Diego Costa

Mourinho on Costa: "Your not on fire because you scored against Norwich!"

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Much has been made of the Costa/Mourinho spat in Israel this week but the boss has a simple message, "You have to anticipate things and read the game faster".

I am so happy because after weeks and weeks of watching the same bullshit from Costa, the Boss has also sees it and has acknowledged that THIS is one of the areas that is costing us week in, week out!

How many more times! Diego Costa's movement is ****

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I'll keep on saying it until someone listens to me! I love Diego Costa and his passion and desire for the game WHEN IT'S THERE! For now, his movement is shit and we MUST consider Loic Remy for Tottenham.

Even tonight at half time, Jose Mourinho and Costa were involved in a heated argument as they left the pitch and headed towards the changing room.

REPORT: Falcao loan deal to be cancelled - What are your thoughts?

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According to various reports, the Chelsea board are preparing to take drastic measures in January to bolster Chelsea's squad and the Falcao loan is to be cancelled.

Now, I want to know the Chelsea's fans opinions on this because I personally feel that he hasn't really been given much of a chance so far has he?

ZOLA - "The poor form of key offensive players Eden Hazard and Diego Costa has not helped"

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Gianfranco Zola has taken time out to answer questions on Chelsea's poor start to their Premier League title defence this season and believes that key players are to blame!

Zola was answering questions after he launched a new business venture and when the subject turned to Chelsea he said:

"There is no one compelling reason for the poor start to the season.

AUDIO: Ian Wright "I would sell Diego Costa"

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It's becoming a bone of contention amongst the Chelsea fans at the moment. His lack of goals, his constant gripes and scuffles in games, we just want the Diego Costa of last season back!

Do you think both Diego Costa and everyone at the club can turn his fortunes around at the club?

Chelsea's week that was: Diego Costa admits to being overweight!

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Diego Costa features for the second time on here this morning and this time it's because he admitted to being overweight when he returned to Chelsea after the summer break. As you can imagine the press are all over this right now!

Did anyone not see the Chelsea games at the end of the season?

COSTA/TERRY/BANTER REPORTS - Ignore it, it's just the press making up lies.

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Newspaper reports in recent days stating that Diego Costa and John Terry had a training ground bust up are complete lies and all Chelsea fans need to ignore any further reports that come out. This is another example of how the press are after Chelsea after our poor start to the season.

However, I can understand if the players came together yesterday and had a team meeting and gave their opinions of where things are going wrong and things became heated.

John Terry

Didier Drogba points out the obvious - Chelsea are lacking leadership!

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Didier Drogba has stated that now, more than ever, Chelsea lack leadership compared to his time at the club. It's the most obvious statement there is in my opinion!

Think back to Didier's time at this club and you think of the core of our team, the spine that ran through it and you had FOUR natural leaders the whole team could rely on.

John Terry a doubt for Tottenham. Name YOUR back four!

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John Terry is a doubt for Tottenham on Sunday after picking up an ankle injury last night against Maccabi Tel Aviv. I am asking you to name your defensive line for White Hart Lane.

We live in hope that JT will have some tests done tomorrow which will show nothing and he is able to make a quick recovery to lead the team out in North London.

Chelsea team news - Maccabi Tel Aviv - Oscar and Rahman to start?

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Jose Mourinho is preparing to ring the changes for Maccabi Tel Aviv tomorrow night with Oscar and Baba Rahman confirmed as being selected but it looks like Falcao will miss the game with a minor injury.

We all think that the first team needs some fresh faces at the moment and Jose Mourinho seems to have delivered with confirmation that Oscar is selected in the number ten role and Baba Rahman handed his first team debut tomorrow.


Chelsea - Wing Wizards

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Over the years,

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch wing wizards cast their magic spells and bewitch defenders; turning them inside and out. Eddie Mcreadie and Frank Bluntstone were the first ones who caught my eye and Chelsea's love of the Scottish wing wizard continued with the likes of Pat Nevin.

Thirty-three Chelsea players out on loan - Your thoughts?

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With the transfer window firmly shut until January, Chelsea have sent thirty-three players out on loan for the season and I wanted to know your thoughts bearing in mind our bad start to the season!

Do you think there are any of these players above that could challenge for a first team place at Chelsea this season?


Chelsea Champions League Hero cannot believe mess we are in!

