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Sunday League Special: Bournemouth’s Harry Arter Tricks Nathaniel Chalobah With Masterful Fake ‘Leave It’ Call (Video)

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You can stick your 4-0 trouncings and debut upsets where the sun doesn't shine Pies' undoubted Premier League highlight on Saturday was Harry Arter's imperious deployment of Sunday League-level shithousing in Bournemouth's home defeat against Watford.

Finding that his man, Nathaniel Chalobah, had escaped him on the counter-attack, Arter stooped to foiling the Hornets' approach by emitting a fake "leave it!

Exercising your rights in the Premier League finale

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By Darshan Joshi, writing from Sydney

It was a computer that drew up the fixture list for the campaign, yet you would be forgiven for thinking that Aphrodite had her nimble fingers in the mix too. Blackpool face Manchester United, as West Ham United did on the final day four years ago, with relegation breathing its fiery fumes on Bloomfield Road's tangerine soul.

Homegrown rule has insufficient effect

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Home not necessarily where the heart is The current Premier League season has incorporated a new rule change. No, Sepp Blatter has not agreed to confirm if goals are actually scored, and players are still able to dive, swear, spit and roast their way through the season unaffected. Instead, we have the introduction of the home-grown [.

New Premier League squad rules explained

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What's all this home-grown nonsense about? With top-flight managers juggling players around in their heads, and Arsene Wenger complaining about the 'disastrous' decision, Premier League clubs now have to name a 25-man squad at the end of each transfer window, with a minimum of eight home-grown players in this squad.

The beach ball goal

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I was in a pub in Ã…rhus, casually, and started watching the Premier League match between Sunderland and Liverpool. Not long into the match, saw one of the strangest goals I have seen: Glen Johnson shot on goal for Sunderland, and a beach ball that had been thrown onto the pitch got in the way of the ball, changing its trajectory into Liverpool's goal.

The Question of Diving

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As an American soccer fan, it's incumbent (or so it seems) that I defend the sport constantly against ad hominem attacks by those that hate the game. It's an extra part of the "job" that comes with...


Gazidis – All the top teams want to be like Arsenal

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The Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis reckons that Arsenal's prudent fiscal policy is the envy of the footballing world, and believes that it will keep Arsenal in the top level of football for the forseeable future. There have been rumblings lately that the new UEFA Fair Play regulations will be unworkable and unenforcible, but Gazidis [.

Wenger – Please understand that other clubs don’t follow the rules

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Arsene Wenger has issued a plea to the fans to understand that Arsenal have to be sensible in the transfer market this summer. The French coach blames the pressure put on the club by the wages and transfer fees on offer from teams with "unlimited resources" makes it difficult for the Gunners to compete on [.

New “Homegrown” rules – Wenger could still sign FIVE senior players!

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The Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger has been vocal in his opposition to the new "Homegrown" rules introduced this season, and thinks it will put a lot of players out of work. He said: "I am quite surprised the players' union accepted this rule as it could put many players out of a job," said the Arsenal [.

Arsenal Rules O.K.

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The Christmas holidays were getting a tad boring so I flicked on the telly and The Big Match Revisited was on, unfortunately there was no Arsenal Playing it was Fulham and Manchester City. I started to watch these 22 men playing on what looked like a ploughed field all covered in mud, amazingly there was still some good passing but I started thinking how football has changed.

Major League Soccer

Arnoux Joins Vancouver, But For How Long?

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First, US youth international Omar Salgado couldn't stay in Vancouver because of a problem with his registration; now, their signing of Wake Forest product and Everton prospect Cody Arnoux, an apparent coup for the club, may be negated come the end of the Division II season.

That's because MLS sources say Arnoux could go into the draft next year or weighted lottery might be used to determine his ultimate destination.

In the MLS Lack-of-Pressure Cooker

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If I'm counting correctly, six MLS teams came into the new season with a different head coach than they had in 2009. Hans Backe took over in New York after Richie Williams finished out last year for...

Deep Cuts: Window or Aisle?

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The cost-control restrictions that Major League Soccer places on its teams are sometimes viewed as unnecessary and capricious by many of the league's fans; this is especially true for fans of clubs...


Apocalypse Watch: Sepp Blatter Apologizes

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The end is nigh. The trumpets (vuvuzela?) have sounded and we are all doomed, because this must truly be the apocalypse. Sepp Blatter has apologized, and may even change his mind.

"It is obvious that after the experiences so far at this World Cup it would be a nonsense not to re-open the file on goalline technology.

Getting shirty – Was Italy’s penalty deserved?

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Italy's World Cup is on the rocks after their unconvincing 1-1 draw with New Zealand. But should Vincenzo Iaquinta even had the chance to grab the Azzurri's goal following disputes over referee Carlos Batres award of the spotkick?

Five months ago to the day, All White's defender Tommy Smith had just suffered defeat by Brentford in the third tier of English football, on loan to the London club after being deemed temporarily surplus to requirements at Championship team Ipswich Town.

