Chelsea’s loan system firmly under the spotlight.

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After a summer of streamlining, Chelsea sit top of the Premier League having seemingly balanced both the squad and the books. With Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules freshly implemented, it is now almost mandatory for even the rich clubs to move players on in order to sign new recruits.

The likes of David Luiz and Romelu Lukaku were sold for big money, allowing Chelsea to buy, among others, Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa, both of whom have improved the quality of the squad immeasurably.

Gobsh*te Analysis: Should Raheem Sterling Have Been Booked For Being Elbowed By Ramires?

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By Chris Wright

Probably not, no.

Jose's "dig" at the supporters has got the reaction he WAS looking for!

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Jose Mourinho has stirred up all sorts of comment and opinion piece after his comments aimed at the Chelsea Supporters after Saturday's 2-1 victory over QPR. I want to read your opinions on the fall out since those comments were made.

Let's start at the beginning. Here is Jose making those comments:

So to additional quotes that came from the boss about the atmosphere and the supporters.

Mohamed Salah - Down on confidence and a shadow of that bloke at Basel.

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After his performance against Shrewsbury the other night and subsequent quotes from Jose Mourinho after the game, we are all wondering if Mohamed Salah has a future at Chelsea.

The whole situation in my view for Salah at the moment is that it's very sad and does not seem to working out for him.

Manchester United v Chelsea : Chelsea to expose defensive frailties and win by THREE!

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Jose Mourinho takes his unbeaten Chelsea side to Old Trafford on Sunday to face Louis Van Gaal's Manchester United and everyone will see the difference in class between the two sides.

Many ex-pro's, pundits and reporters alike would have you believe that this game is a pivotal moment in the season, a chance for both managers to test themselves and their teams against each other to see exactly how far they have come.

Jose describes Palace win as having "Big Balls" - do you agree?

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When asked to describe Chelsea's win at Crystal Palace Jose Mourinho scribbled on a Journalist's notepad "Big Balls" (as in the photo above) I am wondering if you agree?

He said:

‘If you were in another league I would say immediately "yes, we'll do it". In the Premier League the only thing I can say is that we can do it.

Can we please forget all talk of Chelsea being the next "Invincible" team!

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If there is one common theme of the past few days regarding Chelsea it's all this talk of us being the next "invincible" side after Arsenal in the Premier League. Forget it as it's not going to happen!

Jose Mourinho was right when asked about the possibility ahead of our last Premier League game when he said:

"It's something that happened once in a lifetime.

Chelsea fans to be offered a seat on the board - is it a good idea?

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According to a report in The Telegraph this morning, Labour's Ed Milliband wants to shake things up in Football and if they win the next Election, wants to force clubs into offering the supporters a seat on the Board of Directors. I am asking you the Chelsea fan if you think this is a good idea?

GALLAS RETIRES - Your thoughts?

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William Gallas has announced after two decades in the game that he has called an end to his football career and has retired from the game. I am asking what your lasting memory of the controversial defender was.

For me, it will always be that right foot strike from 25 yards against Tottenham at Stamford Bridge in 2005-6 that flew into the corner late on!

"Chelsea are the absolute masters!"

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Jose Mourinho has received plenty of criticism for his tactics at different times of the season from all angles. However, one manager in particular believes that Jose's team are in fact, the benchmark for others to try and emulate.

Nigel Clough, son of the famous Brian Clough and now manager of Sheffield United, has spoken admirably of Jose Mourinho's tactics and his Chelsea team for the way they strangle the life out of their opponents to win games.

Petr Cech for Sami Khedira - What do you think?

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Reports in recent days have linked Jose Mourinho with a move for German midfielder Sami Khedira with Petr Cech possibly moving on loan the other way. What do you think about a possible January swap deal?

With a quote taken from Petr Cech last week, for the first time revealing his frustrations at a lack of first team football this season, you have to expect that all sorts of speculation about his future and a January move will appear from now, until the end of the season.

LUKAKU: "I proved in some games I deserved a chance."

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Romelu Lukaku has given yet another interview about his time at Chelsea and this instance has stated that he has proven himself here and felt as though he deserved a chance. I am asking you the Chelsea fan reading this post if you agree with him.

He said:

"Chelsea was difficult because I'd always been a first-team player at my other clubs.

"Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona and Chelsea are the four greats right now"

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Toni Kroos has been speaking of his decision to join Real Madrid this past summer but has revealed that he considers Chelsea as one of the four best teams around.

He said:

"I know what it means to play in a team with great individual quality, We all respect each other, the spirit is amazing.

Can Chelsea Cover a Costa Crisis?

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Diego Costa arrived at Stamford Bridge in the summer with a strong reputation and a great record with Atletico Madrid that helped his former club to the La Liga title last season. We've often seen strikers struggle to adapt to English conditions and Blues fans would have been cautious but what an incredible start it's been for the Spanish international.

