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The Party Has Been Kickstarted!

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Hey everybody the second eBook is happening! Thanks to some great backers at Kickstarter, a second eBook shall be written about the history of Real Madrid and Barcelona. It's tentatively slated for release in May 2013. Want updates? I'm blogging during the creative process at Goodreads. RSS nerds can subscribe here.

The Librarian: Soccer Made in St. Louis

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Attention book nerds, there is a new American soccer tome on the block. It's called Soccer Made in St. Louis and it's about the secret history of Toledo, OH's underground Polish badminton leagues.

OK fine, it's about the obvious --St. Louis soccer-- and you should check it out.

This is more like it

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New post from Richard Whittall this morning that is an altogether better effort than what lead to my takedown yesterday.

I think we can all agree that the bizarre world of North American soccer, from the Hexagonal to the USL Premier Development league, is a niche interest pretty much completely absent in any meaningful way from mainstream print media in North America.

Gettin' blessed by Joe Biden from Space

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Richard Whittall over at Pitch Invasion draws an interesting conclusion from the salary cap debate that's been going on, characterizing yours truly, among others, as American Exceptionalists:

For the former group—let's call them MLS Exceptionalists (includes Dan Loney, Fake Sigi and Bill Archer)—MLS should be the embodiment of an exceptional American Soccer identity.

Major League Soccer

DrinkWear - Beer Rags? FBM's 2012 MLS Western Conference Kit Preview

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By Nick Sindt / Senior Shirt Correspondent
With the MLS season about to dawn, we at the Free Beer Movement thought we'd sit down and evaluate this season's offerings for those who are unabashed kit-nerds like us. Hey it's part of the US Soccer culture, right?
(I will do my damndest to refrain from lambasting the ALL ADIDAS ALL THE TIME motif in MLS.

DrinkWear - Beer Rags? FBM's 2012 MLS Eastern Conference Kit Preview

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By Nick Sindt / Senior Shirt Correspondent
With the MLS season about to dawn, we at the Free Beer Movement thought we'd sit down and evaluate this season's offerings for those who are unabashed kit-nerds like us. Hey it's part of the US Soccer culture, right?
(I will do my damndest to refrain from lambasting the ALL ADIDAS ALL THE TIME motif in MLS.

Know Your MLS Bigwigs

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All y'all MLS nerds aka My People should find out more about Kathy Carter and Mark Abbott. From the outside looking in you get the impression that The Don runs the show solo for dolo but the man has some help...they just don't get much ink.

Brian Struas nabbed MLS President Mark Abbott earlier in the week and ESPNW just threw something up on Kathy Carter, President of SUM, this morning.

Turkey Jerky

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One thing, maybe us soccer nerds sometimes forget, is there is a growing generation of kids who've lived their entire lives with the existence of MLS, with USMNT games on ESPN, with three soccer-only cable channels with YouTubes, etc. They've never known life were it was actively difficult to find anything of quality to read about the world's game, or specifically in this case, the U.

The Librarian: Star-Spangled Soccer

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Attention fellow book-nerds: if you made it through Markovits & Hellerman's Offside: Soccer & American Exceptionalism AND Rangers, Rovers & Spindles with a smile on your face have I found a treat for you. It's called Star-Spangled Soccer and it has interviews with everyone who has ever had anything to do with American soccer over the last 20 years except for Tiffany May; Chuck Blazer, The Don, Sunil Gulati, Clark Hunt, Jonathan Kraft, Joe Roth, Will Chang, Tim Leweike, Mark Abbott and John Skipper are just a few of the people quoted in this 256-page, hardcover textbook that may actually make the footie-business nerd in you want to go back to school.

A blow to the claims of MLS parity

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I haven't checked the numbers myself, but some other pedantic nerds over at BigSoccer used the maths and the latest list of player salaries to figure out how much teams were spending. I give you the list in order of ascending wage bill by team:

Salt Lake $1,861,029
Kansas City $1,907,213
New York $1,981,937
San Jose $2,035,803
Dallas $2,192,327
Colorado $2,208,967
Seattle $2,289,712
Chicago $2,308,326
New England $2,317,903
Chivas $2,369,294
Columbus $2,435,820
Houston $2,455,840
DC $2,770,707
Los Angeles $2,837,439
Toronto $3,241,416

So the guys in Toronto are complaining about having their hands tied why?

