World Cup

Like millions of Americans, Obama watched the game at work

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Aboard Air Force One on Thursday, President Barack Obama checked in on the game between the United States and Germany. The first fan was en route from Washington, D.C., to Minnesota. To his right is senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. This photo was posted to Twitter by Doug Mills, a photographer for The New York Times.

Obama, MLS Need Each Other

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The contentious nature of politics drives even the best of politicians to the brink. It's at this point, when sports have been brought up as a topic to bring levity to a broad audience and show a more human politician.

A New World

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England, Australia and the United States are all aggrieved about the outcome of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup decisions. England spent £15m on its campaign and got just one vote. Australia spent $A42 million on its campaign for 2022, but despite having run a fantastic Olympics, got just one vote.

USWNT in Do or Die Match in Chicago Today

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The US women's national soccer team faces off against Italy today in Chicago It's their second match with Italy ... and total goals will determine who goes to Germany to play in the women's World Cup.

A win or a draw will send the US to Germany. A one-point win by Italy would send both teams into a tiebreaker scenario, while a win by more than one point would send Italy to the women's World Cup.

White House

Caption It: Obama, Down The Middle? Wide Left?

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The following pic was tweeted out from an official White House account. President Barack Riquelme Obama take a penalty at Tully High School


Some outstanding questions:

» He's going left right? 72% of the time he goes left. The other times he dekes it down the middle?

»Who's the goalkeeper?

President Obama and Gymnast McKayla Maroney are Not Impressed

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The 2012 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team stopped by the White House Thursday to visit with President Barack Obama.

McKayla Maroney, a vault specialist, took home the silver medal in the individual vault competition at the London Games, and followed up with a facial expression that went viral.

Video: Obama, White House Welcome LA Galaxy

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Players from all team sports in the U.S. seem to get a real kick out of the customary trip to the White House following a championship season. The L.A. Galaxy got the honors Tuesday by winning MLS Cup 2011.

On To Better Things

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Every year the Rapids (and most teams) play a game or two where the videotape should be burned, the game forgotten, and the team moved on. Last night was one of those games. So we're moving on to the big event of the week, the Colorado's visit to the White House. The Rapids started the day getting their championship rings:

(Photo from Anthony Wallace)

Then it was off to the White House!

LA Galaxy

Landon and Barack kick it in the White House It was all about...

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Landon and Barack kick it in the White House

It was all about Los Angeles at the White House this afternoon. The LA Galaxy and LA Kings were in America's capital getting recognition as the 2012 MLS Cup champions and Stanley Cup Champions, respectively.

Landon Donovan's self-imposed soccer exile sabbatical from the game has grown tiresome, but with the US playing Mexico tonight at the Azteca, Obama asked Landon, "You wanna take Air Force One to Mexico City?

Some Soccer News for Tue May 15, 2012

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Cuz you too can do this! You too can this much of an instant impact on your team!

Video interview with Real Salt Lake fan Branden Steinckert who wrote a song, that became a video and is now the team anthem!

I think the greatest moment in MLS supporters history was when Toronto FC fans made it rain with seat cushions!

Roof - There it is!

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"This ain't our house!"One of the worst kept cats in town is apparently out of the bag this afternoon. No, Nick Soolsma didn't visit the Humane Society - but John Molinaro at Sportsnet is reporting that Toronto FC will imminently announce that the Champions League Quarterfinal against LA Galaxy will be played at SkyDome.

Major Link Soccer - Merchandising Edition

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It's been a good week in Seattle Sounders land. Suddenly the team looks focused and ready to play. Two wins in the league and a valuable Open Cup victory against the Kitsap Pumas have really sparked a fire in the Sounders and their fans. You can relive some of the action with photos of the NE Revolution match from Jane Gershovich.

Major League Soccer

Election Night Special - AFR Voice: Episode 5 In what has been a...

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Election Night Special - AFR Voice:Episode 5

In what has been a historic week for American politics, AFR Voice is here to count the ballot papers of world football and see who have been the real winners and losers this week.

We'll be getting things started with the audio equivalent of shaking hands and kissing numerous babies as we get bleary eyed about the first round of this year's FA Cup, the return of Big Mick McCarthy to football management, before having it out in an untelevised debate on the diving issue, featuring special guest - Olympic diver Tom Daley (not technically a guest on the show, but we do talk about him a bit).


