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Blog on: Bargains USA: world-cup: Al Jazeera World Cup rights extended to 2018, 2022 – AFP

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Bargains USA world-cup: Al Jazeera World Cup rights extended to 2018, 2022 - AFP - 1 hour ago from News MLB NBA NFL NHL... - Comment - Like The National Al Jazeera World Cup rights extended to 2018, 2022 AFP "FIFA is pleased to announce the extension of its broadcast rights agreement with Al Jazeera Sport for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and the 2022 FIFA .

England 0-0 Montenegro… Should England Take A Vintage Approach?

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After a disappointing draw to Montenegro, do England need to look at football from the olden days to gain success?

On a serious note the draw was a very poor result for England, but I think there must be a sense of reality added to the score. Without a doubt Montenegro were the toughest of the sides to come from the lower ranked nations.

Special1 TV: Episode 3 Featuring England v Algeria Humor: Video

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The third episode of Special1 TV, the BBC 3 version, has been released and there are plenty of laughs to be had in this video.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A few laughs at the expense of England's performance against Algeria,
  • Sven pimping for a Dutch ambush marketing company,
  • Someone stole Wayne Rooney's tuna fish sandwich,
  • A couple of Robbie Earle jokes, and
  • Two guest callers from Manchester named Noel and Liam.

England 0-0 Algeria: Lego Highlights

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There's something beautiful about watching soccer highlights played out by stop-motion Lego characters. It even makes a boring match such as England 0-0 Algeria look exciting.

Watch the above video to see the highlights, which even includes Wayne Rooney's rant in front of the TV camera and the England fans booing.

Top 10 links of the day: vuvuzela trumpets ruining the Confederations Cup

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1. Will noisy vuvuzela trumpets ruin fans' enjoyment of the 2010 World Cup? [@ BigSoccer] 2. Petr Cech and Pepe Reina are text buddies. Bless. [@ This is Anfield] 3. Socceroos' Dutch coach sings the Aussie national anthem. Badly....

Champions League

Regional Copa Del Rey and Rumours

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Tonights Copa del Rey match is set to be an explosive encounter.

We do not forget our last meeting not so long ago.

It rained cards.

The ref was an insult to football

The match was rough and nasty both on the field and in the stands.

Have no doubt these teams are true rivals on any given day.

Old Infirm? The Further Travails Of Rangers & Celic

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Some ill-advised comments made by the Celtic chairman John Reid at last year's club AGM may now be coming back to haunt him, as rivals Rangers seem to be coasting to a Scottish Premier League championship. Mark Murphy takes a look at how the two clubs have progressed this season and finds that Reid's bullishness couldn't have come with much worse timing.

Mascherano - Reds Will Bounce Back

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Javier Mascherano is confident Liverpool will bounce back strongly from their early exit from the Champions League.

Tuesday night's win in Debrecen was not enough to save their flagging European campaign as Fiorentina's defeat of Lyon ensured Liverpool's demise.

Critics of Rafa Benitez have been given further fuel to throw on the fire in light of the most crushing of eliminations.

European qualification

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There was a recent comment left over at tldorc which threw up the suggestion that failing to secure seventh position this season (therefore not qualifying for next seasons Europa League) may actually be in our favour.

So much of recent focus - ie, since the defeat to Hamburg - has been about trying to make a late run to get back into Europe that there hasn't been much analysis on exactly what effect participation in this seasons UEFA Cup has had on our league fortunes.


Two things that deserve never to be mentioned again: Last night's match and Toronto FC fans

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Well, say this for MLS Cup 2010..... no one was killed.

So there's that.



Sigh, I've got to actually talk about this match?

Jesse Hertzberg from offstage: Yes!

Can I trash Toronto too?

Jesse again: Yes, but try talking about soccer first, please.

Half Time: Red Bulls-Galaxy

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Galaxy 1 New York 0

The Galaxy have only their second lead of the season - the first lasted all of 62 seconds against Colorado - and it came after a dubious penalty decision created by the quick-thinking Landon Donovan.

Donovan appeared to deliberately drill the ball against the arm of defender Seth Stammler to win the penalty kick he then promptly converted in the 39th minute.

English Premier League

The Art of Premier League Survival

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COS's Aquaman looks at what it takes to avoid the dreaded drop.

Win the Club Shirt Of Your Choice Simply by Speaking Your Mind!

Every season in the Premier League holds a new twist. Sometimes teams everyone thought were dead meat stand up and prove us wrong, while a team we thought may be on the rise suddenly collapses into ruin.

All of a Sudden, Talk of Ronaldo’s Ankle Has Superseded Talk of His Ego

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Could ankle surgery ruin Ronaldo's dream move? Is he even going to have said surgery? How much more of this endless speculation can we reasonably be expected to endure?

