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Video: Derrick Rose Knee Injury

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Earlier, we discussed the Derrick Rose torn ACL injury. Now we have the video. As you can see in the video, Derrick Rose's knee injury happened with less than 1:30 remaining in the game with the Chicago Bulls up by 12 points.

While I feel horrible for Derrick Rose, I can't say I'm overly surprised.

Video: Derrick Rose Commercial for adiZero Rose 2 Shoes

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There's a slick new Adidas Derrick Rose commercial. The commercial introduces the NBA's reigning MVP's latest shoe: the adiZero Rose 2. Even though there is an NBA lockout, that hasn't stopped shoe companies looking to expand their brand.

And really, this commercial is tight. The concept is Derrick Rose taking on a series of bullfighters.


Blazers Top Nuggets, Stay Undefeated

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In matchup of undefeated teams, the Portland Trail Blazers topped the Denver Nuggets by a final score of 111-102. These two Western Conference sleepers played a fantastic game that featured a lot of back of forth action. Don't be surprised if the Blazers and Nuggets face each other in the 2012 NBA playoffs.

Ben Wallace Popped for Drunken Driving

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Ben Wallace must not have found another hobby during the NBA lockout. The Detroit Pistons center was arrested after getting pulled over in Bloomfield Township, Michigan this past weekend. The charges he faces are drunken driving and a concealed weapon charge.

Wallace, who is 37 years old, reportedly failed a breathalyzer test after blowing higher than a 0.

New Jersey Nets

Besiktas Retires Deron Williams Jersey

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Besiktas sure knows how to make a splash. During the NBA lockout, the Turkish basketball team landed Deron Williams the only NBA superstar who went overseas. With the NBA lockout now over, Williams is headed back to America to play for the New Jersey Nets.

But Besiktas isn't done. Before Williams left, Besiktas retired his No.

Brooklyn Nets Coming for 2012-13 Season

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While the 2011-12 NBA season may be wiped away by the lockout, fans in Brooklyn have reason to look forward to the 2012-13 campaign. Why? That's the season the New Jersey Nets become the Brooklyn Nets. The Brooklyn Nets will play at the Barclays Center a sports arena in Brooklyn that cost in excess of $1 billion to construct.

David Stern

NBA Opens Doors Thursday

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On Thursday, NBA players will be back playing in NBA arenas and practice facilities just like the good ol' days. Although the new CBA hasn't been agreed to yet and there is still voting that needs to take place, the NBA decided to lift that ban and allow teams and players to begin working together.

The NBA Lockout Is Over!

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Finally. The NBA lockout, which never really made that much sense, is over. The NBA owners softened there stances are a number of key issues and a deal was reached early Saturday morning. While both sides have to vote to make this deal official, that is all just a matter of time.

Among the issues the owners softened on were rules regarding the mid-level exception, sign-and-trades and even the overall BRI split.

Welcome to Nuclear Winter, NBA Fans

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The ball was in the NBA players' court coming into Monday morning. The players could have accepted the NBA owners' latest offer and a 72-game season would have begun on Dec. 15. Instead, the players decided to disband their union and sue the NBA.

After the news became public, NBA commissioner David Stern said that the NBA is now in a nuclear winter.

David Stern Blames ‘Greedy’ Agents

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One of the ploys David Stern has liked to use during the NBA lockout is blaming the agents. Stern knows that nobody likes agent. If the NBA commissioner blames the agents, the public won't have any problem with that. It's a smart idea.

"By some combination of mendacity and greed," explains Stern, "the agents who are looking out for themselves rather than their clients are trying to scuttle the deal.

Will the NBA Lockout End Today?

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Today is a very important day for anyone who cares about NBA basketball. David Stern has said that the latest offer by the owners is only good through the end of business on Wednesday. If the players don't agree to a deal, the negotiating will basically start at square one.

Some pundits are confident today is the day that a deal will be made.

David Stern Gives Players a Deadline

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It's looking less and less likely that we'll have an NBA season this year. The latest chapter of this sad saga has David Stern giving the NBA players a deadline to accept the owners' latest offer. However, the players have already all but officially turned down the offer.

