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How 2016 MLS salaries compare to NHL, MLB and NBA

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We all know that Major League Soccer's players aren't getting rich, for the most part. They make less than the men playing soccer in Europe's big leagues; they make less than the men playing football, basketball, baseball, and hockey in North America. But just how much less can be hard to determine.

MLS SuperDraft is far from super but still serves a purpose

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The drafting of players is not unique to sport in the United States and Canada, but it is an idea that has not traveled very well throughout the rest of the sporting world.

When Major League Soccer came into being, there was never a doubt that a draft process would be put in place, just like the other North American leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

MLS SuperDraft is far from super but still serves a purpose

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The drafting of players is not unique to sport in the United States and Canada, but it is an idea that has not traveled very well throughout the rest of the sporting world.

When Major League Soccer came into being, there was never a doubt that a draft process would be put in place, just like the other North American leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

When will MLS say no to expansion?

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With the NHL linked with expansion, is there a limit for how many teams MLS is willing to add? Read More

An Open Letter to Julian Green

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That's a good look for you, JG. (Photo: sportscityscramble.com)

Welcome new OTF contributor Joe Maskivish as he extends this offer of welcome to Julian Green...

Dear Julian,

As a fellow American, I root for the underdog to rise up from the fringes and succeed against all odds.

The MLS CBA: A Perspective on the League and Owners

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We have entered the final year of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between MLS and the MLS Players Union. We'll track the negotiation all year long (and hopefully not longer). First, we look at the league and owners and look for the truth behind the early posturing.

However you spent your New Year’s Eve it’s unlikely you were thinking about matters related to MLS.

Monday After

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The playoff races are definitely at DEFCON 1 in MLS right now and there were some sizable crowds befitting such a tight competition. Before we get to attendance, one business note. Television ratings for NBC's coverage of the NHL on NBSCN are off to a fantastic start this year. It will be interesting of those numbers (and the promotion during the games), lift numbers of MLS viewers.

So what happened next? A Philadelphia Atoms denouement

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Our series commemorating the Philadelphia Atoms' historic 1973 NASL title concludes with a look at what happened to the team after the championship and the team's impact on American soccer.

How to fix soccer officiating? Common sense

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PSP makes the case for why 5 refs are better than 3 (and goal-line technology). Yes, we're using common sense again, in a way that no one else seems to be, because unlike Europe, we actually have other successful team sports to draw upon for examples. Also, a few quick hits on the Union.

Thoughts on the MLS and D.C. United national TV schedule

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Major League Soccer is a growing league, and in many ways, it's still in the awkward teenage stage of its development. This is neither good nor bad inherently; just an honest assessment of the league. One big example of this is our fascination with something that major sports in this country typically take for granted: television coverage.

The NHL Comes Back…Soccer Thoughts

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The National Hockey League is set to return to the ice after a prolonged lockout. This is big news for the league's second biggest television partner, NBC Sports. Hockey is the NBC Sports Network's biggest live sports property and necessary programming for the fledgling channel. With Sunday Night Football done for the season, hockey is the sole prominent sports platform that the Peacock can use to promote Major League Soccer to reach large audiences around the country.

THE STARTING 11: Ways that MLS can make itself more like the NHL

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"The Goat"?  The borders are opening, the army is standing down, and the fires ravaging Canadian cities are finally under control. Yes, professional iced hockey is back and Canada finally has meaning as a nation once again. Apparently. You may not realize it if you only digest regular Canadian media, but other professional sports do actually exist within our borders including Major League Soccer.

The Playoff Picture in North America

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The NFL is considering expanding their playoffs. What can MLS learn from that discussion? Read More

Musket Rounds: Revs vs. Crew, Ukrainian Kid, Attacking Play, And More

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After what has amounted to a long break from regular action, MLS resumes a full slate of games tomorrow, including the New England Revolution's class with the Columbus Crew. Boy, it couldn't have come any sooner. Watching the Euros is great and all, but I miss my MLS. Today's Rounds are short, and almost exclusively MLS-related, so let's just jump right on in.

