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Neil Doncaster: A(nother) Premier League Chief Executive Under Pressure

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Scottish club football's top man, Neil Doncaster, has little other than nominal occupation in common with slimy sexist Richard Scudamore.
Both are English and league chief executives. But Doncaster, the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) boss, now has the opportunity to fashion another similarity, the ability to get away with just about anything.

“Person”(s) Of The Year 2013… “Charlotte Fakeovers”

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As 2013 was such a rubbish year for football governance and finance, who better to be football's "man" of it than someone called Charlotte, who told a tale of financial skullduggery and subterfuge and whose real identity, or possibly identities, remain concealed? Mark Murphy thinks "no-one."

The phrase "internet phenomenon" is, granted, clichéd journalese.

English Premier League

Scudamore: The Premier League States Its (Lack Of) Intent

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I wrote in my previous article that the Premier League (EPL) statement on its "investigation" into what is beginning to be called "Scudgate" (sigh) posed more questions than answers. The following is what I meant (with the statement in bold):

Summary of a meeting of Premier League Clubs held on 19 May 2014.

Scudamore : The Story That Won’t Be Brushed Under The Carpet

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Dave Boyle enjoyed bits of last week. But, perhaps learning from his experiences in 2011, the rudest word he has come up with in reaction to the "Scudamore affair" is schadenfreudegasm. If Premier League (EPL) Chief Executive Richard Scudamore ever thought the Sunday Mirror newspaper story about his sexist e-mails would end with his apology and the curious inability of the game's governing body to act against him (the FA, remember), he was wrong.

Pushed Down The Pyramid: Why Premier League B Teams Can “B” Off

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A few days ago I was pondering the inadvisability of both knee-jerk reactions and the tendency for media outlets to focus on one aspect of a particular story at the expense of the "bigger picture." A few days later, I was guilty of both, in response to The FA Chairman's England Commission report and its proposal to insert Premier League "B" teams into English club football's pyramid system.

The Cognitive Dissonance Of Cardiff City

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It was, considering everything, not the most earth-shattering news of the season that we've seen so far, but the decision of the owner of Cardiff City Football Club to relieve Malky Mackay of his position as manager of the club still seems likely to further sour the atmosphere at The Cardiff City Stadium in the near future.

“Soft Power” Goes To Richard Scudamore’s Head

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"Gawd, doesn't he go on?" I thought as I watched Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore's latest performance in front of a parliamentary sub-committee.I place no inverted commas around performance, as Scudamore's overbearing contribution to last week's session of the House of Lords Select Committee on Soft Power & the UK's influence was just that.


The Winter Olympics, Empty Stadiums, and the Redrawing of...

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The Winter Olympics, Empty Stadiums, and the Redrawing of Russian Football History

ByDomm Norris

More so than any other nation across Europe, politics is a powerful beast in Russian society, and its influence has had a significant impact upon the way in which football has evolved throughout the post-Soviet era.

Taxing Times in Ligue 1 By Will Giles When François Hollande...

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Taxing Times in Ligue 1

ByWill Giles

When François Hollande won the French presidential election in May 2012, it marked the first time in 20 years that the increasingly right-leaning country had voted for a left-wing leader.

Exploitation and Abuse, Qatar 2022 “I have not seen a...

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Exploitation and Abuse, Qatar 2022

"I have not seen a single slave in Qatar. I don't know where those reports come from. I have been to Qatar many times and therefore have a different view, which, I believe, is more realistic." - Franz Beckenbaurer

Franz, it might be time to rethink that position.

What did we learn from Brazil’s dress rehearsal for the...

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What did we learn from Brazil's dress rehearsal for the World Cup?

By Anthony Lopopolo

The player of the tournament was Neymar, but the smell of tear gas was just as unmistakable. Even though the actual gas did not pass into the stadium, one person wore a mask and real FIFA officials at the start of the Confederations Cup final scrambled for cover.

Europe in 2020: Could Platini’s madcap proposal really work?

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By Saf Hossain

I don't know exactly why, but the heads of football's most prominent organisations – FIFA's Sepp Blatter and UEFA's Michel Platini, respectively – often give the air of a deranged, despotic dictator, bursting at the seams with outspoken controversy and just waiting for a popular revolt to remove them from power.

Soothing Europe’s debt woes: oil millions and inflated wages

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By Darshan Joshi

Football is ofttimes accused of self-serving megalomania. These accusations aren't necessarily baseless – while FIFA and it's regional tributaries do give back, they do so somewhat disproportionately to their behemoth fiscal inflows (see here).