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Oh Suarez Soolsma, you are so timely.
TV: TSN2 ------RADIO: THE FAN 590
It's deja vu all over again!

Obama jokes about David Beckham’s underwear line during LA Galaxy’s White House visit

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The MLS champion LA Galaxy visited the White House on Tuesday for the traditional winners' ceremony/photo op -- an event especially notable since it brought together the most powerful man in the world and the President of the United States. And President Obama's brief speech about the team quickly turned into a roast of David Beckham (who brought some impressive Three Musketeers style facial hair).

Photos: Manchester United visit the White House

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United on tour Manchester United not only managed to beat Barcelona during their US tour, they also got to visit the White House. The squad had been due to meet President Obama but he had to cancel at short notice what with the world economy being on the verge of collapse and all. Rio Ferdinand [...]

Timbers Tid Bits: Open Cup Edition

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Looks like a busy week for participants in the 2011 U.S. Open Cup with a series of games being played by MLS teams, usually paired against PDL sides. Both the Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy will be partaking in the festivities playing against Kitsap Pumas and LA Blues, respectively. Personally, I'm rooting for the PDL sides.

President Obama welcomes MLS champions Colorado Rapids to the White House, compares himself to Messi

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Another political leader at No. 10 MLS champions Colorado Rapids presented President Obama with a 'OBAMA 10′ personalised shirt during a visit to the White House. The squad received a reception from Obama to mark their first MLS title. After receiving his number 10 shirt, the President commented "that's me and Messi"!

MLS gives FIFA the ol' head fake; change of seasons unlikely

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Ross Kinnaird - Getty Images

For whatever reason, FIFA prez Sepp Blatter is obsessed with the United States' soccer calendar. He likes the world's model ... even if it makes zero sense for our country.

A Seattle Sounders fan dressed up as Obama on Halloween. Sadly,...

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A Seattle Sounders fan dressed up as Obama on Halloween. Sadly, the Sounders lost to the Los Angeles Galaxy. However, the ‘House' is still very much in the balance. If you're American remember to go out and vote today!


Manchester United

President Cantona has a nice ring to it

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Wow this could be epic. Eric Cantona wants to be French president. Could you imagine him meeting with Obama, we need this to happen.

Am I A Dope...For Still Having Hope?

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I might be a little deluded.

In fact I could even be strung up and tossed into a mental institution for thinking such an outrageous thing.

But I can't help it.

I can't help believing that the title is not beyond Arsenal, that we can still win it.

I know it seems there is less chance of Arsenal winning the league than spotting Osama high-fiving Obama after fooling us all but it's possible.


Will Obama Replace Biden for 2012 Election?

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If he's going to do it, it will have to be announced prior to the Democratic convention, set for September 3, 2012. More than likely, it would get leaked to the press or be part of the campaign by July. So, there's still time for President Obama to think it through.

NSR: An alternative view of Osama bin Laden's death

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The rant is a bit unbalanced, and I doubt I'd sign my own name under it, but it's a perspective that hasn't gotten a lot of airplay in the last week, so here you go. Via Feministing:

Go ahead, Obama has effectively told his troops in the Senate and the House: Keep going, dear friends Harry Reid AND John Boehner, continue the war on the uninsured, the homeless, the mortgage-foreclosed, Latino migrants, Muslim migrants, GLBT folks, sexually active women.

Barack Obama

Obama como Messi.

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28.06.2011 - Los Colorado Rapids ganaron la MLS y fueron agasajados en la Casa Blanca. Allí, el presidente del club campeón le obsequió a Barack Obama una camiseta con su dorsal y el número 10.
"El número asignado al líder", explicó el presidente de los Colorado.

Barack Obama: bombas y fútbol.

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05.04.2011 - Parece ser que la carta de presentación protocolar en América Latina es el tacto de una pelota de fútbol. Más allá de los regalos de camisetas entre presidentes o de que Bono (U2) se presente en La Plata (Argentina) como "Apache Carlitos", el propio Barack Obama llegó a Brasil y se presenta fotografiado jugando a la pelota con chicos de la favela Cidade de Deus (visitando el Cristo en el Corcovado o recorriendo las calles de Copacabana).

