‘Are We Doing This Right, Man Utd?’ – Motherwell Announce Signing Of Peter Hartley With Cheeky Alexis Sanchez Parody (Video)

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Motherwell have announced the permanent signing of Peter Hartley by indulging in that most popular of social media endeavours, the parody video.

Taking Manchester United's rather overblown piano-led Alexis Sanchez video as their inspiration (or target), Motherwell's media bods have produced a rather decent pastiche.

Comedy Classics: Mitchell & Webb’s Timeless Sky Sports Parody Advert – ‘Watch The Football’ (Video)

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As prescient now as it ever was, the following sketch succinctly crystallises what televised football has become an endless, mindless assault of HUGE gladiatorial matches abutted by HUGE honking opinions, regardless of the fact that you're actually sat watching Tony Cascarino stumble his way through Norwich City's goalless draw with Preston.

‘Sepp Blatter’ Dances While Exploiting Brazil: Spoof Viral Tears Strip Off FIFA (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Swiss group Solidar Suisse have launched a campaign to 'blow the whistle' on FIFA's suspect practice of whoring their World Cups out to which ever trick country is desperate enough for a bunk-up, making their money without paying a penny in tax, laying waste to the local infrastructure, then pulling out and rolling their swollen circus out of town in a flurry of 'nuts to your debt' (to use the correct political jargon).

Glowing FIFA 12 Tribute To Emile ‘The Powerhouse’ Heskey (Video)

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By Chris Wright

It's a FIFA 12 parody video people, and very droll it is too...

Video: SA

Robbie Savage interviews Jason Bent

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100% Bent We brought you footage of Premier League parody Jason Bent as far back as 2009. Alas he's since taken a backseat to comedian Simon Brodkin's nauseating other creation Lee Nelson. But Bent still makes the occasional appearance. This week he's been interviewed for Football Focus by Robbie Savage.

Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter sets off German firestorm

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More Sepp Blatter or blather. He is now insinuating that the 2006 World Cup was rigged to favour Germany.

When asked by the Swiss publication Blick about rumors of corruption surrounding the decisions to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments to Russia and Qatar respectively, Blatter responded: "World Cups being purchased.

Should the USSF leave FIFA?

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- Keith Hickey FIFA has become a parody of itself, a farce. By associating ourselves with these crooks and saying nothing, we are complicit in their crimes against the sport and against every fan who takes joy from it. Trusted with safeguarding the sport, they have instead turned it into their whore.

World Cup

Is Spain Becoming A Parody Of Itself?

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Is Spain Becoming A Parody Of Itself? - originally posted on

Spain are through to the Euro 2012 quarter-finals after a tense victory over a hard-working, skilful Croatia side on Monday night. Spain spent most of the match though knowing a goal on the break from Croatia could knock them out the tournament and defensively they looked ropey throughout the evening.

Girls in the Cheap Seats CSRN #34 now available

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This episode is led by Megan and Kirsten as they wonder about the Vancouver Whitecaps' and Chicago Fire's decisions to fire their head coaches, and they question Koke's resolve after the ex-Dynamo striker decided to call it quits in Houston after five weeks. Kirsten wonders why Andrew Oliver was dismissed from the U-17 national team (made up completely of Bradenton players) ahead of the U-17 World Cup.

friday crackovia club

Crackovia Club: Iker Casillas, Ronaldo’s ‘Anti-Bromance’ At Madrid’s Cibeles Party & Guardiola Sworn In As New Pope

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Welcome to the Friday Crackovia Club, where we round up the craziest scenes from the Best Football Comedy show on Earth (well, until Brazil makes a better one, of course!) Crackovia!

The best parody, naturally, was reserved for Real Madrid's title celebrations at Cibeles Plaza last week, where a drunk Iker Casillas spoke incoherently to a journalist and proceeded to tie the flag around her neck.

Crackovia Club: Fabio Coentrao’s Smoking Musical & Sandro Rosell ‘Suicidal’ Over Guardiola Resignation

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Welcome to the Friday Crackovia Club! You know how things are here during this time of the week a little loco - and the Crackovia folks have constantly kept to their mantra by producing the craziest football sketches! This week, watch as Jose Mourinho, Sergio Ramos and Fabio Coentrao break into a musical in the middle of a classy restaurant.

Crackovia Club: Iniesta Skywalker In Barca’s Star Wars Spoof, Madrid’s ‘West Side Story’ Dance Off

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It's Friday, which means.... "el tiempo para Crackovia Club!" This week, read on as we bring you two of the most hilarious sketches from the creative minds of Catalonia's best football parody show.

