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Former Barca stars Kluivert, Davids appear at Mugabe rally

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Harare (AFP) – Former Barcelona stars Patrick Kluivert and Edgar Davids joined Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on stage at a political rally ahead of a veterans match planned later this year.

Davids and Kluivert were pictured alongside Mugabe, 93, at a youth rally for the ruling ZANU-PF party in the southern town of Gwanda on Saturday, in what local media described as a “surprise appearance”.

Steady On: Dimwit Arsenal Fan Seriously Draws Parallel Between Arsene Wenger And Robert Mugabe (Video)

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Here we see the precise moment thatthe anti-Arsene Wenger movement (and football in general) began toeat itself as onedimwit fan likens Arsene Wenger's rather successful 21-year reign at Arsenal to the untold bloodshed and tyranny Robert Mugabe has inflicted on Zimbabwe over the past three decades.

Tuesday's Upside: Group Stages

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Their Words During his stay in Zimbabwe, Blatter met the country's President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai separately, and discussed with both the football development challenges the country is presently facing and the ways to move forward and exploit the potential of game. from FIFA's press release.

Knighton, Perk earn shutouts, state of US soccer is…?

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Black and Red United give DC winger Andy Najar five-stars for his performance on Saturday. Hard to argue.

MLSTalk praises Peter Nowak as the Arsene Wenger of MLS. I am totally confused about the comparison. Both successful yet flawed coaches? Both European?

Former Union netminder Brad Knighton helped his Carolina Railhawks to their 10th straight win, earning his 5th shutout of the year in the process.

Snapshot: Wheezing, Self-Serving, Despotic Old Crook Meets…Robert Mugabe

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By Chris Wright

It's perhaps overly harsh to label FIFA gladhander Sepp Blatter and genocidal Zimbabwean nutcase Robert Mugabe as being 'two peas in a pod', though 'two peas from adjoining fields' should suffice...

Add these snaps to the 'Sepp Blatter looking like a dick' file.

Who Are You Trying To Kid, Robert

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Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe is not a man noted for having self-doubts. Which, presumably, is why he's hopeful that a number of World Cup football squads will want to base their training camps in what is left of his country.The Unity government is trying to persuade Brazil, Nigeria and England to come to Zimbabwe, in the hope of attracting tourism from neighbouring countries.

South Africa's Neighbors to Help With Power

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408 days until the start of the 2010 World Cup ...

Today, South Africa's bordering neighbors said they will help make sure there will be enough electricity for next year's World Cup.

The Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) met in Mozambique to discuss how the region can ensure South Africa does not suffer power cuts during the event.

FIFA FINALLY Says Something About Zimbabwe

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Leave it to FIFA to wait for the most opportune time to condemn a despot.

Today, South Africa 2010's organizing committee finally came out and said the 2010 tournament and the continent need peace in Zimbabwe. You think?

FIFA general-secretary Jerome Valcke and Danny Jordaan, the chief executive officer of the South African organizing committee discussed the economic and political crises in neighboring Zimbabwe.

USA World Cup in 2010?

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Since the time FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced that the 2010 World Cup would be staged in South Africa, people have wondered whether the Cup would actually be held in the African country.

Will South Africa be able to host the World Cup? Will people travel to a country riddled with crime problems for the biggest sporting event in the world?

Mugabe, Soccer and the World Cup

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As many know, the runoff election in Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe and it's social and political implications have caused a wide amount of fervor in the world press.
Many see the runoff election against opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as a front, citing the violence and intimidation tactics used by Mugabe's supporters as a testament to the ruined democracy in the former Rhodesia.

Cricket Moves Against Mugabe … Should Football Follow?

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We've had a few comments here on the site suggesting that the 2010 World Cup in South Africa should be boycotted, partially in response to the government's inaction against Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. But that seems, to me, like skipping an important step. How can football, as a sport and an institution, complain [.


