GIF It: Man Utd captain Nemanja Vidic is attacked by the Community Shield

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It's long been suspected that Nemanja Vidic feels no pain. Now, here's the proof. Clatter the Manchester United captain around the head repeatedly with a piece of wood and he will simply smile. The big Serbia international was attacked by the Community Shield. As he lifted it in the air to celebrate yesterday's victory over [.

GIF It: Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson slaps and pushes Anderson

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Proof, if proof were needed, that Sir Alex Ferguson still rules with an iron first at Manchester United. The 71-year-old gave midfielder Anderson a post-match slap and shove following Saturday's away win at Fulham. Theories include a suggestion that the Brazilian was mocking Fergie's trademark post-match clap.

GIF It: Gareth Bale’s stunning solo goal (Norwich 1-1 Tottenham)

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Is this proof that yellow cards that are incorrectly given for diving are good for football? Gareth Bale, a man who has previously claimed that the slightest touch will always send him sprawling when he's running at full pace, opted for the Messi approach against Norwich last night. Despite a blatant foul from the Canaries' [.

GIF It: Franck Ribery’s ripped shirt and getting dressed FAIL (Spain 2-0 France)

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Proof if proof were needed that there's one or two big-headed players in France's squad. Franck Ribery couldn't even get his shirt over the top of his. The Bayern Munich man ripped his jersey in the first-half of tonight's Euro 2012 quarter-final defeat to Spain. When he attempted to swap to a spare shirt, the [.


Video: A young Paul Scholes is laughed at by his Man Utd team-mates as he attempts media training

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It's fair to say that life in the limelight never sat too comfortably with Paul Scholes. But here is proof that his manner when dealing with the media did improve over time. A young Scholes is shown undergoing media training early in his Manchester United days. His team-mates presumably including Gary Neville, who was [.

Video: Spurs star Gareth Bale attempts overhead kick against Jamaica

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While many of the Premier League's big boys have headed off to the USA for post-season tours, Tottenham travelled to Bahamas to face Jamaica. In this age of wall-to-wall football coverage, there's surprisingly footage from Spurs' Caribbean venture. But one supporter captured this proof that not everything Gareth Bale attempts comes off at the moment.

Former Rangers keeper Andy Goram abused by Celtic fans in a bookies

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Warning: this is not a video to watch in earshot of your boss. Ex-Rangers goalkeeper Andy Goram received a tirade of abuse from Celtic fans who found him playing the roulette machines in a bookmakers. The video starts with the fan chanting "There's only two Andy Gorams" in reference to the former Scotland international suffering [.

European Super Cup: Atletico tears Chelsea a new one, 4-1

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If you every hypothesized that the Europa Cup last season was the competition with the talent, the passion, and the more compelling matches, then you had your proof today. It was Atletico at the end looking as if it could have played another 90 minutes while Chelsea looked like it wanted back those 90 minutes, each minute more painful than the one before.

Harry Redknapp Back In Work, Shills For Sky Sports – Typing Scene Punches Big Holes In Tax Evasion Defence? (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Harry Redknapp is back in work, shilling for Sky Sports by plugging their new Fantasy Football game in an advert in which he can clearly been seen operating a computer keyboard with impressive dexterity (we estimate a typing rate of approx 70 words a minute your honour) despite trotting out the old 'How could I diddle me taxes?

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TweetIt is official Fernando Torres is the scourge of Barcelona and we at In The Stands have proof. Here are all eight of the Chelsea striker's goals against Barca. It includes the seven he scored against the Catalans when playing for Atletico Madrid and has just been updated to include the aggregate-winning finish during Chelsea's [.

John Terry

Proof That Goalkeeper’s Bad Days Start at an Early Stage.

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This is proof that goalkeepers bad days start at an early stage in Life but unlike Rob Green they get progressively better as years pass. Top marks to the striker come defender who done his best to clear the ball despite it having crossed the line, might be a bit of a John Terry in him?

Fan of the Month: Danny McGinlay

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You may not believe it but comedians love football too and Danny McGinlay is proof. Fresh from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Danny is April's Fan of the Month: Full Name: Danny John Terry McGinlay (would be a sweet name if I was a Chelsea Fan). Where are you from? Inner Northern suburbs.


