Photo: Mesut Ozil stands on a chair for his Arsenal initiation

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Even £42.4m signings cannot sidestep age-old football rituals like forcing the new boy to sing a song. Mesut Ozil performed his Arsenal initiation by standing on a chair and belting out a tune. The moment was snapped by youngster Chuba Akpom, although the striker didn't reveal what Ozil had sung.

Arsenal v. Sunderland – Match Thread

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Sorry for no LiveBlog today as I'm still working out the details there, so please use this match thread as we embark on the new season ahead. I've done all of my pre-match rituals, and I've hope you've done yours. With that ridiculous transfer saga behind us, I'm really excited for this match and new season to start.


Video: Promo for new Arsenal away kit, featuring Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott, Carl Jenkinson and Aaron Ramsey

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Arsenal's British players have fronted a promotional video for the club's new away kit, which was unveiled yesterday. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott, Carl Jenkinson and Aaron Ramsey star alongside Arsenal fans as they all prepare for a match by following their own rituals. The video is built around the tagline: "Our Style.

Video: Russian cameraman’s painful camera faceplant

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This hilarious footage comes from the Russian second division clash between Yenisey Krasnoyarsk and Shinnik Yaroslavl. The teams are about to start the pre-match rituals when the anthem starts booming over the PA system. The cameraman, not yet in position for the traditional walk along the line, starts to run, slips on the grass and [.

Cristiano Ronaldo caught keeping a very close eye on Real Madrid team-mate’s girlfriend

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Pre-season perving This little piece by Spanish TV channel Cuatro is almost like a Sir David Attenborough documentary in its content. Filmed from afar, we see Cristiano Ronaldo going through a host of pre-mating season rituals. Firstly, his eye is caught by a leggy blonde. We see Ronaldo consult with team-mate Marcelo to ensure his [.

English Premier League

Chelsea v QPR handshakes cancelled, Mark Hughes’ lifetime ambition fulfilled

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Serial handshake dodger Mark Hughes is set to reach the pinnacle of his career this Sunday after his entire QPR squad was given permission to snub handshakes with Chelsea. The Premier League has confirmed that the usual handshake rituals will be scrapped due to the impending legal case involving John Terry and Anton Ferdinand.

What Superstitions Do You Have When Supporting Your Premier League Club?

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Are you superstitious? Are there certain things you do in the support of your Premier League club? Are there certain articles of clothing that are more lucky than others? Do you perform certain routines or rituals to help your team? If ...

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The Totem Pole: A Modern Football Allegory

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Jude Ellery writes the Football Farrago site as well as editing Man & Ball, and he is sitting in for us this evening with an allegory involving... well, interpret it as you wish.

The tribe – for that was what they were – foraged day and night for the perfect tree.

If Spurs Were United, We’d Never Be Defeated

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Tribalism is the essence of being a football fan. United in support of our obscure object of desire, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, we pledge everlasting love and set aside other relationships in preference to the one that truly matters. We have our colours, our temple of worship, our rituals. At games or out and about, I strike up conversations with perfect strangers because they are navy blue and white.

Barclays Premier League Announces Winner Shortlist

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Mumbai, May 19, 2010: Barclays, title sponsor of the Barclays Premier League, announces today, the final shortlist of ten entries from as far afield as Singapore, India, Ghana and Australia for the ‘Barclays Around the World in 90 Minutes‘ global fan competition, which set out to find the best Barclays Premier League match-day experience anywhere in the world.

Crowd Songs at Football Matches Continue to Drive Incredible Atmosphere

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  • Fans of football, but not shirts

As spoiled as we are in America with multiple platforms to view Premier League matches, I get the distinct feeling that HD television viewing, as glorious as it can be, doesn't come close to attending a match in person. Sure it's nice to sit back, relax and watch football from the comfort of your own home, but the living and breathing action of the world's game right in front of your eyes, live and in person is an event not to forget, regardless of how many matches you've attended in your life.


Timelapsing and Tilt-shifting in Portland with the Timbers. To...

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Timelapsing and Tilt-shifting in Portland with the Timbers.

To be honest, I'm a little disappointed. However, the disappointment doesn't lie in the video. Rather, I'm disappointed in all the photographers and filmographers living in Portland because it took over a year for a Portland Timbers timelapse and tilt-shift video to arise.

Why I’ve Already Forgiven England

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I've been trying to write a coherent post. Something with at least a little bit of analysis, opinion, maybe some legitimate sentences. I've had three separate goes at it, and ended up deleting the whole thing a paragraph and a half into it each time. Everything's still so raw from yesterday. It's funny how 4 years of hope, excitement, faith can disappear over the course of 90 painful minutes.

Real Madrid

Friday Crackovia Club: Barcelona’s Pagan Ritual, Sergio Ramos Never Forgets & Camp Nou For Infants!

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Welcome to the Friday Crackovia Club, where it's always a party in here before the weekend! Of course, Crackovia is one of the most craziest football sketch shows from Catalonia and this week was all about Barcelona's quest to slow down Madrid using some insane dressing room rituals.

Nothing really

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Ok this one is going to be a quick one as I have to prepare for Real Madrid vs Lyon clash. You know the drill so I will not take the liberty of describing the rituals that we all follow before a big match like this one. News have emerged that Ronaldo might not start [...]

Pepe Reina

PEPE REINA reveals some depressing info about Andy Carroll...

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Pepe Reina can always be relied upon for a bit of honesty (sometimes too much!) and earlier today, he gave his opinion on who he feels are the best and worst performers during Liverpool's training sessions.

