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World Cup

Last Time Out (in Canada)

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In the last blog we talked about the last time the USA played in Canada. The day was Nov. 9, 1997 and it was the game where the USA clinched qualification for the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Roy Wegerle scored twice and new Hall of Famer Claudio Reyna added another as the MNT booked its spot for the tournament in France.

The Only U.S. Win Against Brazil

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In one of the biggest upsets in the history of the U.S. Men's National Team, the USA beat Brazil 1-0 on Feb. 11, 1998, in the semifinal of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. That game was the first U.S. win against the South American side, and today it remains the only time in 16 matches the U.S. has emerged victorious.

The Evolution of US Soccer Players in Europe: Part I

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While players are now reporting to their European clubs' preseason training camps, we're all still following the movement of American players between various clubs. This got me thinking that after 20 years of following the fortunes of US players in Europe (9 of them as a reporter), its hard not to notice the evolution of the American presence in the European game.

Eric Wynalda

A Look Back at Season Openers

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With the 2012 season 4 days away for Sporting KC, I thought I'd take a look back at past year's season openers for the club. Some of the earlier matches are blurred together in a mix of games from before my college years but I'll add comments where I can.

1996 - KC Wiz vs Colorado Rapids 3-0

The inaugural game for the team saw the Wiz pull off the shutout win over the Rapids.

The USA on Father’s Day

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Clint Dempsey celebrates scoring against Egypt on Father's Day in 2009.
Today's game against Jamaica at RFK Stadium marks the eighth time the U.S. Men's National Team has taken the field on Father's Day. Overall the U.S. has a 4-2-1 record on the third Sunday in June, including matches in the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup and World Cup qualifying.

The Other Time When England Lost to the United States

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When soccer experts remember the United States beating England, they almost always refer back to the 1950 World Cup when Joe Gaetjens got only the goal in the match to cause the biggest upset in the history of the tournament when the States won 1-0 in Brazil.

But there was another day that many England fans try to forget.

USA World Cup History (Part II: 1990 – 2006)

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The first part of this USA World Cup history covered USA's1930 to 1950, including the third place finish and the famous win over England in 1950. But it would be 40 years before the USA qualified for another World Cup. They made it to Italia '90 partly thanks to Mexico being disqualified (for fielding overage players in Olympic qualifying) but very much thanks to this goal from Paul Caliguiri vs Trinidad & Tobago:

1990 World Cup in Italy

So the USA were back in the World Cup.

L’affair John Harkes: Details emerge on the once-U.S. captain’s affair with Wynalda’s wife

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John Harkes ... circa 1998

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Also file under: Some journalists knew, but couldn't write the whole story of the notorious France flop at World Cup 1998

Twelve years later, we're still sorting through l'affaire John Harkes and how things got all twisted up and then unraveled so spectacularly on that 1998 World Cup team.

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Here's how the voting has gone for the National Soccer Hall of Fame for the last seven years (all I have are the top tens - my man Jack Huckel, late of the Hall, may have the complete lists, but whether he'll ever share them, I don't know). Those players who were elected are in bold.

flavio briatore

QPR Report Sunday Update: Strange Critique re Tony Fernandes/QPR...Liverpool Reports & Comments...

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- On This Day in 1989: Roy Wegerle Joins QPR in a club-record signing
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QPR Report Wednesday: Football Form Guide...Swansea Match Reports and Comments Compilation...Support QPR Girls

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- Twenty Years Ago Today: Roy Wegerle's Goal at Leeds
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Earnie Stewart

RFK Stadium: Old Friend

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Steve Cherundolo celebrates with the RFK faithful on Oct. 14, 2009.
The U.S. Men will be playing their 21st game at RFK Stadium on Sunday, the most of any venue other than the Los Angeles Coliseum which has also hosted the MNT 21 times. The U.S. history there dates to 1977, and the most recent appearance was a 2-2 tie with Costa Rica on Oct.

SBI'S Friday Free Kicks: On Jermaine Jones, Bryan Leyva and more

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It's Friday and it is time to start a new series, which is more like the old series.

Every Friday, I will touch on some of the week's popular subjects being discussed by readers, as well astouch on news stories SBI may have missed.

The first subject today is Jermaine Jones.

SBI'S Friday Free Kicks: On Jermaine Jones, Bryan Leyva and more

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It's Friday and it is time to start a new series, which is more like the old series.

Every Friday, I will touch on some of the week's popular subjects being discussed by readers, as well astouch on news stories SBI may have missed. We've called these types of posts Musings and TGIF before, but now we'll be going with Friday Free Kicks and plan to make it a weekly series.

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Should have gotten to this earlier, huh?

Giuseppe Rossi is a soccer player of (seemingly) quite exceptional ability. His two goals led Italy to a 3-1 win over the US in the first group match of the FIFA Confederations Cup on Monday and have led to the 22-year-old from Teaneck, New Jersey being branded a "traitor" by many US fans.

