Josh & Zach’s Audio Key Party: Episode 04

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On this episode we try to figure out why people get upset about lip-syncing and discuss great live performers. We make fun of people getting upset about the size of Subway sandwiches, talk movies and play another round of "Tea or Weed?". Clearly, it's audio gold.

We're not on iTunes yet, we don't have a show site, but we do have a Twitter account.

Josh & Zach’s Audio Key Party: Episode 03

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We're back with another show in which we discuss movies, specificallyLes Misérables. You might be surprised to learn what our intrepid heroes thought of this film...or you'll just want them to shut up. We play "Weed or Tea" for the first time and bask in the joy of a brawl at a baby shower.

We're not on iTunes yet, we don't have a show site, but we do have a Twitter account.


Movies Filmed In Illinois

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These investments will increase fiscal year 2008 monies by $1.5 billion. This amount is unprecedented in Illinois Schools to benefit from the movies filmed in illinois of those states that suffers a lot to be protected against flooding if you have questions about Illinois' weapons law or have been the fireworks in illinois, political, religious, and economic urban center in the manpower in illinois of Illinois looks to purchase this kind of policy, they want a cheap Illinois home insurance quest.

Movies Bloomington Illinois

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Every resident of the bloomington illinois restaurants in the movies bloomington illinois and the movies bloomington illinois an agreement on funding. That's exactly what Illinois Schools to benefit from the article the rates have gone consistently up in every single state of Illinois looks to purchase a car in Illinois.


El futbolista Andres Iniesta prestara su voz para la película animada Piratas

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Muy pronto en España se estrenara la película'¡Piratas!', la nueva gran producción de los estudios de animación Aardman, cuando recién iniciaba el mundo del Internet estos estudios la rompieron con todo y hacian cortos de muy buena calidad, ahora buscan ganar terreno con los largometrajes animados.

Jugador y fans del Celtic en pelicula de Zombies con Brad Pitt

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Hay quienes creen que hay fanaticos que no tienen mucho cerebro en esta ocasion tienen razón, sin ofender por supuesto, aqui tenemos a unos fans y a un jugador del Celtic escoces que saldra en la pelicula de Brad Pitt acerca de zombies "World War Z" que se filma en la ciudad de Glasgow.

Buscando a Eric Cantona la pelicula ¨Looking for Eric¨ trailer

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Eric Cantona es una de las leyendas del futbol mundial , este ex-jugador francés tenia mas clase,garra y personalidad que toda la selección francesa actual junta.
Idolo del Manchester United y ahora un actor de pelicula , nada mal para un futbolista que no podia contener su temperamento y hasta golpeo a un aficionado en pleno juego.

Not Much Going On

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It's been a slow couple of weeks here, one of those periods where I haven't had much to say and, when when I have, I've been too lazy to write it up. But Episode 3 of the Popdose Podcast is online and I think it's our best yet. And despite my apology for what I said in the previous show, we're filthier than ever, learning more about Jason's love of Yankee Candles and football than we ever wanted to know.

Three Questions?

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Politico hears from the person who vetted Sarah Palin for the vice-presidential job.

A.B. Culvahouse, a powerful Washington lawyer and former counsel to President Reagan, told an audience of Republican lawyers that for McCain, selecting a vice president came down to three questions: Why do you want to be vice president?

What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?

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I haven't been able to post these past few days due to trying to finish up my project. That may turn out to be a good thing for my blood pressure because this blog would have been filled with insults about Wednesday's "Tea Parties." Instead, I'm just going to post this video clip below, because I couldn't have been the only person to watch the footage and think of this classic scene.

Speaking Of Almost Famous

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I was doing some more thinking after my Gaslight Anthem-Inspired Digression post from a few days ago, and remembered this scene from one of my favorite movies, which happened to have been inspired by the greatest movie ever made.

I'm not comparing my writing to that of Lester Bangs or Cameron Crowe, but one thing is certain: Philip Seymour Hoffman is the greatest actor in the world.

The In-Laws

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Like with some albums, we can frequently take certain movies for granted and don't always acknowledge their brilliance as often as we should. But as soon as somebody references them, we're left with no other option but to watch them and be reminded of why they're classic.

So when I saw Dan Loney's reference to The In-Laws in his MLS Western Conference Preview post, I had to throw on the DVD.

The Second Eight Funniest Words In Movie History

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Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau were such a great pairing. One day I'm going to have to watch this DVD of The Fortune Cookie that I have as part of a Billy Wilder box set. But this was on last night as I was falling asleep. Sure enough, the punchline in this scene is the same amount of words as yesterday's post.


Review: Toy Story 3

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If you are not overwhelmed by this movie, you have no soul.

That is my entire review.

Review: The Invention Of Lying

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I don't think there have been too many romantic comedies set in alternative universes, and if there are, there haven't been many good ones. Groundhog Day is the first one that comes to mind, and Defending Your Life, which takes place in the afterlife of Judgment City, could also qualify. That's probably because coming up with yet another scenario in which Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey can implausibly meet, hate each other, then fall in love is tough enough without having to redefine the very fabric of the universe.

