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Rick’s Cabaret Girls Congratulate Miami Heat

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Dancers from the famous Rick's Cabaret gentlemen's club in midtown Manhattan formed their own basketball squad several months ago and the team watched last night's NBA Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder contest with rapt attention.

The basketball game was shown on the club's numerous TVs and screens, and there was a private VIP viewing party on the Rick's Roof Deck Cigar Lounge which was attended by several top Wall Street bankers, celebrities, and other notables.

LeBron James Injury Update – Dislocated Finger

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LeBron James is having one of the greatest seasons in NBA history. However, there is one thing that can slow down any player in any sport: injuries. Against the Indiana Pacers on Monday night, LeBron James suffered a finger injury. Although he was able to stay in the game, there are some rumors that later tests suggest LeBron James has a dislocated ring finger on his left hand.

State Farm/NBA Score with a Song Giveaway

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State Farm has teamed up with the NBA to launch a new website, Score with a Song. This cool site features an interactive instant win game, exclusive video interviews with LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and other All-Star players, and a sweepstakes where entrants will get the chance to win a VIP trip to Las Vegas to meet NBA greats.

Major League Soccer

FIBA Impact on NBA Goes Beyond Martin Decision

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When was the last time FIBA had anything to do with NBA matters? Practically never.
The NBA does everything it wants with no input from FIBA publicly until now, apparently. FIBA, the International Basketball Federation has determined that Kenyon Martin is a free agent, owing nothing to any team from China.

The Galaxy experience... in the Philippines

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By Thera Reyes, getting her first taste of Beckham and MLS in Manila

Two years ago, it would have been unheard of to have an international football team come to Manila. Heck, football fans even recently travelled to Malaysia to watch Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool for their Asian tours.

THE MATCHUP: Lumbering Reds look to avoid the chop in Portland

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If only there was a "Timber Clough"PORTLAND (14th) VS. TORONTO (17th)
- Can road-weary TFC break their duck against a Timbers squad who has lost 4 out of their last 5 in MLS?

nba lockout

NBA Opens Doors Thursday

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On Thursday, NBA players will be back playing in NBA arenas and practice facilities just like the good ol' days. Although the new CBA hasn't been agreed to yet and there is still voting that needs to take place, the NBA decided to lift that ban and allow teams and players to begin working together.

The NBA Lockout Is Over!

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Finally. The NBA lockout, which never really made that much sense, is over. The NBA owners softened there stances are a number of key issues and a deal was reached early Saturday morning. While both sides have to vote to make this deal official, that is all just a matter of time.

Among the issues the owners softened on were rules regarding the mid-level exception, sign-and-trades and even the overall BRI split.

Welcome to Nuclear Winter, NBA Fans

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The ball was in the NBA players' court coming into Monday morning. The players could have accepted the NBA owners' latest offer and a 72-game season would have begun on Dec. 15. Instead, the players decided to disband their union and sue the NBA.

After the news became public, NBA commissioner David Stern said that the NBA is now in a nuclear winter.

David Stern Blames ‘Greedy’ Agents

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One of the ploys David Stern has liked to use during the NBA lockout is blaming the agents. Stern knows that nobody likes agent. If the NBA commissioner blames the agents, the public won't have any problem with that. It's a smart idea.

"By some combination of mendacity and greed," explains Stern, "the agents who are looking out for themselves rather than their clients are trying to scuttle the deal.

David Stern Gives Players a Deadline

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It's looking less and less likely that we'll have an NBA season this year. The latest chapter of this sad saga has David Stern giving the NBA players a deadline to accept the owners' latest offer. However, the players have already all but officially turned down the offer.

The deadline, which is the close of business on Wednesday, will surely come and go without a deal in place.

NBA Lockout Update: 78 Games Still Possible?

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While everyone now agrees that the 2011-12 NBA season won't feature 82 games, the New York Post is reporting that a 78-game regular season is still possible. Of course, that is assuming that an agreement can be reached before next weekend.

Since all NBA games are canceled until Nov. 30, to squeeze in the needed games, David Stern would have to push back the start of the playoffs and limit the number of off days during the season.

NBA Lockout Talks Breakdown, Games Canceled

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Well, the good news didn't last for long. Just a day after things were looking up in terms of the NBA lockout, things took a turn for the worse. The NBA owners and NBA players couldn't agree on a BRI split and also disagreed on system issues. The result? No more talks scheduled and commissioner David Stern canceling more games.

NBA Lockout Update: BRI Talk Today

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Yesterday, the NBA owners and NBA players made progress toward ending the lockout by negotiating system details. However, the two sides avoided the main sticking point: the basketball related income (BRI) split. Today, that is exactly what will be discussed.

The players, who received 57% of the BRI in the last CBA, want at least 52% this time.

NBA Lockout Continues — No Progress

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Everyone in the basketball world was hopeful over the last three days due to the many, many hours the players and owners were negotiating. The NBA lockout has to be coming to an end, right?

Not so fast.

After talking for more than 30 hours, the two sides say that hardly any progress has been made.

