Persib Season Ends In Disgrace After Perseru Loss

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Following on from their 2014 Indonesia Super League title success it looked like Persib were set fair to dominate the domestic game for years to come. They had the squad, they had the supporters and they had the vision off the field.
Then came the FIFA suspension. Persib had reached the last 16 of the AFC Cup but the rug was pulled from under their feet and domestically the ISL was halted.

Football: ‘Weird’ Cole not wanted, says Indonesian boss

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Bandung (Indonesia) (AFP) – Persib’s team manager called Carlton Cole a “weird person” and said he wasn’t wanted on Wednesday as the former West Ham and Chelsea striker insisted he remained a player for the Indonesian club.

Umuh Muchtar questioned why Cole, 33, had bothered to turn up for training, a day after announcing the Englishman’s dismissal following a goalless stint lasting only four months.

Football: ‘Weird’ Cole not wanted, says Indonesian boss

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Bandung (Indonesia) (AFP) – Persib’s team manager called Carlton Cole a “weird person” and said he wasn’t wanted on Wednesday as the former West Ham and Chelsea striker insisted he remained a player for the Indonesian club.

Umuh Muchtar questioned why Cole, 33, had bothered to turn up for training, a day after announcing the Englishman’s dismissal following a goalless stint lasting only four months.

Persib Fall-Out Continues As Umuh Has His Say

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Manchester United, Bayern Munchen, Real Madrid. These clubs are giants in their countries, someone sneezes within the stadium or training ground and the whole world knows in seconds. Persib are on the same level, at least within Indonesia. Different media are always hanging round the club because they know stories are clickbait, especially when things are going wrong.

Indonesian Fans Giving Blood

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Fans of Persib and Arsenal are being encouraged to donate blood across Indonesia tomorrow.

The Arsenal Supporters Club have arranged for 49 branches (geddit?) across the country to host events as part of their contribution to Arsenal's 'Be A Gooner, Be A Giver' project.

Meanwhile female fans of Persib have organised a seminar on the role of women in football coupled with the giving of blood.

The Persib Exodus Continues

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It wasn't that long ago everything was rosy (albeit a blue tinted rose) in the Persib garden. Winners of the Indonesia Super League 2014 and the President Cup 2015 they seemed set fair to dominate what exists of football in Indonesia for years to come.

The last few weeks have seen that idea fall apart, something I touched upon last month.

Spaso Is A Bobotoh

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Sorry, long time no post. Well, not much has been happening in the whacky world of Indonesian football and I did have a few days in England which meant my focus and energy lay in other directions.

Now we have some real genuine bona fide news. Persib have at last signed a foreign striker.

Madura United

Persiba Fall Short And Face The Drop

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Persiba's brave bid to avoid relegation ended in tears as they were cruelly defeated 4-3 at home by Madura United on Sunday when two late goals from the visitors guaranteed them the points and the home side the drop.
The Honey Bears battling qualities were never in doubt right till the end. Against Madura United they had some from 1-0 down to lead 3-2 with 12 minutes remaining.

Dejan Antonic Steps Down As Persib Boss

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A year ago and everyone wanted Dejan Antonic to coach Indonesia. After decent spells with the likes of Arema (the LPI version), Pro Duta and Pelita Bandung Raya Antonic was appointed to the hottest of hot seats in Indonesian football but almost immediately the knives were out.
He was accused of favouring certain players and after the team left it late to earn a point in the ISC opener against Sriwijaya, Tantan equalising in injury time, there were calls for his dismissal with some fans trying to place an advert in a local paper criticising the team.


Newbie Strikers Hit Ground Running

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The problem with saying it takes time for foreign imports, especially strikers, to adapt to the local game and its culture is that it is not always true. Everyone remembers Juan Belencoso for example who signed for Persib after impressing in Hong Kong and also in the AFC Cup before firing blanks in West Java.

Leandro Lives Another As PSM Defeat Persela

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PSM v Persela 2-1 (Rizky Pellu, Alex De Souza; Herman Dzumafo) 9,882

Going into this game the headlines were all about the future of PSM coach Luciano Leandro. Three points and how quickly football can change. Now it is Persela coach Stefan Hansson under the spotlight as Persela fell to their second defeat of the season.