Reina's choices may surprise some fans:

"The best trainer for me is Jay Spearing.

Reina’s petrol, Terry’s Usher CD and Roy’s new clothes: Top 10 football superstitions

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Reina's petrol, Terry's Usher CD and Roy's new clothes: Top 10 football superstitions

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has revealed the bizarre superstitions he must go through before each game, including filling up his car with petrol he doesn't need, parking in the same spot at the stadium and getting undressed in the same order each time.

World Cup

How Will You Be Experiencing the World Cup Final Today?

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Wherever you live in the world, how will you be experiencing the World Cup Final today? Will you be watching it at home? And if so, have you prepared anything special for the game such as beers, food or rituals such as watching World Cup games before the final kicks off.

For me, I'll be spending the morning with my family before heading to Wowies in Boca Raton this afternoon.

Happy at the Margins

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We've deep into the cycle as dependable as the World Cup itself of the never-ending discussion on soccer in the U.S. It's an incredibly predictable pattern, one already nicely explored in Offside: Soccer and American Exceptionalism and Soccer in a Football World, and it gives me a little bit of a headache.

Podcast: England vs USA Preview

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Hopefully you've read our England vs USA preview post with your eyes. Now we have an England vs USA podcast preview for you to listen to with your ears. Our smellovision preview will be a long just as soon as the technology is invented. Get to it Dyson.

In this 29 minute episode of the Total Football Soccer Show podcast, you've got three USA fans (host Taylor of USA World Cup Blog fame, plus Josh and Albert, vs one England fan (that's me).

Soundoff: What’s Your Lucky Ritual Before World Cup Matches?

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Luck does not exist. As a rational person, I know this. The world is, as I see it, a mess of chaos and randomness, one person's choices affecting everyone else's choices until the whole world is just a mess of chaos, that naturally we try to sense some order in.

But with Football...I can't take football rationally.

Daily Dose: March 3rd, 2010 – Featuring Man Utd’s Muted Carling Cup Celebration

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To be fair, they do jump up and down a bit towards the end... Thanks to wob for emailing that vid to tips[at]theoffside.com World Cup opponent predictor (Castrol) What are your football rituals? (EPL Talk) Does Arshavin drink coffee? Answer revealed at... (The Spoiler) Sometimes the wind is quite literally against you (Dirty Tackle) Clarke Carlisle, and other clever footballers (Kickette) Tributes [.

Youth Soccer

The De-Cursing Ritual is for Real

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It appears that the de-cursing ritual is legitimate. After not having lost a game since my U11 son's soccer team starting having their shoes and gloves de-cursed. Get this ... for their last game, their shoes and gloves were not de-cursed ... strange.

Memorable, Fun, and Age-Appropriate Rituals

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My son's U11 team is notorious for it inconsistencies, not just from game-to-game but from half-to -half. Granted they are mostly 10-year-olds and this pattern is by no means unusual. Tired of this inconsistent play and loses against much weaker teams, the team dad, Gene, decided to take an unusual approach to solving this problem.

The Rest

Tecate is Looking for a Soccer Correspond​ent Team

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TECATE LAUNCHES NATION-WIDE SEARCH FOR OFFICIAL SOCCER CORRESPONDENT TEAM Adult Fans Encouraged to Apply for a Chance to Cover Fútbol Game of their Choice in Mexico or U.S.

NEW YORK (May 15, 2012) – Tecate, cerveza con carácter, today launched the national search for a group of soccer fans with enough character and skills to travel to and report on a soccer game of the team's choice in Mexico or the U.

Jones Reveals Bizarre Superstition

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Players, like fans, have plenty of pre-match rituals which they believe have the power to make the difference between winning or losing games.

I know someone who looks away for every kick-off, believing that will give their team the luck they need. Others have special pants or socks which apparently provide the players that extra boost on the pitch.

Seattle Sounders at Real Salt Lake - Three Questions

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Some of the luster is off of Real Salt Lake. They lost the CONCACAF Champions League 2nd Leg at home, they lost their MVP candidate and have drawn their last two matches. None of these mean that they are even just an average team. They are still quite good, but the Seattle Sounders have a few things going for them in that RSL has been hit by the Gold Cup already.

Do You Get Rape-y Comments Too?: On Sexism & Sports Media

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So the "story" of sexism in football culture finally "broke." We have ample footage of Sky Sports commentators Richard Keys and Andy Gray indulging in sexist "banter." From their recent remarks about Sian Massey, to jokes about "smashing it", and a video of the two of them breaking out into giggles (on camera) while reporting on the 1998 women's FA Cup final, we have a veritable archive of evidence demonstrating that sexism animates the way they think, talk and behave.

On an Ear Plug and a Prayer

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Bafana Bafana's 2-1 win last night means they are now unbeaten in the ten games since the return of Carlos Alberto Parreira. Make no mistake. South Africa are good, and will be a formidable presence in Group A. They are far from the finished article, but there is a growing sense of belief about their game.

Uniform? Check. Cleats? Check. Shinguards? Check. Braids? Check.

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All players and teams have some sort of pre-game rituals and for most of the U.S. Women's Youth National Teams (and yes, for some players on the full WNT as well), the braiding of the hair is a big one. We caught some of these world class hair-braiders in their natural habitats, doing some intricate weave work on some major league ponytails.

Pre- and Post-Game Sportsmanship Rituals

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Pre- and post-game rituals are very important. Among other things, the rituals teach sportsmanship and help set the tone for the game as well as for what happens after the game.