Financial Fair Play: 23 more punishments handed out

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By Tony Attwood

Atlético Madrid recently beat Chelsea 4-1 in the European Super Cup. Unfortunately Atlético Madrid made a tiny error. They forgot to pay their bit of the tax bill owed by Spanish clubs to the Spanish government.

It seems that in Spain not paying tax if you are a football club is, [.

Is Financial Fair Play the pot of gold at the end of Arsenal’s rainbow?

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When Ivan Gazidis met fans from a variety of supporters' groups at the Emirates Stadium last week, his message regarding UEFA's Financial Fair Play regulations was unequivocal. It will happen and the clubs are all in favour of it, not least because the alternative – football's bubble bursting if it continues to expand in the current form – does not bear thinking about.

Arsenal 1-0 Man City: mercenaries buckle under Arsenal pressure

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Match report Video By the numbers

Yesterday I wondered if United going 8 points clear after winning at QPR would increase City's resolve and fight, or simply add more pressure under which they would buckle. I think it's fair to say it was the latter but more than anything else it was a fine Arsenal performance from which we more than merited the three points.

Lady Nina speaks on Manchester United, Aston City, and life in bed. An Untold Exclusive

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By Lady Nina Bracewell Sunlounger My old quaffing partner David Gill, the Manchester big chief pow wow has had a bash at the Football Association, accusing them of victimising his club with punishments that would not be given to rivals. Now I know the so-called FA and quite honestly few of them are to be [.


100 Owners: Number 85 – Brian Hillier (Swindon Town)

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Whiter than white though some might claim it to be, the history of football in England is pock-marked with attempts to bend the rules as set out by the Football Association. The punishments meted out to these clubs have been many and varied, but it could be argued that few in recent have suffered a penalty as harsh as Swindon Town did in the summer of 1990.

Shaz Rahman on tackling

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Special guest column this morning. Shaz wrote this a while ago but I've been waiting for the right moment to post it. The aftermath of a busy encounter against Stoke City seems like that moment, particularly with Tony Pulis drawing attention to Pavel Pogrebnyak's enthusiastic tackle (*cough* glass houses *cough*).

disciplinary committee

Koffie, Camara, Bernardez suspended by MLS Disciplinary Committee

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The MLS Disciplinary Committee had plenty of incidents to sift through from this past week, and three more players have received bans for harsh fouls.

Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Gershon Koffie, Montreal Impact defender Hassoun Camara and San Jose Earthquakes defender Victor Bernardez were all suspended for a game and fined an undisclosed amount for their actions.

Zach Scott Suspended One Game, Will Miss Real Salt Lake

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For a second straight game, the Seattle Sounders will be down one defender because of a suspension. This time, it was Zach Scott drawing the attention of the MLS Disciplinary Committee for his 74th minute tackle of Fabian Castillo. Scott definitely tackled Castillo from behind and does follow through with a scissor-ing motion.

Union's Farfan suspended 2 more games

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Photo by Michael Janosz/ISIphotos.com

If you thought that Gabriel Farfan was out of the woods after MLS' Disciplinary Committee announced punishments from last week's Chivas USA-Philadelphia Union game on Thursday and he wasn't a part of it, think again.

The Disciplinary Committee suspended Farfan two additional games and fined him an undisclosed amount for his two-footed challenge into James Riley last weekend.

The Consistently Inconsistent Disciplinary Committee

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That was Rafa Marquez fouling Shea Salinas over the weekend. Today the MLS Disciplinary Committee suspended Rafa Marquez for 3 games. As I discussed a couple of times last year, the one thing you can be sure of is that the Disciplinary Committee will be inconsistent and this is another example of it.

Marquez, Chavez Suspended And Fined

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Major League Soccer's Disciplinary Committee announced the retroactive punishments from last Saturday's New York - San Jose game. New York's Rafa Marquez has been suspended for three games and fined for dragging down and kicking San Jose's Shea Salinas and San Jose's Marvin Chavez has been suspended for one game and fined for a tackle from behind that was missed by the officiating crew.

Justifying Biases in Shalrie's Suspension

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While watching sports, it can be difficult to be objective. That's just the overall nature of competitive events. I'm sure last weekend D.C. United supporters felt hard-done by the suspension of Brandon McDonald and fining of Danny Cruz. I would bet that Vancouver Whitecaps fans felt anger about losing Atiba Harris.