Roy meets Fergie so Liverpool Nazis want his head

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The heading on the Liverpool fans blog read - Have you seen this photo? (Another reason why he should be sacked ASAP). Was it Barack Obama having a beer with Osama bin Laden? Maybe the Glasgow...

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Bill Clinton

Alterações climáticas

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Segundo sei através de alguns amigos meus que trabalham na NASA, as temperaturas médias actuais do Qatar, vão sofrer profundas alterações nos próximos anos, culminando em Junho e Julho de 2022, com a descida para valores próximos dos 22º, ao contrário da actualidade que oscilam entre os 29º - por volta das 2 horas da madrugada - e os 42º.

Grant Wahl: U.S. rests hopes on tireless Gulati

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The U.S. gave its formal bid presentation to host World Cup '22 here on Wednesday, and a list of bold-faced names spoke on the Americans' behalf, including former President Bill Clinton, the actor Morgan Freeman, President Obama (on videotape) and star player Landon Donovan.

But the least recognizable speaker was the man who has done more to spearhead the U.

The Rest

Obama praises Team USA in his weekly address

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President Barack Obama took a moment in his weekly address to the nation to compliment the U.S. team for its showing in the World Cup.

"I want to begin today by saying a special word to the U.S. men's soccer team, who represented America so well the past few weeks," the president said.

"We are so proud of you.

Is Paul Ryan the Next President after Barack Obama?

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Either way, whatever happens on the first Tuesday in November, Paul Ryan is sitting pretty. If Romney wins, Ryan becomes Vice-President. If Romney loses, Ryan becomes the front-runner for the GOP nomination in 2016.

This is usually how it works in politics. Any former Vice-President or Vice-Presidential candidate is a serious candidate for a future Presidential election.

Analyzing President Obama's Campaign Slogan 'Betting On America'

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It's so bold, audacious by nature for a campaign slogan. Why should the public be surprised by President Obama's slogan? He wrote a book called The Audacity of Hope.

In so many instances, the word 'bet' has negative connotations. It's part addiction and part low-life.

But, taken here, it seems like a challenge.

La noche de Mouche: U de Chile 0 Boca 0

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22.06.2012 - "Siempre el mismo cambio hace, me tiene las pelotas llenas" dijo Mouche mientras se acomodaba en el banco de suplentes. Se dirijía a Julio Falcioni (DT) que había dispuesto su reemplazado por Darío Cvitanich (´74). Y a corroborar por la foto subida por el Flaco Schiavi, Pablito no miente (?

President Obama Watches Champions League Final

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President Obama was at Camp David, Maryland this weekend with other world leaders as they gathered for the G8 Summit. However, the work of a troubled world economy would not get in the way of the worlds sport and the UEFA Champions League Final, the Superbowl of European soccer. Among the projected 110 million watching [.

Romney Win Means Gingrich Could Run as Independent

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Mitt Romney is so far removed from how conservative Republicans perceive their representative for the party's presidential nomination should be that his winning could spur a break-off candidate.

Newt Gingrich looks the part to take this on if Romney wins the Republican nomination.

Wednesday's Upside: Exits

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Their Words It's disappointing. Done deal, see you later. It's puzzling. It hurts. You put so much into your organization. ‘D.C. United' were the first words my [2 1/2-year-old] son learned. Santino Quaranta, speaking to The Washington Post's Steven Goff. Other Sources Soccer fan Obama makes call to MLS champs - from USA Today's Aamer Madhani: but this was the first time a sitting president has called to congratulate a cup-winning coach, according to the.

O Obama de Alcanena!

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O Atlético Clube Alcanenense parece ter apostado forte em mais uma época no Distrital de Santarém e, para já, os resultados não podiam ser melhores. A par do Torres Novas, o clube da vila ribatejana soma triunfos nas cinco partidas já disputadas. Entre os vários reforços assegurados esta temporada o Alcanenense foi buscar três atletas à Ecóle de Football Brasseries du Cameron.

Talking about a Revolution – Football’s role in Egypt protests

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Talking about a Revolution Football's role in Egypt protests is a post from: Just Football

As protests in Egypt continue and the uprising in North Africa spreads, football is playing a key role in the Arab world's revolution. Making his debut for Just Football, James M.