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Liverpool striker Fabio Borini’s xenophobic slur against English mini-bar raiders

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It's well known that Liverpool like their strikers with a hint of racism (irony detectors to the 'on' position please, irate Reds). So it's probably of no surprise that Fabio Borini has opted for a heinous xenophobic slur in his pre-season tour video diary. The attacker reckons all his English team-mates have probably raided their [.

Women’s Super League players get Twitter handles on their shirts

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Women's Super League players will become the first UK professional athletes to have their Twitter names on their shirts. One player from each of the league's eight clubs has been nominated as a 'digital ambassador'. The players will have their Twitter account names printed on their shirt sleeves and will spearhead their club's social networking [.


Famous footballers’ superstitions

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Everyone knows that footballers can be more than a little superstitious when it comes to the world's favourite game – but some of these traditions can seem a little strange, and even downright weird. But then again, it's important to remember that these are all professional athletes achieving a great deal of success at their [.

Thought of Wisdom by Yazid...

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Yazid was the MOM for 2009 Singapore Cup
"It's really not how much you're getting paid, but how you manage your money..." Geylang United goalkeeper Yazid Yasin.
The former Lion City Cup winning custodian was recently saw himself being embroiled in a "that thing" case that saw two of his former teammates jailed.

Major League Soccer

Adidas MiCoach: Technology and Major League Soccer

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Article by Luke Lohr

During the MLS All-Star game against Chelsea, a new technology quietly made it's debut to fantastic results. The adidas miCoach system is a going to be a mainstay for Major League Soccer beginning in the 2013 season. All 19 teams within the league will use miCoach Elite System to provide coaches and trainers with top level analysis of their players' movement, speed changes, and real time metrics.

Evaluating MLS Team Strength And The Injury Factor

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Early season injuries within the MLS rosters create unique challenges when handicapping the relative caliber of the individual teams. Injuries do not exist in a vacuum. Home field advantage, strength of opposition, number of games played, interleague competitions and the overall development arc of teams also play significant roles.

Chicago Fire Fans Unveil Banner in Support of Gay Community

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Originally posted on Imagine2050

Last night, fans of the Major League Soccer (MLS) club Chicago Fire unveiled a massive banner displaying the rich diversity of the club's city, supporters and team. The banner featured the Chicago skyline with a backdrop of the rainbow flag with the words "Our City Our Club Our Diversity Our Strength".

D.C. United Players Just Want to Bang on the Drum All Day

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Photo Credit: D.C. UnitedWhen most professional athletes (and European soccer players) can't suit up for a game they're usually seen living the good life up in a luxury suite with the owner and/or their wife/girlfriend, but not Major League Soccer players.

Photo Credit: D.C. UnitedIf you want more evidence of why American soccer is so great look no further than scenes from last Saturday's D.


Olympics show just how far British football has fallen

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The Olympics have created a lot of controversy ever since professional athletes were allowed to compete in the Games. Many supporters feel they should be for amateurs only while others argue that most of them are in fact professionals since they train for their chosen sport 12 months a year.

A Chance For The Kids To Meet Their Heroes

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Gunners Interschool KL Challenge

This morning I was invited for Nike's kick-off for "Gunners Interschool KL Challenge". This is in conjunction with the upcoming pre season tour of Arsenal to Malaysia. If you can remember, Nike also held an even to commemorate the presence of Arsenal in Kuala Lumpur last year.

Hard Tackle: Arsenal trio Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Frimpong and Aaron Ramsey hit the hot tub

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Arsenal youngsters Jack Wilshere, Emmanuel Frimpong and Aaron Ramsey have given a clear indication that the next generation of footballers are going to be increasingly comfortable with their sexuality. For example, they're quite happy to post photos of them cuddling up to each other in a hot tub to a global audience.

World Football

Referees Now On The List For Doping

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Everyone in football gets a pee test from time to time. Adrian Mutu even has a permanent chip planted upon his person by WADA, FIFA, CONI and a few other acronyms yet to be discovered. Rules of the game, of course, and it's only fair.

