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Report: MLS and MLSPU confident in new CBA agreement

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The offseason has been rather quiet on the CBA front here.

Major League Soccer's current collective bargaining agreement expires on Jan. 31 and the new season starts on March 6. Both the league and the players union are saying all the right things that would make you think the season will begin on time.

NYC FC Lining Up To Sign David Villa and Frank Lampard

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We always knew Jason Kreis and New York City FC would go bold with some of their first signings. It appears that they will go big as well. Several reports this week suggest that the Big Apple expansion club will be signing two be named Designated Players for their inaugural season.

The Manchester Evening Newshas offered some solidevidence supporting a connection between Spanish strikerDavid Villaand a potential move to NYCFC.

Kaka With Orlando City? Okay Then.

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So last week there was a little photo-op and training session in Central Florida that got people talking.

Brazilian star Kaka was in Orlando checking out a potential MLS expansion site as he trained with the MLS expansion hopeful.

People got a tad nutty about the whole thing last week as some suggested Kaka would eventually be the club's first Designated Player in 2015 when the team joins MLS.

MLS Expansion: 20th Club To Be Announced Soon

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Well this was a little nugget of information to drop on us all last night.

Speaking to reporters in Toronto, MLS CommissionerDon Garberfirst said the league hoped to have an announcement in 4-6 weeks.

Garber tells Toronto media he's hopeful to announce MLS expansion side in 4-6 weeks.

De Rosario Traded To DC For McCarty

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Dax McCarty is on the move yet again. (Getty Images)

Yes, this is indeed real. Dwayne De Rosario has been traded from the New York Red Bulls to D.C. United in exchange for Dax McCarty.

Let that one sink in for a moment. DeRo for Dax. Straight up.

De Rosario began the 2011 MLS season with Toronto FC, registering one goal and one assist in two matches before being dealt to the New York Red Bulls on April 1.

Hahnemann Waived By Wolverhampton, Return To MLS In The Works?

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I made a list a while back of players I thought best fit the mold of coming back to play in Major League Soccer either this year or even in the next. One of those players was veteran keeper Marcus Hahnemann, who was let go by Wolverhampton today after two years with the club.

The 38-year old is with the US National Team right now getting ready for the Gold Cup.

MLS and Fox Soccer Agree To One-Year Deal

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The worry over Major League Soccer not having a TV deal with Fox Soccer is over, at least for one more year. The two sides agreed on a 31-game contract, plus three exclusive MLS Cup Playoff matches including a Conference Final for the 2011 season.

The announcement also saw some schedule changes for several clubs.

Update: MLS Allocation Order (Feb. 16)

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I'm trying to stay on top of things as I've already gotten a couple emails about this. Now that D.C. United have used their allocation order spot on Charlie Davies, we now have a new leader in the clubhouse.

Dallas did not receive the top spot in their trade with Chivas USA yesterday, when they sent Heath Pearce over for allocation money.

DC United Finalizes Davies Loan Deal

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Charlie Davies is now a member of D.C. United. (Photo via Hugo Ivan Muñoz/

The long road to recovery has an official stop for striker Charlie Davies. Today, D.C. United announced the 12-month loan deal for the striker from French side FCÂ Sochaux.

"We are really pleased to have concluded a deal that will bring Charlie to United," D.

Crew Win Veeder Lottery

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Okay, one final lottery. Today marked what hopefully is the final player lottery/draft of the 2011 offseason with the weighted player lottery for 19-year-old Korey Veeder.

Four clubs went into the draft, Toronto FC (45.52 percent) had the best chance at acquiring the US Under-20 prospect followed by the Seattle Sounders (24.

Heath Pearce Sent Packing To Chivas USA

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Health Pearce talks to media at MLS Cup 2010. (Photo via

Props to my colleague Daniel Robertson at for finding this out first today. Talk today at FC Dallas camp is that defender Heath Pearce has been traded. Its uncomfirmed at the moment, but it appears the club has sent Pearce to Chivas USA.

Backe Wants Supporter’s Shield

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Oh let the debate rage on.

New York Red Bull manager Hans Backe stated over the weekend to the New York Post that his main goal for the season is a Supporter's Shield trophy, not a MLS Cup.