Bacary Sagna prepares the ground for his final year

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More proof that Alex Song's departure was not because he was a disruptive locker room presence but governed by an economic imperative. And it comes from Bacary Sagna, probably one of the calmest presences in the Arsenal locker room and not given to hyperbole. In an interview with L'Equipe:

" Everyone was expecting Robin van Persie to leave, but Alex Song, that was a surprise.

Sahin DEFINITELY signed for Arsenal – Here is the proof!

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I am sure all Arsenal fans are sick to death of these rumours about Real Madrid's Nuri Sahin, but I can now give you proof that he has signed for the Gunners in a one year loan deal. It was reported this morning that Liverpool were back in the driving seat after Sahin's agent spent [...]

Arsenal better with or without Van Persie ?

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The answer to this question seems obvious to me. But I have heard enough contrary opinions here and elsewhere.  Of course, this is all out of our hands, we can only give our opinions but that's what we all do here.

With the  recent addition of Santi Cazorla, on top of Podolski and Giroud deals, the media and vultures on the internet and print are making up stories about a van Persie u-turn and re-sign.

Hill-Wood convinced that Van Persie will sign new Arsenal contract

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Robin Van Persie has continually stated that he won't discuss his new Arsenal contract until the end of the season, but the consensus is saying that he wants proof that Arsenal will buy a few players this summer to provide a real challenge for the Premiership title next season. As Arsene Wenger has already secured [.

Liveblog 3000! Arsenal head north to face the best team in the league edition

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Yep, Sunderland are the best team in the league over the last bunch of games. Read Martin's preview for proof.

Kick-off is 3pm London time, 10am New York, 7am Vancouver, and sometime last night in New Zealand. As usual, I'll be here half-an-hour beforehand to provide accompanying drivel and conjecture.

Pardew – We Will Go To Tottenham And Try To Win

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Alan Pardew certainly seemed to know what Newcastle fans wanted from their side,  when he signed on as manager a short 14 months ago. Alan Pardew being interviewed after yesterday's game Not only has Alan done so well at Newcastle in such a short time, with the proof of that being Newcastle standing 5th in the league this morning, and above Arsenal and [.

FC Barcelona

David Villa Is Back In Training, Jose Manuel Pinto Has Bruises To Prove It!

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By Chris Wright

You'd be forgiven for not noticing but both Barcelona and Spain have been without David Villa for the best part of eight months since the forward splintered his shin bone during the Club World Cup semi-final in Yokohama back in December of last year.

Barcelona striker David Villa bruises keeper Jose Manuel Pinto, signs his injury

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David Villa's long injury layoff doesn't seem to have affected his shooting power. The Barcelona star, out of action since breaking his leg last December, has been back in training and pelting the ball at reserve keeper Jose Manuel Pinto. He might not yet have his accuracy, but he's got the power. A shot that [.

Luis Suárez Confirms He Will Be Staying At Liverpool

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Concerns about the striker's future were raised after his suspension following the Patrice Evra affair, especially as Paris St Germain made their interest known.
Suárez's contract negotiations are continuing with the club and he was emphatic when asked about his future.
"Yes, yes I will continue at Liverpool," he said.

Great 0-0 match

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People who do not know anything about football will often assume that the entertainment level of a match is about the number of goals. This is surely not the case and tonight's match between Real Madrid and Valencia was proof of it. A great and intense match with many great chances, fantastic saves (and a save counts as a goal!

Euro 2012

Euro 2012: Swedish Tabloid Expressen Project Huge 50ft Zlatan Onto Big Ben

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By Chris Wright

Proof that the Swedish tabloid media = the English tabloid media but 15 years behind : Expressen projected a huge image of Zlatan's conk onto Big Ben last night...

Touché Expressen, touché.

As Adrian Chiles just put it on ITV: "Sweden projecting Zlatan onto Big Ben is like us projecting Roy Hodgson onto the Eiffel Tower" y'know?

Nike Launch New France 2012 Away Kit – Très Blanc Et Très Beau! (Photos)

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By Chris Wright



Seems like it's the day for it, with England rolling out their new home strip for Euro 2012 this morning and Holland set to follow suit later tonight (we'll have photos as and when). Sandwiched in the middle like a slice of jambon comes France's new away kit a classy, all-white affair from top to bottom.


