Pre-Match Buzz


Pre-Match Buzz: Classico Fever

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We can't explain exactly what it is about this picture that makes us love it so much, but we just do. Dani sure looks like he's hoping for a good match tomorrow, doesn't he? But the way he talked at yesterday's press conference would get anyone feeling like it's Real Madrid who must be praying for their lives.

Pre-Match Buzz: Hot and Confident

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Pep attended a press conference at Camp Nou following training yesterday, and was looking seriously hot while doing so. We love the shirt. We love the expression. And we simply adore Pep's confidence as he assures us that Barca will win tonight. "We will be looking for victory," King Chin Dimple declared.

Pre-Match Buzz: Henry Doubtful

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Thierry Hnery took a blow to the head in the match against against Chelsea, and the poor boy has been experiencing neck pain ever since. He wasn't able to train on Wednesday, and it's still unsure whether or not he'll make the Classico tomorrow. He'll be evaluated by the club's doctors in the morning before the team departs for Madrid, and they will decide if he can go or not.

Pre-Match Buzz: Henry Might Miss Out

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It seems that Thierry Henry might be keeping Rafa company, as it's a possibility that he won't make this match either. The team trained yesterday in the Allianz Arena where they'll be playing later tonight, but Titi couldn't join in and stayed behind at the hotel with a high temperature. It's doubtful that he'll make the match, but nothing has been announced yet.


Pre-Match Buzz: Back & Forth

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Our collossal clash with Inter Milan is coming up, and y'all know what that means: everyone remotely involved is throwing words and left and right in the buildup to this match...

- First, we take a trip down to Inter headquarters where the man in charge, Jose Mourinho, claims he has no hard feelings towards Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Pre-Match Buzz: Chelsea, on Barca

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Ex-Barca star and mega-hottie, Chelsea's Deco, has spoken about the upcoming Champions League clash between his current club and his former one. His point of focus was our star Lionel Messi, saying: "At the moment, Leo is almost impossible to stop. He is an incredible player and if he is on form, we can only wait and see who has the ability to stop him.