Revenge of the Nerds

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I didn't expect the Richard Whittall post to get the play it did, engendering considerable traffic, a long response from Whittall, and a wildly entertaining BA Duane & Bill Archer blood feud in the comments. It was like unlocking a secret area in a video game.

Naturally, I was interested in the response to my handiwork.

Are you There MLS? It's Me, Richard

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AMSL Hard at Work

It's not often you get honoured with your name in a post title.

How did we get here exactly?

Well, last Sunday morning, as part of my weekend gig writing the Sweeper at, I attempted to reveal what I thought were the underlying ideological fault lines in the on-going salary cap debate in Em El Es between Ben Knight and Fake Sigi.


Stats: Offensive Pass Percentage in MLS

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When the league announced before the season that Opta was being contracted to gather in-depth stats in league play, stat nerds like myself went giddy at the opportunity for more in-depth analysis of the events that make up a soccer match. But for the first half of the season, the only output we could see was the occasional tweet from Opta which amounted more to trivia than to statistics.

NASLGuru the new Division 2 Soccer game.

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NASL fans can now show off their soccer knowledge with the new soccer game called NASLGuru. The game consists of picking the winners and indicating the score. You will win points for your accurate predictions. The game is free and at the end of the season you can win prizes.
But even if you join late you can still win prizes.


It's all crips and bloods in the footblogosphere

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So over the past couple of months, things have maybe gotten a bit hostile on the football blog scene.

I apparently played a part.

A while ago, a certain writer well known to most of you from the entertaining blog Surreal Football, wrote a piece on ESPN Soccernet about the new tactics snobbery.

Talking MLS and U.S. World Cup roster

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Sometimes I think my weekly piece at is like all the girls I dated back in the day: way too chatty and overly complicated. Sometimes you just want the nitty-gritty. You want to gulp it right down, not sip on like a wee $22 glass of tawny port. Sometimes you just need something more like this, Shatz's quick, clever and comprehensive MLS weekend wrap over at Black and Red United.

World Cup

Soundoff: Revenge of the (Football) Nerds! What kind of pundit do you want?

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Brian Clough, one ex-pro who didn't hesitate to tell a football nerd (John Motson) to shut-up

Discontent with the commentary and punditry has been simmering for a while both in the US and abroad.  During the World Cup, critics pointed to a number of examples where information was inaccurate  (for example:  Efan Ekoku flub on Spain National Anthem)  as well as 'patronizing and insulting.

FIFA and Democracy

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Read the FIFA Statutes lately? No need, really, but since they're kind of like the constitution that governs global football, they are worth peeking at if you have a free moment (though I grant you that they are mostly interesting to nerds like me).
I got to thinking about the FIFA statutes recently after reading Marina Hyde's excellent and scathing piece about FIFA and South Africa.

NASA Says the World Cup Ball is One Small Step for Man

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It doesn't take a genius to figure out the World Cup ball is terrible.  But NASA decided to step in and analyze the stupid jublani anyway. Their conclusion.... the ball sucks.

Now maybe that isn't verbatim what was said by the NASA scientists, but after studying the possessed prop for the last few weeks the organization has concluded that the ball is scientifically screwed up.

Breaking News: Gareth Bale Correctly Classified as Midfielder

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Of course, as you certainly are aware, this post really isn't "breaking news," the day after Spain win the World Cup.
But to us lovers of fantasy football - those "math geeks," statistics nerds, tactical geniuses (and dunces) at this fantasy premier league blog it certainly is breaking news.

