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Luca Toni Goal Seals Relegation For Palermo

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Luca Toni Goal Seals Relegation For Palermo is a post from: Serie A Weekly Luca Toni Goal Seals Relegation For Palermo is a post from: Serie A Weekly Luca Toni's strike just before half time allowed Fiorentina to keep up their slim hopes of a Champions League spot this season, but also condemned his former side Palermo, to relegation.

Italian Serie A 2011-12 Club Preview: Palermo

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Serie A Weekly club previews continue with Palermo, written by our resident Rosanero master, Lorenzo Vicini. 2010-2011 Recap A roller coaster ride that truly defined the Palermo colors of rosa and nero summed up the previous season for the Sicilian side. Palermo stayed in the race for Champions League football up until February when things came crashing down.

Rosanero Roundup: Out Of Europe, In For Intelligent Replacements

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After drawing 2-2 in the first leg in Palermo, the Rosanero made the trip to Switzerland knowing that they would need a win against FC Thun in order to guarantee a spot in the next round of the Europa League. The club was hoping to avoid another repeat of the Mladá Boleslav debacle from a few years earlier when Palermo crashed out very early in the UEFA Cup against the minnows from the Czech.

Rosanero Roundup: Pioli’s Palermo Taking Shape

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With the dust barely settled on last season's campaign, Palermo have already taken to the field in preparation for next season. The Stefano Pioli era has officially begun as the squad met in Malles, a small town tucked away in the Trentino-Alto Adige region less than a hundred kilometers away from the Swiss-Austria border.

Pastore: Prized Palermo Player Or Prized Purchase?

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"I prefer to close out the season, remembering that, according to what we've said to the president, I will surely remain at Palermo next year as well." These were the words spoken by Palermo starlet Javier Pastore towards the end of last season. Naturally, the talented trequartista was continually asked throughout the entire season whether or not he would be moving on, and each time he.

The Pharaoh Begins His Reign: Stephan El Shaarawy Joins Milan

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As recently as a month ago, not many people could say they had heard of Stephan El Shaarawy. Serie B can be very hard to follow (in Italy as well as abroad) and very few could say they had seen the fantasista work his magic on the pitch. Fast-forward one month and the 18 year-old is on the way to becoming a household name.

Rosanero Roundup: Palermo Pick Up The Pieces

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Once the final whistle blew in the Coppa Italia final loss on May 29th, Palermo have set out to answer many of the question marks surrounding the team this offseason. Despite leading the Rosanero to success in the past two seasons, Delio Rossi and Maurizio Zamparini mutually agreed to go their separate ways.

Rosanero Roundup: Palermo Pray To Win One Final Game

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After succumbing to a loss to Chievo on the final match day of the Serie A season, Delio Rossi was asked if the result had him worried ahead of the all-important Coppa Italia final with Inter. The Palermo tactician replied with the typical wit and wisdom that has endeared him to the Rosanero population for two seasons now: "I would be worried if I didn't know my team, instead.

Rosanero Roundup: Palermo Prep For The Final

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In their second to last game before the all-important Coppa Italia final, Palermo defeated Sampdoria to exact a bit of revenge from last season and banish them to Serie B. Given last season's exploits, the penultimate match against Sampdoria reminded many of the infamous draw a year prior with a spot in the Champions League on the line.

Rosanero Roundup: Final Hope For Palermo

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The Rosanero had been waiting for this week ever since the result procured by Palermo on April 20th against Milan in the Coppa Italia. With success in Serie A hard to come by, Delio Rossi and his men knew that the season would be defined by what they did in the Coppa. Prior to playing the second leg of the semifinal, Palermo had to play a largely meaningless game against the already relegated.

Rosanero Roundup: Palermo Show Their Solitary Focus

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Despite being briefly reopened by a slew of positive results, Palermo proved to be solely committed to only one competition left in the season: the Coppa Italia. Facing a resurgent albeit not yet saved Parma side away from home, Delio Rossi's boys knew that the competition would be fierce. Furthermore, the Rosanero were without Cesare Bovo and Fabrizio Miccoli due to.

Rosanero Roundup: Palermo Back On Track

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During the months of February and March, a heavy cloud loomed over the Sicilian capitol. Gone were the days of free-spirited, entertaining football which raised the level of confidence amongst the Rosanero players to staggering heights. In its place was a team going through the motions week in and week out with each devastating loss slowly crushing the souls of each player in pink and black.

Rosanero Roundup: What A Week For Palermo!

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Palermo had not experienced a successful run like the one that transpired over the past seven days in quite some time. The Rosanero had two difficult matches with both coming away from home. First up was a Roma team fresh off an American takeover still with ambitions of the Champions League. After that, Palermo would play Milan at the San Siro in a crucial Coppa Italia semifinal.

Rosanero Roundup: Rossi Returns, Results Remain

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There was much anticipation in the week leading up to Sunday's match against Cesena. An unsuccessful run of only one victory in four games saw Zamparini bring back the greatest coach in Palermo's Serie A history in Delio Rossi. Naturally, the entire city and the players welcomed the beloved tactician back with open arms.

Rosanero Roundup: Palermo A Crisis Beyond Coaching?

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Over the past month and a half, Palermo have gone through a coaching carousel. The club president, Maurizio Zamparini, sacked Delio Rossi and appointed Serse Cosmi in his place only to fire Cosmi four games later and put Rossi back in charge. Yet, recent allegations made by Serse Cosmi involving Zamparini have perhaps revealed a crisis beyond coaching.

Catania-Palermo: Forget Milan, Here’s The Real Derby This Weekend

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With most of the peninsula focused on the Milan derby this weekend with the frontrunners taking on their second place rivals for the Scudetto, it would be easy to forget about another derby taking place that is just as important for the parties involved. The Derby della Sicilia between Palermo and Catania is second to none in terms of rivalry and passion.

Rosanero Roundup: Seven Days In Sicily

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402. The number represents the amount of minutes that had passed by since Palermo had last experienced the feeling of putting the ball in the back of the net. Beyond ending the scoring drought, the rosanero managed to end another terrible streak, beating league leaders Milan to stop the free-fall at five consecutive defeats.

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Rosanero Roundup: A Revolution In The Works Vive La Palermo!

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Transfer market season is always chock-full of speculation and surprises. Often, the overwhelming majority of rumors that find their way into mainstream media outlets never come to fruition. With a number of prized assets on the Palermo roster and the team's policy of steady turnover each year, the transfer window is always seen with a skeptical eye especially for the most astute Palermo.