English Premier League

Allow them to introduce themselves

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Norwich City and Queens Park Rangers are certainly not strangers to the Premiership, but they have been an eternity in the wilderness as far as their fans will be concerned. They both have very famous top flight games which are associated with the club with QPR turning over Manchester United in a New Years Day game back in 1992, and Norwich defeating Bayern Munich in Europe in 1993.

Grant Wahl: U.S. star Dempsey on the verge of history

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Dempsey, 27, says he's playing the best soccer of his career these days, and he has 11 games left to surpass McBride's goal mark for Yanks in a Premier League season. It seems like only a matter of time before Dempsey passes Roy Wegerle for all-time goals by an American in England. Dempsey has 34; Wegerle had 53.

Rodney Marsh

QPR Report Wednesday: "QPR in Takeover Talks"

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- Play "Spot The Ball" - #3
QPR 1929-1930
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- On This Day in Football: March 2.

QPR Report Snippets: Moritz Volz for QPR?...QPR Haiti Fundraiser..."Routledge is no Buzsaky"

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- Administrators Ban Crystal Palce's Victor Moses From Playing: Too Valuable an asset

- Football Support for Haiti

No Zimbabwean to Loftus Road: QPR Won't be signing Bhasera

- Antonio Caliendo vs Flavio Briatore?

The July 4th QPR-USA Connection...Bernie Ecclestone's Perspective on QPR (and Hitler)

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- Part QPR owner, Bernie Ecclestone Q&A. Ecclestone's View of Hitler
[Ecclestone re QPR ".

Happy Birthday America! The QPR-USA Connection

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On July 4, Taking note of the QPR/USA Connection

Besides a considerable number of QPR fans who live throughout the United States, there are a limited QPR-USA connection. Unfortunately on the playing side, only a couple of US players played for QPR: Juergen Sommer and Roy Wegerle.

Queens Park

QPR Report Snippets

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The Best US Imports

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Many nations have provided English football with players and the United States is no different. From Roy Wegerle to Brad Guzan, there has been a steady flow of Americans plying their trade across the pond, with goalkeepers being a regular export.

Juergen Sommer became the first American stopper to play in the Premier League when he signed for Queens Park Rangers in 1995 after serving a lengthy apprenticeship in the lower leagues.

Luton's QPR Contingent Continues to Grow

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Joe Dunbar joins up with Mick Harford and Warren Neil at Luton

[Flashback almost 20 years to Luton's March 1989 game against QPR. In the Luton forward line: Mick Harford, Roy Wegerle and Ian Dowie (coming on as sub). And in the Luton defense: Tim Breacker.]

Dunstable Today - Fitness coach brought on board
Joe Dunbar added to Mick Harford's staff
Town boss Mick Harford has complemented to his coaching team with the addition of Joe Dunbar as performance manager.

The Rest

U.S. MNT vs. Canada: In-Game Blog

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Welcome to tonight's In-Game Blog for the match between the U.S. Men's National Team and Canada. We'll have all the information on this international friendly for the USA, including lineups, pre-game facts and in-game notes from Toronto.

USA: 1-Tim Howard; 6-Steve Cherundolo, 21-Clarence Goodson, 3-Carlos Bocanegra (capt.

Head Coach Oscar Pareja

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Today Colorado made it official and hired Oscar Pareja as the team's 7th head coach. The Rapids say 6th but I like to count Roy Wegerle's 1 game as player/manager at the end of the 1996 season. ;) There's been no details as to the amount or length of his contract other than "long" according to Tim Hinchey at the press conference.

QPR Report Thursday Snippets: Flashbacks: Lippi for QPR?...Wegerle Wonder Goal...Crashing Home to Northampton

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- One Year ago: Briatore Speaks about "Dreaming" about Lippi as QPR Manager.

QPR Nostalgia Video...Including Portsmouth in '67...AEK in '77 and Venables at his (non-playing) "Peak"

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A few video snippets:

From December 16, 1967: Newly promoted, table-topping QPR....QPR versus Portsmouth
[QPR beat Portsmouth 2-0 - Ian Morgan (goal shown) and Captain Mike Keen . 20,000+ to see the game. (in the days before there was a South Africa Road Stand]
Springett - Clement Hazell Keetch Harris - I Morgan Keen Sanderson R Morgan
Wilks Marsh.

Snippets: Les Ferdinand Lauds Roy Wegerle and Ferdinand's Best Goal...Dunga in Trouble?...Ex-QPR Leon Knight Moves (Again!)...QPR Fan Interviewed

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FourFourTwo - Web Q&A WitH Les Ferdinand
Who's the best player you've played with?
Ashley Adams, Greenwich

Paul Gascoigne was exceptional, as was David Ginola. Roy Wegerle was also a fantastic player. When I was at QPR, he scored a goal against Leeds that won Goal of the Season.

QPR and Chelsea: The Humiliation/"Long National Nightmare" is Over

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Over the years, QPR's #1 Rivals have been Chelsea (although Chelsea's #1 Rivals has not usally been QPR.) For the first three quarters of the twentieth century, s, Chelsea were clearly the "top dog" although it was not until 1968/1969 that the two clubs first met in a league game (QPR losing 0-4 to Chelsea at Loftus Road).