 101 and a take on what the Union might be up to this summer.

MLS Capology is a fools errand. Don Garber & Co. make sure of this. One part science and eight parts art, MLS Capology is a gathering of ancient press releases, odd bits of rumor and fact sheets only found by the best search engines.

Proposed New Salary Cap Exception Rules & Acronyms MLS Should Adopt

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TAM. DP. MLS has some pretty good acronyms when it comes to toying around with that pillow-soft salary cap. Just over a week ago, NYCFC traded Andrew Jacobson for TAM. In a sense, the trades for TAM are the single entity equivalent of a European transfer fee one team "trades" a player and gets cash to burn, in this case space outside of that pesky salary cap.

Philadelphia Union and MLS News and Notes 12-21-15:

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Things are pretty slow around the rumor mill with the holidays fast approaching but check out the compilation of links below.

2016 MLS Rosters |
Just in case you were wondering what the up to date rosters were and how many open spots each team has available to them. For the record the Union currently have the emptiest roster in the MLS.

The Salary Cap – Love It or Leave It?

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As the playoffs begin and fans of teams not in competition begin to look toward next season the salary cap will be the talk of the MLS town this off-season. The 2014 cap was set at $3.1 million, compared to $2.95 million in 2013 and $2.81 million in 2011. Now,..

Management 101: Toronto FC, Júlio César, and Matías Laba

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After a week of rumor and speculation, Toronto FC officially announced on February 14th, the signing of Júlio César on loan from Championship side Queens Park Rangers. The move was first reported by Brazil's O Globo, and spread on Twitter by TSN soccer host Luke Wileman. Even though the Brazilian international player is considered to be one of the world's top goalkeepers, he has yet to play a league game this season for QPR.

You Get What You Pay For

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It is that time of year when season ticket holders are eagerly awaiting to receive their tickets and scarves in the mail. There is a great deal of time and money spent off the field and behind the scenes to get you into those seats. Nonetheless, it is the product on the field that we are concerned with the most.

The Undervaluing Case of Maurice Edu

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By: Rescinded Red

There seems to be an issue for some over the rumored $1.2 million salary Maurice Edu was offered by the Philadelphia Union. Whether the Major League Soccer front office actually blocked the signing for financial reasons or simply used it as a negotiation ploy will hopefully come to light in due time.

The Undervaluing Case of Maurice Edu

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By: Rescinded Red

There seems to be an issue for some over the rumored $1.2 million salary Maurice Edu was offered by the Philadelphia Union. Whether the Major League Soccer front office actually blocked the signing for financial reasons or simply used it as a negotiation ploy will hopefully come to light in due time.

The Undervaluing Case of Maurice Edu

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There seems to be an issue for some over the rumored $1.2 million salary Maurice Edu was offered by the Philadelphia Union. Whether the Major League Soccer front office actually blocked the signing for financial reasons or simply used it as a negotiation ploy will hopefully come to light in due time.

MLS Low Salaries Benefiting Biggest Rivals

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By: Rescinded Red

The twenty-five year old 2013 Golden Boot winner, Camilo Sanvezzo, leaving North America for a stronger league would be a coup for Major League Soccer. Aside from Camilo and his family attempting to obtain permanent residency in Canada so he can dawn the maple crest, a flight from MLS is imminent.

Falling apart or coming together? Chicago Fire 1 TFC 0

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A good game from TFC's back-up keeper.

A sense of duty brought me to the tube this evening. Chicago was hosting TFC in their last road game of the season. Chicago came into the game in the midst of a playoff battle.

Future News: Man City buy MLS, eliminate league’s salary cap

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Manchester City Football Club have announced that they have purchased Major League Soccer. This comes days after it was revealed that the Premier League club owned by Sheikh Mansour will co-own MLS's 20th franchise, New York City FC, which will begin play in 2015. And according to Man City, the decision to buy the whole league arose from their desire to eliminate its tight salary cap.

A Couple Changes To MLS Roster Rules

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Just like with every year, Major League Soccer tweaks and updates various roster rules and regulations to begin their new season. The 2013 season will be no different as several updates have been made to the roster rules.

Here is a look at key elements of MLS's 2013 roster rules.

  • The 2013 salary cap is now at $2.

FC Dallas Series: Building For 2013

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I meant to post this here a week ago and totally forgot. But I wanted to mention a series of posts that I recently did at that dived into the tricky salary cap mess that each MLS team has to deal with. I looked at each positional area for FC Dallas and broke down what kind of potential salary cap space the club would have to work it.

MLS Economics – End The Salary Cap Mystery

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Must we perpetually deal with the cloak-and-dagger nature of the salary cap situation in Major League Soccer? There is nothing like watching international players enter the league, primarily to the Big Two teams of Los Angeles and New York, when ...

