Rory Smith


Image: Evolution of a Liverpool transfer rumour on Twitter

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This excellent image shows how a comment made by The Times journalist Rory Smith that Liverpool had "looked at" Udinese striker Luis Muriel became a fully-blown Luis Suarez replacement transfer rumour reported by national newspaper. That's despite the fact that Smith had clarified that Muriel was not a current target or a Suarez replacement just [.

Roy Hodgson, Lame Duck

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"And then everyone said, 'Jabroni!'" "Good one, Roy. By the way, we're replacing you."

The news released earlier by the Times is finally released to the masses, and while at current it seems to be nothing more than shifting Roy Hodgson to lame duck status, at some point it's a move forward.

The Rest

Some Soccer News for Sep 26, 2017

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It's Day 269 of 2017.

Please help our friends in Puerto Rico! Our insanely fucked up government is stalling.
Give if you can: Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund


On TV Today + Tomorrow:
5 Liga MX games simulcast in English and Spanish on 7 channels.

Some Soccer News for Mar 9, 2017

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It's Day 68 of 2017.

Tuesday was an extraordinary day in the UEFA Champions League.

American Christian Pulisic had a huge game for Dortmund and they rolled into the next round. (See more below in Americans Abroad.)

But the biggest story was Barcelona overcoming a 4-0 loss at PSG in the 1st Leg only to score SIX goals at home and win the series 6-5.

The story of the come-and-get-me plea

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In this protracted vacuum of idle nothingness, it's amused me to once again notice the proliferation of bonkers transfer-only phrases. You know, those ones that you never hear for the rest of the year, but suddenly become common currency. Tim Stillman spotted it too, all that pouncing and swooping, ('Pouncing on the tabling swoops') as did Rory Smith ('Cracking the transfer code') too.