DAVID LUIZ: Talks of rejecting Chelsea contract - What do you think now?

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One story that has caught my eye in recent days was a quote that came from David Luiz. Luiz has claimed that he rejected the offer of a new contract from Chelsea in favour of a move to PSG. I am wondering what your opinions of the £50m deal are now?

Luiz said:

"I was happy with the plan PSG offered me and I think it was exactly the right moment to move.


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Jose Mourinho surprised us all last night by stating that Diego Costa WILL start for Chelsea against Sporting Lisbon tonight but admitted that it is a risk by doing so. I want to know if you believe it's worth the risk?

Being honest, I am somewhat surprised that he is starting. I could understand with Didier Drogba being injured and missing out, if Costa was named on the bench and Loic Remy started.

Chelsea and Twickenham: Your thoughts on a potential "temporary" move?

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Over the weekend it has become apparent that Chelsea are looking to push forward plans for redeveloping Stamford Bridge after a spokesperson for Twickenham Stadium revealed contact had been made.

I just wonder how the Chelsea fans that travel to Stamford Bridge week in, week out would feel about a possible move?

Chelsea loanee blasts "All I ask for is honesty, and I didn’t get that".

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Ryan Bertrand, fresh from scoring for Premier League high fliers Southampton yesterday, has taken a swipe at Chelsea in a recent interview and many believe he is looking to make his loan move permanent.

In his time at Chelsea, Bertrand had been loaned out NINE times and all indications at the club were that he was being given more and more chance of first team football on a regular basis.

Should players be cautioned for NOT celebrating a goal against a former team?

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Now there is a question and one that I hope gets people debating on here. I am referring in particular about Frank Lampard's reaction at Eastlands to scoring the equaliser against Chelsea last week.

The reason for my post this morning is this article written by Matthew Norman in the Telegraph this week.

Chelsea v Bolton: How many changes do you think Jose should make?

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Tomorrow night, Chelsea take on Bolton in the third round of the League Cup and I just wondered how many changes you would like to see Jose Mourinho make for the game? Surely it's a chance for the remainder of our squad to get a game!

I would make as many changes as possible in order to give our first team regulars a rest after three games in the space of a week recently and I hope that Jose Mourinho is thinking along the same lines.

"Mr Pellegrino" can take his comments about Chelsea & Stoke and ........

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It's pretty much what you expect from Manuel Pellegrini now isn't it. When things don't go his way he spits his dummy out of his pram and has a pop at people. His post match comments after yesterdays 1-1 draw typify exactly that.
City have now failed to win their last FOUR games in all competitions.

Major League Soccer

The Klinsmann and MLS Row: Draining a Fountain of Youth?

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Jeff Carlisle at ESPNFC got some juicy nuggets from MLS executives: apparently, many are pretty angry that Jurgen Klinsmann and has staff have nudged MLS academy players to sign for European Clubs instead of MLS teams. At issue is pride, but also money: many MLS academies waive fees for players, and thus cost around $600,000 a year to maintain.

The MLS Live Blackout Black Eye

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Blackouts, don't you hate them? Look at the above image of the MLS Live playoff schedule. Blackouts pepper the screen. I've been trying to figure out the MLS algorithm for them. As a longtime NFL fan, most local games were (and are) blacked out on TV if the stadium failed to sell out for home games.

Cesar Azpilicueta

AZPILICUETA: "He's as near to perfect as possible!"- Do you agree?

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Cesar Azpilicueta has been praised left, right and centre from various people for his form at Chelsea ever since he made the left back position his own. Now, he's been named as the best Defender in the League!

Speaking a few weeks ago, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher on SkySports' Monday Night Football, were asked who they each believed to be the best and BOTH stated that followed closely by Gary Cahill, John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic, Azpi was the best:

I am keen to hear your opinion's on their verdict.

FILIPE LUIS: When do you think he can force his way into the team?

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Filipe Luis has been speaking recently of his move to Chelsea and how it feels to be here. The question I am asking is "When do you think he could force his way into the side?"

Without question, Cesar Azpilicueta has become an instrumental part of Jose Mourinho's preferred back four and rightly so.

Manchester United

Gobsh*te Analysis: Did Marouane Fellaini Spit On Sergio Aguero During The Manchester Derby?

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By Chris Wright

#458279882 / gettyimages.com

Much has been made of an incident during Sunday's Manchester derby in which United collosus Marouane Fellaini appeared to project saliva onto the back of Sergio Aguero's shirt as the City striker lay curled up in a little foetal ball of angst after being hurted by the nasty men.

"Chelsea and City will provide a real measure of where this United team is at."