The deadline, which is the close of business on Wednesday, will surely come and go without a deal in place.

NBA Lockout Update: 78 Games Still Possible?

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While everyone now agrees that the 2011-12 NBA season won't feature 82 games, the New York Post is reporting that a 78-game regular season is still possible. Of course, that is assuming that an agreement can be reached before next weekend.

Since all NBA games are canceled until Nov. 30, to squeeze in the needed games, David Stern would have to push back the start of the playoffs and limit the number of off days during the season.

Is the NBA Labor Deal 95% Complete?

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If you believe Howard Beck of The New York Times, the NBA labor deal is 95% complete. The writer says that the main stumbling block remains the BRI split but that most every other issue has been agreed upon by both sides. If that is true, the NBA lockout could end rather quickly if the two sides can agree on the split.

NBA Lockout Talks Breakdown, Games Canceled

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Well, the good news didn't last for long. Just a day after things were looking up in terms of the NBA lockout, things took a turn for the worse. The NBA owners and NBA players couldn't agree on a BRI split and also disagreed on system issues. The result? No more talks scheduled and commissioner David Stern canceling more games.

NBA Lockout Update: Deal Within Striking Distance!

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Could the NBA lockout be coming to an end? At the very least, the two sides are much more cordial with each other right now. The last two bargaining sessions have ended with some optimism. Tonight, the optimism was at its highest level to date.

"I think we're within striking distance of getting a deal," said Billy Hunter.

NBA Lockout Update: Progress Made

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Well, it's good to finally be able to report some good news regarding the NBA lockout. According to both the players and owners, Wednesday's 15-hour negotiating session led to some progress.

"We can't say that major progress was made in any way," said Derek Fisher, the president of the players union, "but some progress was made on system issues.

NBA Lockout Continues — No Progress

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Everyone in the basketball world was hopeful over the last three days due to the many, many hours the players and owners were negotiating. The NBA lockout has to be coming to an end, right?

Not so fast.

After talking for more than 30 hours, the two sides say that hardly any progress has been made.

Lockout Update: David Stern and Dwyane Wade Fight

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The NBA lockout is getting serious. According to multiple sources, David Stern and Dwyane Wade got in a fight during Friday's negotiating session. Wade was apparently felt disrespected after Stern pointed at him and responded by yelling at the commissioner.

After the incident, Wade and other players were going to leave the negotiations.

NBA Owners, NBA Players to Meet Tuesday

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The NBA lockout is still going strong. It has been a one step forward, two steps back sort of situation. Whenever there is progress, it seems to be washed away in a matter of days. NBA commissioner David Stern has already canceled the first preseason games and has delayed the start of training camps.


Amare Stoudemire’s Hebrew School

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Amare Stoudemire has been outspoken about his supposed Jewish roots. He even traveled to Israel to learn more about his heritage. Now there are rumors that Amare Stoudemire is thinking about starting a Hebrew school.

At Amare Stoudemire's Hebrew school, the teaching would focus on the Hebrew language and other aspects of the history of the Jewish people.

NBA Basketball Schedule Details

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We are starting to get some details of the 66-game NBA season that will take place following the end of the lockout. The season will start on Christmas Day and will run through April 26th. The playoffs will be pushed back and end later than usual.

During the regular season, teams will play conference opponents a total of 48 times.

NBA Lockout Update: BRI Talk Today

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Yesterday, the NBA owners and NBA players made progress toward ending the lockout by negotiating system details. However, the two sides avoided the main sticking point: the basketball related income (BRI) split. Today, that is exactly what will be discussed.

