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Last-Minute Cancellation: Southampton Rib Swansea With Pithy One-Star ‘Trip Advisor’ Review In Response To Suspicious Hotel Hassle

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When Southampton squeaked a vital 0-1 away win over Swansea at the Liberty Stadium on Tuesday evening, they did so after having their pre-match preparations fiddled with in a number of semi-suspicious ways.

Both teams went into the match knowing that a win would all but deliver them from relegation.

English Premier League 1992/93 Season Review Part 3/6

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Barclays Premier League 2011/12 [HD] Football Season Review

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Barclays Premier League 2010/2011 Season Review

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Eden Hazard – August Review (1 Goal+6 Assists) – EPL 2012/2013 [HD]

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★ FIFA 12 – Past EPL Weekend Review ft TjayGaming – WAY ➚

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Sports this Morning:A review of the EPL

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2&21 – Luka Modrić – Season Review (Passes/Goals/More) 2011/2012 – EPL Part II [HD]

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2&21 – Luka Modrić – Season Review (Passes/Goals/More) 2011/2012 – EPL Part I [HD]

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English premier league attribute 2009/2010 By ILjimae [09-10 All EPL Season Fast Review]

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English Premier League 1992/93 Season Review Part 1/6

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Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich: I just don’t know anymore, maaan

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As the final whistle blew yesterday and an irascible Arsene Wenger trudged down the tunnel, I was strangely composed and clear-headed. A fusillade of questions fizzed through my head, but it was 3 am, so fuck that shit. However, wallowing in the sad sobriety of the afternoon after, I feel it's my duty as flaky sometime-blogger and armchair-nestler to try and set right this confluence of confusion stemming from my cranium.

Aston Villa 0-0 Arsenal: Splash, snooze, and silly substitutions

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I have to say, it's quite tough trying to paint a different looking post-match picture on here after the team gives us the same black and white cut-price paint kit to work with every second game. It's been drab, drab, drab, IRIDISCENTRAINBOWCOLORED5-2, and drab once again. Roller coaster analogies have been run down to the ground, but it seems like we've been handed free guest passes to the Arsenal Six Flags Adventure Park of Consistent Inconsistency this season too.

Arsenal’s season so far – A personal review of the players form….

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Hi fellow gunners by AH

After seeing the Man United vs Arsenal game, i want to share some personal analysis of our team so far this season.
All the good points and bad points... I believe my points on Vermaelen, Santos, Arteta and Giroud are few of the important ones

Let's start with our goalkeeper:

Mannone has been a quite useful back-up so far but we can still see that he makes errors sometimes.

Arsenal FC: Most Capricious Mistress Ever

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There is this girl I know. She is to my eyes the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is so attractive that all other women pale in comparison to her. The others seem almost ugly and one dimensional in her presence. Sure, the other women have dozens of suitors whose tastes they are undeniably to.

Risky Diaby, frisky movement, and hard-working Giroud

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Final score: Montpellier 1-2 Arsenal

(Watch the highlights here | Read far more well-researched match report here)

When the Arsenal team-sheet was released an hour prior to kickoff, there was a procession of raised eyebrows and confused mumblings. With the exciting but tiring glut of games that we're currently in the middle of, all armchair pundits and keyboard warriors (including myself) expected rotation from the team that guitar-riffed Southampton at the weekend.

EPL – 2010/2011 Review | Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool | The Big Four | HD |

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Movie Ranking: 5 / 5

Not-so-diabolical Diaby, Wenger’s contract, and a Bould question

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In episode 6 of the 4th season of ‘Breaking Bad', there is a scene where Skyler Whyte says to her husband, the greatest crystal meth maker in the world, that he could be in danger because of the environment in which he happens to be working. To this, Mr. Whyte comes back with a quip: "You clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in: I am not in danger, Skyler.

Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland: Cautious, probing Gunners still in pre-season

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I have to say, the general pre-match feeling among the Arsenal fan-base was one of unprecedented optimism; which was surprisingly heartening to see, after another summer which, on the face of it, has been punctuated by the club selling important players to direct rivals and taking sideways steps rather than forward ones.

Arsenal’s season review video to inspire all REAL Arsenal fans – Prepare to be amazed!

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Amazing, Truly Inspiring Video – by JG This will be brief...compared to that last post (haha) I have attached a video below, an amazing video, so well made. If you watch this video and don't get the chills or still feel like spouting off hateful remarks then there is something horribly wrong with you as [.

Arsenal Season Review – Strikers – More than enough competition?

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Analysing the attackers: by SV Over the past week, we have taken a look at our defensive and midfield units. Today, I shall focus on our attackers. As you will, no doubt, be aware, we play a 4-3-3. That's four defenders, three central midfielders and then three strikers. And it is important to remember that [.

Arsenal Season Review – Midfielders – Strong but lacking maturity?

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Midfield Analysis: by SV Yesterday, we looked at Arsenal's defence. I suggested that we needed one versatile defender who could play centre-back and in one of the full back positions. Others disagreed. Anyway, today I want to look at the midfield. As expected, our midfield didn't exactly set the League alight this season, with a [.

Which Were the BEST Parts of Arsenal’s Season?

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Season's Highs: by SV A couple of days ago, I wrote an article which showed what I thought were the lowest points of this rollercoaster season of ours. The 8-2 loss made the list, but so did surprisingly the 3-3 against Norwich. Anyway, today I'm leaving the lows behind and focusing on the highs which [.

Arsenal Season Review – The Defence – Lack of Depth?

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Defence Overview: by SV The season has now finished and the transfer window will open on the first of June. We already know that Lukas Podolski is on his way to Arsenal, but we also know that we are still a few key signings away from challenging once again for England and Europe's top honours. [...]