Cup Runneth Over

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"There is no language in our lungs/To tell the world just how we feel." -- XTC, "No Language in our Lungs.Spain 1, (the) Netherlands 0 a.e.t, 2010 World Cup Final. Oh where to begin?Driving home in the wake of Sunday's final match of the 2010 World Cup that XTC song popped up on my iPod. Any television nerds will recognize the tune from an episode of the cult-classic "Freaks and Geeks" during the

The Return of the Soccer Nerds

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Just in time for South Africa 2010, the Soccer Nerds have returned. Who are the Soccer Nerds you ask? Well, they're the motley crew that covered the last World Cup is such fine fashion, that we just had to invite them back.

Of course you can depend on regular insights from Shourin and Anish, but here are the folks who will join up for the Cup:

  • Gerd, who will cover Germany.


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  • Simão hopes you and your grandmother will go all out to support Portugal when they face Hungary on Saturday. "We do not know what to expect from Hungary. We will have to (put on) a great display to win. We will fight in order to be in the World Cup. Hopefully people will support us again, so that together we can go there" he said.

The Statistical Game

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When the analytical nerds get going, it's best to smile and step out of the way.

According to them, the best soccer team in the world has only a 28 percent chance of winning the World Cup even if it makes it through to the knockout stages.

So how do they explain the fact that Brazil has won five World Cups?

The Rest

Terrorism Strikes Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater

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The mainstream media is wrong. Absolutely, this was terrorism. It was an assault on American culture.

This was the same as going to Comic-Con in San Diego and detonating a suicide bomb.

A midnight premiere for, arguably, the most popular comic book hero of all time, attracted a faithful crowd.

For all of us geography nerds out there... here is the 107ist membership in the Portland area...

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For all of us geography nerds out there... here is the 107ist membership in the Portland area broken down by zip code.

Very, very cool.

[via Timbers Army]

The Day Labor Died

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Greetings, nerds. It's been a while. We've had some good times over the last few months, but we've also had some times where I moved to Pennsylvania, bought a heat gun, and was never heard from again. That's not a joke, by the way. Siobhan got a radical new job, so we bought a 130-year-old house and decamped to the Amish Cradle.

What the Transfer Market Has in Common With a Cheesy 80s Movie

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In 1987, there was a cheesy teen comedy movie called "Can't Buy Me Love." For those of you fortunate enough to not know this movie, let me explain the gist of it. A nerdy high school kid named Ronald has some money saved up for a new telescope. At about the same time, a popular cheerleader named Cindy finds herself in desperate need of money.

SuperDraft in pictures

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PSP photographer Nicolae Stoian traveled to Baltimore the SuperDraft. Here's a look at what the Union supporters were up to as the waited to greet the club's newest players.

Founding Members and Sons of Ben gather to march to the SuperDraft at the Baltimore Convention Center Entering the Convention center, loud and proud.

Football Gear: Adidas Originals x Star Wars ‘Good & Evil’ Shirts

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By Ollie Irish

Football-loving sci-fi nerds of the world (there must be a few out there), rejoice at this Good and Evil pair of Adidas Originals Star Wars footy shirts.


Evil (boo, hiss etc.):

The Devil has the best tunes; Vader has the best football shirt, no contest.

THE STARTING 11: Educational courses at TFC Academy

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" It just doesn't add up Einstein"
It's the first week back to school and students everywhere are getting their first look at the new curriculum. From the Ivy League to your Kegger-specialist institutes, jocks and nerds unite briefly to analyze their courses for the year. Toronto FC isn't immune from this either.

Video: The Panel Discussion at Niketown This A.M.

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Happy late morning to you all. Sorry for the delay in posting but I just got back from Niketown for the unveiling of the new home U.S. kit which you've probably already seen on the interwebs. As is now customary for The Swoosh, the event was slick and their were a couple of good hooks to get the non-fashion writers out there for clothing-related event.

Top 100 Goals of the Decade: #93 Harry Kewell v. Tottenham 2005-2006

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Harry Kewell's exquisite left-footed volley against Spurs in a 1-0 victory in 2005-2006- his first goal for over a year at the time- earns him the #93 spot on the Top 100 Goals of the Decade countdown. Kewell had an up-and-down Liverpool career, which spanned (incredibly) five seasons, but only 139 appearances (for you math nerds [.