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David Moyes

Should Moyes have had more time?

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Had David Moyes showed signs of progress during his first season as Manchester United manager it is likely that the board and fans would have shown more patience.

The club were determined not to become a "sacking club" so persevered with Moyes longer than any club would. To drop six places after spending £60m is an awful return and despite Moyes' claims today that the squad needed "fundamental rebuilding", these players were good enough to win the league weeks before the end of the season last year.

Would Moyes get more time at another club?

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Manchester United fans stuck with David Moyes for longer than they probably should for fear of "doing a Chelsea". The west London club have regularly sacked their manager and this has been widely criticised. I wrote at length about this at the beginning of the month, pointing to the fact Chelsea have hardly struggled for success over the past decade, despite getting rid of the manager at least every couple of years.

Would sacking Moyes make us another Chelsea?

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Manchester United fans rightly don't want the reputation of being an unsupportive club that sacks the manager at the drop of a hat. One of the arguments that is regularly put forward for keeping hold of David Moyes is that "we don't want to become like Chelsea". Whilst I'd argue that Chelsea's policy of sacking the manager hasn't prevented them from being successful, with them winning plenty of trophies with the eight different managers they've had in the past six years, it certainly has limited their success.

Where it all started to go wrong for Moyes

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When Manchester United appointed David Moyes as Sir Alex Ferguson's successor, most supporters were fairly surprised, given that the former Everton manager hadn't won a single trophy and had never managed a side in the Champions League.

Whilst finding a manager with a CV that matched Ferguson's was impossible, the difference in quality between the two men was incredible, despite claims from some sections of the press that they were "cut from the same cloth".

Time to increase Rooney’s salary again?

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Judging on his performances so far this season, Wayne Rooney has justified the club's decision to keep hold of him in the summer after some interest from Chelsea and Arsenal. Both Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho confirmed their desire to sign the player but in the end the most either club were prepared to offer was £24m.

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Top 5: David Moyes mistakes

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As we hurtle ever quicker to a world in which Liverpool and their favourite racist, Luis Suarez, become Premier League champions for the first time ever, there are several things that you might wish to consider. The first, most obvious one, is suicide if you're dead, you can't hear You'll Never Walk Alone, for instance.

What if we had four years of Moyes?

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Signs of life have become growingly infrequent. Once an arena filled with joy and optimism, now bogged down in gloom and misery. Over the years a pantheon of greatness has now become a desolate, barren wasteland. Like the fall of Constantinople before it, Manchester was besieged and broken, what was once United is now torn apart.

All we need is Shinji Kagawa

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How strange it is to be watching Manchester United treat the closing weeks of a season as a sandbox rather than a run-in. With their every trophy-hunting hope having been dashed by mid-April all that is now left for David Moyes is a period of extended limbo, ripe for experimentation.

The products of this tinkering could yet decide whether he remains at Old Trafford after the summer, as if the board wish to judge him on his workings rather than the underwhelming final results of the Scot's first campaign.

United’s next star is already in the ranks

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Although I have written about James Wilson before, I couldn't let the chance of writing about his recent performance in an U-21 game at Wolves pass

The game was switched from Telford back to Molineux, giving the young lads an opportunity to play at a proper League stadium instead of some of the non-league pits they play on.

The Month: This could be us but you Plane

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When Manchester United won in March, there were goal cushions, of two and three, and there were clean sheets. The football was acceptable, and sometimes better than that. Good, then! But wait. When they lost, oh god, when they lost. Bad! Really, really bad.

This has been a terrible season. It has piled up on United, something other fans will see as overdue, such that every month that goes by appears to have been much worse than the last.

TOP 5: United’s Champions League quarter-finals

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As every Manchester United fan, and pundit around the world, was sure of, Manchester United breezed past Olympiacos last night to ensure they would get to the quarter finals of the Champions League. Of course, this will lead to a thrilling victory in May, when David Moyes becomes Sir David Moyes, as United beat Bayern Munich 6-0 in the Champions League final.

Welbz is dat guy

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Key player watch: Danny Welbeck

There's something rather wonderful about a local boy from Longshit becoming the saviour of Manchester United, even if the circumstances by which his importance emerges are less than agreeable.

Following Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement, this season has felt like one long wait for some transformative individual to spark off a grand revival under David Moyes.

Most Memorable Manchester Derbies

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Manchester City visit Old Trafford later in the month and the prospect fills most United fans with a feeling of dread akin to a starting XI containing William Prunier. After a couple of maulings in recent seasons, some supporters were actually grateful for the penalty shoot-out defeat in the semi-final of the League Cup against Sunderland for fear of embarrassment at Wembley against Manuel Pellegrini's side.

