AEK Returns to Champions League

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After a ten year absence, AEK has the chance to book a place in the group stages of the Champions League next season. Of course it wont be easy as there is the potential of some big clubs standing in our way, but even just the chance to see us play in some Champions League qualifiers is an exciting prospect.


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After beating our Athenian rivals with a score of 1-0 over the weekend, they returned the favour with a 1-0 win of their own courtesy of a Leto penalty. I was following along to the commentary and while we had a few chances of our own, it seemed like a very lackluster performance overall from AEK.

AEK 1-0 Panathinaikos

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We managed to come away with the three points at the last minute yesterday against PAO, courtesy of a late goal from Lazaros against his former club. The win follows our disappointing home 0-1 home loss to Panionios, a performance which saw us create very few noteworthy chances.

Luckily we got the better result yesterday against PAO, a result which puts us in first place in the playoffs courtesy of PAOK's 1-0 win against Panionios.

AEK 0-1 Olympiakos

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The other day, Fourtounis made a comment claiming that on Wednesday (today), Olympiakos would "show which team is the best". Now I'm kind of confused about this because surely, "the best" team would be the team that made it to the Cup Final? But in this case, Olympiakos didn't in fact make it to the Final, so how can they be the best?

AEK Bounces Back with Two Great Wins

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After our unfortunate result against PAO last weekend, the team wasted no time in finding some form again with two impressive results: a 2-0 away win against Platanias and a comfortable 5-0 win against Kerkyra in Athens.

The 2-0 win against Platanias was particularly noteworthy for two reasons, first of which was the fact that not only did Vinicius start the game at left back, but he also played a fantastic game which also saw him score the opening goal.

AEK 2-3 Panathinaikos

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Well I guess all good things must eventually come to an end. After going undefeated for so long with Jimenez as coach, we finally faced our first defeat in months after a heartbreaking loss to PAO.

I was away for the weekend so I didn't get the chance to watch the game live, but I did record it so when I get the chance I'll try to catch a bit of it.

Derby Weekend Disappoints

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Stalemate in the Athens Derby

Going into the match against PAO this weekend, I was kind of expecting a draw. Both teams haven't been having a great season and ultimately its safe to say that the squads for either team have proven to be equally disappointing this season.

I'll take the 0-0 draw because to be honest, I would not have been surprised if we found a way to lose this one.

AEK 0-0 Iraklis

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A massive opportunity for AEK to make a statement was wasted earlier today when we failed to even sneak a win past Iraklis. Why was one game such an opportunity? Well if you haven't seen the other results from the league yet, something pretty spectacular happened this weekend. It started when PAOK's home game with Xanthi ending in a 0-0 draw before PAO saw a similar fate after their game against Panaitolikos also ended 0-0.


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Very unfortunate result for us, and one that we perhaps didn't deserve since we were the only team who showed up today looking for a win. But thats football sometimes. I expected a win, if only for the fact that we've won all our derbies at OAKA until now this season, but fatigue once again got the better of us.

AEK 3-1 Panathinaikos

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Huge win for the team today, a win that puts us back in with a shot of getting first in the playoffs. A loss today would have essentially ended all hope for us, but the win now means that if we win both of our upcoming matches, we finish top. I'm feeling pretty confident at this point and if it wasn't for the fatigue really getting to the players, I would be certain that we could win both games.

Aris 74-69 AEK

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So close to finishing the season off and cementing ourselves in 3rd place, but we instead let Aris get the better of us despite playing in an empty arena. We had a number of key players out due to injury and suspension, so we did well all things considered but we simply weren't able to hold Aris off towards the end.

Panathinaikos 3-0 AEK

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Three games in six days, I'm really not sure whose bright idea that was. Regardless, the effects were apparent today and there was little the team could do to hold off PAO. I'm not trying to make excuses for the team, but who can expect better when they play a Cup final, followed by a game against Panionios three days later and then an away derby three days after that.

Catching Up…

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There was a mix up with our new internet provider here at home and so I had no connection to the web from about Friday morning until now. I am happy to report though that everything is up and running very smoothly, but this now means I have some catching up to do on the AEK news. For starters, heres a brief summary:

-We won our game against Panionios, 1-0 courtesy of Mantalos

-We also won our second game against Aris for third place in the basketball league by a score of 89-84

-Reports are suggesting that we're very close to singing Olympiakos target Tasos Bakasetas (would be a great signing if this is true)

So, I didn't get to watch the game against Panionios since I was working (though I should get to watch our game tomorrow), but it seems like we played pretty well from what I saw during the highlights.


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Possibly the worst start to the playoffs that we could have hoped for, dropping all three points as well as falling to third in the standings. We got lucky in considering Panathinaikos only managed to draw 1-1 with Panionios, but yesterday's result certainly puts the pressure on us from an early stage.

Ah Greece…

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What would we do without all the excitement that comes out of the country on an almost daily basis. I have to admit, it can be entertaining at times but more often than not, it leads to disappointment and anger from those of us who just want to see our club succeed.

Why do I say all this now?

Playoff Schedule Announced

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So the draw for the playoffs took place today and overall I can't complain all that much. Take a look below to see who we'll be playing and when. Its worth noting that our first game against PAOK in Toumba will be played without fans.