MLS disciplines Harris, McDonald, Benitez, Cruz for Week 4 actions

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The MLS disciplinary committee is bringing down the hammer.Â

After reviewing the past weekend's matches, the league's disciplinary arm has suspended FC Dallas' Jair Benitez, D.C. United's Brandon McDonald and Vancouver Whitecaps' Atiba Harris a game apiece and fined them for violent conduct, and fined D.

De Rosario not being disciplined for dive

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When Dwayne De Rosario fell to the ground flailing after hardly being contacted by Juan Pablo Angel on a cross and flicked-on header into the Chivas USA box in second-half stoppage time of a crucial game on Wednesday night, most figured the D.

Birchall, Cháves and Yallop disciplined by MLS

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Much scrutiny has been made of the disciplinary action taken by the MLS this season.

The latest actions taken see suspensions for LA's Chris Birchall and Chicago's Diego Cháves while San Joe head coach Frank Yallop gets a $500 slap on the wrist for "conduct unbecoming of a professional" during the Earthquakes match against the Union over the weekend.

Real Madrid

Vilanova puts Mourinho eye-poke in the past

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Barcelona's new coach Tito Vilanova refused to contribute to the controversy over the lifting of Jose Mourinho's and his bans after last year's infamous eye-poke incident as he started work at the Nou Camp.

Pep Guardiola's former assistant, who has since stepped up to the top job, was deliberately poked in the eye by Real Madrid boss Mourinho during a melee on the touchline at the end of last season's Spanish Super Cup between the sides.

Infiltration Invitation: An Open Letter to Karen Espelund

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Thank you for articulating our point so effectively, Winston Reid. Image: Getty Images/Daylife

Dear Karen Espelund, (newly appointed lady member of UEFA's Executive Committee),

From our internationally recognised and lauded feminist perspective, we are absolutely thrilled that you have broken through the glass ceiling and achieved a position of power within one of the few global organisations still utterly dominated by males.

Euro 2012

Tuesday Kickoff: Italy hands out scandal bans, Herdling leaves Union and more

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Italian soccer won't be suspended as a whole for two years, like Italian Premier Mario Monti suggested, and the sport as a whole in the country appears ready to move on from the latest match-fixing scandal.

The Italian FA announced its punishments after an investigation, and four players -- Mario Cassano, Alessandro Zamperini, Luigi Sartor and Nicola Santoni -- were banned for five years each.

VIDEO: Remember This Rooney Three Match Ban, FA?

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In the summer of 2006, Wayne Rooney was sent off during the pre-season Amsterdam Tournament for an innocuous challenge on Pepe, as both players jumped for the ball. It was only a couple of months earlier that Rooney had been sent off against Portugal in the World Cup and Pepe was prepared to use this to his advantage.

Scottish football

Rangers: Enemies at the gate

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Ally McCoist is annoyed.

Mark Hateley is annoyed.

The Rangers supporters are so annoyed that they've reached a hysteric stage of fandemonium.

Yes, there's been a lot of rage flying around Scottish football this week. Most of it emanating from an enfeebled Ibrox.

An SFA Judicial Panel, basing their decisions on the evidence provided by an independent inquiry, went after Rangers in a big way.

Football's Image Problem: Idiots and Arrogance

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An anecdote from last week:

Sitting on a late, crowded, stiflingly hot train. Suddenly the peace of the carriage - that funny, miserable peace that descends when everyone is as pissed off as everyone else - is broken.

There's a handful of young football fans on the train. Drunk, loud, demanding attention.


Liverpool striker Luis Suárez suspended from Newcastle United match

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Liverpool striker Luis Suárez suspended from Newcastle United match

• Luis Suárez suspended for gesturing towards Fulham fans • Kenny Dalglish reiterates backing for striker Andy Carroll Luis Suárez will miss the Anfield game against Newcastle United on Friday after the Football Association handed down a one‑match ban and a £20,000 fine for his one-fingered gesture to the crowd at Fulham this month.

"I’m a big fan of both players, but Suarez swears he said nothing..."

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Wales and Cardiff striker Robert Earnshaw believes that racism is still rife in English football, but insists that Liverpool F.C forward Luis Suarez is innocent until proven guilty.

