Rio de Janeiro

Shabby Maracana to reopen after dispute

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Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – Rio’s mythic Maracana stadium, fallen into disrepair since taking centre stage at the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, is due to reopen next month.

Left abandoned due to a political-legal dispute over upkeep Brazil’s legendary venue will stage its first game this year on March 8.

Around The Grounds: New Maracana Stadium, Rio De Janeiro

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By Chris Wright

With England now finally cleared to play there on Sunday evening in a game designed solely to show off Brazil's new national stadium ahead of the 2014 World Cup, we thought we'd dedicate this week's "Around the Grounds" photo essay to the new Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Brasil 2014: el Maracaná y las favelas.

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29.07.2011 - Siguiendo de cerca los movimientos brasileños hacia 2014, Brasileirao incluído, encontramos que, como viene pasando desde los años 80, las monstruosas inversiones y mejoras retroalimentan el ejercicio económico de los grupos multinacionales en desmedro de la misma población que recibe los megaeventos deportivos.

Premier League News, Daily Ticker: July 20

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Brazil Planning To Spend $3 Billion On Airports Ahead Of 2014

The Brazilian government has approved a $3 billion package to upgrade the country's airports over the next four years.

It was the first step in the massive overhaul needed to Brazil's infastructure.

World Cup

Brazilian Pensioner Swaps Unused 1950 ‘Maracanazo’ World Cup Ticket For 2014 World Cup Final Ticket

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By Chris Wright

An 85-year-old Brazilian gentleman has traded in a mint condition, unused 1950 World Cup ticket in exchange for a seat at the 2014 Final in Rio de Janeiro.

Along with around 200,000 other fans, Brazil fan Joedir Belmont bought a ticket to attend the final deciding game (they didn't have "finals" as such in those days) of the 1950 tournament at the Maracana, but had to skip the match to attend to his ill mother.

Video Argentina vs Bosnia 2014 Messi Goal BIH Maracana Group F June 15

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Video Argentina vs Bosnia 2014 Messi Goal BIH Maracana Group F June 15 is a post from Soccer Blogger. Follow Soccer Blogger on Twitter

Video Argentina vs Bosnia 2014 Messi Goal BIH Maracana Group F June 15 is a post from Soccer Blogger. Follow Soccer Blogger on Twitter Argentina vs Bosnia 2014 (Argentina-BIH VIDEO BELOW) Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho, Maracana, Rio- 15 June, 2014- 15/6/14- Group F- 23.

Friday Kickoff: Blatter allays fears over Maracana construction; Nigeria to arrive in Brazil on Sunday; and more

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The top storyline it seems ahead of the Confederations Cup this summer has been the molasses-like pace that some of the World Cup stadiums in Brazil are being completed at.

The Maracana, Brazil's jewel piece and stadium to host the opener and final, is still undergoing construction on parts of the stadium, though FIFA President Sepp Blatter eased fears that it wouldn't be finished in time for the start of next summer's World Cup.

This time next year, where will we be? 12 June 2013 2014....

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This time next year, where will we be?

12 June 2013 2014. We're one year away from the best month, the one month that comes around every four years.The World Cup kicks off in 365 days. *Takes a deep breath, falls out of chair from excitement*

The Maracanã is built.

Maracana Hosts World Cup 2014 Final & Brazilians Prepare To Welcome You!

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FIFA announced the Match Schedule for the 2014 World Cup in Zurich last night and we know you'd rather take out your neighbour's trash than see images of Yoda Blatter at the ceremony! So here you go instead, it's the Selecao feminina celebrating their goal against Costa Rica at the Pan American Games yesterday.

Touring The New Maracana

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One of the world's most famous stadiums is due to be opened in 18 months or so, just ahead of the world's biggest football tournament the Confederations Cup, obviously. And then such afterthoughts as the World Cup and the Summer Olympics.

A detailed look inside the future of the stadium in 3D graphics, with lots of little digital people.

Here's why the U.S. may host the 2014 World Cup

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Nice logo, but not much else it turns out has either been completed or is on schedule it seems (still, and I yes, I know we've heard this before). Associated Press writer David Nowak has more:

MOSCOW (AP) -- FIFA remains concerned at the slow pace of Brazil's preparations for the 2014 World Cup, saying soccer officials in South America appear to have invested more energy in winning the tournament than organizing it.

On my way to 2014

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Remember, I promised my children that we would be in the Maracana for the 2014 World Cup final. Here is a small tribute to Sergio Mendes, the 1966 album, a year which was not the most stellar performance of a Brazilian team in a World Cup though!

Maracanazos like Sergio Mendes!