1st Matchday (May 11th):PAOK AEK, Toumba, Thessaloniki

2nd Matchday (May 15th):Panionios AEK, Nea Smyrni, Athens

3rd Matchday (May 18th): Panathinaikos AEK, Leoforos, Athens

4th Matchday (May 22nd): AEK Panathinaikos, OAKA, Athens

5th Matchday (May 25th): AEK PAOK, OAKA, Athens

6th Matchday (May 29th): AEK Panionios, OAKA, Athens

Its a bit strange that all of our first three games are away but the way I see it is, if we can come out strong and get some results in the first three matches, then we have a good chance of finishing the playoffs in a good way.

Panaitolikos 1-0 AEK

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For what I believe was the first time in Panaitolikos' history, the small team from Agrinio managed a well deserved victory against AEK. I hate to say it, but at times we were actually outclassed today and even though we weren't exactly the worst team on the pitch, we certainly didn't deserve a win with only a draw or a loss being the fair results.

AEK 3-0 Panthrakikos

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Such a disappointing finish to a game which started sowell. I have no complaints about the score, of course, but when you score three goals within the first twenty minutes I can't help but build up a sense of expectation. I wasn't surprised to see the first half end at 3-0, but I was certainly expecting another goal at least.

Yet again…

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... Another derby thrown away by our basketball team.Today's 93-100 home loss to Olympiakos means we only have one win from seven derbies this season. A couple years ago I may have expected that since we've rarely fielded a half-decent team these past few seasons, but I was hoping this year would be different.

AEK 1-0 Panathinaikos

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At the start of this season I wasn't too sure we'd be able to compete too well when it came to the derbies. I figured with a mix of young players and players who had never experienced first division football in Greece, we'd struggle with the players and more experienced teams.

Our derby performances in the first half of the season seemed to comfirm what I was afraid of at first but I never expected things to turn around the way they have.

Iraklis 1-1 AEK Match Report

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I finally have some time to sit down and write up a report on the rather dull game we had yesterday. As I mentioned in my brief post from yesterday, much of the pitch was flooded from heavy rains in Thessaloniki which continued through the match. As can be expected the game was unable to get into any sort of a rhythm pretty much from kickoff, with players being forced to pretty much lift the ball forward any time they wanted to attempt a run.

Atromitos 1-0 AEK

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Just like that, our winning streak comes to an end. It was an unfortunate way for us to lose but I'm hoping that the loss at least serves as a wake up call for the team, a wakeup call which we desperately need following our performance today.

So how did we play? Terribly. Did we deserve to lose?

AEK 3-0 Veria

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Another match andyet another win, bringing our total so far in 2016 to eight wins in a row. I really could not ask for better momentum going into the games against Atromitos and Olympiakos.

For the third league game in a row it was Vargas who opened the score for us after tapping in a beautiful pass from Didac.


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After three attempts this season we've finally managed to win a derby, and an important one too. It was a scrappy game, one where we certainly could have done a lot of things better, but the three points against PAOK could not have come at a better time.

The win puts us at 39 points, 4 points ahead of PAO and 6 ahead of PAOK.

AEK 84-78 Apollona Patras

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Another league win for AEK, bringing our record so far this season to six wins in six games (our second best record since the modern league started). The win puts us first with 12 points, although both PAO and Olympiakos both play tomorrow. Decent game for most of our players, though Sakota had a hard time settling in today.


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A point from the first derby for our new coach is not a bad result at all, even if we could have come away from this game with all three points. Considering he has only had two practice sessions to get familiar with the players, he did a fairly decent job in my opinion, even if I personally would have liked to have seen a couple different changes.

Xanthi 0-1 AEK

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A big win for AEK today, a win which was crucial to ensuring we progress to the next round of the cup. I was able to follow the commentary on and off throughout the match and it definitely sounded like an improvement over the last time we played in Xanthi.

I never expected this to be an easy match, and it doesn't sound like it was at all.

AEK 4-1 Chania

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Nice to see a high scoring game again, this time thanks to two goals from Anakoglou as well as another two from Lambropoulos and Aravidis. The win, our 13th of the season, leaves us very comfortably in first with 41 points, 9 points ahead of second placed Panachaiki.

It was nice to see a promising final match before our mid week Cup game against Olympiakos.

AEK 2-0 Kerkyra

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With relative ease, we managed to book our place in the Final 8 of the Greek Cup. I was feeling a bit uneasy going into the game but our players handled the situation brilliantly, taking control fairly early on and rarely giving it up. The team deserves credit after getting past two First division teams to get where they are now and depending on who we get drawn against for the next round, they should be confident of making to the quarter finals at least.

AEK 3-2 Panathinaikos … (It was only a friendly, but I’ll take it)

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Due to all football games in all divisions being cancelled due to the events of the past two weeks, we had no official match to play last weekend. AEK took the advantage to play a friendly, and against Panthinaikos of all teams.

Unfortunately, the game wasn't open to fans, but it was an impressive display from what I read.

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Team: Club Brugge (Belgium)

Domestic finish: Second in Belgian league

Best performance in Champions League: Runner-up 1977/78

Route to play-off: Beat Panathinaikos 4-2 on aggregate in third qualifying round

Manager: Michel Preud'homme

Danger man: Obbi Oulare 19-year-old striker reportedly scouted by United last season.

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