Referees Are Teachers Too

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When referees are involved in games whose players, coaches, and fans are new to the sport, they should also assume the role of teacher and educator for everyone.

FIFA's hand job

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Controversy surrounded France's qualification for the World Cup against Ireland. So much that French president Nicolas Sarkozy apologized while the Irish have demanded that the match should be replayed (this was rejected by FIFA).The problem is France's equalizer in extra time (that brought France ahead 2-1 on aggregate, and gave them the spot in South Africa) where Thierry Henry is clearly seen

Deep Cuts: Um...Friday

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If you have any reasonable level of motivation on Friday, you're a better person than I. I spent about half the time I usually do trying to find interesting links for today's edition of...

FIFA prohibits video refereeing

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In the match between Brazil and Egypt, an Egyptian player made a save on the line in the last minute of the match. Initially, the referee called a corner, but apparently, after his 4th referee called his attention, called the penalty kick, whereby Brazil won on a goal by Kaká. This was the just thing, and should show that TV images are useful for referees.


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Or, A Post Kind of Like The Last One, With Different Words

"The losers owe their loss to him and the winners triumph in spite of him. Scapegoat for every error, cause of every misfortune, the fans would have to invent him if he didn't already exist. The more they hate him, the more they need him."

- Eduardo Galeano, Soccer In Sun and Shadow

Referees serve some of the game's most cruel paradoxes.


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Or, A Post Kind of Like The Last One, With Different Words

"The losers owe their loss to him and the winners triumph in spite of him. Scapegoat for every error, cause of every misfortune, the fans would have to invent him if he didn't already exist. The more they hate him, the more they need him."

- Eduardo Galeano, Soccer In Sun and Shadow

Referees lie at the center of the game's most cruel paradoxes.

The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #109

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Change for the better
12 Early Rule Changes That Transformed The Sport Of Football

1. The offiside rule as we know it today was implemented - 1873
2. Teams forced to change ends at half-time - 1874
3. Introduction of the crossbar (rather than a piece of tape) - 1875
4. Match length set at 90 minutes - 1877


No Suspension For Henry...But FIFA's Rules Look Ridiculous

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It was to no-one's surprise at all that FIFA chose not to suspend Thierry Henry for the handball that saw France through to the World Cup Finals at the expense of the Republic of Ireland.The FIFA Disciplinary Committee could not suspend Henry because handling the ball to help your team score is not a 'serious infringement' of the rules and therefore cannot be punishable by suspension.

Captain Jack Talks Smack

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Another requisite round of crazy talk from the CONCACAF big cheese, with his true colors on full display for the world's appreciation... Turning to bidding for the 2018 World Cup, Warner called the English campaign "lightweight,'' complaining that...

New FIFA Rules Lead to First US Addition

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During the recent FIFA Congress in the Bahamas, world soccer's governing body passed new rules regarding international players; no longer will youth internationals be required to declare which nation...

The Rest

Bad Lad: Michy Batshuayi Comes Clean, Admits He Regularly Broke Chelsea Rules To Play Sneaky Extra-Curricular Games Of Futsal

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Michy Batshuayi has a secret. A deep, dark secret. A secret he must guard closely for the rest of his mortal days. A secret he has divulged in an exclusive interview with a well-known French football magazine.

Are you ready? You may want to position yourself over a soft mattress or an antique Victorian fainting couch for this.

Party Hardy: Carlos Vela and Efrain Juarez banned for 6 months by Mexico FA

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Carlos Vela (Arsenal) and Efrain Juarez (Celtic) are banned from the Mexico National Team for 6 months following their role in organizing a party for the team earlier this month.

A few weeks ago,media outlets reported that the Mexico National Team was being investigated for their celebrations after their recent international game against Colombia.

Are The Big Clubs Broke ?

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Barring a flood of deals in the last couple of days, this will go down as one of the quietest transfer windows in recent years. So far there have been very few actual sales with the majority of deals being short-term loan stints with options to buy later. The biggest deals I've seen announced have been in the £3m range, which is far cry from last January.

Youngest average age wins. Seriously.

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This is going to be the strangest, most illogical football rule you see all day, so prepare yourself or your brain just might melt and slide out your ear...

Second division club Portimonense won their Carlsberg Cup (Portugal's league cup) first group phase by simply substituting in a 19-year-old goalkeeper (pictured above.

Deep Cuts: Remembering

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It's been six days since US National Team forward Charlie Davies was seriously injured in a car accident that took the life of a young woman. As I've written, and as others have reiterated, the...

The Rules of Association Football, 1863

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The rules of soccer (or football, or more specifically "association football") are, as in every sport, ever changing and evolving. Substitutions, the offside rule, methods for breaking ties: over...

More "Americanizing" the Game Nonsense

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Happy Memorial Day boys and girls. I hope you are enjoying your holiday while properly honoring those who gave their lives to protect our country. While many of us are enjoying hamburgers, hot...