Results 16/02

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AFC Champions League Qualifier
Adelaide United v Persipura 3-0
Game arranged at last minute after Persipura's expulsion from competition overruled they were never really in the game. Did ok but that was never gonna be good enough.
Indonesia Super League
Arema v PSPS 2-0 (Dicky Firasat, Arif Ariyanto) 5,021PSAP v Sriwijaya 1-1 (Sayuti; Thierry Gathussi) 6,567PSMS v Persiram 1-0 (Zulkarnain) 7,521
Divisi Utama (LI)
Persitara v Persitema 4-2 (Suhariyanto, Muhamed, Adlofo Souza 2; Andriyanto, Sumaryanto) 3,271PS Bengkulu v Persip 1-0 (Abdu Rahman Aziz) 2,314Persid v Persigo 1-2 (Iswanto; Yus Abay, Iksan Abubakar) 4,963 (LI)
Home United v Gombak United 1-1 (Mustaquim Munzar; Franklin Anzite) 1,304Balestier Khalsa v Tampines Rovers 1-0 (Ruhaizad Ismail) 1,309
Unlikely leaders at this early stage with Balestier Khalsa blocking out title favourites for the second successive game.

Batavia Union Move To Bekasi

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Batavia Union's home game with PSM will now be played at the Patriot Stadium in Bekasi on Sunday. It was originally scheduled for Soementri Brojonegoro on Saturday but that would have clashed with Persitara's home game on the same day and of course they both share the same support!
Batavia Union, who don't seem to have a nickname yet so I have to keep repeating Batavia Union, hope eventually to use Kamal Muara Stadium for their home games.

NJ Mania's Divided Loyalty

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NJ Mania are the lads who followed Persitara Jakarta Utara. A rowdy, boisterous bunch they now also follow Batavia Union in the breakaway Liga Primer Indonesia.
I saw Persitara play Persiraja the pther day and there was a healthy turn out of NJ Mania even though the core, them with the drums, turned up halfway through the first half.

LPI Pre Season

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Finally the alternate Indonesian league, the Liga Primer Indonesia, has announced its Pre Season tournament after many delays. And, insert drumroll, it starts today!
After 18 teams initially joined, or was it 17, only 13 have joined the Pre Season but there is a promise of 7 more for when the season kicks off in January.

Batavia Union Or Persitara?

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Liga Primer Indonesia candidate side Batavia Union won their first friendly beating the Army team, PS TNI, 2-1 at Tugu Stadium in North Jakarta. Veteran Javier Roca scored one of the goals.
Roca and his team mates looked to be wearing a Persitara kit for the game at the home stadium of Persitara.

Pasoepati - Loyal Supporters

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They had a season which can best be described as crap. Couldn't score, couldn't win, couldn't stay up. Yet Persis Solo fans stuck by their team as they got relegated from the Indonesia Premier League...these are their home attendances for the 2009/2010 season.

Their average attendance of 11,994 would have been much higher but for the Gresik United game.

Results 14/4 - More continental embarrassment for Persipura

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Asian Champions League

Jeonbuk v Persipura 8-0

Scored two, conceded 29 in five games and totally pointless. We can call it a learning curve, we can call it an embarrassment. I wonder which one the AFC would call it?

Indonesia Super League

Persebaya v Persitara 3-2 (Andi Odang 2, Patricio Morales; Tantan, Prince Bello Kabir)

With five games left Persitara are 12 points from safety.

Persiba Bantul

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There are several teams in the Indonesia Premier League who attract good sized crowds, among them Persis, Persikabo and PSIS. But Persiba Bantul have announced they averaged 11,800 at their home games in the just finished season. That's better than Persiwa, Persitara and Pelita Jaya among others.

Persikabo could rue dropped 3 points

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It's not often one of the many cases backlogged at FIFA gets acted upon. But Persikabo could well rue the day they didn't do what they were supposed to have done, I don't know what they didn't do or what they should have done (apologies to non native speakers for that!) that led to them being reported to FIFA.

Results 17/03 - Splish Splash I was taking a bath

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Indonesia Super League

Persib v Persema 4-0 (Gonzales 3, Moriera)

Yesterday afternoon Persija conceded the title with a gutless display that showed lack of fight, conviction and desire. Persema, 2 down at the time, showed more of those three qualities in first half injury time than Persija did all game.

