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United Looking to Regain their Social Title

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The image is burnt into your memory. Lionel Messi kicking a microphone after scoring against Van Der Sar, David Villa curling into the top corner, and watching Wayne Rooney and Javier Hernandez sit on the pitch in utter despair while Abidal lifts the giant trophy. Yes, the Champions League final may just have been 4 [.

Manchester United Podcast

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CanTheyScore Podcast N°6 This week's episodes features James along side Tom, from TheFaithfulMUFC.com, and Doron, from Stretford-End.com, talking about all things United, including the match against Arsenal, Patrice Evra's continued inclusion in the side, United's transfer history and much more!

A Tale of Two Managers – Fergie and Wenger Meet at the Crossroads:

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August 28th, 2011.  A day that will live in infamy.....for Arsenal fans at least.  But more importantly, a day where two long time rivals met at the crossroads of their careers do establish their paths for the future.  "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" as the song goes, truly is an apt title for what took place at Old Trafford [.

Will Barca Win Be A Springboard For Success This Season?

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Saturday's 2-1 win over Barcelona doesn't come remotely close to erasing the disappointment of losing a second Champions League final in three seasons to them, and it doesn't provide any definitive evidence that the Barcelona-Manchester United gap has been bridged even slightly, but even though it was a friendly, it could serve as a table-setter [.

Could Lindegaard Start The Season As United’s #1?

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With a little over a month left in the summer transfer window, it's still uncertain whether or not we'll see 'Manchester United have signed [insert desired target here]' at least one more time before the window shuts. Given what David Gill said earlier this week, the chances are more in favor of it occurring than [.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sir Alex?

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Let me start by saying that this isn't going to be a anger filled anti-Fergie tirade like the ones I have become famous for in the past.  Let's just say that I may be in a small minority of fans who truly are not pleased with what has gone on this off-season with our transfer policies [...]

Young De Gea Is The Right (#)1 For United

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As much as it had made the rounds in the transfer rumor mill over the last few months, it was of surprise to no one when David de Gea officially signed on the dotted line last week to become Manchester United's keeper of the present and future. With Edwin van der Sar hanging up his [...]

Chicharito: 2nd Season Stutter?

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After a simply remarkable first season that exceeded everyone's expectation, can our favorite Mexican build on the success in his second season? Maybe it's the pessimist in me, but I'm inclined to believe that we're going to be a bit disappointed. For a player to come to England and be exposed to the rigors and [.

United Will Rebound And Reload After Barcelona Defeat

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Excuse the extended absence, but my internet service conveniently decided to start having some technical difficulties on Saturday morning.

Alas, that proved to be the start of what was a forgettable day, to say the least.

I wish it wasn't so, and it's not exactly easy to think about or write about, but sometimes you just have to see things for what they are.

Would Signing Ashley Young Be A Good Move For Manchester United?

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To remain at the top, you can't afford to rest on your laurels, and despite winning a fourth Premier League title in five seasons and advancing to a third Champions League final in four seasons, the expectation is that this year's summer transfer window will be a relatively busy one for Manchester United, at least in comparison to the last couple of summers.

Are We Seeing The Last Of Paul Scholes?

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In less than two weeks' time, we'll bid adieu to the finest Manchester United keeper since Peter Schmeichel, as Edwin van der Sar will stroll off into the sunset after the (hopefully victorious) Champions League final against Barcelona.

Is the end also approaching for another United veteran?

Do Preseason Predictions Create A Different Perspective On Manchester United’s Current Position?

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It seems like forever ago now, but only a little over two months ago, Manchester United held a 15-point lead over Chelsea in the Premier League table.

Mathematically, Arsenal were United's closest competition at the time, but even though they were fresh off of the most horrendous run of form in the Roman Abramovich era, many in these parts and elsewhere considered only Chelsea as a threat to United's title hopes.

Do Manchester United Have A Realistic Chance To Sign Manuel Neuer?

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Up until Tuesday, I hadn't had an in-depth look at the keeper who, for quite a while, has been a heavy topic of conversation among Manchester United fans, including several who share their opinions on a regular basis on Red Rants.

Quite often, when it comes to an up-and-coming young stud, Mr.

Will United Deserve The Premier League Title If They Can Hold Off Arsenal and Chelsea?

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With a six-point advantage at the top of the Premier League table with only five matches remaining, it would appear that it's only a matter of time before Manchester United are crowned champions.

However, with games left against both title rivals, Arsenal and Chelsea, and the Champions League still sharing part of our focus, there are who seem to be a little less assured that will secure historic #19 in the next few weeks.

Park Delivers Knockout Blow To Send United Into Schalke Semifinal

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While Ji-Sung Park may never be considered a Manchester United legend, save for perhaps in his corner of the world, there's no doubt that the man has done a lot more than help sell a lot of shirts in Asia over the last six years.

Injuries have blighted his potential impact, and that includes this season, which saw him miss two months of action after a month-long Asian Cup absence.

Welbeck’s Fine Form A Catch-22 For Sunderland, But A Win-Win For Manchester United

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Weather permitting, Manchester United will welcome Sunderland to Old Trafford for a Boxing Day clash on Sunday afternoon. And though Sir Alex Ferguson has convincingly had the upper hand on Steve Bruce during the former United defender's managerial career, Sunday's showdown shapes up to be a severe test for the league leaders.

Has Anderson Done A Nani?

