Salary cap restrictions on the table for the Premiership

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There seems to be for the first time a serious debate on introducing salary cap restrictions a la NFL into the Premiership. This comes on the heels of a strengthened TV deal that would generate £3bn to be shared by all 20 clubs towards player transfers and wages.

The bottom line is that increasing and out of control wage demands have eaten into that pie leaving clubs with less to spend.

Five Conclusions from Matchday 31

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Dortmund are champions. Kaiserlautern are relegated. Both just awaiting official confirmation. But still plenty to play for in between the top and bottom.

A good bench is a sign of continuity.
Bayern Munich's ambitions to beat Mainz at any cost with a make-shift squad was greatly diminished by Dortmund's win over Schalke earlier.

Major League Soccer

Frank Lampard Refuses To Dismiss MLS Rumors

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Ever since he was spotted alongside David Beckham at an LA Galaxy match a few weeks ago at The Home Depot Center, rumors have swirled that Chelsea and England star Frank Lampard was heading to Major League Soccer.

After the match against PSG Â in New York last night, Lampard was asked whether the rumors of a move to Los Angeles were true.

USOC Third Round Recap: Michigan vs Chicago: ugh

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Early this morning I wrote a "recap" of last night's debacle in Michigan on the way back to Chicago. Due to technological failure on my end, I wasn't able to post it right away. So join me after the jump to relive the emotional horror that was last night.

What the hell happened? I just witnessed the biggest f*****g disgrace in my tenure as a Fire fan.

Monday After

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The last full week of February is upon us and the MLS season is just three weeks away. Here are some business stories from the weekend to get your Monday off to a great start. In San Jose, plans to build a $60 million stadium for the Earthquakes is continuing to creep forward. According to this article from the Mercury News, the stadium plan is set for a final vote on Wednesday night by the local Planning Commission.

My joke set-up: Gosh, who would have guessed...

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... the Prem has become just a vacation home for MLS veterans after another paycheck.Just kidding. But seriously, my how times have changed for American soccer. If anybody back home still holds any sort of inferiority complex about our domestic league, just go ahead and leave it out. The kid is alright if a big English club in and aiming to return to the Champions League can feel like turning to

Friday Free Kicks: Talking Donovan, Keane and Generation Adidas

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Happy Friday to you. A few things on the mind this morning.

First up is a reaction to Brad Friedel's comments on Landon Donovan taking the easy road by staying in MLS. What a ridiculous thing to say. Friedel is an accomplished player, one who is certainly deserving of respect. But for him to criticize Donovan so publicly was extremely out of line.

What's wrong with Rafa? The Red Bulls have a real problem

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What is it about playing soccer in New York that makes good players want to go on vacation? What is it about the most visible MLS franchise that makes heralded, respected athletes put their reputations at risk by shifting into early retirement mode while still collecting a hefty paycheck? And being so damn obvious about it?

The great wait is over, MLS Lottery scratch-its are here, maybe

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I don't know about you but there is nothing I enjoy more then cashing my paycheck and heading straight to a dive bar drinking beer and plunking twenties into the slot machine hoping that I will be uber-rich. Once the clock hits two-thirty, I head quickly to Plaid, beg the clerk to sell me a six pack of tall boys, grab a handful of slim-jims and buy all the Oregon Lottery scratch-its I can afford.

Mid-Week Thoughts

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A few things are on my mind this Wednesday morning. It would seem that the rippling effects of last year's CCL is paying dividends for the league this year. As are several other league changes. Enjoy the rest of your week!
CONCACAF Champion's League: Major League Soccer is being represented extremely well in the region tournament.

Guest Columnist: Designated Disappointments

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In what we hope will be a reoccuring section of the site, Ned Hardwood has submitted the first guest column on the site. He writes an article breaking down his thoughts on MLS's use of Designated Players and the DP rule. While "MLS Reserves" does not always agree or disagree with the thoughts of our guest columnists, we do encourage healthy debate and conversations on this topic.


Beauty in the dirt

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Guts. Glory. Gentleman. "It can't all by Mai Tais and Yahtzee." -- Cameron Poe, "Con Air."Â Do people still buy and watch DVDs anymore? Honest question. About a decade ago, maybe because I was just getting out of college, I'd spend a decent amount of my new bi-weekly paycheck -- the fuck is FICA?

Cristiano Ronaldo to Man United and Other Insane Transfer Rumors

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There are a lot of things I love about The Beautiful Game. One thing in particular I find great is how short the off-season is. Soccer goes on for ten months which is so gratifying considering, in contrast, the extended breaks of all American sports. However, two months is still plenty of time and nothing takes it up quite like the transfer market.

English Premier League

Spurs midfielder completes transfer

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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Niko Kranjcar has completed his proposed move to Dynamo Kiev, ending a frustrating three-year spell at the North London club.

The Spurs finished a promising campaign on a low note when Chelsea's Champions League triumph allowed the Blues to use Tottenham's fourth-place ticket as an entry to next year's competition as defending champions.

Is Tim Ream Bolton Bound?

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Ream Just Looked at the EPL TableIf reports in multiple British tabloids are to be believed, English Premier League relegation favorites Bolton Wanderers will be signing New York Red Bulls defender Tim Ream once the January transfer window opens, for a transfer fee of somewhere close to £2 million, or approximately $3.

