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Brendan Rodgers Blames Sigurdsson Wage Demands For Deal Not Happening

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Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has claimed midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson's increased wage demands scuppered his move to Anfield.

A deal had been struck with the Iceland international for him to return to Swansea – where he had spent the latter half of last season on loan – but when Rodgers moved to Anfield that move hit the rocks.

Rodgers Claims Sigurdsson Priced Himself Out Of Liverpool Move

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Brendan Rodgers insists Gylfi Sigurdsson's wage demands scuppered his proposed move to Liverpool.
A deal had been struck with the Iceland international for him to return to Swansea, where he had spent the latter half of last season on loan, but when Rodgers moved to Anfield that move hit the rocks.

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Ledley King is, and always will be a legend at White Hart Lane in my opinion. In the past ten years he has been one of this country's best centre halves, but if Spurs are to move forward and challenge for trophies consistently is it time for the King to relinquish his throne?

Don't get me wrong I am a massive fan of Ledley and believe he is leader both on and off the field.


USMNT: Pregaming USA & Brasil

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Coming off a massacre of the Scots not seen since the days of the hated Oliver Cromwell, who sent my people west of the River Shannon to farm rocks, the victorious Yanks will be looking for their sixth straight victory Wednesday night in Landover against the Samba Kings. Fans of Marvel's avengers will have an extra rooting interest in this clash against Brasil, as Captain America Carlos Bocanegra, and the US's own Iron Man, Michael.

Why Marta is so brilliant

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If you have not been watching the women's World Cup, you should. Today Brazil beat Norway 3-0 and Marta showed once again why she is so brilliant.

There is no player out there with her skills, vision of the game, moves, speed and coolness. I will give special attention to this coolness, how she waits for the perfect time to act and how she can clearly see when to do so.


Christoph Daum & Club Brugge Party Rock.

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Turns out that the thing to fill the late-season gaps in the schedule is producing club-sponsored music videos. This one's a little less standard than PSG's recording of their anthem, what with being a ripoff of a pop track and all. Plus there are Furries. Or what look to be, anyway.

There is not enough time to discuss the delightful "coincidence" of Christoph Daum being their coach, either.

Disgusting Scenes Mar East Kalimantan Derby

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A firey encounter in Samarinda saw the home team miss a penalty right at the death and flares effectively end the game early as Mitra Kukar defeated Persisam 2-1 in the Mahakam Derby.
After the game Mitra Kukar coach Simon McMenemy, posting on Twitter, said that Persisam fans applauded the victors as they left for home.

Croatian Hooligans Send A Welcoming Party For PAOK Fans

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Greek fans of PAOK were brought into Zagreb today with a police escort, a first sign that things may get a touch rowdy.

The second sign was probably the rocks flying through the windows of their coach, fire being the sign it was time to get the hell out of Dodge. Or Zagreb.

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Arsenal thrash Blackburn 7-1

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In our best performance this year we humiliated a struggling Blackburn Rovers with our superior attacking display.

The beginning of this article was written before our win over Blackburn Rovers yesterday.

Here we are, now our fourth game without another win in the Premier league, and the best we could do was a nil-nil draw.

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Note: There is a print link embedded within this post, please visit this post to print it.

Every week during the season, the languagecaster team will explain a football headline that has appeared in the English-speaking press and this week we feature the Stoke City-Liverpool Premier League game.

Arsenal’s Season in Headlines – Part 1

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With the last game out of the way and a football-free summer upon us (unless you get turned on by the Under 21s), I thought it might be a good idea to examine our season through the prism of the headlines that have accompanied the daily post here on Arsenal Arsenal.

With a new post every day and a long season, I'm breaking it up into sections, starting today with August, September and October.

Adios Cesc, Hola Luka!

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Barcelona's desperation to lure back Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas to Camp Nou may have hit the rocks as the club turn their attention to another Premier League star, Luka Modric. The 25 year old is one of the most talented, entertaining and complete midfielders plying their trade in England.