Woodlands Wellington

Persidafon's Experience Not Showing

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Newly promoted Persidafon have become the ISL's whipping boys. Back to back thumpings, 5-0 at Sriwijaya, 5-2 at Persiram, have left them 15th in the 18 team league with nine points from their opening 11 games. Of concern to Sergei Dubrovin will be a defence that has leaked 30 goals in that time; an ignominy they share with fellow Papuans Persiram.

Results 15/10

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International Friendly
Malaysia Under 23 v Nepal 2-0 (Faris Ramlan, Yong Kuong Yong)
Indonesia Premier League (I think that's what they're calling it)
Persib v Semen Padang 1-1 (Milijan Radovic; Mostapha Aji)
Former Persikota and Persitara striker Mostapha Aji had the honour of scoring the first goal in the latest new era in Indonesian football as the new season got under way at Soreang.


Results 07/03

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Indonesia Super League
Persipura v Arema 6-1 (Zah Rahan, Boaz Solossa 3, Yustinus Pae, Lukas Mandawen; Roman Chhmelo) 18,763Persiwa v Persijap 3-1 (Eddy Foday Boakay, Ferdinand Sinaga, Eric Weeks; Rohiman) 4,750
Despite their midweek exertions in Japan ISL champions Arema made the long journey to Jayapura and took the lead.

Going down - A look at the fight to avoid relegation

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11 Bontang 30 10 8 12 45-47 38
12 Persela 29 11 5 13 33-40 38
13 Persisam 30 10 7 13 32-37 37
14 Persijap 30 10 7 13 35-43 37
15 Persebaya 29 10 6 13 39-44 36
16 Persik 29 9 8 12 37-48 35
17 Pelita Jaya 31 7 9 15 32-48 30
18 Persitara 31 7 6 18 34-52 27

Despite winning games against Persib (2-1) and Sriwijaya (5-1) Persitara's ISL future is finely balanced.

Goin' Down, Stayin' Up

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15 - Persisam 24 8 5 11 23-31 29 WLWLL
16 - Pelita Jaya 26 6 8 12 25-35 26 WWWLL
17 - Persik 25 6 7 12 30-45 25 LLLWL
18 - Persitara 26 5 5 16 24-43 20 LLDLL

Momentum is with Pelita Jaya now that Redouane Boukaroui has been rattling in the goals of late but they will find it hard to continue that fine form when they hit Malang for two games.


Mitra Kukar's Good Start

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Mitra Kukar come from the east of Kalimantan or the island formerly known as Borneo. They have enjoyed a flying start to the season with six wins from their opening seven games. Their only reverse came in a mad 20 minutes away to fellow Group 2 challengers when they shipped four goals.
And they have been the only goals conceded all season.

And there's more...

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Just picked up a copy of a Bangkok based expat magazine called The Big Chilli and guess what? They run a regular column detailing the fortunes of two of the capital city's teams, Muang Thong United and Bangkok United.
Wonder of we can get the same in a Jakarta based magazine? Say one person covering Persija and another covering Persitara?

Behind closed doors

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This weekend's Jakarta derby will be played behind closed doors. Persitara v Persija has been shifted to Bung Karno Stadium, from Persitara's usual Soemantro Brojonegoro for some reason...what's the point when no bugger can watch the game anyway?
Police are worried about the risk of crowd trouble between the two sets of supporters.

Results 20/05

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Indonesia Super League
Pelita Jaya v Sriwijaya 3-2 (Supardi, Redouanne Barkaoui, Warwan Mustafa Sayedeh; Richard Obiora, Pavil Solomin)
What more to say about Sriwijaya? Going forward they are one of the best teams in the country but at the back it's another story. International goalkeeper, international full backs, international central defenders.

Jakarta Derby Postponed

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Sunday's derby between Persitara and Persija has been called. The game had been switched to Bung Karno Stadium, nominally Persija's home ground, because Persitara's Soemantri Brojonegoro was considered too small.

But with no security clearance released for Bung Karno the game would have had to go ahead without spectators meaning Persitara would have had to stump up the costs of hiring the more expensive stadium and they were obviously reluctant to do so.