Maracana 2012 retractable roof project disclosed

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A new Maracana in Rio will be delivered in December 2012. With a new coverage, the stadium, which will be the venue for the World Cup final in 2014, will become more modern, comfortable and safe.

Russia and Qatar get 2018 and 2022 World Cups

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Today the FIFA designated the host countries for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Why did the FIFA accelerate the process and award 2 World Cups at the same time, a first in World Cup history. I don't want to know about the underground dealings here, but several points come to mind :

  • How will teams train during the 2022 Qatar World Cup?

Coca Cola Is Ready To Move On To 2014

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If yesterday's Brazil 2014 logo unveiling was curious, this is absolutely ludicrous. Coca Cola has, with two days left to run on the current World Cup, begun pimping the 2014 edition, with a familiar soundtrack, because we have nothing better to do for the next four years in int'l footy outside of wait for the thunderous Maracana.

Uruguay win 2-1 over Korea Republic to advance to Quarter-Finals

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Ghiggia's epic winner in 1950 for Uruguay against
Brazil in the Maracana stadiumUruguay have great history in soccer, they hosted and won the very first World Cup in 1930, after that they had one of the greatest World Cup upsets in history when they beat Brazil (in Brazil) in the final of the 1950 World Cup 2-1.

World Cup Tales – Magyarország! The Greatest Team Never To Win A World Cup? Hungary, 1954

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The story of football in the years immediately following the end of the Second World War often seemed to be following a pre-prepared script, but it was a script that, at the World Cup finals at least, the competing nations seemed unwilling to follow. In 1950, the tournament should have been a procession for the host nation, Brazil, but in the final minutes of the final match, Uruguay silenced the Maracana.

Brasil 2014

Argentinos colados en el Maracaná.

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Mientras decenas de hinchas argentinos se levantan de dormir (a la intemperie) en las playas de Copacabana y grupos de barrabravas se preparan para visitar el bunker de Belo Horizonte para obtener entradas, este video muestra como, luego de una falla de seguridad en el sector D del Maracaná, otras decenas de argentinos se colaron al estadio para ver Argentina (2-1) Bosnia.

El Maracaná reabre sus puertas.

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29.04.2013 - Como para atenuar el atraso, el gobierno de Brasil encabezado por la presidenta Dilma Rouseff, decidió reabrir las puertas del "nuevo" Maracaná (Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho) este sábado (27.04.2013).
Aun no concluido (y pautada su entrega para diciembre 2012), se organizó un acto de difusión con autoridades, músicos, leyendas del fútbol y sin discursos.

Las 4 estaciones del Maracaná.

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14.10.2011 - Fuentes oficiales informan que el gobierno regional de Río de Janeiro, propietario del estadio Maracaná, cumplió todos los requisitos exigidos para obtener los beneficios previstos por el Régimen Especial de Tributación para la Construcción y Reforma de los Estadios del Mundial de 2014 y ahorrar así un 9.


This is the year for Brazil

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Brazil - land of colour, music, soccer, sensuality and social unrest
It was Pele, the greatest player of them all, who first anointed his beloved futebol with the now universal sobriquet 'O Jogo Bonito' aka 'The Beautiful Game.'

No other country on earth is so mythically linked with football, so a World Cup in Brazil makes perfect sense.

Brazil Wins Confederations Cup: Fred Redeems No.9 Shirt, Neymar’s Wonderstrike & Crazy Candids!

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This wacky photo of the Royal 'Cabelo Curly Club' (Curly Hair Club) featuring David Luiz slicing a giant comb through Dani Alves's wig impersonation of Dante's hairstyle probably best describes the mood of the selecao at the moment.

Through Ryu’s Lens: Neymar inspires a nation Brazil wanted...

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Through Ryu's Lens: Neymar inspires a nation

Brazil wanted to stomp its foot down as a global power in the game once again. Neymar was striving for greatness. The opportunity presented itself perfectly: outplay the best in the world.

Brazil 2 England 2 – The Selecao Finally Pull Up Their Socks & The Best Fan Photos

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Brazil played one of arguably their better matches in recent times against England at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro last night. And while it may have been a friendly match designed to prepare the selecao for their upcoming "Must Win Or Die" Confederations Cup mission, it was still an improvement from the last exhibition match against England (what was that?

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain’s dad falls asleep, misses his goal against Brazil

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Mark Chamberlain, dad of England star Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, missed his son's excellent goal against Brazil after falling asleep during the game. The former England international blamed an early morning airport run for his dozing, but we reckon the first-half of the match should also shoulder some of the blame.