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SkySports Pundit Gary Neville has been speaking this week about the next three fixtures for Louis Van Gaal's Manchester United side and believes that after games against Chelsea and City, we will be in a place to judge exactly where they are at.

For me, despite their obvious attacking talent, United are lop-sided and have major defensive problems which are likely to be exposed by the two of us for sure.

Real Madrid

Cool Carlo and the Non-Clasico Clasico

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The furling eyebrow. The non-abrasive press conferences. The jovial laugh. Carlo Ancelotti is definitively not Jose Mourinho. Thanks in large part to signings, he's re-made the Real Madrid roster into an attacking 4-3-3 with little regard for, say, defending. Gone is the counter-attacking 4-2-3-1, the crossfield switches of Xabi Alonso, the darting runs of Di Maria, the lackadaisical drifting of Ozil.

More Reflections on the Galacticos 3.0

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Being a Real Madrid fan means winning trophies, spending money on big signings, and winning even more trophies. You also get lots of shit when the expensively assembled team doesn't win, but, hey, comes with the territory. What being a Real Madrid fan never meant before was this: selling key players in the prime of their career.

English Premier League


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With the two week break for the international fixtures come and gone, the whole Mourinho/Wenger spat seems to be a distant memory. Speaking this week, Arsene Wenger has express his regret at what happened.

We all have our opinion of Wenger and the Chelsea fans will know the amount of stick he gets when he comes to the Bridge.

Neighborhood Blight: the New Stadium Scam

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We all know the new stadium scam playbook in-and-out: teams commit to a long-term lease, promise to create jobs, and show off some hired gun economic impact study. Local communities then throw subsidies, free land, and tax breaks at them to the tune of hundreds of millions. In reality, the stadium creates only a few part-time and low-wage jobs, the surrounding neighborhood gentrifies only a bit (based on, duh, external factors like location), and the team tries to weasel out of the lease in later years (or extract renovation concessions).

CECH - We knew it was going to happen - What now?

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Petr Cech had his first taste of Premier League action against Arsenal on Sunday after replacing the injured Thibaut Courtois. Now, as expected, it seems that Cech has expressed his desire for first team football.

It was a situation that most of us expected and once the decision was made that Courtois would be the first choice for the coming season, plenty of people expected Cech to leave in the summer transfer window.

Can you buy success in the Premier League??

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This infographic was created by live football betting specialists TonyBet,, what's your opinion on the subject?

Remember that this info graphic was produced before the end of the transfer window and does not take into consideration the money Liverpool and Manchester United spent before it closed.

The Rest

10 Things Pies Just Can’t Bloody Stand About Modern Football

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By Chris Wright

Believe it or not, here at Pies we love football,bloodylove it -it's pretty much the only reason we do what we do for the kind of pittance we get for doing it.

While we're not exactly card-carrying members of the Against Modern Football sect, there are certain aspects of the game that boil all four of our humours.

Menino Gave Soccer Proper Due

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Photo credit: New England Revolution

Yesterday, I wrote a story about the Revolution's memorable come-from-behind victory over the Metrostars in the 2005 playoffs, a match I dubbed "the greatest Boston game of all time." It was written in part to remember a great moment in the region's sports lore,and alsoa reminderon how thelocal sports media at large often cast soccer to the side.

Eden Hazard names FIVE better than him - Do you agree?

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Eden Hazard has stated that he believes there are five players better than him in Europe who deliver on a consistent basis. I am wondering if you agree with him.

When asked on how he sees himself at the moment he said:

"I'm not a top-five player yet. Maybe I'm close to it, but I still have to work on some aspects.

Chelsea midfielder REFUSES to rule out a move away!!

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Oriol Romeu moved on loan to Stuttgart shortly after signing a new three year deal last summer. Having been fully involved in their league campaign so far, he is refusing to rule out a permanent move to the Bundesliga.

The whole situation with Romeu was confusing to say the least in the summer.

The Third Party Ownership Double Standard

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This past weekend, the Brazilian national team beat Argentina 2-0 in a friendly in Beijing. With players based in Europe and South America, why on Earth did they travel so far to play one another? After all, the two countries are neighbors on the same continent. The simple answer is, of course, money.

Di Matteo back in management at Schalke - Of course he is!

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It was announced yesterday that Roberto Di Matteo had taken over the managers job at Schalke and will face Chelsea in the latter stages of our Champions League group.

It's great news for RDM as he has been out of the game for a while. However, it's typical that an old manager of ours comes back to face us and in Germany it will be strange to say the least.

A Bold Approach

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Photo credit: Sporting Clube de Portugal

When MLS 4.0 arrives and its time to remember how each club reached a new level of elevated stature, remember the autumn day in 2014 when the New England Revolution forged a strategic partnership with Portugal's Sporting CP.

Moves like this will help guide American soccer clubs to higher echelons of training, scouting, competitiveness, and global reputation.