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Maybe Arsenal need a new manager every few years to evolve and adapt

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Is it at all possible that changing key personnel on a regular basis is not only part of the modern game but also a necessity, regardless of the results? Is it possible there isn't one premiership manager who doesn't know how to set our their team against Arsenal? ...I doubt it. Everyone knows how Arsenal [.

Arsenal stuck with out-of-date Wenger, but look what Pep has done to Man City!

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Arsene looks so out-of date in the modern game... by KM Hello fellow Gooners. Straight to the point of Saturdays fixtures. We barely managed to beat Southampton, being literally gifted a penalty and spared by Shane Long. It's going to be a really tough season and I hope people understand that before they get brought [.

Top Five Games to Watch this Weekend feature Manchester United, Arsenal, and More

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Fixture lists often tend to be the unfortunate brunt-bearers of much criticism in the modern game, in spite of the scrupulous prior planning that these complex schedules require. Careful consideration of the elaborate logistics and the plethora of variables involved in the generation of these lists make it rather difficult to believe that such conspiratorial mumblings persist.

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I Hate Professional Football

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Tell you what I dislike most about the modern game. Professionalism.

Yes, all the money in the game has brought exciting foreign players to these shores to brighten the gloomy winter days, but all the loot has had a very nasty side effect. We've killed the characters in the game.

Prime example close to home is the case of Jack Wilshere.

2014 Philadelphia Union Player Review: Ray Gaddis

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2014 was the finest season in the career of Raymon Gaddis. The modern game appreciates fullbacks who provide offensive width, and an overlapping option with which to achieve such. Ray's position, however, calls for him primarily to prevent goals, not create them.

2014 Season Summary

It bears repeating that 2014 was the finest season in the career of Raymon Gaddis.

Holland’s Versatility and Tactical Flexibility a Key to Success

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The modern game demands many things of its footballers: Physicality, touch, technique and dynamism to name but a few. But often overlooked are the attributes of versatility and tactical flexibility.

The immersive statistical analysis that's now available at the touch of a button has channeled the game towards a host of different philosophies and as such, managers are more reactive than ever in their approach to games; a style that is currently in vogue amongst the very best teams.

WATCH Gary Neville Discussing Messi, Ronaldo and the Modern Game [VIDEO]

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Everyone's favorite soccer TV pundit, Gary Neville, discusses the challenge he'd face if he were to pull on his boots again for real and what makes Messi and Ronaldo the best two players in world football.

He also shares some expert analysis on why the modern game is harder for defenders compared to just a few years ago.

The Merseyside Derby Experience: The Heart Of English Football

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The Merseyside Derby is a unique fixture. Granted, the ‘friendly derby' tag is a little tired and not wholly accurate in the modern game. But supporters of Everton and Liverpool are a lot more accommodating and accepting of each other than a host of English football's other city rivals.

Resultantly, the build-up to the game is rather full-on.

Help Save Kettering Town From Extinction By Making a Small Donation

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On the same day as transfer deadline day when Marouane Fellaini completed a £27.5million move to Manchester United, while Gareth Bale was still reveling in the world transfer record fee that had been broken just 24 hours earlier, 141 years of football history was destroyed by the modern game.

Sadly, Kettering Town FC were wound up on Sunday for failing to pay £58,000 in rent.

Dortmund Must Seize Their Champions League Chance; They May Not Get Another

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In the modern game, success is often bought just as much as it is earned. To challenge on all fronts, the common view is that you need massive financial backing. As unromantic a viewpoint as this is, in the past decade or so, it has been very much the case.

But, every now and then, a team will buck the trend and triumph against the odds.