"My target is to win the Shield. I think we're good enough to compete with the best teams.

Three More Weighted Lotteries Scheduled

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I read's Kick Off each day for various reasons but today they sure did sneak in a little bit of information that some fans will be very curious about. The situation surrounding former Everton reserve and Vancouver Whitecaps striker Cody Arnoux as been resolved as he will be played in a weighted lottery set for today at 4:30 pm ET.

Ryan Guy Looking To Come Home

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I missed this Yanks Abroad article from a couple weeks ago. I blame the snow.

Former FC Dallas SuperDraft pick Ryan Guy wants to come back home to the US after a couple successful seasons abroad in Ireland with St. Patrick's Athletic.

"My first choice is to play for a west coast team in MLS but really, just whoever needs a wide midfielder," he concluded.

Update: MLS Allocation Order (Feb 5)

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I've been meaning to update this list for a couple weeks now that Portland has signed Kenny Cooper. The league actually beat me on the update even though a few folks have asked me on Twitter and through email about this. With Charlie Davies in D.C. United camp at the moment they have first crack at him via the allocation system.

Davies Set For Move To DCU?

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I won't even go into the "Major" announcement that is the 2011 All-Star Game at Red Bull Arena. Not even worth going into detail over. Instead I feel this is more of a major news break for MLS and even for D.C. United.

Steve Goff is reporting that the club has been in serious discussions with French side Sochaux about the Washington-based club acquiring the US National team striker Charlie Davies.

Major Announcement Set For Tomorrow

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So MLS is holding a media teleconference tomorrow afternoon as commissioner Don Garber, LA Galaxy midfielder Landon Donovan and New York Red Bull striker Thierry Henry all join together for it.

Its being dubbed as a "Major Announcement", whatever that means. Only thing that comes to my mind is a new TV deal that will be a blockbuster deal for the league.

Pan-Pacific Back On For 2012?

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While I've been fairly vocal on the idea of getting rid of the SuperLiga tournament, one other tournament involving MLS clubs could be back on the menu for 2012. The Pan-Pacific tournament could be kick started again for 2012 if ESPN, MLS and other Asian leagues all get back on board with it.

Supplemental Draft Winners

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The drafting season is over for MLS (or at least we all hope so). Today marked the Supplemental Draft, a 3 round affair for the league. It came and went rather quickly too. For the most part it was a mess to follow on Twitter though the teams and the league's main blogger SF did a respectable job keeping us up to date with each pick.

Who’s Left: 2011 MLS Supplemental Draft Look

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Michael Boxell is one of the many left on the boards for the Supplemental Draft tomorrow.

No, no, I won't be doing a mock draft for the Supplemental draft which takes place tomorrow. That's just silly now. What isn't as silly is teams filling out the rest of their rosters to make way for the return of the MLS Reserve division with this draft.

Conference Alignment, Playoff Structure, and Rivalry Week

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Don Garber addresses the media at the 2011 MLS SuperDraft. (Getty Images)

Yesterday was a busy day, we all know that. Some items that fell in the cracks for some though are things you need to hear.

Several folks out there mentioned at the draft that MLS commissioner Don Garber said the league was close to finalizing the conference alignment for this season and the playoff structure.

Update: MLS Allocation Order

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With all the talk of Kenny Cooper coming back to MLS to play for Portland, a couple readers asked if I would post the current allocation order. Now some folks will wonder why Portland can get Cooper if he does return, its simple, FC Dallas made an offer before he left for Germany a couple years ago so they no longer hold his player rights here in MLS.

League Makes SuperDraft Changes

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A couple little bits of info this morning on next month's SuperDraft. A few changes have been made to it that some may not be aware. According to Keeping It Real, the league has decided to get rid of the 4th round for the 2011 SuperDraft. Instead, the fourth round of the Superdraft will be added to the Supplementary draft on January 18th.

Dynamo To Sign Freeman

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A short bit of news to start off this Friday. The Houston Chronicle is reporting the Houston Dynamo are set to sign defender Hunter Freeman today. The club reached a deal with the New York Red Bulls for Freeman's MLS rights.

