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MLS Cup Potpurri: Cup Ratings, Harkes Signs Off & More

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Before we delve into the MLS off season, here are some business notes from MLS Cup and the entire soccer weekend. We'll start with the MLS Cup overnight rating, which was reported by SBJ on Twitter as a .8. To put that number in perspective, the .8 is double the 2010 rating but slightly less than the 2009 rating.

Looking at Major League Soccer Television Ratings

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By e-mail and by comment we have had some requests to take a look at 2011 television ratings for Major League Soccer. TV money is the lifeblood of any sports league and MLS is no different. Before we get into a detailed look at the ratings and what they mean, check this link for the latest 2011 ratings.

The Rest

Chat with MLS Chief Marketing Officer Howard Handler

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Howard Handler was named Chief Marketing Officer of Major League Soccer in early 2o12. In that capacity, Mr. Handler oversees marketing, strategy, communications, digital, events and club services for the League. Prior to joining MLS, Mr. Handler served as executive vice president, marketing and sales at The Madison Square Garden Company.

Ratings Reset

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The first television viewership numbers of the 2013 campaign were released today. With the preseason focus on the league's struggle to maintain solid ratings, there was no doubt that the first numbers of 2013 would draw significant interest. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the numbers landed in close approximation to the numbers from last year.

Soccer Business Bits: TV Ratings, MLS Awards & More

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One of the big business stories to come out in the last couple of days was the disappointing ratings of the MLS Cup Final. According to multiple reports, the match suffered a 44% decline in its overnight rating. The significant decline can be attributed to a number of factors including the lack of stars, competition from the NFL and a lack of recognizable teams.