Hull City

Assem Allam’s Pyrrhic Name Change Poll Victory

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There are, of course, lies, damned lies and statistics. It's worth pointing out before we go any further that the decision of the owners of Hull City AFC to poll their supporters over their desire to change the name of the club to "Hull Tigers" from the start of next season was never terribly likely to have an effect upon FA's upcoming hearing on the matter.

Democracy Or Gerrymandering? The Hull City Vote Goes Public

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It was noted on this site at least a couple of years ago that democracy in terms of football had the potential to be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, genuine efforts to engage supporters to be active rather than passive in terms of involvement with their clubs arrive at their natural conclusion in the existence of supporters trusts, both at clubs where the trusts are running the show and at those at which they play the vital but not always popular role of being a "critical friend.

A Unanimous Recommendation To Reject: The FA On “Hull Tigers”

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In the interests of strict accuracy, it should be pointed that this is not completely a done deal, just yet. It may well have been that the Football Association confirmed this afternoon that their Membership Committee have made a unanimous recommendation to the FA Council to reject Hull City AFC's proposed to the name of "Hull Tigers.

Divide, Conquer & Scare: Hull City’s War Of Attrition Continues

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If the growing feud between Assem Allam and the supporters of Hull City AFC is to be viewed through the prism of being a battle for hearts and minds in some way, then today probably hasn't been a very good day for Allam. The story appeared in the Hull Daily Mail newspaper and the headline was the obvious one: "Hull City season tickets could go up by 50 per cent if Tigers rebrand rejected.

The Petulant Outbursts Of Assem Allam

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There's nothing like a bit of blackmail to liven up English football in a quiet news week (and, alas, FA Cup third round replay week is such a week). Good job, then, that Hull CITY owner Assem Allam isn't resorting to blackmail in order to force English football's governing body (the Football Association, in case you didn't recognise them from the description) to accept his thoroughly-researched, precisely-budgeted rebranding of his club to Hull Tigers.

On Coventry City, Cardiff City & Hull City’s Winter Of Discontent

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There are three football clubs at which the Christmas period may well prove to be a period of reflection. The circumstances that have engulfed these three clubs over the last few weeks and months have come to act as something of a barometer for the state of professional football in this country at the moment.

Hull City’s Assem Allam Is A Symptom Of A Broader Problem

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There's an attempt at a coup d'etat going on in football in this country at the moment, and it feels as if point is rapidly approaching at which supporters of all hues will draw a line in the sand and say "enough." Indeed, that point may already have been reached this week with the confirmation that, having originally promised that there would be a period of consultation with supporters and then apparently going back on this by stating that protestors "can die as soon as they want", Dr Assem Allam's Hull City has submitted a formal proposal to the Football Association to change the club's name to "Hull Tigers" from the start of next season.



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The second uniform for FC BARCELONA for season 2013 - 2014 has been "leaked" as the below image highlights. For the first time in the Clubs 113 years founded by Swiss , English & local Spaniards, the Club takes literally its "recent history objetive" of representating the "Region of Catalunya". The colours & print are the same as the "Senyera", the name given to the flag of Cataluña.


Low Football: Finding Israel’s Jewish and Palestinian...

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Low Football: Finding Israel's Jewish and Palestinian diversity through lower-league football

In the midst of ongoing turmoil that never seems any nearer to a solution, it can be tempting to assume that Israel is a nation so enveloped by cultural conflict, that every interaction between Israelis and Palestinians is colored by an underlying tension that prevents any sort of mutual understanding.

The World Cup and the world’s protest in...

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The World Cup and the world's protest in Brazil

"Everything in Brazil is a mess. There is no education, health care — no security. The government doesn't care.We're a rich country with a lot of potential but the money doesn't go to those who need it most.

Turkey’s Women Lead a Regional Transition “We’re focused...

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Turkey's Women Lead a Regional Transition

"We're focused on sports, not politics. We don't deny that we are Kurds. But when we play, we never say, ‘We are Kurds and they are Turks.'" - Tahir Temel

Sitting in an especially tense region of Southern Turkey, Hakkari is a province trailed by hardships.

“It’s like a lover has returned” Gesturing toward the sea of...

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"It's like a lover has returned"

Gesturing toward the sea of people and the thousands of fluttering black, red and white Iraqi flags, Mr. Shamki said: "You don't know who is Sunni or Shia or Christian. They are just chanting for Iraq." The fans also cheered for something more, at one point breaking into the chant, "Sunnis and Shiites, we are all brothers!

Brazil, it’s time to catch up in the race to...