The 25-year old right back had been in Norway with IK Start the last couple of years.

Stage One Of The Re-Entry Draft Results

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Just like that the first stage of the inaugural MLS Re-Entry draft was over. If you blink you missed it. We all knew going into the first stage of this new post season draft would be quick seeing how clubs had to practically match or exceed the player's previous contract. With the majority of the players in the re-entry pool being high priced guys the clubs did little to work with in the first round.

Getting A Handle On This Re-Entry Thing

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Understanding this new MLS Re-Entry Draft isn't easy. Don't worry if you don't understand what all of this bona-fide offer talk is about. Not many of us do really. Teams have until Wednesday to get their ducks in a row so to speak for the first round of this new draft. D.C. United is technically on the clock.

Good News Department: Dynamo Stadium, GAs Beat Madrid

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Consider this a memo from the good news department since most of us are still battling the depression of not having the World Cup here in 2022.

Two equally good and possibly big stories coming up, first the with the Houston Dynamo.

This morning it was announced that the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority has agreed in principle on a lease agreement with the Houston Dynamo for their proposed downtown soccer stadium.

Olsen Named D.C. Manager

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At the end of the day it was their only move, and it turns out it should be the right move anyways.

D.C. United has stepped up and named Ben Olsen as their new manager today. Olsen takes over the reigns of the Black-and-Red on a permanent basis after serving as interim boss since August 4 following the dismissal of Curt Onalfo.

Trades Keep Coming

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Teitur Thordarson and the Vancouver Whitecaps were very busy on Wednesday.

Trying to keep up here because a lot has happened today since the expansion draft:

Portland Timbers traded:

  • Dax McCarty and allocation money to D.C. United for Rodney Wallace and a 4th round pick.

McCarty Traded To D.C.

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Just three hours after selecting Dax McCarty with the first pick in the 2010 MLS Expansion Draft, Portland shipped McCarty and allocation money to D.C. United for Rodney Wallace and a fourth-round pick in the 2011 MLS SuperDraft.

Yes, it happened that quickly. I think maybe Portland is trying to get the band back together from Maryland's NCAA title run in 2008 now that they have Wallace teamed up with recently acquired Jeremy Hall.

Items To Consider For Today’s Expansion Draft

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Just a few things of note to consider before the expansion draft today.

1. Expansion teams have right to negotiate player contracts. Yes some players up for grabs today are out of contract and were unprotected for a reason by their clubs. Portland and Vancouver can still pick them and will have the first right to negotiate contracts (up, down, or the same) with the player.

So 2011 Should Be Interesting In MLS

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I never touched on some of the big news from last night. Mainly I wanted to enjoy the game as much as possible without having to sit down and write anything on here. I'm lazy what can I say.

Still the league announced some fairly decent sized changes for the 2011 season. With two more clubs coming into the fold you knew something had to be changing.

Generation Adidas Players Graduating

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For the first time, I think ever, the league has released the list of players graduating from the Generation adidas program ahead of the expansion draft. Boy that was nice of them huh?

Fans in Philadelphia can relax a bit as Danny Mwanga will not be graduating this year. None of the 2010 GA rookies will be in fact.

Whitecaps To Sign DeMerit

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Its Jay DeMerit! (Photo via Vancouver Whitecaps)

The Vancouver Whitecaps are set to sign their first MLS player. They've teased it all day on Twitter but really, we all know who it is. Their recent article on their website says its a 2010 USA World Cup star, which basically gives it all away.

MLS Expands Rosters, Brings Back Reserve Division

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Boy the State of the League conference call with Don Garber was interesting today. I'm still trying to process it all. The biggest news of it, other than the possible leak of FC Dallas midfielder David Ferreira winning the MVP award (Garber slipped up on it, it was funny), was the announcement of the expanded rosters and reserve division.

MLS Releases 2011 MLS Combine and SuperDraft Details

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Major League Soccer today announced that the 2011 adidas MLS Player Combine will be held from January 8-11 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., concluding two days prior to the 2011 MLS SuperDraft. The SuperDraft will be held on January 13 at 12:00 p.m. ET, in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center.