Visit http://www.majorleaguesoccertalk.

Pappa leaves Chicago for Heerenveen

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Plans change, and the Chicago Fire's Marco Pappa is now a member of Eredivisie club Heerenveen rather than waiting until after the Major League Soccer season. "This was a very difficult decision to make, however, we feel it is the best move for the club and the player at this time," Chicago president Javier Leon said in a press statement.

Pappa's transfer from Fire to Heerenveen takes immediate effect

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If the Chicago Fire are to reach the playoffs and go on a postseason run this season, they will have to do so without Marco Pappa.

The Guatemalan midfielder's transfer to Dutch club Heerenveen has been expedited, and he will leave the Fire with immediate effect. The Fire had originally planned on sending Pappa to Heerenveen following the conclusion of the MLS season after the transfer had been agreed upon earlier this month.


2016 Salary Cap Estimation

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I just did a rough look at our salary cap situation. The 2016 cap is $3.66 million. I took a guess at who our top 18 senior players would be, including Howard. I charged the full max amount for Howard, Gashi, Jones, and Doyle of $457.5K. I also charged $215K for Sarvas as that's what we're rumored to be picking up for him.

The Good, The Bad... The Overpriced - MLS player salaries illuminate unbalanced TFC

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"The boys at Lambda Lamda Lamda will not be pleased!"
Toronto FC loves them a good bargain. They have turned a lame bird act into their own version of Bargain Harold's Benfica, they always sell players well before their expiry date (well, well before) and no one knows how to turn a 5-Year Plan into an 8-Year Plan with such simple calculations!

THE STARTING 11: Other ways Toronto FC player's salaries could be spent

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Put some Wellie on it!
Late last week, the MLS Player's Union (which shockingly doesn't include the three construction workers on Columbus' badge) released the latest salary list for their members. When these numbers come out it is always fodder for supporters to argue who is a bargain and who is a burden on their club's strict cap.

Portland Timbers

Where Does the Timbers Roster Stand?

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The salary cap gets all the attention, but among the limitations the Portland Timbers must navigate as they finalize their 2016 roster are the constraints imposed by MLS's complex roster structure.

All told, MLS team can have 28 players on their roster.

Of those 28 roster slots, 20 roster spots are on the "senior roster" that counts against the salary cap which, with the 7% annual increase agreed upon on last year's collective bargaining agreement, should be approximately $3,735,000.

Salary Cap Limitations Cause Timbers to Part With Urruti

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In a somewhat unexpected move on Monday, the Portland Timbers declined the option of Maximiliano Urruti after more than two years of strong service to the club. The rationale for the move is straightforward: Portland has paid for two first-choice strikers for the past two years and simply can't afford to continue to do so under the salary cap.

National Women's Soccer League Update: Portland Thorns FC Coach, Salary Cap, Players and More

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While the Portland Timbers have been making waves in the last few weeks with regards to an ever changing roster, as well as some juicy rumors, the Portland Thorns FC and their respective league have also been making waves as they prepare to get everything in order for next year's kick off. Here's what has happened in the last few weeks:

Merritt Paulson hints at Portland Thorns head coach

With a tweet sent out yesterday, Merritt Paulson stated:

Look forward to announcing @ThornsFC head coach tomorrow.

Portland Timbers' 2013 Projected Salary Cap Hit

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File this article under the "major speculation" category, but we thought it might be fun to peer into the salary cap of the 2013 Portland Timbers. Keep in mind that the current squad will most definitely change between now and then. Caleb Porter is certainly not done wheeling and dealing. Regardless, here is our methodology for these numbers:

  1. The 2013 MLS salary cap will be $2.

Seattle Sounders

Assessing the Offseason: Are the Timbers Better or Worse?

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With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear this was going to be a difficult offseason for the Portland Timbers as it was for many MLS teams. The reason is relatively simple: As a result of the CBA, the salary cap is lower than teams anticipated, making the 2015-2016 offseason largely an exercise in preserving their rosters rather than upgrade them.

Sounders' roster and salary-cap outlook now looks manageable

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The picture might not be quite as rosy as we'd all like to think after the Seattle Sounders lost their best defender and one of their best scorers, but it sure looks a lot better than it did the last time we looked. Based on a fair amount of educated guesswork and using last year's roster-rules as base, it would appear the Sounders are now about $170,000 over the 2013 salary cap of $2.

Sounders appear to be about $250,000 over estimated 2013 salary cap

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When Adrian Hanauer said the Seattle Sounders were feeling the salary-cap crunch during his postseason press conference, there were definitely some skeptics. Their total team salary was only the eighth highest in the league, after all. How bad could it be?