Another Gunner relishes Barca switch

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Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny admits that an opportunity to join reigning European champions FC Barcelona at a later stage of his career will be too tempting to turn down.

The 21-year old Szczesny rose to prominence for the Gunners when Polish compatriot Lukasz Fabianski was sidelined by a shoulder injury in the middle of last season.

United youngster warned over theft

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Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea has been caught in a shocking controversy after surveillance cameras at a Tesco store reportedly revealed that the Spaniard, along with two friends, stole Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

The 20-year old De Gea earns a massive £70,000 paycheck at Old Trafford and although many think that the allegations of a doughnut theft are nothing more than a huge miscommunication, the security staff at the store insist that the player clearly attempted to walk away from the scene without paying.

Portland Timbers

Professionalism, MLS and "Europe"

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Professionalism is an odd topic. It can be as simple as "Does one get paid?" The NCAA has hundreds of pages and dozens of people dedicated to codifying the differences between amateur and pro status. Yesterday, after the Portland Timbers debuted their new dedicated training facility some on Twitter were claiming that the Timbers are still not a fully professional organization because they play on artificial turf.

Portland Timbers Transfer Window Speculation

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As the transfer window creeps ever nearer, many fans and blogs are beginning to speculate on who will transfer in and who will be let go, or traded elsewhere. Given the Portland Timbers recent run of bad luck, I'm inclined to join in. Something is not right with the team and, as such, we'll probably see at least a couple trades during the transfer window.

Edson Buddle

Seattle Sounders vs Philadelphia Union Scouting Report: Keep the Train Rolling

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Sigi Schmid may do as much to earn his paycheck in the next couple of weeks of relatively unimportant games as he did during the Seattle Sounders' hectic run of critical league games, cup finals, and CCL group stage matches. The task during that difficult (and almost perfect) autumn run was to keep up the winning while rotating through a deep roster to keep everyone as healthy and fit as possible.

In Defense of Freddy Adu and Other USMNT Thoughts

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My name is Robert Hay, and I am a fan of Freddy Adu.

That statement has for years been quite controversial, as the young American has been the center of much discussion of the failures of American soccer. Â We hype them too young! Â We don't develop our own talent! Â Don't let players like Agudelo and Bunbury get Adu'ed!

Atlanta Silverbacks

High Ladder To Climb: A Lower Tier American League Player's Story Part 3

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High Ladder To Climb is a feature for the Brotherly Game. Current Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL) defender Tyler Ruthven gives readers insight into the life of a player in America's lower tier leagues. His updates will be about his continued quest to make it to MLS. Follow him as he details his day-to-day trials and tribulations based on the life he is able to live through the constraints of his job - and paycheck.

High Ladder To Climb: A Lower Tier American League Player's Story Part 2

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High Ladder To Climb is a new feature for the Brotherly Game. Current Atlanta Silverbacks (NASL) defender Tyler Ruthven gives readers insight into the life of a player in America's lower tier leagues. His updates will be about his continued quest to make it to MLS. Follow him as he details his day-to-day trials and tribulations based on the life he is able to live through the constraints of his job - and paycheck.

The Rest

Andy Carroll Will Be Out For 6 Weeks After Suffering Hamstring Injury: The Nightly EPL

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Other than a whopping paycheck after his move to Liverpool in the distant past, things haven't been going well for Andy Carroll. He started well in his debut for West Ham United on Saturday, but had to walk off after ...

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The Bench is Waiting

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Saturday night the Sounders embarrassed themselves. Forget the referee, the crowd, the Montreal Impact. Intensity and focus matter in professional sports and the Sounders did not take the field in Montreal ready to play. There were moments of precision and brilliance from the Sounders. Eddie Johnson's goal was the result of beautiful interplay.

Post-Game Hangover: Reflections on Fire @ Revs

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It's hard to really say much about this match because, well, not a whole lot happened. One thing that I think was really apparent, however, is that the Revs' strength and depth at midfield was finally realized. With both Clyde Simms and Ryan Guy out due to injury, the Revolution were still able to dispatch a first string midfield.

Conversations with The Ramos

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The Ramos recently sat down for a chit chat with the good people over at La Liga for a segment they coyly called, "Sergio Ramos' More Personal Side". The question of just how personal his interview would be had our minds racing for at least two hours.

Carlos Mendes x Uniqlo

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Uniqlo is probably my favorite store. It's as cheap as a Dema Kovalenko foul and as stylish as a man of my age can get away with without looking like the old guy at the club. In an obvious bid to lay claim to even more of my money and closet space the Japanese retail giant is opening a second NYC outpost only blocks from my office and have enlisted Carlos Mendes --the last of the MetroStars-- as a pitchman; they may as well just start garnishing my paycheck.

Gaston Puerari Sold to Atlas

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Today the Chicago Fire announced that Gaston Puerari has been sold to Atlas for an undisclosed fee.
This move signals a few things. First off the team has confidence in Orr Barouch to take over a bigger role in the offensive scheme. He immediately takes Puerari's place as one of the players who will start at striker depending on form, Chaves and Nazarit being the other two.

The Colombian Lionel

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There are two things at least which we learned from El Clasico-plosion 2011.

i. Less is more.
ii. No one gets kicked like Lionel Messi. (Learned long ago, but work with me.)

Except perhaps this guy in the video above, a (presumably) Colombian pitch invader during last night's Copa Libertadores matchup between Mexico's Jaguares Chiapas and the local Atletico Junior.