Pele is so Very Special

New York Cosmos

23 Minutes with Pele

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The Cosmos train rolls on with O Rei sneaking onto CNN just before the Bin Laden news broke. The revelation of this lengthy piece? Dude claims Pfizer told him Viagra, which he endorsed, was a heart medication not sex pills. Should I believe this? Hell no; the guy is 70 and his 2 kids that haven't even graduated high school yet.

I'm Going to Show You This Pele Thing But...

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...this is the last time I mention anything Cosmos related until these fools pony up and announce that they have a team. Until then I'll be sitting quietly in my grubby little corner of Blogspot ruing the sad devalutation of one of the most storied names in American soccer history. While I admittedly support a team that is one of the most brand-focused entities in the domestic game, this marketing exercise for a team that doesn't exist has grown very tiresome, very quickly.

This Cosmos Business: Now That There are a Few Answers, It's Even More Weird to Me.

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Can I tell you something? I went to the Copa NYC final yesterday (the Polish pulled it out in PK's against the Jamaicans to win the whole shebang) and dealt with that whole Cosmos relaunch business. The whole thing was weird. Pele doing his "Soccer Pope" routine and making vague proclamations about the Cosmos "being back", Giorgio Chinaglia looking very unhealthy (life on the lam will do that to you), and various & sundry Borough Boys walking around in their new Cosmos-themed scarves & apparel (apparently they've already abandoned their blue & orange colors).

New York Cosmos Site Launch Showers Soccersphere With Naked Intrigue

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Click this link. You can't tell me you aren't in the least bit curious as to A) who's running this show, B) what's their endgame and C) why they thought KRS-One was the appropriate soundtrack for their 1970's glory-seeking nostalgia trip.

The Most Crazyiest Soccer Story In the World, Today

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Whilst skimming the business section of the Times of London this morning (because that's what baller-assed suits such as myself do in between Powerpoint presentations and breakfasts of California Condor eggs over easy) I accidentally spit mimosa all over my keyboard when I read the following about the alleged recent purchase of the New York Cosmos name by former Tottenham Vice-Chairman Paul Kemsley:

"Pele will be president of the company.


Pele To Take Manhattan (Again)

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Pele will be at ESPN Zone in Times Square to launch his new children's book, For The Love of Soccer on Wednesday, May 26 at 6 p.m. Dude used rub elbows with Mick Jagger at Studio 54; now he's sitting on a shelf next to Raffi in Borders. My how things have changed.

I've never read his work but hopefully he's a better writer than he was a player.

When Pele Talks, You Listen. Understood?

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I'm sure many of you feel like me and would rather not relive last night's party because it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as Last Night's Party. Too bad they didn't listen to Pele. Perhaps Sunil & Bobbo will get the whole crew fitted with "What Would Pele Do?" sweatshirts before the Honduras match.

The Rest

Steve Nash to Produce Pele Documentary

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Forgive me but I'm going to take a moment to pimp my own work from the day job. I know, I know. It's tacky and tiring to bring my work home with me but honestly how often do I do it? About as often as Mista scores in league play so c'mon, let some sh*t slide.

So what's so great that I have to bring it up here?

Uptown Baby, Uptown Baby!: Socceratti Come Out for Harlem

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Talk about ballin' outta control. Last night the cream of players & playas' in the American soccer, corporate & political scene converged on NYC's Gotham Hall in aid of Harlem Youth Soccer at a $1250-a-plate black tie affair. For that kind of cash you just know the steak was as juicy as a Biggie classic joint.

Ironbound to Ironmen: ESC Invades Newark

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You see those glistening mounds of slow roasted deliciousness? That is what I like to call 'perfect'. It's actual nom de meat is prime rib and it comes straight off the roasting spit and on to your plate at any Portuguese or Brazilian bbq joint worth it's salt. I defy you see that photo, read that description and still not believe in God.