The players, who received 57% of the BRI in the last CBA, want at least 52% this time.

cleveland cavaliers

2012 NBA Rookie of the Year Favorites

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With the NBA lockout now a thing of the past, NBA rookies can put down the Ramen noodles and pick up their million dollar contract. Which rookies are favorited to win the 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year? Here are top five NBA ROY favorites:

1. Derrick Williams, Minnesota Timberwolves
Derrick Williams is ready to ball in the NBA and could put up amazing stats.

LeBron James: ‘I can understand why a lot of people were upset’

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LeBron James: 'I can understand why a lot of people were upset'

The Miami Heat forward on why he bought a stake in Liverpool, his controversial move from Cleveland and the NBA lockout The long wait for LeBron James unfolds in a luxury hotel suite large enough to fit a stylish apartment.

kobe bryant

NBA Power Rankings – Post-Lockout Edition

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With the NBA lockout over, it's time to get back to thinking about basketball. In these NBA power rankings, we'll list the top ten NBA teams headed into the 2011-12 season. Did your favorite NBA team make the cut? Continue reading to find out ...

1. Miami Heat
The Heat are just too talented to not be No.

Kobe Bryant Signs in Italy

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All summer, we've heard rumors of Kobe Bryant signing in Europe to play basketball during the NBA lockout. On Friday, those rumors became reality when Kobe Bryant agreed to join Virtus Bologna. The Italian league team will pay the Los Angeles Lakers superstar $3 million to play a total of ten games over 40 days.

Kobe Bryant: “Italy Is My Home”

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When we talk about the best European players in the NBA, one player we always forget to mention is Kobe Bryant. While many people don't consider European, his basketball game is certainly European. He learned the game in Italy when his father played basketball overseas.

Kobe, who is in talks with the Italian team Virtus Bologna to play their during the NBA lockout, admitted his European roots when talking to an Italian newspaper.

Kobe Bryant Loaning Money to Other NBA Players?

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NBA players will soon start missing paychecks due to the lockout. How will players who are living paycheck to paycheck make ends meet? Enter Kobe Bryant. According to Billy Hunter, the players association president, Kobe Bryant is willing to loan money to needy players.

"I know Kobe is intimately involved in interfacing with colleagues and sharing in a pool of revenue to help the others get through this," said Hunter.


Julius Erving is Broke

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Everyone loves Julius Erving. The former basketball superstar remains an global icon for fans of all ages. However, money apparently isn't very fond of Dr. J. A new report shows that Julius Erving is indeed broke.

His trouble began in 2009 when he took out a $1 million loan. Although he was able to pay back a majority of the loan, he still owes more than $200,000.

Pictures: Delonte West Working At Furniture Store

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Delonte West isn't shy. Earlier this summer, the guard for the Boston Celtics admitted that he was running low on funds during the NBA lockout. Instead of pouting or going into debt, Delonte West did what a lot of us have to do he went out and got a second job.

Delonte West was hired by Regency Furniture.

The Rest

The Recent Highs & Lows of Manchester United fandom

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For the last decade, the greatest benefit to being a Manchester United fan has been the license to perpetually wear a smug grin of satisfaction. Liverpool only qualified for the UEFA league again? Poor King Kenny. At least Andy Carroll has curbed his drinking problem and keeps the bench nice & warm during winter.

MotM Poll: Chelsea 3-0 Wolverhampton

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Chelsea win a match. The NBA lockout comes to an end. Could this day get much better?

Happy days

I guess if you had thrown in a goal or three from the mercurial Fernando Torres then, yes, it could have been better. But, really, that's just being greedy.

Tuesday Turnaround and a Candy Hangover

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Well it's November and that means Halloween is behind us. Still, October was a fantastic month in MLS that offered us a fantastic finale to the league where matches truly mattered and we saw Wild-Card matches where the fates of teams were decided. In less than a month we will have a new champion and with that a new off season.

Video: Rudy Fernandez’s Impossible Shot

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Due to the NBA lockout, we are basketball starved. We have to make do with YouTube clips of games in a faraway land. This clip shows Rudy Fernandez hitting an impossible shot. Check out the Rudy Fernandez video below.

As you can see in the video, Rudy Fernandez goes around a triple screen and then catches the ball on the perimeter.

NBA Lockout Update: Talks Today

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The bad news is that the NBA lockout seems as dire as ever. The good news is that the two sides are going to talk today. Last week, the two sides held long sessions but didn't get much closer on the issues. After the sessions, things got ugly with both sides spitting venom.

Though it looks more and more likely that there won't be a 2011-12 NBA season, the talks resuming is a good sign.