Four Arsenal fans arrested at Anfield over city-centre murder investigation

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The night before Arsenal faced Liverpool at Anfield this weekend, it seems that a London scaffolder called Stuart Smith was in Liverpool City Centre with a local girl when he was brutally attacked by a bunch of Arsenal supporters outside the Chameleon club in Back Colquitt Street. The victim was taken to the Royal Hospital [.

Rodrigo Silvera’s mum speaks out

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Tuesday night saw the return of football hooliganism to England after stabbings outside the West Ham United vs Milwall League Cup match, but there's been a small step forward in the battle against violence in Argentine football. You've probably not heard of Rodrigo Silvera if you're not Argentine. Back in November (the 1st, to be [.

Losing graciously. With bombs.

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A bad penalty call late in a match between Indian sides Vedic Village Reddy Enterprise and Kashipur Baghajatin Sangha caused supporters of the losing team to overreact just a smidge. From Express India:

Their supporters fired pipe guns, killing a spectator, Aminul Islam, and injuring five others.


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That's how San Lorenzo's fans are seeing things after their team dropped yet more points on Saturday night. Lanús decided to have one of their good days and completely overran the joint leaders in the Nuevo Gasómetro. Boca can overtake San Lorenzo by winning on Sunday, whilst if Tigre win they'll be all on their [.


Somalia: Soccer Killings - A Tragedy for Islam

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Islamic militants in Somalia are murdering people for watching the World Cup.

Reports CNN:

Gunmen believed to be from radical Islamist groups shot two people dead and detained 10 others when raiding a house where people were watching a World Cup match Saturday night, according to eyewitnesses.

Kidnapped Colombian Football Team Found Murdered

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Tradegy confirmed in bordering Venezuela.

At least 10 bodies believed to be those of a kidnapped Colombian football team have been found across the border in Venezuela.
The bodies, with multiple gunshot wounds, were found in Tachira. One of the team is reported to have survived.

junior barranquilla

Murder Is A-Okay In Columbia

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It's often said players today get away with too much, that the modern player is simply allowed too many freedoms, both on and off the pitch. That's probably fair in perspective of the sport; it's definitely a fair assessment of the judicial system in Columbia. On July 5th, 2009 Javier Florez, midfielder for Junior Barranquilla, shot [.

Columbian Player Gets A Bit Sensitive, Kills A Heckling Fan.

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Last week the major news out of Colombia was that Santa Fe coach Ruben Israel resigned due to death threats, despite never having coached a single game. And it wasn't as though he sat on it for a bit, weighing his decision. No, he resigned as soon as offices opened the very next morning. Why? [...]

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RIP, Shane Kelly

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Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Shane Kelly seemed to know everyone.

He had contacts everywhere in the Philadelphia soccer scene. He knew the people who ran those fields in the northeast and the southwest. Shane had a foot in so many sports teams and leagues in Philadelphia that I sometimes wondered how he had enough feet left to play soccer in the Casa Soccer League, where he was commissioner of the league's top division.

Chelsea fan brutally murders Liverpool supporter?

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This is just disgusting on so many levels. Allegedly, Mark Anderson, who is apparently a Chelsea supporter, murdered William McClatchey, a supposed Liverpool fan, after they got into a heated debate regarding Rob Styles' questionable penalty call last Sunday. Anderson then went on to dismember the body and leave it in a wheelie bin behind their apartment complex in Belfast, Ireland.