Lionel Messi & The Electronic Shoe Revolution

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What an informative photograph! Thanks, Leo. Image via sochuteiras.com.

Clearly, the most exciting thing about this photograph for most of the Kickette staff is that it not only offers a far more expansive view of Leo Messi's 'action' than we're used to, but we also get to speculate on how he achieves such smooth and supple skin on his calves and thighs.

Adidas Launch New AdiZero F50 miCoach – The ‘Boot With A Brain’ (Photos)

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By Chris Wright

Adidas first teased us about their new 'intelligent' boots when Lionel Messi took to the field against Nigeria in a pair a few weeks back, but the big day has finally rolled around with the official launch of the new adiZero F50 miCoach boots an eye-catching (that's putting politely) piece of footballing footwear design which incorporates a nifty little microchip in the sole, thus giving the 165 gram boot a 'brain'.

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Der Future: Schalke’s New Shirt Features ‘Integrated Microchip’ That Will Allow Fans To Buy Stadium Refreshments Without Cash (Photo)

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Photo: @s04/Twitter

Schalke 04 have just unveiled their home stripfor 2017/18 and, as well as being a handsome thing in its own right, the new shirt is also a cutting edge piece of technological advancement.

The Bundesliga side have struck a deal with supermarket chain AllyouneedFresh that will see the company's logo appear on the sleeve of their new jersey.

The new adidas adiZero F50 – miCoach

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The new adidas adiZero F50 miCoach - originally posted on Soccerlens.com

Is it a football boot? Is it a football boot with a brain? Or is it just adidas finally putting a microchip in their adiZero F50s?

Yes, no and of course. The new adidas adiZero F50 miCoach (165g, retails price starts at £200, out in November), thanks to a built-in microchip and tracking software available for your smartphone as well as an online portal, promises to enable both professional and amateur footballers to analyse their personal speed, distance and work rate.

Picture of the Day

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When Messi took on Venezuela in India, he wore the world's first intelligent boot by Adidas. The neon boot contains a microchip to monitor the player's on-field performance and we're pretty sure the stats coming out of that chip for Messi will mind-boggling!

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