The Starting 11

THE STARTING 11: Ways Toronto FC players are trying to keep their jobs

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"Ugh, those are some crappy ingredients" It's that time of year again. MLS contracts are ending; clubs look towards next season; some players will return - others will look for alternate employment. TFC is in the midst of their 7th rebuilding year and have many players whose future in Toronto is on the bubble.

THE STARTING 11: Parting gifts for released Toronto FC players

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"Oooh your manbag is so moody - it must be a Laurent Robert!"Autumn is a time of transition. Where the once promising blooms of spring must wither and make way for Winter (Lazio 1992-1996) and the eventual dawn of a new re-birth. Oh, the circle of life - love it when this blog goes all Robert Frost.

Toronto FC

"Should he stay or should he go?" Toronto FC looks toward 2014 but who should return?

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"Get lost dumb jocks!" From elitist downtown socialist manifesto-enclaves to the moustache dens of Ossington Ave. and out to the moonshine joints frequented by Etobiyokels - It's the question that has been argued vehemently across Toronto. "Should he stay or should he go now? Followed by "If he goes there will be trouble.

Julio Cesar released, wall of honour announcement forthcoming

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Find me a pic of him in a red kit and I'll swap it... better yet don't.
Well, in what can only be assumed that it was a move prompted by taking advantage of the vacuum of a slow news day, Toronto FC as released Julio Cesar.

Allow us to start the rumour that he was just tired of being confused for all of the other Julio Cesars that are out there, but the greater liklihood was to free up an international slot in the squad.

THE STARTING 11: Player reactions to being released by Toronto FC

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The Release Rocket  Having your contract terminated by a club is never a nice moment for a footballer... depending on the club doing the cutting. The most common reaction from departing players is a solemn thanks to the fans but every now and then a few words are uttered that make you curious.

Cann'ed! Ex-MVP one of six released by TFC

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A career to fall back on. Now do "Blue Steel"!  Out with the old, in with TBD. The replacements are yet to be identified but Toronto FC lowered the boom on three former starting defenders and three Academy grads today as Paul Mariner & Co. begin to make space for TFC XII. The following dirty half-dozen were the first to be deemed surplus in the magical world of "No Frills" football but are unlikely the last.

"He came, he drank, he left" - Miguel Aceval's Wall of Honour induction delayed

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"Where's the party at?"The only question is "how did it take so long?" Reports emerged this afternoon that Toronto FC and portly Chilean "defender"/ tequila aficionado Miguel Aceval have "mutually parted" ways. Brought in to TFC during the off-season alongside equally successful Ecuadorian Geovanny Caicedo, Aceval was touted to be one half of a South American centreback pairing that would solve The Reds' six-year defensive crisis.

There is no Spoon...

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"I'm Neo... who's Geo?"If only Toronto FC scouts had watched The Matrix on the flight down to Ecuador to watch Geovanny "The Spoon" Caicedo. "Do not try to bend The Spoon — that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no Spoon" is a famous line from the sci-fi film inspired by Mo Johnston's 5 years of management.

LETTERS FROM CAMP: "The first cut is the cheapest..."

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"Goodbye pal... And yeah, He's cool."PLAYERS CUT, PUNS TO GO UNUSED
A sad day for four young men as Toronto FC made their first four cuts of pre-season today. Sadder still is the effect it will have on blogs as some quality nicknames will forever go stale in Toronto.

O'Brian White(caps) moves (slowly) westward - TFC trims more fat

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What could a Jamaican possibly like about Vancouver?

Going into the MLS Expansion Draft, Toronto FC dangled a couple of big names in front of Portland and Vancouver followed by a list of its various underachievers and also-rans. Looking at the list prior to the draft, most would have believed TFC would have a better chance of having its junk grabbed if it went through U.

Plan Your Trips Now: MLS Schedule Released

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After waiting a few extra weeks, the MLS released their 2008 schedule today. Now I won't go into game-by-game details and thoughts on each week. I will throw a few notes out there for everyone to take notice of. Into the 13th season for the MLS, each of the 14 clubs will play 30 games over [...]

Supplemental Draft Today

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The MLS Supplemental Draft will take place today at 3pm and the results of the draft are to be revealed after 4pm. For those who care, Buzz over at 3rddegree released his list of the best of the rest out there that weren't taken in last week's draft. Even for those who don't care, the Supplemental draft [.


TFC waives Ashton, Morgan

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Wrong Ashton(e). Wrong Morgan.  Be honest, you clicked here thinking that Toronto FC had released Ashtone Morgan. If we had advertising revenue on this site, we would be counting the extra pennies right now - but no, we were just being dicks. How else could we garner interest over this story?

Liverpool complete transfer deadline day clear-out

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Liverpool concluded a productive transfer window with a late surprise when they...