Vladimir Vujovic

Five Star Gonzales Sends Arema To Pakansari

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Semi Final 2nd Leg
Persib v Pusamania 2-1 (Shohei Matsunaga, Atep; Dirkir Kohn Glay) 25,598
Despite losing the 1st leg in Samarinda by 2-1, and surviving an all out assault by the home side relatively intact, Persib fans were out early queuing for tickets for this game as they sought to keep the trophy they won back in 2015.

Persib's Vujovic Decides Tight PSM Clash

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President Cup

Persiba v Persela 1-0 Marlon da Silva) 1-0

This was a meandering pre season friendly with players still getting to know their teams mates. It didn't need a ref dishing out yellow cards like a broken vending machine. Ten were shown in the game including a second for Persiba's Abdul Rahman.

Young Persib Players Interested In Overseas Options

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With Greg Nwokolo heading to Thailand with BEC Tero and Andik Vermansyah doing a job in Malaysia with Selangor, a couple of Persib players have expressed an interest in moving overseas.

Ahmad Jufriyanto and Taufiq were recently questioned about their future and while both players said they would continue to respect their deals with the champions if the opportunity to try their luck in a foreign country, and both specifically cited Malaysia, then they could be interested.


President Cup 2017 Quarter Final Draw

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25th February

18.00 - Persib v Mitra Kukar
21.00 - Pusamania v Madura United

26th February

18.00 - Arema v Sriwijaya
21.00 - Bhayangkara v Semen Padang

Ties to be played at Manahan Stadium, Solo. No extra time, if ties are level after 90 minutes games will go straight to penalty shoot outs.

Holding The Megaphone

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I must admit I don't get the whole choreographed football atmosphere that we see in South East Asia but when it works, think of clubs like Arema, JDT, Persija, Persib etc, it does look and sound pretty impressive.
In the underworld of Indonesian football culture the fan leaders if you like can become celebrities of their own with one Arema supporter featuring in a film called The Conductors.

Bali United

Persib Find Winning Touch Against Bali United

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PS TNI v Mitra Kukar 1-4 (Al Zubeidy; Marlon Silva, Alan Leandro 2, Septian David Maulana) 4,130

PS TNI: Teguh Amiruddin; Ganjar Mukti, Hardiantono, Abduh Lestaluhu (Syaiful 71'), Wiganda Pradika, Irfandi Zein, Legimin Raharjo, Manahati Lestusen (Tri 41'), Guntur Triaji, Pandi Lestaluhu (Wawan 46'), Tambun Naibaho.

From Super League To Soccer Championship

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The first season of the Indonesia Super League back in 2008/2009 already has a touch of retro about it. The ISL was supposed to drag domestic football into the 21st century with improved standards on and off the field and an attention to professionalism that had been long absent from the game.

Eighteen teams joined that first season:

Arema, Bontang PKT, Deltras, Pelita Jaya, Persela, Persib, Persiba, Persija, Persijap, Persik, Persipura, Persita, Persitara, Persiwa, PSIS, PSM, PSMS, Sriwijaya.

Bhayangkara Cup 2016 Draw

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Group A
Mitra Kukar
Sriwijaya FC
Kaltim Cup Winner

Group BArema
Persipura Jayapura
PS Polri
Bali United

Group A:17/03 Mitra Kukar v Persib Bandung
18/03 Kaltim Cup Winners v Sriwijaya FC
20/03 Sriwijaya v PS TNI , Persib v Kaltim Cup Winners
22/03 PS TNI v Kaltim Cup Winners, Sriwijaya v Mitra Kukar
24/03 Kaltim Cup Winners v Mitra Kukar, PS TNI v Persib
26/03 Mitra Kukar v PS TNI, Persib v Sriwijaya

Group B:
19/03 Persija vs PS Polri, Arema v Bali United
21/03 PS Polri v Persipura, Bali United v Persija
23/03 Persipura v Persija, Arema v PS Polri
25/03 Bali United v Persipura, Persija v Arema
27/03 PS Polri v Bali United, Persipura v Arema

Semifinal - 30 / 31 March
Final - 3 April 2016

President Cup 2015 Fixtures

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Group A:
2/9: Persebaya vs Martapura, Persib vs Persiba
6/9: Martapura vs Persiba, Persib vs Persebaya
10/9: Persebaya vs Persiba, Persib vs Martapura