Arsenal v Milan review – I’m proud to be a Gooner today

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What A Performance! by SV Oooft... What. A. Performance. Yesterday's was a game which, in my honest opinion, oozed all of the attributes which football requires; skill, desire and passion were all on display in abundance. And let's make one thing clear, it was not AC Milan, the Serie A leaders and supposed Champions League [.

Liverpool v Arsenal – Preview, line-up and score prediction

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Another sumptuous match for the neutral is up for grabs at the beginning of this weekend with both Arsenal and Liverpool looking to continue their fine form into this match. The lot at Anfield are evens to win this whilst Arsenal are way out at 13/5 which is surprising after such a convincing win against [.

Arsenal v Aston Villa review and match ratings – What a Cup Tie!

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Arsenal On The Up. Fantastic F.A. Cup Tie by Lorenzo Sallows Drawn against another Premier League side and coming after a torrid spell of form, emotions were sure to run high. The match did not disappoint. I have been more than negative in my approach to Arsenal these past few weeks but, like all fans, [.


Mid-season review: How has Brendan Rodgers fared so far?

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Nicks' Note: A behemoth Liverpool post coming your way. Arunkumar Sekhar, who has already penned something for BigFourZa before, is quite effusive with his pen here, as he writes about the first six months of the Rodgers regime. Take it away!

"Judge me after 10 games"

Those were Brendan Rodgers' famous quotes when he became the manager of Liverpool F.

Wigan 0-2 Chelsea: Three points in bullet points

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  • One could not have asked for a better opening fixture. It was the perfect opportunity to formally announce our title ambitions. Ryan Bertrand started in midfield ahead of Ramires who did not travel to Wigan because of an injury concern. Chelsea teased us with the possibility of a Wigan rout in the opening minutes.

Earth-shattering ramifications of the Community Shield loss!

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Nicks' Note: So, Chelsea lost the Community Shield. Picking up the pieces is Sahil, purveyor of sardonic smiles and blase outlook. Read on to find out how he thinks the Shield is basically as much of a professional football fixture as playing keepy-uppies with your dog in the back garden.

The Rest

I Reviewed a Weird Timbers-Themed Bobblehead and All I Got was this Weird Timbers-Themed Bobblehead

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When Stumptown Footy Managing Editor Zach Kay asked if anyone wanted to review a Timbers-themed bobblehead—in other words, if someone wanted to bring a weird-looking plastic doll into their home and examine it in detail—my answer was immediate:

Of course I do.

Let's go over the basics.

REVIEW: Bass Buds Official LFC Headphones/Bluetooth Speaker

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As you will know as regular visitors to the blog, it's extremely rare that I partake in any sort of promotions or advertising however after spotting "Bass Buds" on Jose Enrique's instagram and being contacted by the folks over at @BassBudsFC I thought it was about time that I accepted a little perk.

Sondico Neosa Goalkeepers Gloves Review

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I recently done a review on Sondico boots and was pretty surprised with what they had to offer, given I personally only thought of Sondico as a company which produced Goalkeeper apparel!

And guess what? Their Sondico glove range did exactly what I'd imagined and topped the class for quality and comfort.

Transparent Magazin #8

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Transparent Magazin #8

Ah, endlich ist die neue Ausgabe der TRANSPARENT wieder da. Druckfrisch lag vorgestern das "Magazin für Fussball und Fankultur" wieder in meinem Briefkasten und wie immer bin ich begeistert vom Inhalt. Aber nicht nur das, auch die Gestaltung und die Bilder sind einfach nur klasse.

Review:: Goalrilla Gamemaker

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Recently Goalrilla sent us their Gamemaker portable soccer goal which we happily tested and here is our review.

We tested the 5X8 model of the Gamemaker portable goal which will be available July, 2013.

The description from their website describes the goal as:

The 5x8 Gamemaker goal is an excellent starter goal with a variety of uses: a match play goal for the U5's & U6's, a training goal for the U9's to U11's and a backyard practice goal for players of all ages and abilities.

Review: El Diablo Soccer Net from Rukket

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By Chris Wimmer

Recently I received a set of the new El Diablo Soccer Nets from Rukket and since I coach a u10 girls travel team my test environment was already set up for me. Just set up the nets, run our practice session, and see how the El Diablo holds up.

El Diablo Soccer Net from Rukket
The first observation of these portable soccer nets was how light and compact they where.

The Fix

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I have often said "the referee is bought" during football games to the amusement of many friends. It is funny, but I have always meant it as only half a joke; there is no doubt that the bribing of referees in football matches has happened at the highest level. Notable examples are the semifinal of the UEFA Cup in 1984, where Anderlecht had paid the referee, who gave them a dubious penalty and

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Claudio Marchisio talks up Italy's chances of hitting the quartern-finals and Republic of Ireland's Sean St Ledger objectives to reconstruct pridefulness as wraps up the thing.

United: “The ball’s round to go round …”

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When United, a drama based on the true story of the Busby Babes and the 1958 Munich Air Disaster, premiered on BBC Two in Spring 2011, it was met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction. It's out on DVD and now on demand; and we review it below, with the help of director James Strong .

Serie A Week 34 Review: Idiotic Scenes In Genoa

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There was some idiotic scenes in the Genoa, as the home side -losing to Siena at the time -were demanded to take of their jerseys by their own ultras. The reasoning; according to this small minority of fans the players were not fit enough to wear the club's colours. Marco Rossi, Genoa's captain, ceded to their demands and went about collecting jerseys from his team-mates.