MLS Success Now Makes Soccerball The Third Best Attended Sport In The USA

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By Alan Duffy

In a heartening new development from across the pond, it has emerged that the fast-growing MLS has now taken the game to new heights in the US. New reports now put soccer as the third-best attended sport in America, ahead of stalwarts such as the NBA and NHL.

MLS passes NBA as third best-attended American sport

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Major League Soccer has surpassed the NBA and NHL in attendance and is now the third-most attended professional sport in America on a per-game basis.


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Just a quick note:

The University of South Florida is actually in Central Florida. A Canadian team once won back-to-back American League championships. Duke basketball has played in the NCAA's West Region five times and its Midwest Region four times. Neither the New York Giants nor New York Jets play in New York, and the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington.

Looking at MLS Attendance

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MLS is on the rise at the turnstyle, too...

2011 has been a banner year at gate across Major League Soccer. The league is averaging more than 17,300 fans per game in 2011. This is the first time since the league's inagural season that average attendance has crested the 17k figure. Perhaps even more impressive, the median attendance in 2011 is at an all time high, easily surpassing the previous high (1996) of approximately 16,100.


Would Promotion/Relegation Work for the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB?

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Is promotion/relegation more than an American professional soccer issue? Could promotion/relegation be an economic boost to all the popular American professional sports, the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB?

My feeling is yes it can. But, will it be instituted anytime soon for any of them? No, probably not.

Is it time for a wage cap in the Premier League?

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Are salary caps and contract trades in football the way of the future?

By Cameron Wolfe

I read an article years ago which compared football transfers with transfers in North American sports ( NFL, NHL, baseball etc) and in which the question was posed: Would an alternative transfer approach work here in football?

More Strikes…

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First the NHL, than NFL, than NBA and now La Liga? After negotiations failed Friday, Spanish players representing all 42 teams in the top two divisions of La Liga are... Read more »

NHL Soccer Jerseys

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I'm not entirely sure if this comes from the same guy who did the NFL soccer jerseys but these are pretty sweet as well. My favorites are Toronto, Dallas and Buffalo.

What do you all think?

Training at Pachuca

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Before departing Pachuca for Queretaro, the U.S. U-17s got in a light training session at the CF Pachuca training grounds ... We could have stayed there for quite a while. The YNT Blog has seen some stadiums in it's time - NFL, NHL, etc - but we haven't seen anything quite like this. The locker room that the first team uses comes complete with the hot and cold tubs right there, personalized showers and personal televisions above every locker.


Does NHL Lockout Open the Door for MLS to Become the 4th Most Popular Sport?

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There was a time in the mid 1970's when the NHL had only 18 teams. By the late 1970's, the league had 22 teams. It was partly due to Wayne Gretzsky's influence that the NHL was able to increase expansion and form over time to the league it is now with 30 teams.

Hockey has been considered by sports pundits to be the fourth most important pro sport in the U.

Golazo en Hockey sobre hielo Nikolay Zherdev KHL’s Atlant Moscow

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Hay quienes siguen pensando que en el Hockey solo hay peleas en la pista de hielo, pero la verdad es que se necesita mucha habilidad para manejar todo el equipo en este deporte, de repente vemos muy buenas jugadas como esta del jugador ruso Nikolay Zherdev.
No todo el hockey sobre hielo es la NHL.

THE STARTING 11: Ways Toronto FC is using the NHL lockout to their advantage

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"He's got some hair and we don't care - he's Dan Daoust...io"  "War. Famine. Natural disasters. That's later in the news, but first, 2 hours of live coverage from the NHL Lockout!" It's a wonder Canada's economy hasn't ground to a halt and the army put on stand-by as our national treasure (so we are forced to believe) - professional iced hockey - has been put on hold.

La foto y vídeo del año

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El titulo podrá sonar pretencioso, la foto y vídeo del año hasta el momento, pero es que la historia solo se puede vivir por internet y esta web debe honrar eso.
Vancouver perdio la final de la NHL:
Los Canucks de Vancouver fueron derrotados en la noche del 16 de Junio en su pista por los Bruins de Boston 0-4 en el séptimo y último juego de los "play-off" de la Liga Profesional de Hockey sobre hielo (NHL por sus siglas en inglés).


Snapshot: The World Of American Sport According To Martin Keown…

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By Chris Wright

The world of Yank sport (according to Martin Keown)...