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Brazil, it's time to catch up in the race to 2014

"[Brazil] will be ready because it is the World Cup and no one can afford not to be ready for the World Cup." - Sepp Blatter

Sepp, that's just not how things work. The timetable of preparedness for the World Cup is against Brazil.

Capturing Catalunya and El Clásico There was a decent game this...

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Capturing Catalunya and El Clásico

There was a decent game this past weekend, you might have heard about it. The best rivalry in all of sport brought ~400 ~800 million eyes onto the Camp Nou this Sunday to watch Leo be Leo, Cristiano be Cristiano, and witness the undeniable pride between what many Catalans would consider to be two different countries.

The Rest

FA Chief Martin Glenn Apologises After Lumping In Jewish Star Of David With Nazi Swastika While Discussing Football’s Banned Political Symbols

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Embed from Getty Images

FA chief executive Martin Glenn has apologised after once again wedging his size 9 black patent leather brogue in his mouth once again.

Glenn kicked off his working week by unwittingly (you'd hope) lumping in the Jewish Star of David with the Nazi swastika in terms of overtly political symbols The FA won't allow to be worn on football shirts.

Football bits

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* Tottenham legend Dave MacKay has died aged 80. The Scottish midfielder epitomised the midfield enforcer in British football in the 1960s, forming a flowering partnership with Spurs' elegant skipper Danny Blanchflower.

Richard Scudamore vs Dave Boyle: Compare & Contrast

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The communications were rude, offensive and ill-thought out. That they were made in an entirely personal capacity offered little or no excuse. A man in his position ought to have the basic judgement not to say such things while being in that position. He did not remain in that position for long. That last sentence tells you, of course, that the above is not about Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore.

No End In Sight To The Agony Of Coventry City Supporters

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Steven Pressly celebrated his first anniversary as the manager of Coventry City last Saturday. It didn't turn out to be a particularly happy anniversary for the Sky Blues manager. His team has won just three of its twelve league matches so far in 2014 and, whilst his team sits in eleventh place in the League One table at the moment, it is only six points above the relegation places and has a distinct feeling of stutter about its form at the moment.

In Defence Of “Stand”

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It is, perhaps, a sign of the organisation's success that there seems to have been, since its inception, a been a steady stream of people lining up to take a pop at the football supporter's pressure group Stand. Formed a couple of years as Stand Against Modern Football, the group might well consider that such costs are worth bearing, when the alternative might easily have been to be ignored by all and sundry.

Southampton & The Sexism Of – Some Of – The Football Press

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As the supporters of several different football clubs will most willingly attest, the concentration of too much in one set of hands can have unwanted side-effects. Over the last couple of years, the reputation of the now former Southampton chairman Nicola Cortese had risen from being the man who steadied the club's ship after its flirtation with insolvency several years ago to something approaching a miracle worker.

A Watershed Moment In The Battle Against Homophobia?

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It's a truism to say that the past is a foreign country, but it certainly feels that way at times. It's a little over twenty-two years since Justin Fashanu came out thanks to a lurid story in The Sun much of which, Fashanu later told the Gay Times, was simply untrue but the differences between that and the coming out of the former Aston Villa, West Ham United and Everton midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger have been considerable, and it is probably this rather than Hitzlsperger's coming out that has been the aspect of this story from which we will learn the most this week.

Brazil Rejects the Pure Spectacle

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The people taking to the streets in Brazil are demonstrating the only right and true response to the militarized boondoggle of international sports festivals like FIFA's World Cup and the Olympics. These are serial spectacles - a rotating cast and set acting out the same story over and over again - a massive fiction about fairness and a "level playing field.

The Vulnerable Spectacle: Notes on the Bombing of a Marathon

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The bombing at the Boston Marathon - what is there to say about such a thing? Already, barely a day into the story the story is on repeat. Terror, heroism, terror, heroism. How many are dead? Wounds and more wounds. Women & children. Look out for a dark skinned man in a hoodie. It's an awful mix.

Election Night Special - AFR Voice: Episode 5 In what has been a...

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Election Night Special - AFR Voice:Episode 5

In what has been a historic week for American politics, AFR Voice is here to count the ballot papers of world football and see who have been the real winners and losers this week.

We'll be getting things started with the audio equivalent of shaking hands and kissing numerous babies as we get bleary eyed about the first round of this year's FA Cup, the return of Big Mick McCarthy to football management, before having it out in an untelevised debate on the diving issue, featuring special guest - Olympic diver Tom Daley (not technically a guest on the show, but we do talk about him a bit).