Results 20/12

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Divisi Utama
PSSB v Persikabo 1-1 (Daniels Ose Bikoi; Susanto) 2,015PSLS v Persitara 2-1 (Anton Irawan 2; Masril Mahmud) 4,573Persih v PSAP 2-0 (Leanardo Veron, Friday Gbeneme)Persires v Persiraja 1-3 (Nanang; Christian Bekatal 2, Andria) 100Persikab v Persiram 1-1 (Ebus Angel Cnuchukwu; James Debbah) 3,225PSCS Cilicap v Perseman 0-0 10,734PSIS v Persemalr 2-0 (Prananda Aditya, Denny Rumba) 8,525Persekam v Barito Putra 1-0 (Abdul Rohki) 4,350Perseru v PSS 1-1 (Yoksan Ama; Agus Setyawan) 3,246Pesidafon v Persiba Bantul 2-1 (Abel Quioh, Patrick Wanggai; Anwarudin) 25,832
Persiraja made it five wins from five after defeating Persires comfortably while Persidafon top Group 3 after inflicting Persiba's first defeat of the season

Results 16/12

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ASEAN Football Federation Cup Semi Final 1st Leg
The Philippines v Indonesia 0-1 (Christian Gonzalez) 70,700
Divisi Utama
PSSB v Persitara 1-2 (Rizal; Hari Salisbury, Masril) 2,000PSLS v Persikabo 1-1 Afrizal; Jibby) 4,000Perikab v Perseman 0-2 (Karubaba 2) 4,236PSBI v Barito Putra 1-0 (Arifin) 7,890Perseru v Persiba Bantul 0-1 (Udo Fortune) 3,400Persih v Persiraja 1-2 (Veron; Djibril, Fahrizal) 3,200Persires v PSAP 0-4 (Suryadi, Osus 2, Pondra) 300Persidafon v PSS 6-0 (Ernest Jeremiah 2, Patrick, Cirelli, Worabay, Abel) 25,869*Persikota v Persemalra 2-0 (Adolfo Souza 2) 3,275
Fahrizal's 73rd minute winner saw Persiraja move to the top of Group 1 ahead of four teams on 10 points with Persita playing tomorrow having a chance to leap frog them.


Results 22/05

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Indonesia Super League
Persija v Persitara 1-0 (Serge Emelau)
Beijing Guoan v Geylang United 0-1 (Peter Tomko) 934
It's not often we see an attendance in the SLeague better anything in Indonesia but Beijing Guoan pulled more paying punters to Yishun Stadium last than the Jakarta Derby did on the same day.

Jakarta Casual TV

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Catch bits and pieces of yesterdays upset as Persitara roundly thrashed Sriwijaya on Jakarta Casual TV

The Jakarta Derby

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Ok so I have no crystal ball, I have no inside knowledge and probably no one has really thought about it yet. But. This weekend has the Jakarta Derby, Persitara v Persija, scheduled for Soemantri Brojonegoro Stadium.

Now just a wild stab in the dark here but the game won't be played there.

The Rest

Results 6/5

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Divisi Utama

Persikad v Persitara 3-2 (Sobari, Ronnie De Carvalho, Irfan Safari; Zainul Arifin, Soni Adriansyah) 3,000
Deltras v Persebo 3-0 (Cheik Oumar Dombia, I Komang Mariawan 2) 3,350

Persikad's first win of the season came at the 10th attempt against Persitara at the Pigeon Stadium!

Persebaya Draw Level

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Interesting day yesterday in the unofficial Divisi Utama with the top two in action. Second placed Persebaya traveled to the West Coast of Sumatra to face PS Bengkulu and came away with a 2-0 victory thanks to goals from Richard Obiora and Basuki, one in each half.

Leaders PSIM were less fortunate, going down 1-0 at Persitara with Adolfo Souza netting on 81 minutes.

Tangerang Teams Need New Home

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With Benteng Stadium closed to both Persita and Persikota till further notice both teams are scooting round trying to find a new venue for their home games.
Reports today suggest Persita (fans pictured left) will use Krakatau Steel Stadium in Cilegon which is about an hpur and a half west of Tangerang.

Results 14/01

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Indonesia Super League
Deltras v Persela 1-0 (Walter Brezuela)Mitra Kukar v Persib 3-0 (Nemenja Obric, Marcus Bent, Lee Sang Min)
Indonesia Premier League
Persibo v Persiba Bantul 3-2 (Samsul Arif, Islander 2; Emmanuel Cristori, Anwarudin)Persiraja v Arema 1-1 (Diallo; Roman Chmelo)
Divisi Utama (LPIS)
Persikabo v Persitara 1-0PSIS v PSIR 3-0 (Han Ji Ho, Engkus Kuswaha, Khusnul Yakin)PSCS v Persipasi 2-1 (Julia Mardianus, Indra Gunawan; Mansur) 7,000Persikab v Persipar 2-2PPSM v Persis 2-3 (Tinton Suharto 2; Javier Rocha, Ariyuganda, Ferryanto)Perseman v Madian Putra 1-0Persires Bali DeVata v Persewangi 1-0
Bit of a local derby when Persires BaliVata, mouthful or what, played Persewangi from just across the straits separating Bali from Java.