If you're sat there wondering what the hell is going on, it's a reference to this little humdinger a pure nugget of gilded Keown co-commentary from the Portugal-Czech Republic game t'other night.

Blog on: International Sports: world-cup: Brazil Stadiums Near Complete for FIFA World Cup 2014 – Forbes (blog)

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International Sports world-cup: Brazil Stadiums Near Complete for FIFA World Cup 2014 - Forbes (blog) - http://news.google.com/news... 9 hours ago from News MLB NBA NFL NHL... - Comment - Like The Guardian Brazil Stadiums Near Complete for FIFA World Cup 2014 Forbes (blog) Brazil is on track to upgrade and build-out its 12 stadiums scheduled to receive FIFA national soccer teams during the 2014 World Cup, the country's Sports Minister said on Thursday.


CBSSports.com Leaves Soccer Out from Its Coverage

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It may have to do with its newest hire, the irrepressible Jim Rome, who has publicly admitted numerous times to not being a fan of Soccer.
It looks like CBS has determined that the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, college basketball, tennis, golf and NASCAR had to be part of its website, but not Soccer.

More Soccer Business Bits:

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Lots of smaller business stories worth noting from the last couple of days. We'll start with an announcement from MLS and Neulion to increase the league's mobil device reach. According to the press release, the league and Neulion announced the launch of MLS MatchDay Live on Panasonic Viera Connect TVs and Roku devices across North America.


Monday After: Still No Power

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Apologies for the shortage of posts over the last couple of days, but the 9th day of no power/no heat in the Hartford area is making things a bit challenging. Unfortunately, that has meant a total inability to watch the MLS Cup Playoffs. Nevertheless, here are a couple of quick thoughts from the last weekend of games.

Mmmmm, Tasty Attendance Graphs

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Yeah, my power's been out. Curse you, October blizzard.

Remember when I said attendance was good this year? I was wrong. It was great. Record shattering, in fact. Enough to surpass the NBA and NHL, in fact. Seriously. After sixteen years, we have beaten not only our own record set in 1996, but those of other leagues against whom we're compared.

The Rest

Study: Houston considered best market to add an NHL team

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Former Aeros players currently in NHL

Pro hockey has been gone from Houston nearly two years, but if the NHL were to come to the Bayou City, the market would be a good fit.

That's according to a new study by the American City Business Journals.

In its study, ACBJ examined each market's total personal income (TPI), which is money earned by all residents in a given year.

Bringing the Fans: Video Games

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On the road, so no Monday After today. Instead, here is a favorite post from a long time back about the power of video games.

At about the same time I was wrapping up high school in the early 1990′s, SEGA was the premier video game system. Arguably the most popular game of that period was the EA Sports hockey.

NHL Lockout 2012: AHL, ECHL Fill Void For North American Hockey Fans

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The NHL's latest work stoppage might not be real good for business. In fact, it could be quite bad for business.

But it's not bad for everyone.

Those responsible for the 30 franchises that make up the American Hockey League are probably looking at this lockout as an opportunity.

After all, there are likely to be more eyes on the NHL's top developmental league than ever before as long as the lockout is in effect.

Nigel De Jong does impression of a Charlie Adam penalty kick at Man City’s training ground

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Man City's YouTube channel asks if this is the "worst shot ever?" But that isn't really a fair question considering the fact that Nigel De Jong blasted this ball into the trees as a tribute to Charlie Adam's effort against Cardiff in the Carling Cup final shootout. I mean, that had to be what he was doing, right?

Picture: Mike Modano as LMFAO Guy

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Mike Modano is known for being a talented former NHL star. But since he retired, he's turned weird. Need evidence? Check out Mike Modano as the LMFAO guy picture below.

This Mike Modano picture has him in a tiny speedo and a big afro. Honestly, it's disgusting. I could hardly look at the picture long enough to write this entry.

Video: Brendan Smith Hit and Suspension

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The NHL suspended Brendan Smith eight games for a hit in a preseason game between the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks. You can watch the Brendan Smith hit video below. The eight game suspension includes three preseason games and five regular season games.

Why did Brendan Smith get suspended?