Group B:
1/9 Sriwijaya FC vs PSGC, Arema vs Persela
5/9: Persela vs PSGC, Arema vs Sriwijaya
9/9: Sriwijaya FC vs Persela, Arema vs PSGC

Group C:
30/8: Bali United vs Persija, Mitra Kukar vs Persita
3/9: Persija vs Persita, Bali United vs Mitra Kukar
7/9: Bali United vs Persita, Persija vs Mitra Kukar

Group D:
31/8: PBR vs PBFC, PSM vs Gresik United
4/9: Gresik United vs PBFC, PSM vs PBR
8/9: Gresik United vs PBR, PSM vs PBFC

19-20 /9: Quarter Final 1st leg
26-27/9: Quarter Final 2nd leg
3-4/10: Semi-final 1st leg
12-13/10: Semi-final 2nd leg
18/10: Final

Of course this may all change!


Persib Fans Unhappy With Belencoso's Form

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When Persib fans love a player they love him forever. They have long memories in Tanah Bobotoh and players like Miljan Radovic, Lorenzo Cabanas, Makan Konate, Sinthaweechai Hathhairattnakul and Sergio van Dijk hold a special place in the hears of Persib's massed ranks.

There is an unwritten contract between foreign players and supporters.

Indonesian Fans Enter Advertising World

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Stories You Never Hear Part 2,382

Persib fans are not happy these days. As reported a couple of days ago they were not impressed by their team's performance v Sriwijaya in the opening game of the season when they needed an injury time equaliser from Tantan to spare their blushes.

After flooding social media with their angst and ire they went a step further when some fans tried to post an small ad in a local paper.

Despite The Stats, Pressure Mounts On Persib Coach Dejan

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The pressure at Persib is perhaps bigger than any other club in Indonesia. More so after they won the ISL in 2014 and the President Cup last year. Persib fans, known as Bobotoh, don't expect success. They demand it.

So since Persib were held 1-1 by Sriwijaya in their opening Indonesia Soccer Championship game of the season at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium at the weekend the outpouring of grief and angst has been constant.

Tantan Saves Persib Blushes

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Persela v Gresik United 0-1 (Yusuf Efendi)

Persela: Choirul Huda; Eki Taufik (Taufik 75'), Samsul Arifin, Kristian Adelmund, Ramadan Saputra, Radikal Idealis (Tamsil 45+1'), Jusmadi, Edy Gunawan, Zulvin Zamrun, Mohammad Kdouh (Dendi 57'), Herman Dzumafo.
Subs: Dwi Kuswanto; Djayusman Triasdi, Taufik Kasrun, Tamsil Sijaya, Zainal Arifin, Steven Imbiri, Dendi Sulistyawan.

The Rest

Persija v Persib Switched To Solo At Last Minute

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Yesterday was Monday. Persija are due to host Persib on Friday and like we do every year we are treated to this traditional dance where the home team suggest where they would like the game to be played while the league organisers, fluttering their eyebrows and acting demurely behind a colourful fan say little to discourage the come ons.

Bhayangkara's Off Duty Supporters

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Today sees a test of Bhayangkara's title credentials when they travel to Bandung to take on Persib. For all their perceived struggles on and off the field this season remain a formidable opponent on their own turf be it Bandung Laut Api or Si Jalak Harapat Stadium where they remain unbeaten in their 12 games so far this season.

Persiba Report 'Missing' Coach To Police

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Last week Persib came out and announced they would be appointing Milomir Seslija as their new coach and he would start working on the fifth of August. Milomir came out and said that no he would not be joining the West Java club, he was under contract with Persiba and of course the club was quick to issue denials forcing Persib to backtrack.

Mixed Messages Damage Persib's Image

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Persib are never far from the headlines. They are Indonesia's Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, Newcastle United. Whatever comes out from Bandung makes for good copy. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If ever an Indonesian team is to conquer South East Asia it is Persib. Just don't hold your breath.

Persija Loss Piles Pressure On Coach Teco

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It hasn't been a good season for coaches so far in Liga 1. Two were replaced before a ball was kicked in anger and since the first games on 15th April a further three have been removed from their poistions (at PS TNI, Persiba and Bali United). It could have been four had Persib bowed down to a fan led campaign on social media calling for Djadjang Nurdjaman to be sacked after seeing their team draw their opening two games.

