Would Arsenal fans trade top-four spot for new manager?

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Arsenal fans have taken their protests to the training field today, and I cant help in thinking that some sections of fans are more interested in getting their way, than they are in helping our team reach their goals. Supporters have grown frustrated with the lack of trophies since the Invincibles were broken up back [.

Arsenal: Presenting The Strangest, Saddest, Most Embarrassing ‘Wenger Out’ Protest Yet (Photos & Video)

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Just when you thought the 'Wenger Out' campaign had reached its nadir, two pillocks in cardboard masks come along to prove you quite wrong.

For outside Arsenal's London Colney training centre at 9am this very morning, journalists were met by this truly embarrassing tableau...

A little scene from colney this morning pic.

Time for Arsenal fans to stop Wenger protests…for now at least

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Arsenal fans need to get behind the team and the manager by Sam P. Some Arsenal fans have not been happy with the club for keeping Arsene Wenger as our manager for some time now and even though the pressure may have been taken off the Frenchman by the team ending the long trophy drought [...]

The post Time for Arsenal fans to stop Wenger protests.

Wenger – Arsenal fans can’t sack me! I’m not elected…

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Wenger is now alienating the Arsenal fans by JM Arsene Wenger has done himself no favours with his latest outburst against the Arsenal fans who have been protesting about the results this season. He has made it clear that he thinks it is only a small minority of fans that are calling for him to [...]

Stoke City fans mock Arsene Wenger’s protests

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and Stoke City supporters have never really seen eye-to-eye. Contrasting football philosophies, coupled with the Gunners' habit of struggling against the Potters, have created a fairly frosty relationship. And that's not likely to change after the two sides met at the weekend.

Arsenal Fans! Think hard before protesting……

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Arsenal fans could cost the team 4th place. by KJ Last week has been one of the hardest as an Arsenal fan for me personally. Not because we lost but because of the way we did. The team looked gutless at times and there was no drive or passion. As a result from such performances [...]

Profits before people… Can I get a mic check?

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If there's one thing I've learned from the Occupy Wall Street movement, it's that all the protests in the world (bin bags, black scarves, etc) mean nothing in the face of the capitalist juggernaut.

Yesterday Arsene Wenger went on record saying that rather than buying Eden Hazard for 30 million pounds/euros (depending on which story you read), he had to show a fifteen to twenty million pound profit.


The Story of Istanbul United There are tales of Galatasaray fans...

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The Story of Istanbul United

There are tales of Galatasaray fans coming to the aid of Fenerbahce supporters trapped by the police, or of fans rushing down the hill from Taksim to the aid of rival supporters in the nearby Besiktas district on the shores of the Bosphorus. They're on film, and they need to be told.

Activists took over the UEFA EURO 2012 page on...

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Activists took over the UEFA EURO 2012 page on Wikipedia.

Remember the Howling Football that was meant to raise awareness for animal protection ahead of this summer's EURO 2012 in Ukraine and Poland? Well activists/hackers (do people that change Wikipedia pages qualify as hackers?

confederations cup

The Confederations Cup is over, but the real drama is just...

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The Confederations Cup is over, but the real drama is just starting

So the Confederations Cup came and went, and while the tournament was more exciting than any warm-up competition has a right to be, there's no denying that the most significant story of the last few weeks was the breakout of widespread protests across Brazil.

Photos : Brazilians Continue To Protest At Confederations Cup Venues

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Brazil may be hosting the Confederations Cup as a fancy dress rehearsal ahead of the World Cup next year, but Brazilians are taking the opportunity to reveal the country's political crisis to the rest of the world.

After hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets last week and in the last few days to protest against the rise in public transport fares, the mayors of Cuiaba, Recife, Joao Pessoa and other cities were forced to announce reduction in bus fares.


GIF It: Ref Pedro Proenca’s effeminate rejection of England’s penalty protests

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We're not sure if referee Pedro Proenca dismissed England's protests against the award of a penalty in last night's clash with Brazil in the style of an American teen drama ("no way, girlfriend") or through the medium of the Birdie Song.

Kickers Split Weekend Series led by Yomby brace

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RICHMOND, VA – Two goals from defender William Yomby gave the Richmond Kickers a split of the weekend series on Saturday night as the home side held on to a 2-1 win against the Charlotte Eagles. Richmond's victory ended Charlotte's six game winning streak and pulled the Kickers back into sole possession of the sixth and final USL-PRO playoff spot.

Review: 2012 MLS Live via

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A subscription for MLS Live costs $14.99 a month or $59.99 for the season. To access it, go to

The subscription provides the consumer with the internet feed to watch, from beginning to end, live MLS matches. Not every match of the season is there to view, but most of them are.