In Madrid, it seems that there is growing tension between the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking cliques in the dressing room (not too far from the truth).

Friday Crackovia Club : Cristiano Haunted By Messi Hallucinations, Guardiola ‘Rocks’ Press Conference

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Welcome to the Friday Crackovia Club! They've outdone themselves again this week with an all-familiar parody that surely isn't far from the truth. After Madrid's weekend draw against Malaga, Cristiano tries to tell himself that "eight points" (which has, of course, been cut to six) is nothing to worry about.

Friday Crackovia Club : Jose Mourinho As Charlie Chaplin, Lionel Messi “Suffers” At Home

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Welcome to the Friday Crackovia Club, a weekly special on (quite possibly) the best football comedy show around! This week, the producers of Crackovia made sneaky references to "Real" as "Reial Madrid" a play on the word "Rei" (as in Copa del Rey, get it?

Friday Crackovia Club: Florentino Perez Builds Mourinho Statue, Barcelona President Encourages Skiing

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Welcome to the Friday Crackovia Club, amigos! If you still haven't heard about the best football sketch show from Catalonia (what?!!), click here. In this week's episode, Florentino Perez builds a statue of Jose Mourinho outside the Bernabeu to convince him to stay at Real Madrid.

The Friday Crackovia Club : Ronaldo Breaks Into Sappy Love Song, Barcelona Go Mobile Phone Shopping

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Bienvenida a Friday Crackovia Club! This is where the best football sketch show in Catalonia gets its own personal space simply because you need to be reminded of how brilliant it is. This week, Cristiano Ronaldo gets all emotional at a press conference, where he later breaks into a song (channeling Sade, one of his favourite singers, perhaps?

Friday Crackovia Club : Real Madrid Eat Churros And Wear Night Masks To Their Noon Game!

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The Friday Crackovia Club!

Welcome to the Friday Crackovia Club, a weekly cap on Catalonia's Best Comedy Football Show. If you haven't heard of these guys yet, be very ashamed because they're in a class of their own! This week, the Madrid players are a little 'loony' from playing their early noon fixture against Osusuna with Sergio Ramos still munching on his oily (but delicious!

Friday Crackòvia Club : Pep The Astronaut & Mourinho Teaches Ramos How To Read!

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It's Friday, which could only mean one thing (no, please don't take out your glittery party suits yet the night is still young!) It's Crackovia's time to eat your screens! In the footage above, Pep Guardiola is abducted, forced into an astronaut costume and sent on a mission to 'save the world' by the government.


A creepy fake Sepp Blatter dances to the tune of FIFA’s ‘exploitation’ of Brazil

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Swiss charitable organization Solidar Suisse has launched a campaign targeting FIFA's habit of holding World Cups that saddle a country with debt while they profit. The campaign includes the video above, which shows a nightmarish fake Sepp Blatter dancing to a parody of Michel Telo's "Ai Se Eu Te Pego.

Links! And Falcao as a Spartan warrior in 300!

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All the stuff being covered outside the unfriendly confines of the award-winning Dirty Tackle...

DirecTV Colombia inserts Atletico Madrid's Falcao into 300/the way Pepe actually sees football matches. [YouTube]

Speaking of Pepe, here's Crackovia's fake Pepe singing a parody of Michel Telo's "Ai Si Eu Te Pego" about stomping Messi.

English Premier League

The Balance Of Power In Manchester Hangs In The Balance

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Well, none of us expected that and, such was the imperiousness of Manchester City's performance at Old Trafford this afternoon the thesauruses have already been wrung dry as the internet groans under the weight of the superlatives being thrown at Roberto Mancini's team. This was a performance for the ages, one which will come to eclipse some of the club's most famous performances against Manchester United, such as their 5-1 win at Maine Road in 1989 or their win at Old Trafford on the last day of the 1973/74 season.

This is Anfield Stadium

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So ... since it was a topic rife for parody let's just dig in and have a big, fat, life-affirming laugh at LeBron James first trip to Anfield, err, Anfield Stadium. For whatever the reason LeBron, the master of the McNugget, getting the proper name of the home ground to a club he allegedly owns a percentage of made me laugh to no end.