Earnshaw, who revealed that he has 'experienced racist abuse loads of times...even at certain grounds in this country', said:

"It's hard to comment [on the Evra-Suarez incident] because both players have their opinions and it might be crossed wires, we just don't know.

Timbers Tid Bits: Reserves Edition

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A big congratulations to our reserve team yesterday for pulling off a 2 - 1 victory over the San Jose Earthquakes. I know it's not the regular season, but the reserve system is important for getting the team to play well together and build confidence. It was also something that was sorely missed in the last few years so I am, personally, very happy to see it return.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Ferguson: FA Treat Us Like S**t

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Sir Alex Ferguson has had a pop at the FA for the repeated double standards they show towards our club. Time and again our players and manager are made an example of, receiving harsher punishments for identical crimes as managers and players from other teams.

Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Young, Michael Carrick, Tom Cleverley, Phil Jones, Danny Welbeck and Chris Smalling have all been called up to the provisional squad to face Bulgaria and Wales in the Euro 2012 qualifiers, much to the delight of the manager.

Gill: FA Made An Example Of Us

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David Gill has today spoken about the FA's treatment of Manchester United last season, claiming that they singled us out for harsher punishments because we're the country's biggest club.

"I do genuinely believe there have been some poorish decisions that, in my opinion, wouldn't necessarily have hit other clubs," he said.

Gill: FA Made An Example Of Us

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David Gill has today spoken about the FA's treatment of Manchester United last season, claiming that they singled us out for harsher punishments because we're the country's biggest club.

Wayne Rooney was given a two match ban for swearing at the camera, despite the laws of football making no distinction between any sort of swearing.

The Rest

Financial Fair Play Cometh: the Gnashing of Baby Teeth

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Here's the deal. Financial Fair Play is here. Both Manchester City and PSG have failed to meet sustainable debt levels. In response, both are faced with two identical punishments: First, their Champions League roster has been reduced to 21 players (instead of 24), and 8 of them must be homegrown.

Has Joey Barton Been Given The Right Ban For The Wrong Reason?

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The FA has passed down it's judgement on Joey Barton, and he has been suspended for a total of twelve games for his misdemeanours in the last game of the season against Manchester City. The first four games of the ban cover the sending off for violent conduct, plus an extra game ban for it being Barton's second sending off of the season – every time a player gets sent off more than once in a season in England, they have an extra game added to their suspension for eqch subsequent dismissal.

DTotD: Uruguayan match descends into huge brawl

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If there's one thing for which South American football can be relied upon, it's regular on-the-field rioting. The Uruguayan bout between Cerro Largo and Cerro (who, despite their names, are not local rivals) ended in typically punchy and kicky fashion after the home side secured a 1-0 victory.

The blame game

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Before we even dip a toe into the blame game that is WPS vs Dan Barislow, I have one serious question.

Who represents WPS?

Legally, I mean.

Indulge me for a minute, if you will.

Let's assume that I got a new job. On my first day in the new office, rather than set up my email, read the personnel manual and display a photo of my adorable puppy, I instead chose to smash my computer, spray paint my name on the wall, and subject my coworkers to a vicious series of guerrilla wedgie attacks.

Luis Suarez for Liverpool (v Queens Park Rangers), 10 December 2011

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It's been a good week for racism in football. Luis Suarez has been banned by eight matches and fined £40,000 for racially abusing Patrice Evra whilst Chelsea and England captain John Terry faces a racially aggravated public order charge for allegedly abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand in a match in October.

Soccerverse Justice: Paper Tigers that Should Have Been….

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So, a few weeks ago, the Portuguese federation banned Ricardo Carvahlo for a year because he skipped out on a national team practice. A pretty harsh punishment, right? If Allen Iverson, the former NBA player, had been dealt with accordingly, he would be serving his ban up until just before the successful colonization of Mars.

Saborio facing likely suspension for dive

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It was one of the more egregious dives seen this MLS season, and now Alvaro Saborio looks like he could pay a steep price for his action, which drew a penalty and a red card that turned a scoreless match against San Jose into a 4-0 blowout win.

According to sources within MLS, Saborio stands a very good chance of being suspended for one match for his tide-turning dive against the Earthquakes last Saturday.