Tevez And Mancini Involved in Locker Room Dispute

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Carlos Tevez's role with Manchester City was recently enhanced to the team's captain, but the bold forward's leadership on the pitch has come into question when the Argentine star reportedly was involved in an intense bust-up with manager Roberto Mancini. According to several British publications, the controversial forward apparently got into a shouting match with Mancini during the halftime of the recent Newcastle match which the Blues went on to win 2-1 with a second half goal from Adam Johnson.


Shit Lookalikes: Gary Neville Ejected From Florida Town Hall After Attacking Republican US Presidential Candidate?

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By Chris Wright

While we're on the subject of Gary Neville, do the England rugby bods really want a man who had to be forcibly removed from a town hall after throwing a glitter-bomb at Republican US presidential candidate Rick Santorum during a flesh-presser in Florida the other day to be the man to lecture their troops on national pride and sporting morals?

Real Madrid Coach Stoned By Barcelona Fans, Hours Before El Clasico

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By Chris Wright

"Man, I could murder a bag of Chili Heatwave Doritos right now."

A member of Real Madrid's security staff was injured last night when the squad's coach was pelted with rocks and bottles parked up outside their Barcelona hotel ahead of tonight's 'El Clasico' derby.

league leaders

Newcastle Move Quickly To Give Trial To English Striker

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There are reports that Newcastle will be giving a trial to 23 year old Bognor Regis Town striker Jason Prior. Jason Prior Newcastle interested Newcastle stepped in after the Ryman League Division One South league leaders, nicknamed the Rocks, had said they would sell their top striker to Blue Star Square Bet South club Eastleigh, [.

Newcastle Move Quickly To Give Trial To English Striker

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There are reports that Newcastle will be giving a trial to 23 year old Bognor Regis Town striker Jason Prior. Jason Prior Newcastle interested Newcastle stepped in after the Ryman League Division One South league leaders, nicknamed the Rocks, had said they would sell their top striker to Blue Star Square Bet South club Eastleigh, [.


Seattle Sounders Still Alive For Five

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Last night was a pretty cool experience, above and beyond the result. Thanks to Dave (and Arlo, in a roundabout way) it was my first foray into GA. That is certainly a unique experience that I'd recommend to anyone (except maybe those bringing young children). On the one hand, it's a lot of work jumping around and singing for 90 minutes (or 120 minutes, if your team decides to let some Panamanian minnows into the game for some reason) and you lose some perspective on the match - both visually and emotionally - but you're putting yourself in the middle of the cauldron of fan energy that defines the fan experience in Seattle (and elsewhere in Cascadia).

The Road To Benteng Stadium

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Most supporters' clubs around the world pre arrange transport to and from home games for their members and they often liaise with local police to ensure a trouble free day out. Fans know what time to be at the pick up point and roughly what time they will get home by.

It's less formal in Indonesia.

The Rest

Pepe Reina getting hit in the head with rocks as star of a new short film

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Though his stage performances are normally reserved for Spain's World Cup and Euro title celebrations, Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina is the star of Academy Award nominated director Javier Fesser's new comedy short Invictus. In the film, Reina plays a Roman soldier and in the opening scene, he is repeatedly hit in the head with rocks.

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that he’s got. He’s still, he’s still Dzeko from the block

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Edin Dzeko used his goal against Manchester City as the perfect opportunity to say 'hello' to the guys back home. The t-shirt slogan he displayed translates roughly as 'For friends from my neighbourhood'. The message of community spirit was obviously appreciated by talented linguist Mike Dean, who decided not to book Dzeko for his celebration.

Noticias : Javi Martinez And Spain’s Outlandish Olympic Kit May Move To Barcelona, Pique’s Killer Whale

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"The killer whale is kissing me!" Pique declared in that hilarious vacation photo recently posted on his Twitter page. And although they've gone paddle-boarding all summer and spent the last three together, nasty tabloid writers still believe that Gerard Pique and Shakira's relationship are on the rocks.

Divorcing: Ruud & Estelle Gillit

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After 12 years of marriage and two kids together (Joelle and Maxim), Ruud and his third wife, Estelle, are headed to divorce court. According Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, the marriage was on the rocks for quite a while. Reportedly Ruud had several girlfriends when he worked as a trainer in Chechnya, and Estelle's argument (who, mind you, [.