MATCH REPORT: U-18s vs Middlesbrough

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Last weekend I attended the U-18 game v Middlesbrough at Carrington. United came into the game in awful form following a run of 5 consecutive defeats including a very poor performance at Huddersfield in the FA Youth Cup where United lost 2-1. Although there was only a single goal in it, United only created 2 chances of note in the whole game, both by James Wilson and were well beaten by the end.

The Month: The longest February in existence

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There was no The Month in January for three reasons: it was, admittedly, forgotten about until fairly late, then there was the lack of time anyway, because you know how busy people are, and, finally, perhaps most importantly, oh god, please don't make me do this. Look at all those commas.

The dangers of complacency

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In 2005, the England cricket team won a test series against Australia for the first time in 18 years. The rivalry between the two nations is the fiercest in the sport and an Ashes series usually makes for compelling viewing. Almost two decades is an awfully long time to consistently come second in a two-horse race, and the English playerscelebratedvictory in arguably cricket's greatest ever series with reckless abandon.

TOP 5: Most disappointing Manchester United seasons

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For most United fans on the internet, they're too young to really the leanest periods of the club's history. Munich, for them, is an anniversary to be marked rather than a visceral tug at the heart. The miserable times as United tried to replace Matt Busby sound like an aberration, a time served out by others as the countdown to Fergie Time began.

How do our youth teams look in comparison to City’s?

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The last week or so has seen both our U-21 and U-18 play home games against our rich neighbours from across town. That gave us an opportunity to see how we compared to a team that is throwing money at all levels of the club.

First up was the U-21, played at Salford. Before the game both team were level on points in 7th and 8th positions in the league, both trying to close the gap on leaders Fulham and get into the semi final positions

The game started brightly for United with just 2 minutes on the clock before a great chance was created.

TOP 5: Manchester United non-summer signings

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As Manchester United hurtle towards the end of the winter transfer window without a single signing, fans can count themselves lucky that the club have once again avoided the pitfalls of the break. The risks are obvious: there's no value in the market, none of the players United want are available, and it's hard to find someone good enough to get into the United side.

I need excitement, oh I need it bad, and it’s the best I’ve ever had…

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In October 1978 the Irish punk rock band The Undertones released their classic debut single Teenage Kicks. In two minutes and twenty seven seconds of pure genius songwriter John O'Neil captured the intensity, joy and pain of teenage passion. The song's anonymous hero blurts out his feelings for a girl he sees regularly around his neighbourhood.

Evra – Written in to United’s history books

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There are times at which Old Trafford feels akin to Ellis Island in New York. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" reads the inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty in reference to the millions of immigrants who headed to the United States in search of a land of opportunity.

Moyes need to prove he can weather the storm

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The supporters of Manchester United are not enjoying themselves much at the moment. Defeat to Swansea in the FA Cup has left Old Trafford a sombre place. Nobody can disguise the poor quality of United's performances or results and a glance at the league table speaks volumes. Whilst the current situation is not David Moyes's fault, he may not be the solution to it either.

Jim Wilson – United’s striking hope for the future

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Although Manchester United have, by far, the best record for playing home grown talent since the last World War, the 2 positions we have struggled to make a breakthrough in the last 25 years has been Goalkeeper and a Striker. Why that is I really cannot figure out as we have done really well in every other position on the pitch.

The Month: United make tentative steps

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December has left nobody knowing how good Manchester United really are: a tame draw and two defeats showed a team stumbling to one of those mythical places that doesn't even offer the Europa League. The six consecutive wins in all competitions that followed, however, at least allows United to be relevant for a lot longer than others had hoped for.

TOP 5: United games at Christmas

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Winter is a wonderful time, and Christmas is even more special. It is special because amongst all the utter, utter tedium of hanging out at home and eating the worst meat of all time, turkey, you get to watch an enormous amount of football. Christmas has so many games that it can destroy a season just watch Arsenal fall apart in the next few months and it poses a gruelling test.

PART V: Bill Foulkes and the Harry Gregg fall out

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The hidden legacy of Munich: tensions between Bill and Harry Gregg

One of the pleasures of seeing the ‘Class of ‘92' in action is the palpable sense, even after all these years, that the likes of Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Butt and the Neville brothers are still terrific friends.

PART IV: Bill Foulkes and the End of the Rainbow in ’68

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The Holy Grail in Europe

Everyone at Old Trafford and indeed throughout football, if not the wider world, knew that Matt Busby was obsessed with winning the European Cup. He never put it into words but everyone assumed he saw it as the only possible way of vindicating his original decision to enter Europe back in 1956, with all its tragic consequences two years later.