More Details, Accusations Emerge From The Philadelphia Union - Belen Friendly

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Costa Rican news outlet Diario Extra has brought new details to light from the scuffle between the Philadelphia Union and Asociación Deportiva Belén.

Belen apparently started a large amount of bench and reserve players in the friendly. Diario Extra noted that Costa Rican international striker Josue Martinez did not start for the Union in the game.

Blackburn Rovers v Newcastle United – Match Preview

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Venue: Ewood Park, Blackburn Date: 1st February 2012 Kick Off: 8.00pm Referee: Phil Dowd. Don't know about you, but I'm getting sick of the sight of Blackburn Rovers! We've played them three times already this season and of course they were never off the TV screens during the really vicious fan protests against their manager [.


Fulham Fans To Wear Green And Gold

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MUST have tonight claimed that the green and gold protests will continue this season and will start with tomorrow's game against Fulham, with the away supposedly joining in.

"At the match tomorrow assuming the Glazers' security don't try to suppress free speech a significant number of Fulham fans will be taking Green & Gold scarves into the away section," said Duncan Drasdo, chief executive of MUST.

The Ultras, the Military, and the Revolution

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The violence at Port Said last night has generated enormous commentary on twitter, and a beginning of media coverage of varying quality. One of the best summaries came last night at The Lede blog of New York Times it's quality largely due to the fact that it is composed of the tweets and videos generated on the ground in Egypt.


You're Typical Sporting KC vs Toronto FC Game

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Yesterday was the 7th game between Sporting Kansas City and Toronto FC at BMO Field and yesterday's game was extremely similar to the previous 6 match ups. Games that were for the most part dull and lacking good finishing chances. For only the 4th time in the 7 games one of the two teams scored. Not once have both teams scored in the same game, and there have been only 5 goals in the 7 games.

Sporting Kansas City 0 - New England 0: In Sweltering Heat, Revs Earn Hard-fought Draw

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New England and Sporting Kansas City may have shared the points on Saturday night, but clearly the heat was the winner in this match. In temperatures almost eclipsing 100 degrees , a slightly undermanned Revolution side fought toe-to-toe with the best team in the Eastern Conference and earned a 0-0 draw at Livestrong Sporting Park.


FEMEN Erects A Masculine Protest

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FEMEN's remaining high profile with their protests, but the mainstream coverage indicates they might be getting a bit more creative with said protests. Which can only benefit everybody, if it might detract from the statement slightly.

A couple of young ladies found the landscaped mascots in Kiev this morning.

Topless Women’s Rights Activists Snatch Euro 2012 Trophy In Ukraine (Photos)

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By Alan Duffy

The boob is mightier than the sword

A local activist group called 'Femen' decided to hijack the exhibiting of the Euro 2012 trophy in Kiev by trying to nick the trophy as well as flashing a breast or two in protest.

The group are concerned about the potential increase in human trafficking ad prostitution during the Euro 2012 finals and so decided to make a topless stand in protest.

steve kean

DT Exclusive: The Blackburn Chicken conducts Steve Kean’s season-end performance review

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With one match left against Chelsea left to play, Blackburn have completed the alienation process with their fans by sealing their relegation from the Premier League after a dismal season of protests, anger and frustration. The following is a transcript of Blackburn manager Steve Kean's season-end performance review as conducted by the Blackburn Chicken.

Bobotoh Go Where Blackburn Fans Fear To Tread

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Blackburn Rovers fans have spent all season trying to get rid of the club owners who they blame for Steve Kean, Alan Shearer leaving and the rising cost of petrol. They wave their banners, they chant You Don't Know What You're Doing then they rush to get the bus to get home in time for tea.

Persib fans recently decided they had tired of Persib manager Umuh Muchtar, known in these parts as Um-Mourihno.

‘He’s Not Big Or Butch, But He Can Handle Himself’ – Steve Kean Hires 24/7 Seventh Dan Karate Expert Bodyguard

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By Chris Wright

This may or may not be the guy

After months of vitriol and increasingly pathetic attempts to oust him from his position from the more ridiculous sections of the club's support, Blackburn manager Steve Kean has admitted to having hired a bodyguard to protect him at all times.

Unpopular Blackburn manager has a bodyguard with him at all times

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Blackburn fans really don't like manager Steve Kean. They've expressed this through signs, protests and even planes throughout a season that has the Rovers teetering on the brink of the relegation zone. Their vehemence in their position has only grown the longer Kean remains in his position and since large segments of humanity aren't able to keep football in perspective, Steve Kean now feels the need to keep a karate expert with him at all times.

Aston Villa

Villa Away - Opposition Fan View, Pub Ammo & Team News

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The final home game for Villa this season sees their fans not exactly confident at picking up what would be only their fifth home win of the season. There are rumours of a protest before and after the game that may or may not have been cancelled, but it's definitely driving a wedge between the fans who would rather get behind the team at this late stage and those who want to make their feelings clear to the board.

