Is England star right about Arsenal´s BFG problems?

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There is no question that Arsenal suffered in the early stages of last season due to the World Cup hangover being felt by the Germany internationals in the side. Even though our centre back Per Mertesacker retired from international football after the tournament in Brazil, he has since admitted that it took around six months [.

Arsenal have a plan for Tottenham

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With a favourable score line of 5-2 to Arsenal in the last two games against Tottenham, the Gunners should have an advantage over their North London rivals, especially when you consider that they always end up beneath us in the Premier League table, at least since Arsene Wenger took charge of Arsenal over 16 years ago.

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing.

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 I'll huff and I'll puff and make a tasty lamb stew for you all.  The JimmyG2 Column Where to begin with the latest NLD encounter? Perhaps, first off, a little humility needs to be shown. We, the fans, the players and the bloggers were more than a little arrogant about Arsenal before the game. Musings predicted a close game but was dismissive in tone.

Tottenham Hotspur

With Or Without Him, Spurs On The Right Track

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While the mediafixate on Gareth Bale's transfer like a toddler staring at a lollypop in a sweetshop, Daniel Levy is getting on with business. As Spursapproach the new season, it's remarkablethat an £85m transfer is not the most significant development at the club.

Levy's vision for Tottenham Hotspurhas provokedbile-infused debate since he became chairman in 2001.

Have Spurs really burst Arsenal’s bubble

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Ever since Arsene Wenger took controls as the manager of Arsenal, the Gunners have never finished behind Tottenham in the Premier League table. Even after being 10 points behind the Spuds at around this time last year, Arsenal came back to finish ahead of them again, which saw them fail to qualify for the Champions League because of Chelsea's win.

New Year, I’m Happy

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Domination so complete, I have a crick in my neck from facing in the same direction for too long. Then, finally, Lloris's bank holiday stroll around his green and pleasant area is rudely interrupted. He saves well, low to his right, two hands. Being alert after long periods of inactivity is another of his many attributes.

Villas-Boas and Spurs – Sit Back, Deep Breath, How’s It Going?

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Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has been charged with many failings during hisrelativelyshort career. These include being aloof and uncommunicative, out of his depth, obsessed with tactics and worst of all, not being Jose Mourinho or Harry Redknapp. Over the weekend came the ultimate condemnation AVB, you were seen in possession of a notebook.

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Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker looks losing the start of the period if he demands room on an Achilles harm. HTTP:// to seed on from Olympics 2012

Spurs Are A’Coming! Circle The Wagons!

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Tottenham Hotspur's spring tour of the lower regions of the Premier League finished in the Midlands on a frustrating note as we hammered away at Villa's massed ranks for 90 minutes without scoring from open play. Going down to ten men early in the second made only a momentary difference to the pattern of a game where we had all the ball, plenty of shots, countless corners but were unable to find that single moment of finesse to create a golden chance.

Where are the defenders?

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I think it would be fair to say if you were to ask most people to people look back at what has set this Premier League season apart from others the answer you'd get would have to be: high-scoring games. For a slightly more pessimistic view: bad defending.

It is in the big games where this has been most noticeable.

Sad Spurs Are The Ghosts Of Their Former Selves

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Plenty of Spurs places on the web where you can find anger as we slip down the table. I'm fond of describing the significance not of individual matches but sequences that crop up as the season plays out. A combination of computer predetermination and evolving circumstances throws up intriguing little sets of fixtures.

Moyes passes practical exam for Tottenham job.

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 Specsavers now favourites for Naming Rights. It will help us retain our focus. The JimmyG2 Column And it was written that 'Spurs always let you down in the end'. And lo it came to pass and we were mightily let down even unto missing out on the Champions' League and doomed to wander in the dark undergrowths of the Europa League for ever.

Spurs Preview – The Three Biggest Threats to Arsenal Today

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Where will Tottenham's threat come from today? by SV The North London derby is upon us and, for the perhaps the first time in about 15 years, we are being wholly dubbed as underdogs. I can see why these claims arise, as Tottenham have (let's face it) a quality side, but where does their threat [...]

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THFC1882 present a match report by Anthony Lombardi

Liverpool and Tottenham: Both Clubs Fail to Dare and To Do.

Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur drew 0-0 at Anfield, in a tight Premier League encounter that neither team wanted to lose, or seemed determined enough to try and win.

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THFC1882 presents Adam Nathan's report of Tottenham Hotspur's visit to Manchester City.