Zimbabwe FA suspends 67 players following match-fixing scandal

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Thanks to Robert Mugabe's unique approach to democracy and socioeconomic policy, the Zimbabwe national football team doesn't get a whole lot of action outside of Africa and Asia. The Warriors are about to get a lot less action, as the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) has suspended 67 players following a match-fixing scandal.

Blatter promete que tumulto em amistoso não se repetirá na Copa

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O presidente da Fifa, Joseph Blatter, descreveu o tumulto de torcedores durante o amistoso entre a Nigéria e a Coreia do Norte como um "sinal de alerta" mas prometeu que o caos não se repetirá durante a Copa do Mundo, a partir de sexta-feira.

"Tenho certeza que este é um sinal de alerta e não acontecerá em nenhum jogo, podem ter certeza", disse o presidente da entidade em coletiva de imprensa nesta segunda-feira após o incidente de domingo no qual ao menos 15 pessoas ficaram feridas.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-27

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  • ESPN Deportes to air World Cup in ... Portuguese (Soccer America): #
  • Anger as Robert Mugabe raises World Cup trophy (Guardian): #
  • Football to footprints: World Cup's carbon impact (Guardian): #

The Rest

FA Chief Martin Glenn Apologises After Lumping In Jewish Star Of David With Nazi Swastika While Discussing Football’s Banned Political Symbols

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Embed from Getty Images

FA chief executive Martin Glenn has apologised after once again wedging his size 9 black patent leather brogue in his mouth once again.

Glenn kicked off his working week by unwittingly (you'd hope) lumping in the Jewish Star of David with the Nazi swastika in terms of overtly political symbols The FA won't allow to be worn on football shirts.

Etoile Set the Standard

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Forget what they have done on the field, winning League Cup, throwing away a two goal lead against Home United, if Etoile do nothing for the rest of the season they have already shown the rest of the SLeague the way.

First it was match day programmes. Now it's club merchandise! None of this nudge nudge nonsense with these guys.

When You Lay Down With Dogs....

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Human rights groups are expressing dismay over FIFA allowing Zimbabwes' despicable thug of a dictator, Robert Mugabe, to pose for cheerful, smiling photos with the World Cup trophy.

The trophy is being lugged around for display in every African country on a promotional tour sponsored by Coca-Cola, and Mugabe hotfooted it down to the airport along with "First Lady Grace" and their two "footie mad" kids to have a look and make some totally inappropriate remarks about how since "Britain has no gold, neither does Germany" that therefore the cup was made using gold "probably from Zimbabwe" that was "stolen by adventurers" from the country where, as everyone knows, he alone is in charge of all stealing.

From Zimbabwe to Westcliff - the question of money

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More than 100 Zimbabwean ex-pats have gathered in Westcliff on Sea, demanding an end to what they call "corruption" at the heart of the UK-branch of the political party they support.

The Movement For Democratic Change - led by Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai - has a healthy following here in Britain, but is currently suffering from unsubstantiated allegations regarding party funds.

Ref elitism underlines Ovrebo witch hunt

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After all the fuss has died down

A special place is reserved for people like Tom Henning Ovrebo. Just like Anders Frisk, Graham Poll, Robert Mugabe, and Osama Bin Laden before him, Tom has achieved household name status and established himself on Interpol's top ten most wanted overnight.

The witch hunt began to take shape in the Sky Sports studio last Wednesday night.

The Fetishism Of The English Premiership - A Flashback

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The new subscription structure of Football Is Fixed includes provision for a couple of Flashback posts per month, in order that we may either demonstrate our prescience or allow for the continuation of the arguments set out in the original post.

The article below was originally printed in April 2008 and relates to the illegal machinations that were being unveiled in order that the English Premiership title race would go to the wire.

Blatter, the modern slave: Beholden to corporations and national federations

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Ask Diego Maradona and he will spit in Sepp Blatter's eye when he so self servingly talks about players living in modern slavery. It is as laughable as Phil Gramm's dismissal of the dismal US economy as a 'mental recession'.

In Blatter's case, it is a total derailment of reality.