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Petr Cech has given his thoughts on Chelsea's struggles this season and has admitted that he cannot believe what has happened in such a short space of time.

As with many of us, Cech is scratching his head trying to work out what has happened to his former club who back in May celebrated winning the Premier League for a fourth time.

"Jose's criticism of Chelsea players can be damaging" - Do you agree?

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One ex-Chelsea player who is featured heavily in the media this morning is Filipe Luis. He believes that Jose's press conferences could be damaging to certain players. Do you agree?

Jose of late has been heavily criticised for what he has said after games, for not speaking to the press and his frustrations have been played out in front of us all on a weekly basis.

Ex-Chelsea Defender: "Jose has lost the dressing room".

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One thing that really grates on me at the moment is hearing from ex-players who no longer have realistic ties with the club wade in with their opinions when we are struggling as we are.

Frank Leboeuf, the ex-Chelsea defender who I believe now lives in the USA has taken time out to give his opinion on our struggles at the moment and has chosen to follow a line that most of the media believe is the case - the third season.

Do you agree with Pat Nevin - Chelsea have never replaced Frank Lampard?

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"Chelsea have never replaced Frank Lampard and now they miss him" was stated by Pat Nevin and I wondered if you agree or disagree with him?

Pat Nevin for those not old enough to remember was a Chelsea Hero in the 80's and played such an important role for our club as we won promotion back to the top league in England at the time.

United States Men's National Team

Jurgen, Interrupted

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Back in October 2012, I noted a pretty common observation for the Guardian: US fans largely disliked Jurgen Klinsmann. In a sense, his early public statements about playing proactive soccer set unrealistic expectations given both the playing pool and his own tactical abilities. However, you never get a coaching job by saying "I will play drab, counterattacking football with no striker" unless you are Jose Mourinho.

The Not Surprising Lack of Solidarity in US Soccer

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Five percent. Look like a big number? It's not. When you go out to eat, you probably tip double or even quadruple that figure. However, US Soccer and MLS balk at that number. What is that number? It's the nominally low part of any transfer fee that should be paid to any of the player's prior youth clubs (actually a smaller percentage based on years the player was at the club).

English Premier League

Who’s to BLAME for the lack of Rooney Rule in the EPL?

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The Guardian has reported that the Premier League has refused to adopt even a voluntary version of the NFL's so-called "Rooney Rule", whereby at least one minority candidate must be interviewed for every open coaching position. This is sad because talented and smart guys like Clarence Seedorf often get overlooked or pushed out the door too early to make way for the Pippo Inzaghis of the world.

The Hilarious “Resultology” of EPL Clubs in Europe

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Resultology, the term and school of thought, is the immediate overreaction to results of EPL clubs on any particular matchday in a European competition. Of course, resultology exists in all walks of life and all parts of futbol and sports. It is a branch of Utilitarian analysis whereby we focus on results, and then work our way backwards to an explanation.

This Twisted, Convoluted World of Fandom

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I am Mexican-American. This means I root for American and Mexican players, especially the studs that go to Europe. Last year, I was happy to see Andres Guardado embrace a holding midfield role at PSV Eindhoven and win a league title. Then, when Hector Moreno signed for them, I became elated. If PSV was good for Andres (and DeMarcus Beasley years ago), maybe Moreno could do well there.

How many MLS players would be better off as Jermain Defoe’s Personal Assistant?

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Last week, the internet was abuzz with a story. The story of Jermain Defoe and his need for help. On a "seeking a secretary" website, Monseur Defoe ran an ad looking for a personal assistant. This person would take care of his numerous houses, probably do some grocery shopping, and maybe even so do some social media work.

Mourinho, Enrique, and the Sophomore Slump

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In the world of music, critics often lament a thing called "the sophomore slump." Basically, a new band with a unique sounds enters the fray, generally kicks ass, and launches a debut album that blows our hair back Sir Alex-at-halftime style. Then comes the problem. The second album. Almost inevitably, with expectations lifted, novelty not a factor, and initial creative juices maxed out, the follow-up album passes muster but does not light our hearts aflame.


EDEN HAZARD: Is there too much being made of literally NOTHING?

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Eden Hazard was named on the Chelsea bench at the weekend against Aston Villa and once again the press have moved into overdrive with reports of player unrest and a falling out with Jose Mourinho. Is there too much being made of literally nothing??