Well, we decided to run the numbers and it appears the Sounders GM was giving it to us pretty straight.

Chicago Fire

Wells Thompson apparently traded to the Chicago Fire

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Rumors about Wells Thompson being traded to the Chicago Fire started yesterday. That's weird I thought. Wells Thompson is a guy that this team doesn't need. The rumors persisted today but the move seemed so odd, I brushed it off. I don't have that luxury anymore as Wells Thompson went to Facebook to post a picture of himself in the Fire's locker room with the words, "Breaking News: Newest Member of the Chicago Fire Team!

Fire announce Marco Pappa transferred to SC Heerenveen now; not later

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The Chicago Fire announced on Thursday that midfielder Marco Pappa will be transferred to Dutch side SC Heerenveen immediately as opposed to at the end of the season.

The idea that a European club would essentially wait half a season to get a player seemed a bit farfetched at the time. We may never know if this was the plan all along or if Heerenveen made a last-minute offer that the Men in Red couldn't turn down.

Manchester United

Salary cap restrictions on the table for the Premiership

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There seems to be for the first time a serious debate on introducing salary cap restrictions a la NFL into the Premiership. This comes on the heels of a strengthened TV deal that would generate £3bn to be shared by all 20 clubs towards player transfers and wages.

The bottom line is that increasing and out of control wage demands have eaten into that pie leaving clubs with less to spend.

Financial Fair Play, Salary Caps & The Polarisation Of Footballs Financial Model

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People, it is probably fair to say, are troubled by the current financial imbalance in the Premier League. That only three or four clubs can realistically end up as the champions of England is a situation that has vexed many over the last few years, and even the thin veneer of tightness that the end of last season brought us can mask the fact that both Manchester City and Manchester United finished nineteen points ahead of Arsenal in third place at the end of last season.

The Rest

Liverpool Introduce £40,000 Salary Cap For Youth Players In Effort To Curb ‘Too Much, Too Young’ Syndrome

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Liverpool are about to enforce a new salary cap on their youth players in an effort to stave off the "too much, too young" culture that permeates the upper echelons of the professional game.

According to the Telegraph, the club will not allow players under the age of 17 to earn more than £40,000 in their first season as a professional.

Breaking down the Union's salary cap situation - summer edition

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The MLS salary cap went up 12% and the Union spent 20% more on player salaries, and that's less good news for their salary cap situation.

The MLS player salaries have been released and now we can use them to estimate where the Union are against the salary cap. Of course there are still many unknowns, but at least we can get a sense of what the Union are facing in the transfer window and beyond.

The latest on the new CBA and Designated Player rules

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More details emerged about the new CBA and the Union's Designated Players

The last time we looked at the details of the CBA there were pieces of the agreement that were still not public. Brian Strauss of and Paul Tenorio of the Orlando Sentinel, in different interviews with Bob Foose of the MLSPU, released some more of the details.

THE STARTING 11: Ways that Ryan Nelsen plans to "frighten" opponents

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The Diego Forlan announcement.. IN 3D!!!
After his predecessor rolled out such tender chewy sound bites as "the best finisher in the modern era" and "like a son that needs a slap", you'd think that TFC manager Ryan Nelsen may choose his words more carefully. But alas, the increasingly agitated Kiwi let fly last week that once TFC got rid of those pesky salary cap issues (that apparently no other MLS club has ever encountered) there would be "a few frightened teams" in MLS.

Salary Cap Generator Fun

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Article By: Anders Aarhus The boys over at SounderatHeart, have created a pretty cool roster generator that will entertain you for hours.
Put in a salary cap limit between $1.5 million and $18 million and the generator will spit out a roster based on the latest salaries released by the MLS Players Union.

Salary cap to prevent D.C. United from signing Jan Frederiksen?

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Two news reports, one out of Denmark and one out of Poland, are saying that Jan Frederiksen will not be signing with D.C. United due to salary cap considerations. An earlier article said that while D.C. United wanted to sign him, it was only going to be on their terms. United were only willing to offer a one year contract at $80,000 per year, at least according to the Danish media, whereas Frederiksen wanted more money and a longer contract.

Galaxy sign Swedish veteran Wilhelmsson

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The Los Angeles Galaxy are gearing up for the stretch run of their MLS Cup title defense, and they've added a Swedish international midfielder with valuable experience to help them in the final months of the season.

With 10 days to go until the MLS roster freeze deadline, the Galaxy announced the signing of Christian Wilhelmsson, adding a 32-year-old wide midfielder who was part of the Sweden Euro 2012 team and also played in the 2008 European championship, 2006 FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League.