They are two time-old clichés, but not only is it a funny old game, it's also one heck of a rollercoaster following Tottenham Hotspur. After a drab first half, the second period against Manchester City yesterday afternoon pretty much had it all.

Uh-oh! We’ve Been Rumbled

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Any hopes we had of tiptoeing under the radar were swiftly punted into the Thames on Wednesday evening after every man and his lame dog in the days following declared Tottenham of Hotspur as genuine title contenders™. Alan Hansen, David Platt, S'ralex- even our own Heemskerk Howitzer, Rafael Van der Vaart, has pitched his tent in the side of ‘why the heck not'.

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THFC1882 presents another guest writer. This time it's a guy I've known on Twitter for a while and he's always got something to say on our beloved Tottenham Hotspur. It gives me great pleasure to present Kenny Palmer with a preview of this weekend's game:

Wednesday's victory over Everton in the postponed game in hand from the start of the season has left Spurs level on points with Manchester United and 3 off leaders Manchester City.

On Returning Heroes and the Visit of Everton

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First Paul Scholes and now bearded volleyball whizz, Terry Henry. Two mammoths of the game busting open the crypts of their Premiership careers for one last undignified waltz under the lights; with every possibility of coughing up something unsavoury into the laps of their adoring fans and making a mess of everything that was once good.

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So the Premier League season is finally here, it's Tottenham Hotspur's opening game versus Everton..........

That's how the preview for this one should have started, but the unfortunate and unseemly rioting of early August put paid to Spurs opening fixture. Now this is the game in hand it's vital that Spurs get maximum points if they want to be taken seriously as title challengers.

Can Spurs Afford Another Quiet January Window?

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It's January, as you might've noticed; and if you hadn't I would suggest those New Year's resolutions about not drinking anything that really ought to be kept on a shelf in the shed aren't going all that well. For the rest of you, you know the score. It's the beginning of the year and that can mean only one thing: the always-good-for-a-laugh-don't-believe-everything-you hear-better-off-not-opening-any-tabloid-newspapers-or-football-websites-for-a-month-pick-any-name-out-of-a-hat.

Dizzying Heights

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Excuse me while I cough up an organ, momentarily- I've just made the dreadful mistake of going on a post-New Year jog in weather I can only describe as ‘a bit blustery'. If I don't crumple onto the keyboard before the day's out it'll be a minor miracleeeeeeeeertttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhjjj.

Looking Back, This Could Be A Good Point

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Everybody yearns to be up there, to be a contender. Yet we're still puzzling over what success feels like. Here's another side of it, being the envy of other fans. Top four, playing dazzling football. It won't be long before the negative coverage begins. Players who have been doing well for an entire season will be picked on by pundits after a single poor performance, or young men playing out of their skin will fail to be at the top of their game for one of their 50 or so performances and people will pick holes.

Manu’s Bottom. I’ve Got To Worry About Something

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It was all a bit of a rush. Fancy letting family stuff get in the way of football. What on earth is happening to me? Anyone would think it's Christmas or something.

So when I switched on the TV it took me a moment to get my bearings. First thing top left hand corner, read it three times just to make sure and remember to breathe.

Delia’s Christmas Recipe to Fry a Canary

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Merry tidings and whatnot. I trust you're all in good spirits? If not then I suggest you vamoose down to your local retailer and get your hands on some as quickly as is humanly possible. If anything it'll make reading this hogwash a darn sight easier.

To Carrow Road we head, then. A late evening kick-off with Norwich and the cold turkey leftovers of a hectic Christmas schedule in the old Premier League.

A Night Of Tension Not Glory

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Everybody I talked to said the same thing – we were up for it like no other game in recent memory. Not just a derby, this one has become more sour over the last few years. There's a bitter edge to it, compared with the intense but long-standing rivalry with the Arsen*l, heightened by the welcome but unusual sensation of being third and favourites.

Black Cats Dispatched

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Spurs done a win; the other team didnae. That would by my conclusion of Sunday's meeting with the floundering Wearsiders. And if that's not enough woodbine for your mind-pipe then I don't know if we can go on meeting like this.

But, it's the festive season, I suppose, and I'm a generous sort.

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It wasn't pretty. On a cold December Sunday afternoon, Tottenham Hotspur saw off a resilient Sunderland to record a 1-0 victory and get back to winning ways in the Premier League.

Winning ugly is the sign of champions. Not getting carried away here, I'm not suggesting Spurs are going to win the title, there's a chance of it, but Manchester City are a scarily good outfit and their neighbours are impossible to write off.

