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Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong Guests On Lethal Bizzle Re-Mix (Video)

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By Alan Duffy

Ah, 'tis a long way from John Barnes and the Anfield Rap, but Arsenal's media butterfly Emmanuel Frimpong's latest foray into the world of grime sees him guesting on cousin Lethal Bizzle's re-mix of 'Leave It Yeah'.

If you don't like grime you'll utterly hate this, by the way (so leave it, yeah?

Ryan Giggs masterminded the NOTW phone hacking scandal

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Have fun with this interactive graph from the Wall Street Journal that allows you to click and drag the victims of the NOTW phone hacking in line with the chain of villains who actually carried out these black ops. All unintentional of course but worthy of a snicker or two.

You can do this with Ryan Giggs, Paul Gascoigne, Jude Law, and liberal firebrand George Galloway, all of them hacking victims amongst many.

Kick Murdoch out of Football too

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A personal view -

One story has been suffocating all other news in Britain this week - the phone hacking furore surrounding Rupert Murdoch's media empire.

Journalists have been arrested, senior policemen have resigned, politicians of both main parties are scrambling to deny their links to News International, Hugh Grant has led the prosecution and tonight comes news of the sudden death of a whistleblower.

UK lawmaker names Ryan Giggs in privacy row

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LONDON, England A British politician defied a court order on Monday by identifying Manchester United's Ryan Giggs as the soccer star fighting a legal battle to prevent newspapers from publishing allegations of an affair. The release of Giggs' name will be seen as a victory for the media over celebrities and their lawyers after [.

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Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand’s on-brand #5 abs

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When you've built up a media empire around your number 5 shirt number, as Rio Ferdinand has, having a six-pack is just far too off-brand. That's why Rio appears to have developed a more palatable five-pack. The Manchester United defender's abs have assembled themselves to sit nicely within brand guidelines.

Tits Up For Muang Thong United

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Two time champions Muang Thong United sit in 3rd place in the Thai Premier League, a whopping 25 points behind champions Buriram PEA. The gap is so large I needed a calculator to work it out. Of course they were never gonna make it three TPLs in three years, not once Buriram PEA decided they wanted to win it this year.