NBA Owners, NBA Players to Meet Tuesday

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The NBA lockout is still going strong. It has been a one step forward, two steps back sort of situation. Whenever there is progress, it seems to be washed away in a matter of days. NBA commissioner David Stern has already canceled the first preseason games and has delayed the start of training camps.

Kobe Bryant Loaning Money to Other NBA Players?

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NBA players will soon start missing paychecks due to the lockout. How will players who are living paycheck to paycheck make ends meet? Enter Kobe Bryant. According to Billy Hunter, the players association president, Kobe Bryant is willing to loan money to needy players.

"I know Kobe is intimately involved in interfacing with colleagues and sharing in a pool of revenue to help the others get through this," said Hunter.

Kobe Bryant to Shanxi? Not So Fast

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The government-run Chinese media doesn't always have the most accurate information. That was again proven on Thursday when a Chinese media outlet claimed that Kobe Bryant signed with Shanxi of the Chinese Basketball Association. That report ended up being untrue.

Although Kobe Bryant is negotiating with Chinese teams, he hasn't agreed to a deal.

NBA Owners Sue NBA Players

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Do you still not believe this is going to be a long, long NBA lockout? The latest proof came on Tuesday when the NBA owners sued NBA players. In fact, NBA owners filed a pair of claims claiming everything from NBA players being uncooperative and that the players were making harmful threats.

Legal experts see this as a ploy by the owners to beat the players to the punch.

Video: Kevin Durant at Rucker Park – 66 Points

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Street ballers are pretty good. But there's a reason they are on the street and NBA players are in the NBA. Kevin Durant at Rucker Park proved that again yesterday. Kevin Durant scored 66 points at Rucker Park and was especially unstoppable in the fourth quarter.

Look below to watch the Kevin Durant at Rucker Park video.

Nicolas Batum to Play in Europe

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The latest NBA player to find work overseas is Nicolas Batum of the Portland Trail Blazers. Due to the NBA lockout, next season isn't guaranteed. In fact, some league pundits think it's unlikely. That's why players like Nicolas Batum are making backup plans.

If there is an extended lockout, Nicolas Batum will play for a French team SLUC Nancy.

FIBA to Allow NBA Players to Go Overseas

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The NBA players got a small victory recently when FIBA ruled that they will be able to play overseas during the NBA lockout. The owners surely would have loved for FIBA to rule against the players but the international body will allow the exodus.

However, there is a catch. If an NBA player gets hurt overseas, he could jeopardize his NBA contract.

NBA Players Thinking About Playing Overseas

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A handful of NBA players have already signed contracts to play overseas during the NBA lockout, including Deron Williams and Sasha Vujacic. And that may just be the beginning. Many NBA players are thinking about playing overseas during the lockout. Making money and staying in shape? Makes sense to me.

NBA Players Who Signed in Europe

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With NBA players locked out, many have decided not to waste any time and have hopped the pond to sign in Europe. Personally, I think it's a good idea. These players can make money while also putting pressure on NBA owners to come to the table and make a deal to end the NBA lockout.

Here are the NBA players who have signed in Europe:

Deron Williams
The All-Star point guard for the New Jersey Nets was the first big name to go overseas.


Top Ten NBA Free Agents

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With the NBA season getting the green light thanks to the end of the lockout, a quick offseason free agent signing period is set to begin on Dec. 9. Who are the best NBA players in free agency? Here's our top ten NBA free agents:

1. Tyson Chandler
When healthy, Tyson Chandler is a championship caliber defensive force.

Video: Georgetown Brawls in China

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The Georgetown Hoyas basketball team was on a tour through China playing hoops against local teams. Unfortunately, it turned violent as Georgetown brawled with a Chinese team on Thursday. You can see the Georgetown brawl video in China below.

According to reports, the game was very rough and tumble with the Chinese team getting most of the calls.

NBA in Jeopardy of Falling to MLS Level

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Stephon Marbury is the biggest NBA star to play in China.The obvious big difference between the NBA and the NFL when it comes to options for where to play is that there are few other tackle football leagues around the world, but dozens of successful basketball leagues. The NFL players have very little chance of making a living playing tackle football outside of the U.

The Rest

Do the Olympics Serve Notice to Football, Baseball and Basketball?

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Did the Olympics indicate that U.S. spectator sports fans are suffering burnout from college football, college basketball, the NFL, NBA and MLB?

The television ratings for the Olympics were the best ever, but this fact doesn't necessarily represent any correlation with the 'Big 3' U.S. spectator sports.

JR Smith Twitter Picture of Tahiry Jose

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JR Smith posted a Twitter picture of Tahiry Jose and the NBA didn't approve. In fact, the NBA has fined JR Smith $25,000 for posting the picture of the nearly naked model. Scroll down to get a look at the Tahiry Jose picture JR Smith posted on Twitter that got him in trouble.

When fining JR Smith, the NBA said the picture was "inappropriate".

Hope Solo debuts big on DWTS; Artest is eliminated

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Athletes usually fare pretty well on "Dancing with the Stars" but Ron Artest one of the most popular NBA players – failed to impress during Monday's night's season 13 premiere. Artest, aka Metta World Peace, only scored 14 out of 30 points after completing his cha cha with partner Peta Murgatroyd.