Site News & Other Pains In Mike Hanke’s Arse

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Mike Hanke's face palm in fetal position says it all about the slew of technological glitches we've been experiencing lately.

Click through to get an update on what's happening in the ‘hood.

"Dude, Where's My Comment?"

Rest assured, Kickettes, we have far better things to do than mine all of the daily comment threads ourselves for hours on end, which is why when we did a site revamp roughly two years ago, we switched to a new moderating system.

It's like 2010 again.

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[caption id="attachment_4805" align="alignleft" width="320" caption=""I was born like this, I had no choice""][/caption]

Once again, the Serie A has resumed after a long, cold winter, starting off once more with Franco Colomba's final game at Parma, a 5-0 defeat against an Inter side that has now won five games on the trot and lie in 5th place in the table, a point behind Lazio, who have been dealt a 4-0 gubbing by the club that Mattia Destro plays for.

Happy New Year:Melbourne out Sydney you are next

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Is Mehmet worse than Vitaslav?

Arguably they are about the same - although Mem hasn't had a lot of time to work his magic, I'd argue his appointment from Feb should have shown us some better football, better structure than what we've seen.

Should he be sacked?

Who knows but the Board gave him his chance, also Francis Awaritefe.

Official Statement from the dictator of the Italy WCB concerning the group stage draw for the upcoming European Football Championships in Ukraine and Poland.

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I can explain. This morning, I went to the official UEFA website to look at their stream for the draw, but my desire to view this tasteful spectacle was dashed against the flying rocks from James Cameron's political science fiction blockbuster Avatar (That was an enjoyable figure of speech, regardless of relevance.

Thursday Orange Slices: Richards Wants to Quiet Robertson

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Fairly quiet today so far, but there is a little bit of news. Enjoy your orange slices!
  • "If I get the chance to quiet that crowd, I will" -Dane Richards...Dem's fightin' wurds [MLS Soccer]
  • Episode 4 of Dynamo Central with Glenn Davis [Dynamo Insider] requires login, but registration is free
  • Academy Roundup - May 14/15 [Houston Dynamo]
  • Dynamo get aggressive to spark offense [MLS Soccer]
  • Andre Hainault rocks practice [Soccer y Fútbol]
  • Quick story about what former Dynamo president Oliver Luck is up to [The Register-Herald]
MLS News:
  • MLS Week 8: A Look Back [Soccer by Ives]

Stoke City – Arsenal Preview

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Stoke City

Position: 10th, 12-7-16 (43 points, even goal differential)

Home Form: 9-4-4 (31 points, +12 goal differential)

Recent Form: DLDWD

Last Meeting: Arsenal 1 Stoke City 0 (February 23, 2011)

Back in action tomorrow as we travel to the Brittania to take on Stoke.

Roy Jones’ Leaping Hook Invades Serie A

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YouTube was discovered from 'neath its rocks in the resource rich tundra of Siberia for moments like the one Cristian Chivu enjoyed on Thursday. Displeased by...not really sure what, Chivu punched an entirely unaware Marco Rossi in the face. Not his finest moment.

But admit it: despite the fact that he should be taken back to medieval times for throwing a punch from the back, that's some of the best punching form you've ever seen on a pitch.

AEK 1 Olympiakos 0

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How sweet it feels once again.An Ismael Blanco tap in from 2 yds out in stoppage time after brilliant lead up work by Papa Boupa Diop,both late substitutes,was enough for the Enosi to earn maximum points at the Oaka on Saturday night.
Jimenez,who is now 2 from 2 in the major derbies,chose to again change the lineup,and for the first 45 minutes,it was mainly AEK applying most of the pressure.

Pampered footballers?

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Bandung to Sidoarjo is quite a trek. Especially when done by train on Java's creaking railway infrastructure. Still there were a good few Persib fans who made the long trek east to cheer on their heroes against newly promoted Deltras.
Fans travelling away don't expect much. I know I never did. But they do expect the players to show a bit of effort.