An Open Letter to Carlos Tevez

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An Open Letter to Carlos Tevez - originally posted on

Dear Carlos Tevez,

For five years now you've been a shedload of trouble for the entire English Premier League. With this letter, I'd like to invite you to please stop moaning about the loneliness of Northern England and return to Argentina as you have for so long suggested you'd prefer.

Fergie, Fergie, sign him up! (+video)

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I found this video by accident on You Tube today and was wondering if anybody has any idea in which football match this incident took place. A police dog runs on to the pitch and disrupts play at a football match much to the amusement of the crowd. In a parody of the much chanted "Fergie, Fergie, sign him up!

The Rest

Video: Lee Nelson’s Well Good Pitch Invasion (Everton vs Manchester City)

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Comedian Simon Brodkin was arrested after invading the Goodison Park pitch in full Manchester City training kit ahead of Saturday's match against Everton. Brodkin, best known for his BBC Three show in the guise of his comic creation Lee Nelson, joined City players for their warm-up ahead of the match dressed as his footballing alter [.

MLSGarlic: More Teams In Los Angeles Please

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WARNING MLSGarlic will be a parody series that runs on MLSTalk. We'll only say it once, so please be warned. Ed. We here at MLS Talk love to kick a goat while it's down, we must admit that. But ... Continue reading →

Visit for the rest of the story.

History’s Most Excellent Corner Chicanery

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This could be the beginning to a parody of [insert one of YouTube's most watched pop videos here], but it's not. It's Serbia's under-17 pulling one over on the Moldovan teens. It's pretty awesome while also simultaneously being pretty cruel. I mean...Moldova. One would imagine their u17 squad takes enough of a soul beating without children acting as wickets.

The U.S. national team had a motivational speaker break stuff in front of them

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As the U.S. prepare to play Jamaica in two World Cup qualifiers over four days, manager Juergen Klinsmann decided to bring in Donnie Moore, a motivational speaker, to unleash his phonebook ripping wisdom on the team.

Now, you might think that going to the Estadio Azteca and beating Mexico for the first time ever in their last match would be far more motivating than anything a guy with a pompadour and a track suit could say to them.

PHOTO: Giant Russia Tifo From Yesterday

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I hunted down a larger version of this banner for you all to see. I really felt yesterday's tweet and Facebook post was not enough.

This large nay ginormous banner was all the talk yesterday at the beginning of the Poland-Russia game.

Now the bigger question becomes, what is that thing on the banner?

Who Are The Horsemen Of The Rangers Apocalypse?

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The dizzying raft of exposes emanating from investigations into twenty-first century Rangers (and a few years before, if ex-director Hugh Adam's revelations are at all credible) is truly now doing my head in. Plymouth Argyle's pock-marked spell in administration last year produced enough material for almost daily updates on this site.

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT: Toronto v FC Dallas... or My problems with that b**ch Mother Nature

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Dallatasaray. If you don't know or get the parody, there's more football than just England, Italy, Spain and Germany.

You know what I like about the rain. When I'm indoors. I appreciate dryness, roofs, umbrellas, hats. They're brilliant. Really. This has to be one of the worst weather/luck scenarios at least in this team's history.

Brisket Bob a winner

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Brisket Bob made his debut when Sporting KC defeated the Portland Timbers 3-1 Wednesday night. Brisket Bob was a fun parody of one of the best traditions in American Soccer, Timber Joey. Dating back to the late 1970's when Timber Jim started sawing slabs off of huge logs inside the stadium whenever a Portland player scores.

Midseason review: Philadelphia Union

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We're 17 games into Philadelphia Union's first season, and the team is a point out of first place with two games in hand.

Surprised? Not us. PSP predicted the Union would have 29 points at this stage of the season over a month before a game was played. Careful scrolling on our page today because we are hot.

David Cameron, Andy Coulson, Rebekah Wade and the Chipping Norton set

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There are defining moments when a spotlight is shone into a world and all of a sudden everything is seen in brutal the lights going up in the nightclub so everyone can see who it is they've been dancing with then trudge bleary eyed to the exit shaking their heads. Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers brought the suicidally greedy, debt-addicted bankers to their senses, the MPs expenses scandal presented us with a scandal that was beyond parody as we saw how the noses were in the troughs.

Copa America Can´t Match Gold Cup´s Excitement

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So far, Copa America has been a dud. Only a little more than 1 goal per game has been the average. It`s not just the lack of goals making for a dissappointing show so far, also, it is the lack of innovative and skilled play, which has been associated with South American Soccer for decades, that is making the viewing experience surprisingly stale.