Aston Villa: Stalking Horses For Relegation?

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The gloves came off at Villa Park last night. Leading by a goal and having dominated the match at half-time against Bolton Wanderers, Alex McLeish's team threw their lead away and now sit just three points above the relegation places with three matches of the Premier League season left to play. And with this defeat, the sullen cloud of dissatisfaction that has sat over Villa Park this season lifted, but what replaced it was a thunderstorm of noise and abuse.

Champions League

Bayern Munich said they’ve never accept penalty hero Manuel Neuer

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Bayern Munich keeper Manuel Neuer is presumably still not welcome at the club despite saving the penalties that took the German giants to the Champions League final. The Bavarian side's protested about the ex-Schalke goalie's arrival at the club last summer. In the protest above they unveiled a massive banner reading: "No matter how [.

Remember the Bayern Munich fans who protested shootout hero Manuel Neuer’s arrival

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Before Manuel Neuer even joined Bayern Munich from rivals Schalke last summer, a large number of Bayern fans made it explicitly clear that they did not want him. When Schalke visited Munich for a DFB Pokal semifinal last season (a cup Neuer and Schalke would go on to win), thousands of the home fans held up papers that read "Koan Neuer" (No Neuer) in response to reports that the goalkeeper had already agreed to leave his hometown club for Bayern.

Geoff Shreeves tries to make Branislav Ivanovic cry in post-match interview

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Branislav Ivanovic went into the Champions League final second leg with Barcelona knowing a booking would keep him out of the final if Chelsea progressed. Following his penalty protests, he saw yellow, which means he'll be joining John Terry, Raul Mereiles and Ramires on the sidelines in Munich on May 19th.

Champions League Observations, Pt II: Alternative Views Of The Obvious

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The quiff. The casually knotted tie. The hand-in-pocket insouciance. For us, the only way this picture could be any better is if Super Mario Gomez was naked.

Care to explore that theory further, Kickettes?

Marseille 0-2 Bayern Munich

1. Is Mario Gomez wasted as a footballer?

The Rest

Former Charlton Club Sponsors Agree To Financially Support Main Anti-Roland Duchatelet Protest Group

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Mere days after much-maligned Charlton Athletic owner Roland Duchatelet had the brass danglies to suggest that "only a couple of hundred" are revoltingagainst him, it's been revealed that one of the beleaguered club's former sponsors have agreed to throw their financial oomph behind the main anti-Duchatelet protest group.

THE MATCHUP: United we stand, divided something, something...

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"Best egg layer of the modern era. Promise."  TORONTO VS. D.C. UNITED
Genuine kudos to anyone willing to protest and/or demonstrate at BMO Field on Saturday.

Napoli owner threatens to pull his club out of Supercoppa Italiana in China

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It's been well established that Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis will say and do whatever he wants, so it should come as no surprise that the eccentric producer of such films as Christmas in South Africa, Christmas in Miami and, of course, Christmas in India, is now threatening to pull his club out of the Supercoppa Italiana match in Beijing.

RoM Reads

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Sport Witness looks at Florida media mocking our protests against the Glazers.

The Telegraph reports on the new deal the club will offer Danny Welbeck.

Stretford End looks at the ten players we might sell.

The Daily Mail reckons we're in for Sao Paulo's Lucas.

The Guardian confirms John Terry will not lift the European Cup even if Chelsea win.

Portland Timbers 2012 Expectations: Cascadia Will Be Ours

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The Portland Timbers have been very active in the off season. Any regular reader here or in any of the other Timbers focused communities can tell you that. Despite what EA would have us believe, the depth the Timbers have added is staggering. Where last year there was a clear first team player for each and every spot, this year it feels like every position is up for grabs between players of equal quality.

WAG Watch: High Fashion Hair Curlers?

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Last time we checked, wearing hair rollers in public was a "Don't" in most sensible ladies' books.

Well thanks to a recently misinterpreted decree from Vogue, the British press is now claiming that the baffling, mind-boggling and completely WAG-like trend of wearing hair rollers whilst out and about is now in fashion.

Everton fan handcuffs himself to the goalpost

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There was some fond hope that the man handcuffed to the goalpost was making a grandiose statement about the unholy sums of money destroying football (read City). Or maybe he had tried handcuffing himself to a badger the previous evening with unsatisfying results and wanted something different.

Scoreboard Protests & Scapegoating: Just Another Week For Kettering Town

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A little gallows humour can go a long way. Kettering Town's patchwork team played Gateshead in the Blue Square Premier in Tuesday night. Another crowd of under one thousand, another critical evening in a relegation battle that may yet prove to be highly important should the club somehow scrape through its current woes.