Better Performance, Worse Results

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Saturday's match was pretty much all the proof we need. It really is all about finishing.

Liverpool have played "better" than they did against Norwich in numerous matches. And it's usually, somehow, led to worse results. Suarez tallied three world-class goals – and that term isn't used lightly – three superlative finishes, each more impressive than the last.

De Gea: It’s Special To Have Fans’ Support

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David de Gea was voted player of the month for February with 45% of the vote on United's official site.

After receiving a lot of stick from the press and some United fans, de Gea has done brilliantly well after losing his first team place to Anders Lindegaard, who then picked up an injury. He made incredible saves in February, most notably against Chelsea and Norwich, and is chuffed that the fans have recognised his contribution.

The Rest

23 Goals and 14 Assists! This Player is Legit!

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What a joke!

Don't ever cite to me a player's goals and assists ... as if that were proof of player quality.

Do that, and you expose just how much of a newbie you are!

  • What was the quality of their goals?
  • What was the quality of their assists?
  • How many goals should the player have for instance, what goals has he whiffed?

The WNT of Sherwood Forest

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Amy LePeilbet takes aim

Turns out, Alnwick Castle was also used in the filming of Kevin Costner's Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which of course means the WNT players had to try their hands at archery.

Truth be told, the players were pretty good shots (except for one who shall go unamed who failed to reach the target on her first two arrows).

Benny’s Big Bounce

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The Revolution have offered an entertaining, if ulcer producing, last few games. Last minute goals secured last-second ties where losses seemed imminent.  It was entertaining and both encouraging (we did come back!) and frustrating (but we could have, should have, won!) stuff.

As we look back, amid the discussion of tactical adjustments, substitutions, defensive lapses, last minute heroics and (clearly) offside goals, one element that you hear much less about is attitude.

As Mario’s World Turns: Paternity Tests

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No news so frightening as that of Mario Balotelli's impending fatherhood has graced the pages of sporting ledgers in many a moon. Simply put: the boy may be an exquisitely talented footballer, but he is just that a boy. No child should have a child.

Thankfully, he's going the legal route, attempting to prove that it is, in fact, his child.

Daniel Hernandez's Spitting Allegations Are 100% False and We Have Proof

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Last night FC Dallas midfielder Daniel Hernandez accused Dynamo defender Jermaine Taylor of spitting on him. An ugly accusation to be sure, but fortunately we can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Taylor did not spit on Hernandez. In fact, we can show that what hit him in the face was water from a water bottle.

A Face Made For Podcast

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As mentioned before, I had a USMNT chat with NESN soccer editor Marcus Kwesi O'Mard the other night. Here's the proof: - Greg Seltzer

Tell Me Who To Root For In Euro 2012

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I really have no particular affinity for or hangups with any of the European Championship teams. This is a little odd for me because in club soccer I'm known to arbitrarily pick a side and then live or die with them as if I was born on their home stadium's hallowed grass. But international? I'm a USMNT fan, of course.

Follow Friday with Sporting KC

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Sporting Kansas City has been all business on the field en route to their 7-0-0 start, but their level of comedy off of it hasn't suffered in the least. Here's proof. Enjoy:

Remember how Adrian Hanauer was supposed to be on "The High Bar" Well, he was. Here's the proof....

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Remember how Adrian Hanauer was supposed to be on "The High Bar" Well, he was. Here's the proof. He's a good sport, even if the guy interviewing seems a bit clueless.

Jose Mourinho: A Special Shadow For The Special One

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Proof that the sun literally shines out of Mou's arse? We think yes. Image:Â REUTERS/Sergio Perez.

Fan of the Month: Peter Wilt

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Although the A-League is still young it has managed to capture the hearts and minds of football fans abroad and February's Fan of the Month is proof of that. The similarities between Major League Soccer and the A-League has seen fans from the United States take a keen interest in the Australian game, and vice versa.

No Time For Playing In The Snow

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Footballers already get millions to play a game as their career, delighting in an extended childhood. Why not go all the way and stop for playtime in the snow as well?

Actually, Joel Obi's plunge into a snowbank really just serves as further proof no game should ever be canceled due to snow.