Divisi Utama Kicks Off

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PSMS v Persitara 2-1Persipasi v Persih 4-0Persita v Persires 5-0PS Bengkulu v Persiraja 1-2Persis v Perseman 0-0PPSM v Persiram 0-0Persemalra v Gresik United 2-0PSIS v Persik 2-1 (Stephen Kuoh 2; Adrian Trinidad)PS Mojokerto Putra v PSIR Rembang 0-0Persipro v Persiku 1-0PSBI Blitar v Perseru 2-1Persikam v Persidafon 1-0Barito Putra v Persiba Bantul 0-0

Does the alternative Indonesian league have legs?

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Stories about a new league in Indonesia, called the Indonesia Premier League, still circulate even though most Super League clubs are moving to distance themselves from the idea after the PSSI have said they will not support it.
About the only clubs to have expressed interest in the idea are Persitara and Persiraja banda Aceh and, no disrespect to either club, sponsors are not going to be falling over themselves to throw money at clubs like them.

Indonesia Super League 2010/2011 Coaches

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Arema - Miroslav JanuPersipura - Jacksen F TiagoPersiba - JunaediPersib - Darko JanocvicPersija - Rahmad DarmawanPersiwa - SuharnoPSPS - GurningSriwijaya - Ivan KolevPersijap - AlvesPersema - Timo ScheuneumannBontang - ???Persisam - ???PSM - ???Persela - SubangkitPelita Jaya - ???Persebaya - ???Persik - ?

Indonesia Super League Standings & Scorers

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1 Arema 34 23 4 7 57-22 73
2 Persipura 34 18 13 3 62-32 67
3 Persiba 34 15 9 10 44-31 54
4 Persib 34 16 5 13 50-36 53
5 Persija 34 14 10 10 41-36 52
6 Persiwa 34 15 5 14 57-56 50
7 PSPS 34 14 7 13 43-37 49
8 Sriwijaya 34 14 6 14 48-49 48
9 Persijap 34 13 7 14 40-45 46
10 Persema 34 13 6 15 43-52 45
11 Bontang 34 12 8 14 53-52 44
12 Persisam 34 12 8 14 38-41 44
13 PSM 34 12 7 15 31-46 43
14 Persela 34 12 6 16 45-55 42
15 Pelita Jaya 34 10 9 15 42-53 39
16 Persebaya 33 10 6 17 42-55 36
17 Persik 33 9 9 15 38-55 36
18 Persitara 34 7 7 20 36-57 28

19 - Aldo Baretto (Bontang)18 - Cristian Gonzales (Persib), Alberto Goncalves (Persipura)17 - Eric Weeks Lewis (Persiwa), Boaz Salossa (Persipura)16 - Herman Dzumafo (PSPS)15 - Kenji Adichihara (Bontang), Julio Lopez (Persiba), M Isaini (PSPS), Keith Kayamba (Sriwijaya)

Tantan to Persib?

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There hasn't been a whole lot to smile about for Persitara fans though things have improved somewhat over the second half of the season but one shining light has been the hard working Tantan. Signed pre season from Persikab he struggled alongside Prince Bello Kabir in the first half of the season but blossomed once Diego Mendieta came in and gave him a freer role.

Results 30/03 - Arema comfortable in front of President

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AFC Champions League

Persipura v Kashima Antlers 1-3 (JYustinus Pae;) 732

Indonesia Super League

Arema v Persitara 2-0 (M Riduan, Dendi Santoso)

There's only two teams in ...

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Persita - Tangerang District
Persikota - Tangerang City
Persitangsel - South Tangerang


PSB - Bogor City
Persikabo - Bogor District


Arema - Private Club
Persema - Malang District
Persekam Metro - Malang District


Persija - Jakarta (formerly Central Jakarta)
Persitara - North Jakarta


Persib - Bandung City (but adopted by West Java)
Persikab - Bandung District

Bekasi (?