Newcastle United

NUFC Back in the Premier League

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On a day which will live long in the memory of Toon fans, we were promoted back to the Premier League without having to kick a ball yesterday, and I must say, it feels great. I remember how I felt when we were relegated and it wasn't a nice feeling. I also remember how fans of other clubs and media pundits were all too quick with their criticism, and how Newcastle were 'going to do a Leeds' and that we were headed for ruin.

“Which one of you is Simon Bird?…You’re a c**t.”

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Joe Kinnear's funny press conference rant was prompted by criticism written by The Mirror's Simon Bird. "Which one of you is Simon Bird?" Kinnear asked. "Me," Bird replied. "You're a cunt."

I'd say Kinnear is spot on.

The 'article' Bird wrote this week was discussed on RoM following Michael Owen's refusal to speak to the press after his first goal for Manchester United.

Nolan Praises Great Youngsters At Newcastle

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Kevin Nolan has today talked about Newcastle's paper thin squad and he hopes new players will be brought in but also has faith in the youngsters already at the club. Kevin Nolan great confidence in youngsters at Newcastle Andy Carroll should get a good ruin of games this season and others like Nile Ranger, Kazenga LuaLua [.

head coach

Notes from San Jose: Seeing Saprissa for the first time

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I saw Estadio Saprissa for the first time on Monday and what I saw wasn't exactly what I was expecting.

Rather than some cathedral to the game, or imposing structure, what I found was a rundown concrete structure that looked more like a post-nuclear ruin than famous stadium (though the inside of the stadium is in better shape than the exterior).

Notes from San Jose: Seeing Saprissa for the first time

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I saw Estadio Saprissa for the first time on Monday and what I saw wasn't exactly what I was expecting.

Rather than some cathedral to the game, or imposing structure, what I found was a rundown concrete structure that looked more like a post-nuclear ruin than famous stadium (though the inside of the stadium is in better shape than the exterior).

The Rest

Future News: UEFA rejects England’s inclusion of Jordan Henderson as attempt to tarnish Euro 12

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England's attempt to replace injured midfielder Frank Lampard with disappointing Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson was blocked by UEFA on the grounds that it would bring the Euro 12 tournament into disrepute. Lampard was ruled out of the tournament after suffering a thigh injury during training and of all the players available to England from the professional ranks down to the amateur, they settled on Henderson.

Random News

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Hey look, it's Krazy George! ran an article titled "5 Sports Fans Who Ruined Sports" and coming in at number 4 was Krazy George. What did Krazy George ruin? Apparently the sanity of head coaches of most sporting teams.

According to the article Krazy George invented "The Wave" at a 1981 American League championship game between the New York Yankees and Oakland A's.

Down Goes Atdhe; Up Rises Atdhe.

The Offside at related • 6 views, the streamer's web-based savior, as well as a few others, was shut down by the United States government yesterday, further proof that when it comes to football, Americans ruin everything. (Somewhere, probably in Sheva's BatCave, Fernando Torres smiles.)

But not to be counted out, it rose again later in the day and lives to fight another day, another lawyer, another fine, another.

Del Pierooo… L’Uomooo!

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The Dame of Turin himself, Del Piero played his 445th game for Juventus yesterday but all he got was a lousy shirt. Even Roberto Bettega knew that they printed that out at Uncle Corioni's shop in exchange for Panini stickers!

Jacob's Ladder

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Here is my son's predictions. I'm working on a rave of my own.

I love it that all over the world, in pubs, lounge rooms and work places, there are people now working on these important documents. They write them on notebooks, beer coasters, whiteboards, walls and in the dust with sticks. These documents forge alliances, bond peers and patriots, start arguments and ruin mariages.

Recap: Weekend Norwegian action

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Hunter Freeman and Clarence Goodson helped Start ruin Rosenborg's undefeated Eliteserien season while Jay Needham and Alta are right back in the thick of the 1. Division promotion race.

Feyenoord - PSV; at last a top match again!

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At last Feyenoord - PSV is a top game again. And the Rotterdammers hope the Prague game is still in PSV's legs. The second setback this week doesn't ruin Mario Been's optimism. Sekou Cisse is the second starter that is too injured to play. Dani Fernandez, Feyenoord's right back, copped

FIFA Confederations Cup: Brazil 3 - 2 United States

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Clint Dempsey sobbed as the Americans walked up to get their second-place medals, unable to hide the pain and the disappointment any longer.


Loss doesn't ruin U.S.

Furious comeback breaks U.S. hearts

Player Ratings

Team of the Tournament

USA Tournament Roundup


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I'm watching this game and it seems strange because the game, which is an attractive matchup, is being played with no supporters due to a swine flu outbreak.

But one thing that's bugging me is the commentary. The match is on Telemundo and I wonder sometimes if announcers Andres Cantor and Sammy Sadovnik can do anything except complain about the officiating.

Richard Scudamore is broad but not an easy ride

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"My shoulders are fairly broad. You take this job knowing it's always going to be an easy ride." So said Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore, taking time out from making plans to ruin English football to discuss his plans to ruin English football with Sky Sports.