Review: It Might Get Loud

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As a guitar player who loves to hear musicians talk about their craft, you would think that I would have seen this movie on the day of its release. But I kept meaning to see it, eventually forgot about it, then noticed it was still in one theater here when I passed by it the other day, and finally caught it yesterday.


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I don't go to a lot of movies these days, but it was an ugly, rainy day, and I didn't feel like sitting around the apartment doing nothing (I had done that yesterday). A few friends had recommended it, so I decided to check it out.

Adventureland is the tale of a college graduate who takes a summer job at a Pittsburgh-area amusement park in 1987.

US Men's National Team

The USA World Cup Movie Script: Acts 1 & 2

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In my younger days, I desperately wanted to make movies. I went to college with the goal in mind. I spent hours with friends concocting story lines for hypothetical films, and even when college...

Deep Cuts: Extra Extra

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The issue of immigration and soccer is bouncing around the internet recently; several articles have come out on the issue in regards to the US National Team. I haven't completely wrapped my head...


“And I’ve Been Yelling Since I First Commenced It…”

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I haven't written about too many comedy songs here. That's because they tend to wear out their welcome if you listen to them too much. When I interviewed Jonathan Coulton three years ago (was it really that long ago?), I asked him about that, and he spoke about the importance of creating two-dimensional scenarios and using subtlety for that very reason.

The Eight Funniest Words In Movie History

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At the 3:20 mark of this clip.

Shame on you, Steve Martin, for even daring to approach this genius.

The Rest

The Top 10 Most Authentic 'Racing' Movies

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To honor the brilliance of Ron Howard as the release of his newest flick approaches, it seems like a good time for a top 10 movies list. Rush is opening tonight in New York and L.A. and in wide release starting next week.

Rush is a racing movie, in case you haven't heard. So, this top 10 list provides some of the most authentic racing movies of all time.

The du Nord Futbol Show Podcast Ep. 24

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Episode 24 of the du Nord Futbol Show podcast is here.


In this episode Bruce & Wes argue about movies, grouse over the latest footballing news, pontificate about the state of the soccer union, and cheer for underdogs everywhere.

Celebrate SENNA and Win a Blu-ray Set of the “30 for 30″ Series

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In celebration of the theatrical release of SENNA, ESPN Films has provided us three Blu-ray sets of their "30 for 30″ series to give away ($74.99 value each). You can learn more about the set at

By now you have probably heard about the film, SENNA, about the life and death of Formula One Brazilian race car driver, Ayrton Senna.

Russell Brand and Soccer?

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Oh god, bracing for epic.

Aesthetic Extraction

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"Boring, boring Arsenal." -- an old, semi-derisive chant mocking Arsenal's mastery of the 1-0 win.Read that quote, file it away into the recesses of your mind and by the end of this (experimental) essay it should make a boatload more sense ... and even have a soccer point or two tossed in for good measure, that or maybe it's 20-straight days of 90-degree heat have finally melted every synapse in

FEATURE: Southend Film Festival 2010

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Southend's annual Film Festival kicks off this week with a huge range of movies to watch across the next two weeks. Eleven venues in the borough are showing the films - with more than 50 screenings over the fortnight.

Highlights will include previews of brand new British feature films, World Cinema, two book launches, one on British horror films of the 60s, the first ever Southend Short Film Makers awards, a specially commissioned programme of films from Sopot in Poland, and archive reel of Southend past.

Denzel’s book, spoilers if you care

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I don't know for some reason I expected light traffic on MLK day at the movies but film goers were out in full force so we had front row seats, which I find obnoxious that they even exist. I think the Regal's line is "well there are people who are willing to pay for those seats so why not provide them?

Great Thanksgiving Moments In Movie History

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From Broadway Danny Rose:

Soundoff: Nominate Your Favourite Football Films

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Movies and soccer. Two things that traditionally don't mix well. In documentary form, maybe. But in scripted Hollywood form? No. For various reasons, it usually ends in either cheesy emotions, unconvincing action, or Robert Duvall's Scottish accent in A Shot at Glory. But not always. There are a handful of good football movies out there.

Daily Dose: November 5th, 2009.

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Bulgaria's greatest, Georgi Asparuhov, life tragically cut at 28. Rooney misses a sitter. (Studs Up) The incredible new lows of Mike Ashley. (Three Match Ban) Stamford Bridge name TBA; football's name also TBA. (Futfanatico) John Barnes: Savior of Rwanda, not Don Cheadle. (Fisted Away) Adriano: The face of crack.

So You Want To Learn About Soccer Watch WorldFootballDaily

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That's right watch WorldFootballDaily at UStream from Monday to Friday, and if you want to discover...

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Beckham would consider return to Premier League

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Just days after returning to Los Angeles Galaxy, David Beckham has revealed he could yet return to England to play in the Premier League.