However, it was just for the players on the pitch. Now referees can enjoy a nice little tap on the shoulder after a random fixture of dealing with incredulously unsympathetic professional athletes whose only perceivable viewpoint is their own.

The Anzhi Rap

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Instead of scantily clad females shaking it solely for the money, this rap video has a bunch of professional athletes in shirts...for which they shake it solely for the money. It all comes full circle eventually.

The chap in the shades half the size of his head is Timora, rapper and big fan for Anzhi Makhachkala.

The Rest

Major Link Soccer: US Soccer responds to the USWNT

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The USWNT's filing has risen a lot of questions into the national conversation, and a lot of professional athletes will be keeping an eye out for the answers.

United States:

By filing a wage discrimination suit, members of the US Women's National Team are set to address the larger gender gap issue in the United States.

No, Indonesia Is Not The Brazil Of South East Asia

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Diet - eating bakso and drinking teh botol does not professional athletes make.
Samba - I have been watching Indonesian football for the best part of a decade now and not once do I recall seeing a passage of playing that had me going 'ole'.
Players - Brazil had Pele, Romario, Garrincha, Tostao, Ronaldo.

Fans’ View: Hey professional athletes, take note

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A father shares the story of how he and his family were touched by Cristian Maidana.

English Football Is Reversing Its Recent Negative History on Homophobia

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Four months after retiring from the sport, Thomas Hitzlsperger today revealed that he is gay.

In a newspaper interview with Die Zeit, the former Aston Villa, Everton and Germany midfielder said:

"I am expressing my sexuality because I want to promote the discussion of homosexuality among professional athletes.

Getting to know Caleb Porter: Developing young talent

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With the international break this weekend I thought this would be a good time to take a closer look at the Portland Timbers' new coach, Caleb Porter. Before we knew for certain Caleb Porter was going to be the Portland Timbers' new head coach Gavin Wilkinson talked about the new coach. Here is the quote:

Just an up and coming coach that has the potential to be one of the best in the league.

Roger Levesque Retires: As Told Through Social Media

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Roger Levesque was many things during his nine-year career as a member of the Seattle Sounders. Boring was not one of them. He was as generous with his time as any player and was always good for a quote when you needed one. It's hard to imagine he'll ever be surpassed in terms of popularity.

We probably all saw a little of ourselves in him and would like to believe that we would have behaved the same way if we were to ever become professional athletes.

Loan stars and boardroom thoughts

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Good day to you. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all remains quiet in the world of Arsenal.

Many of our players are now away with their countries ahead of Euro 2012. There's a list on the official site here so you can see who you're supposed to be fretting about for the duration of the tournament.

Conversations with Gabriel Zakuani

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Today at 1pm, a group of professional athletes and celebrities aiming to use sports as a way to raise funds for charity projects in Africa and other developing countries will come together to raise money under the banner of iPAY2PLAY. Two football league stars are heavily involved - Stevenage loanee Patrick Agyemang and Peterborough United's Gabriel Zakuani - and the Posh defender is heading to Ghana in June to take training sessions and deliver HIV information to under-privileged kids - a project run in collaboration with the Tackle Africa charity.

Lori and Becky and the Easter Egg Roll

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Over the Easter weekend, U.S. WNT players Lori Lindsey and Becky Sauerbrunn were guests of the White House, participating in the 134thAnnual Easter Egg Role on the South Lawn. This year's theme was "Let's Go, Let's Play, Let's Move" which would seem to be right up the alley for a WNT player.

Why Always Them?

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- Maxi Rodriguez

In the days of my grandfather, men were, well, men. Hands were rough, the whiskey strong, and the morning walk to work often entailed a three-mile hike through snow to avoid enemy encampments. Shifts may have been long and the labors exhausting, but as long as a warm meal awaited once the rain-soaked boots were slipped off, life could be endured, if not savored.