PART III: Bill Foulkes and the Munich aftermath

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Part II of this tribute to Bill Foulkes looked at the rise of the Busby Babes and the tragedy of Munich. In this part of the story we're told about the role Foulkes played as the club was rebuilt after Munich.

The Munich Aftermath

When the Babes were destroyed on the runway at Munich Bill Foulkes and Harry Gregg were the first to get back into action, soon followed by Bobby Charlton, whose injuries were relatively slight.

PART II: Bill Foulkes the Busby Babes

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Part I of this tribute to Bill Foulkes looked at his early playing days. In this part of the story we're told about Bill's rise to the first team and being a part of the Busby Babes.

Bill and the Busby Babes

Eventually Matt managed to persuade Bill to quit the pit and go full time, but not before the craggy full back had played for England in 1954, bizarrely the only time he did so.

Best United goals under Fergie

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United managed 2,762 goals under Sir Alex Ferguson, roughly two scored for every one conceded. Everyone will have their favourites of the Ferguson era. Sometimes it's about context Solskjaer's winnerin the 1999 Champions League Final and the Mark Hughes volley against Oldham that saved the double spring to mind.

PART I: Bill Foulkes – His United beginnings to Munich

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When Manchester United announced that Bill Foulkes, one of the club's finest former players, had died at the age of 81, I was greatly saddened to hear that one of my all-time favourite footballers had passed away. Bill had been such a central figure throughout my earliest days as a supporter the feelings of nostalgia were poignant, but also tinged with a strange kind of guilt.

United: the vaguely acceptable face of mania, obsession and ecstasy.

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Not just the most dramatic end to a football match that we'll ever see, or even the most dramatic end to a football match that anyone will ever see, but the single most dramatic, consuming event that most of us will ever see in the course of our lives. United: the vaguely acceptable face of mania, obsession and ecstasy.

The Month: November

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November is the focus so, naturally, it's worth looking at a game played in December. The 2-2 draw at White Hart Lane was a disappointment, though, yes, it doesn't much sound like one: but, given the points Manchester United dropped prior, a win was as necessary as one can be around this point of the season.

TOP 5: Rafael Da Silva moments

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Every United fan has their favourite player in the squad. For some, it's Robin van Persie, the man who gave Alex Ferguson a fitting send-off, and who made Wayne Rooney look like the waste of skin he is. For others, it's Rooney himself, seeking to prove that running about a lot for a whole match will adequately replace things like a first touch, creativity, or being able to pass over a distance over longer than 10 yards.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Best XI

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If Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography proves anything about his time in charge then it's that we were truly blessed. During his 27 years at Old Trafford, United played, for the most part, expansive, attacking football utilising some of the finest players ever to have graced these shores.

Ferguson has repeatedly stated how fortunate he feels to have had so many great footballers in his charge, and picking a best team of his managerial reign is no simple task.

The Month: Moyes makes strides

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David Moyes told us in September that he is "learning every week", and some of that, now with October gone, has shown. Though, yes, the month could have been a lot more favourable to United, Moyes can reflect on a job done better.

Of course, a job done 'better' is different to one done 'well' – it would have been a bit of a disaster had September reflected more positively on last year's champions.

Sir Alex Ferguson

RoM Reaction to Rooney’s new contract

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Last season, Wayne Rooney's form became so poor, by his own high standards, that Sir Alex Ferguson dropped him. He was left out of the starting line-up for our biggest game of the season at home to Real Madrid, a decision that was working well for us until the referee's scandalous decision to send Nani off, and it wasn't that surprising.

INTERVIEW: Danny Higginbotham – On The Cliff, Fergie, Class of ’92 and being a red

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Danny Higginbotham is one of many former United academy players who, despite not establishing himself in the first team at Old Trafford, went on to have a successful Premier League career.

During his time at United, when loaned out to Belgian side Royal Antwerp, he was banned from playing for four months after attacking a referee, although received support from Sir Alex Ferguson during this time.

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The Time Is Right For Vidic To Leave

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Nemanja Vidic didn't take long to become a popular figure amongst Manchester United fans thanks to his no-nonsense approach to the game. He loved putting his foot in, was no stranger to a "cheeky" elbow and shirt pull and would stand toe to toe to any opposition player. He was nails and we loved him for it.

The goings on from the Class of 92 premiere

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Last night I was fortunate enough to be one of the few people to see the live screening of the new United film, Class of 92, which focuses on our Youth Cup winning side of 1992.

Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Phil Neville tell the story of their careers, which is all building up to that incredible Treble winning season in 1999.