We’ve Got Sandro At The Back (And Harry On The Bench)

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The Sunderland fan on the train has low expectations but he's loyal and a long way from home on a cold Sunday afternoon. Spurs have more points, better players and better prospects but he has his devotion to his club, a precious commodity these days for any any fan as far as I'm concerned, so he expresses this in the time-honoured fashion: 'Where were you when you were s**t?

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Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland, White Hart Lane, Sunday 18th December, 3pm Kick off

So on Thursday night Spurs European adventure for this season came to an end, despite a 4-0 win at Shamrock. The perceived wisdom is that this is a blessing in disguise and can leave Harry Redknapp and his team to concentrate on getting Spurs back into the Champions League.

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THFC1882 welcomes another guest writer on board. This time it's Glen Bocking. Glen is an Essex boy but now lives in Stoke so is handily placed to attend this game. Glen's first Spurs memories are the '91 FA Cup semi and final! Great start to his Spurs watching!

The Real Deal

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i suppose this is what it feels like. Supporting a top team. I mean Spurs, always a top team to me, right up there, don't anyone try to tell me different or I must ask you kindly to step outside. But this real. Third place, two points behind Manchester United with a home game in hand. Playing the best football I've seen for thirty or so years.

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THFC1882 present a writing debut from Twitters @Brettsayid reporting on yesterday's match:

West Bromwich Albion 1 (Mulumbu 10 ) Tottenham Hotspur 3 ( Adebayor 26 , 90, Defoe 81 )

Line ups : WBA Foster , Reid , Olsson, Mcauley , Shorey , Brunt , Mulumbu , Morrison , Thomas , Gera ( sub , Cox ) Long ( sub , odemwinge )

Spurs Friedel , Walker , Kaboul , King, BAE , Lennon , Sandro (sub, Livermore), Parker , Bale , Adebayor , Defoe .

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Saturday 26th November 2011, 3pm Kick-off. The Hawthorns.

It's a rare Saturday 3pm Saturday kick off for Tottenham Hotspur this week. Not that the game time should faze Harry Redknapp's dazzling Spurs side, on the face of it, not much could or should at the moment.

Spurs v Villa – A Two Goal Thrashing

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A nondescript autumnal evening in a mousy part of north London. Monday night football, a game on the dullest day of a week that's barely got started. The ground's not quite full, acres of blue until 5 minutes or so before kick-off. A game we should win, and did, by a couple of goals at home against a mid-table side.

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THFC1882 present another guest blog. It's Rob again with his preview of Monday nights return to action

Monday 21st November 2011, White Hart Lane. 8pm Kick off Live on Sky Sports 1HD & 1

Another International break is over and we can get back to the important domestic business once again.

Redkanpp Moves With The Times, Spurs Prosper

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Harry Redknapp is the quintessential English manager. Working class roots, played football since he was a kid, steeped in the game, worked his way up in management from the lower leagues. Close to his players, he preaches the virtues of hard work and character. He has prospered in the modern era but his teams would look familiar to fans from any era of English football big men at the back, tough tackling midfielders and wingers with another big bloke up front.

The Rest

Jogo 0568/2012 - Amistoso - África do Sul 2x0 Moçambique

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Mais um jogo amistoso, foi disputado no dia 11/09/2012, na cidade de Nelspriut-RSA, onde jogaram as seleções da África do Sul (74º no ranking da FIFA) e a seleção de Moçambique (109º no ranking da FIFA).

Antes desse jogo, as 2 seleções jogaram:
2008 Durban 13/01/2008 RSA 2:0 (0:0) MOZ
2001 Maputo 29/04/2001 MOZ 0:3 RSA Primeira rodada
1995 Johannesburg 30/09/1995 RSA 3:2 (0:1) MOZ

O árbitro, foi: BACARI Noiret Jim


Bernard Parker (7) 1 - 0 Bernard Parker (88)

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Hodgson 'surprised' after Parker questions England's approach #Euro2012 #football - Get your Euro 2012 Ball!

Parker missing in action.

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He's still out there somewhere The JimmyG2 Column  We had plenty of things to blame but the best you can say is that we didn't lose. A horrible fixture, on a horrible pitch and frankly a horribly performance. With little creative input in midfield we struggled to hold onto the ball and to play football as we have come to understand it.

We could have danced all night

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('Dances with Wolves' dances with Wolves)We could have danced all night and still not scored the winner against Wolves  The JimmyG2 Column In this Bumper Edition a legend resurfaces; Wolves recaptured; Man City fail to impress; transfer window ignored and all, like the National Health Service, free at the point of delivery and we're still six points clear in third.