Persib Head To Purwokerto Without Essien

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Persib enter a new era of 'Galatico' with the signing for Ghana international Michael Essien. But while the former Chelsea player may work wonders in raising the profile of the football club he will not be involved in every game.
For example this weekend Persib are heading to Purwokerto to play in a Trofeo competition their.

No Holds Barred In Pre Season Tournaments

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Persib's veteran midfielder Atep threw a towel in frustration to the ground. Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan wiped a tear from his eye while goalkeeper I Made Wirawan sat on the ground staring into empty space in disbelief. No, the Maung Bandung had not lost out on winning a major title, neither had they been relegated.

Bobotoh's Seven Commandments

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So Persib fans can finally get to see their team at the new 38,000 capacity Bandung Luat Api Stadium for the first time but the game with unbeaten Mitra Kukar comes with conditions.

1 - Capacity is being limited to 20,000*
2 - Only East and South stands will be open
3 - West and North stands as well as VIP and VVIP will not be open for this game
4 - Cars must use the toll road
5 - Cannot use flat bed trucks
6 - Fans are asked to behave themselves and follow instructions from security personnel
7 - Fans must buy tickets and cannot take flares etc inside the stadium

Given Persib's less than flying start to the new season, just one win in six games, surely it is the Bobotoh who should be giving the club the conditions under which they will watch the game!

Biggest Crowds In ASEAN

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22,500 Sriwijaya v Mitra Kukar
20,092 Persib v Madura United
13,125 Persis v PSCS
12,041 Buriram United v Nakorn Ratchasima
9,976 PSIM v PPSM

No games being played in Vietnam or Malaysia last weekend. The Persib attendance is awaiting confirmation.

You would expect Buriram's game against local rivals NR would have attracted a larger crowd, indeed the largest of the weekend in the region but it appears the fans, like the owner if rumours are to be believed, are losing interest in their one time invincible team.

Only One Team In Terengganu

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At the start of the current Malaysia Super League season it was decided T Team would be rebranded Terengganu II FC. The thinking, I wouldn't go so far as to call it logic, was that T Team were being seen in a negative light, as the state's second team. Like I said, I wouldn't call it logic. Apparently Terengganu are receiving a budget of RM 20 million for this year while T TEam, or however the state want them to be seen, receive RM 10 million for the season.

Persib Alumni Hit The Target In Malaysia

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While Persib may have been left disappointed with losing last weekend's Bhayangkara Cup Final 2-0 to Arema some of the club's old boys were making their mark in Malaysia.

Dedi Kusnandar for example scored his first goal for Sabah as they won 4-1 at ATM, their first victory of the season, in the second tier Premier League.

Blue Blooded Eka Rejects Persija Move

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Wow, I find it hard to believe Eka Ramdani is now 31 years old. Mind, I found it hard to believe he would ever leave Persib. Born and bred in Puwakarta, in the heart of Tanah Bobotoh, Ramdani is the kind of midfielder Indonesia excels at producing. Pint sized Billy Bremners, blessed with skill, an engine and yes even a bit of toughness.

Persib Pay Price For Football's Continued Woes

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In the last 12 months Persib have won the Indonesia Super League and the President's Cup. Throw the Padang Mayor's Cup and arguably you have their most successful era for a quarter of a century.

While it comes to professionalism they are streets ahead of their rivals even they are being hampered by the ongoing suspension of Indonesia by FIFA and the dispute between the government and the PSSI.

Persib's Sucipto Caters To A New Audience

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Last year Persib Bndung won the Indonesia Super League. This year of course football has been halted after a row between the government and the PSSI failed to be resolved and FIFA finally grew a couple of balls and took action.

Footballers and fans are the losers in all this with many players forced to look to other areas to make a bit of cash.

Time To Wrest AFC Cup From Kuwaiti Clubs?

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The losses by Persib, Warriors and Johor Darul Ta'zim in the AFC Champions League qualifying rounds won't have come as a big surprise but it does mean South East Asia will have some pretty strong competitors in the AFC Cup but whether one can make it all the way to the final remains to be seen.

As is often the case away form will be key with some clubs perhaps better set up to get something on their travels than others.