The next cut ain't the deepest

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 The one constant at Toronto FC has always been change. Life under our new Kiwi Overlord has not altered that human resources workload. With rumours abound of up to four new potential signings joining our springtime tundra, more change is on the horizon.
MLS rosters have their limits of course, both in capacity and economical, so if new recruits are truly on their way then the football boot must drop for some current Reds.

The Long Short Goodbye

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That should just about cover everyone
With two home fixtures remaining for TFC supporters (well the ones who can be bothered to go) it may be time to get a jump on your player Bon Voyage cards. While Paul Mariner once claimed "...we're close (to competing). I promise"... would-be GM Earl Cochrane countered that the club likely needs 8-9 new faces.


LETTERS FROM CAMP: Getting shirty

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Easily in the Top 250 MLS English leftback specialty tees - order now!
So confident in the make-up of their first team for 2012, TFC management have taken the unusual step of pre-announcing oncoming cuts. For Reds supporters this is like being in some kind of training camp Twilight Zone.


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"From this day on - we will only play on Twitter"The post-season tinkering, or SIXual Healing preparation - depending on your view of time and space, is under way at BMO Field. While still awaiting official word from the club, two young Reds, Matt Gold and Demitrius Omphroy, took to their media of choice - Twitter - to announce that their days in Toronto were done.

English Premier League

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A host of Premier League clubs have released up to 123 players this summer with Patrick Vieira, Jonathan Woodgate and Matthew Upson amongst the most high-profile stars let go this summer.

The official list of ‘free agents' released on Thursday night features former World Cup winners, former England internationals and Premier League champions.

ESPN’s Game of the Week: Burnley v. Sunderland

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Premier League fans in the United States will once again get the chance to see Burnley take on their new Premiership opposition. This week it comes in the form of Sunderland at Turf Moor.

When the schedule was initially released before the season started, I doubt that many people were circling this date on their calendars.

Number 5 Magazine

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Okay, okay. I know exactly what you're thinking: this is another example of footballers becoming celebrities. But so what? With his debut issue of #5 Magazine, Rio Ferdinand has found a winner. And no, I don't just mean hidden Manchester United jewel Federico Macheda. His new and unique online interactive magazine is a joy to read, and not just for United fans.

Podcast Episode 16 Released!

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After a few weeks off due to some holidays, the Premiership Talk Podcast is back at last. A bit different from ordinary podcasts, this episode sees Brian Lofrumento joined by a new co-host (no word on Taylor Fisher's whereabouts, but he was last spotted somewhere in Brazil). Who is it? You'll have to find out!


Arsenal officially release Gallas, Silvestre and Campbell

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It is not much of a surprise that Arsenal have allowed William Gallas to leave without renewing his contract after Peter Hill-Wood said last month: "His demands are extravagant and I don't think we are prepared to go along with it. He is a good player, but you have got to draw the line somewhere.", [.

The Wednesday Wonder: Everton

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It seemed like every week last season somebody from Everton was deserving of the Wednesday Wonder. This season, though, as short as it has been, has not been the case. With expectations extremely high at Goodison Park after a fantastic season for an exciting Everton squad, their start to this season has been less than impressive.

The Rest

‘Thanks For Letting Me Know’ – Alex Bruce Obviously Didn’t Get The Memo About Being Released By Hull City

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With relegation confirmed and a tilt at life in the Championship to gear up for, Hull City have confirmedthat several players will be allowed to leave the club come the end of June.

The biggest name included on the Tigers' 'released' list was that of long-serving defender Alex Bruce, who has been on the books at the KCOM Stadium since 2012.


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Welshman game action photo. Rare. Mint condition.
Unsurprising news news: Toronto FC have parted ways with former first-round pick and local lad Emery Welshman. A non-descript ending for an underwhelming year in TFC red.

Drafted 16th overall by Kevin Payne & Co. just over a year ago, Welshman was part of the "905 Combo Platter" with Kyle Bekker that saw hopes of a "Made in Toronto" future at TFC peak.

Liverpool midfielder move to Levante UD

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Liverpool FC confirmed last yesterday evening that Moroccan footballer, Nabil...

John and Krol Officially Released

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A busy day at Toyota Park continued with the announcement that Krzysztof Krol and Collins John were being released. Krol's departure was expected given that his loan one year loan agreement expires in December and he has expressed interest in pursuing options in Europe. The "mutual decision" to part ways with John came as a bit of a surprise since his intial signing included an 18 month contract with options for the second half of 2011 and more expensive options in 2012 and 2013.

MLS Cup Preview

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Some people have released their predictions and previews a week before the game as actually been played. I thought it was better to wait it out until the day before like normal for me here. I just wanted to make sure I got all the expansion talk out of the way this week before I [...]