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After another fantastic display against Arsenal on Monday evening it seems Anderson could finally start producing the displays we expect of a player who was signed to eventually take Paul Scholes' place in the team.

The Brazilian has been rewarded with a new 4 and a half year deal signed on Wednesday and puts to rest the recent speculation that his future lies in Greece or in Portugal.

November Review: Unbeaten Run Ends, But United Top Table For First Time

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Just taking a look at how the Premier League table has changed from the end of October to the end of November easily illustrates how successful a month it was for Manchester United.

We exited October having found some measure of consistency in our results, even if it was still missing from our performances, and we were able to build off of that in November.

Will Owen Hargreaves Bounce Back From His Latest Injury Setback?

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I'm almost 100% certain that somewhere there's a scorned woman or a bitter Bayern Munich fan who has a voodoo doll with a tiny Owen Hargreaves shirt on and a fistful of pins through it.

If not, then Hargo is about the unluckiest son of a gun that I've seen step foot on a football pitch. That is, unless you count that poor Moroccan keeper, whose misfortune is as laughable as Hargo's is sad.

What Does The Future Hold For Manchester United?

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A lot of focus over past weeks has been on the transfer policy at Manchester United and whether or not they will spend millions to improve a squad that some say – Wayne Rooney – is not good enough to compete for major honours.

Sir Alex Ferguson though is confident in the young players coming through and those he has invested in.

Will Promises, Promises Turn Into Lies and Damned Lies?

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While there's been a great deal of speculation, both in the media and amongst supporters, as to the motivations for Wayne Rooney wanting to leave Manchester United, the only word from the man himself centered around his doubt about the club's future.

On the surface, it appears those questions have been answered, otherwise we likely wouldn't have seen Rooney pen a new, long-term contract and afterwards comment, in so many words, that he heard what he needed to hear.

What Now For Wayne Rooney After A Spectacular U-Turn?

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Most of you have been left completely shell-shocked, flabbergasted and utterly speechless by today's announcement that Wayne Rooney has signed a new five-year contract, just days after declaring his unequivocal intention to leave Old Trafford.

But what has changed so much in the last few days?

Tottenham Hotspur

The Evolution Of Nani

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Nani has received a lot of (deserved) praise in last 18 months for stepping up his game and maturing as a player. United's player of the year last season, the creator of THAT goal against Arsenal, the Playstation-esque chip against Tottenham, and a fistful of crucial goals that have sometimes been forgotten (like his goal [.

Manchester United’s Mentality A Mark of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Memorable Managerial Run

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I don't really care to spend too much time on what our rivals do or say, but it's nice to get a little laugh from one of them every now and then.

On that note, I'm not sure what Samir Nasri is smoking or drinking, but whatever it is, it's clearly rendered him a little loopy.

Manchester United Players

This shirt reminds me of…….

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This shirt reminds me of...... Â I don't know about you but this shirt from the 2001/02 season always reminds me of Juan Sebastian Veron. I'd be lying if I said the ultimate failure of Veron to fulful his undoubted potential at United isn't one of my greatest disappointments down the years. When 'Seba' [.

Will A Temporary Move Away From Manchester United Restore Jonny Evans’ Confidence?

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With Rio Ferdinand out for the early part of the season, Jonny Evans was counted on to partner Nemanja Vidic in the center of United's defense. After the experienced he earned over the previous few seasons, you would think that the Northern Ireland international would be up to the task.

However, it's been a severe struggle from the word go for the 22-year-old.

Confronting The Story That Won’t Go Away: Sex, Lies, and Rooney’s Fate

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A time machine would come in handy right about now, wouldn't it?

If such technological wonders were available, it would be ideal to rewind to say, a little more than six months ago.

At that time, Wayne Rooney was in the form of his life, and United were well-positioned to take home multiple trophies once again.

English Premier League

The FA And The F-Bomb: Is Rooney’s Ban Fair?

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As much of a glorious moment as his first hat trick of the season should have been, Wayne Rooney's been dominating the headlines not for his achievement at West Ham, but for what occurred, or to be more precise, what was said in the aftermath.

By now, anyone who's reading this (well, I'd assume so) knows that, in the midst of celebrating after he converted a 79th minute penalty to seal his hat trick and put United ahead 3-2 only 15 minutes after behind down 2-0 at Upton Park, Rooney looked into the camera and delivered a clear message with an even clearer F-bomb.

Is It Panic Time For United After Defeats At Chelsea And Liverpool?

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By now, I think most who frequent Red Rants know that I'm generally a positive person, even when the situation should dictate otherwise.

However, the only positive thing about Sunday's...whatever that was...at that place...against that team was when Phil Dowd mercifully blew his whistle for full time to end it.

Can We Really Rely On Berbatov?

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Following last weekends demolition of Blackburn Rovers, one man came away with a ton of praise and rightfully so. Dimitar Berbatov scored five goals, or a glut of goals if you prefer, but was it the beginning of a new dawn for the Bulgarian striker or will he flatter to deceive as has been the case so far in his Old Trafford career.

October Review: Going Up, Please

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After rollercoastering through the first month and a half of the season, it was no surprise that October had its share of bumps.

However, despite ending the month farther behind Chelsea than we were entering it, there's actually good reason to feel markedly more upbeat than we might have been about a month ago, even with our star presently sidelined for perhaps at least another few weeks.