Looking retrospectively at Jose's decision, it appears to me to be an inspired one.

Chelsea's week that was: Hazard admits he is struggling at Chelsea!

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Think back to five or so months ago. Eden Hazard had won the Premier League, the League Cup and numerous individual awards and was at the highest point he had ever reached in his career. Now, he admits he is struggling at Chelsea.

It's an alarming decline and one which we have all felt.


Chelsea's week that was: Jose's interesting and eventful week!

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Heading into the two-week break from the Premier League, Jose Mourinho's future was up in the air and he has received public criticism from an ex-England Manager. In a couple of short days all that was about to change.

Fabio Capello.

As the man himself stated in his now famous post match interview after the defeat to Southampton, when you are down people will kick you and keep knocking you down and Fabio Capello decided to wade in his with his opinion.


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Remember how it felt when Jose Mourinho left Chelsea the first time around? Remember what it took to get him back here and all the managers we went through? Trust in Jose Mourinho and get behind and back OUR Manager!

Yes there are problems with the way we are playing and our performances in general.


Do you think Branislav Ivanovic and John Terry are under pressure now?

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After the impressive performance from Chelsea against the albeit weaker opposition in Maccabi Tel Aviv, I want to know if you believe that the first team places of Branislav Ivanovic and John Terry are under threat tomorrow against Arsenal?

I will state on record right now that John Terry's is not.


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According to one report in the press yesterday, Branislav Ivanovic is the first casualty of Chelsea's poor start to the season and will be dropped for the game at West Brom. Do you agree?

Branna has been immense for Chelsea for season after season but we have to put sentiment to one side, we have to look at the situation realistically, we have to be honest, We have to think of the team first and admit that he has been really poor overall!

Chelsea Fans Channel

Q&A - Backpage Blues PT2 - @ChelseaFansYT

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Rory & Charlie 'The Hurricane' Skillen answer some of the questions you sent to us. To feature in next weeks Q&A make sure you send us your questions... comment below and get involved.

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WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! - Backpage Blues PT1 - @ChelseaFansYT

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In this weeks Backpage Blues, Rory and Charlie Skillen discuss what is going wrong at the Bridge. Where do you think we are going wrong? Should we have secured a few more signings? Comment below and get involved!

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The Rest

And on the 90th Day God said: “Bale Shall Score”….

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Haley's comet passing. Blood moons. Summer solstice. For some incredibly momentous happenings, the usual currency of days, weeks, and months is an ineffective measure of time. Time is and always has been relative. Our own values and prejudices taint it. For example, the ancient Aztec calendar, known colloquially as the "Eagle Stone", measured years in 18 months of 20 days.

WILLIAN - "Playing at another level this season!"

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Where would Chelsea be this season without Willian. In a difficult season so far, one of his team mates has stated that he is "Playing at another level" this season. He's not wrong!

Those free kicks (six in all so far this season) have been fantastic. however for me it's his all round contribution that makes him stand out.

Chelsea midfielder talks sleepless nights and a f****d season so far!

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Cesc Fabregas has given his honest and open opinion on Chelsea's season so far and has described just how it is affecting him at the moment.

We often hear from players when they are away during an international break but this time it's important to hear from the midfielder after he had been linked with being the cause of disharmony in the dressing room.

DROGBA ON AVB: "Believed too much in his own ability".

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Didier Drogba is featured in a new autobiography called "Commitment" and in it, he reveals why Andre Villas-Boas failed at Chelsea. He believes he had too much faith in his own ability.

Out of the whole Abramovich era so far, it's a toss up between Luis Felipe Scolari and Andre Villas-Boas as to who was the worst appointments during his tenure.

Actions & Words: Will They Ever Meet?

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Actions speak louder than words; 90% of communication is through body language; or putting your money where your mouth is. All of these statements convey the message that what we say doesn't carry the ultimate truth, but that what we actually do speaks volumes. We've all heard the observation 'paying lip service' to something and the eventual lack of trust this evokes in those who are in receipt of this 'service' - 'white man speak with fork tongue' or 'these people honour me with their lips but their hearts are far from me' amplify the point further.

A historian’s view on the new Bethlehem Steel FC

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National Soccer Hall of Fame historian Roger Allaway couldn't be happier that the Union named its USL team after the original Bethlehem Steel FC.