Top five conclusions: Brazil 2-2 England

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Brazil 2 2 England Fulltime Highlights by TenMillionSlaves 1. Feed the Ox's insatiable appetite for highly collectible match-worn shirts and he will score. 2. Joe Hart stood up quite well to the little 11 vs one test his team-mates decided to put him through in the first-half. 3. By full-time, Phil Jones' face [.

Brazil vs England: Match Review and Reaction

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In a game that was in danger of not being played, Sunday's match in Rio de Janeiro produced fireworks and provided a great test for both sides. The two teams faced off earlier this year at Wembley, a game that England won by a score of 2-1 behind goals from Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard. The year's second fixture between these two footballing powerhouses offered Brazil the chance to even the score and playing at the legendary Maracana, Luiz Felipe Scolari's men wanted to give the fans a show.

FIFA Announces World Cup 2014 Dates, Venues

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In case you were planning on skipping off to the wonderful land of the World Cup in 2014 and were waiting on details to make some travel plans, FIFA's gone ahead and set in motion a few of the details, if we're a long, long way from knowing the names of the participants. Unless you're of the idea that FIFA's corrupt and someone somewhere knows, in which case.


Copa Confederaciones: Represión en las afueras del Maracaná.

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01.07.2013 - La fiesta de la Copa Confederaciones costó el mayor operativo de seguridad de la historia deportiva de Brasil. 10.600 policías mas 7400 efectivos militares se encargaron de blindar el mítico y renovado Maracaná, a su vez custodiado en su interior por 1300 efectivos de seguridad privada.

Brasil 2014: los entornos del Maracaná.

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17.11.2011 - Mientras el Brasileirao recotiza y el scracht descansa en amistosos, los preparativos mundialistas de Brasil marchan a ritmos dispares. Si bien los plazos y licitaciones para obras en los estadios continúan en vaivenes que ya fueron objetados por FIFA y las obras de infraestructura sufren retrasos no deseables, la campaña de "limpieza" de favelas continúa desde la primera hora.

Brazilian week in the Libertadores

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Brazilian clubs all qualified for the quarter finals of the tournament (paradoxically) with the exception of the tournament's top qualifier, Corinthians.

Sao Paulo started off the brazilian week playing against Universitario (Peru) in South America's main tournament at home in the Morumbi stadium.

Brazilian week in the Libertadores

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Brazilian clubs all qualified for the quarter finals of the tournament (paradoxically) with the exception of the tournament's top qualifier, Corinthians.

Sao Paulo started off the brazilian week playing against Universitario (Peru) in South America's main tournament at home in the Morumbi stadium.

The Rest

Beyond Maracana – Episode 14

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Beyond Maracana – Episode 14

Beyond Maracana. Die WM abseits der großen Stadien. Ein Doku-Projekt über Brasilien, Menschen, Fußball, Begegnungen und Freundschaft. Wir erzählen von Begegnungen auf der Straße und auf dem Fußballplatz. Von großen Unterschieden und kleinen Gemeinsamkeiten.

Retention fund, Daniel scores for T&T, USA ready for Belize, more news

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More on the new retention fund salary mechanism. Union's preseason Florida home considering building soccer stadium. Power rankings drop. Forlan says no MLS move. USA ready for Belize. Messi's mess. More news.

Retired Ronaldo flashes his skill in Maracana test match, jumps on stadium worker

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The Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro is nearly finished after years of renovations for next summer's World Cup, so on Saturday, a special test match was held in Brazil's national stadium. Two teams of Brazilian legends led by Ronaldo and Bebeto graced the pitch four months after FIFA's deadline for completion ahead of this summer's Confederations Cup.

Brazilian ballgirl grabs assist for Botafogo goal

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Fernanda Maia was just a normal girl last week, albeit a frighteningly good looking one. And then she took to her place as ball girl in the Campeonato Carioca final between Botafogo and Vasco de Gama. Botafogo were 2-0 when Vasco de Gama cleared the ball into touch in the Maracana. Rather than slowly fetching [.

Away from Home: The Struggle for Football in Palestine

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Away from Home: The Struggle for Football in Palestine is a post from: Just Football

June 12th 2014, Maracana Stadium. To much fanfare, World Cup 2014 kicks off. Opening game Brazil vs Palestine. Could happen? Perhaps not. But as Lewis Cheetham explains in his debut article for Just Football, duress is being met with progress:

Footballing associations across the world are inevitably faced with complications and disruptions which obstruct the development of their game each season.

Apple’s new building: Inspired by Maracana stadium?

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Steve Job's new plan for Apple's spaceship building looks a lot like the 1950 Maracana stadium!!

Maracanazos always thought Steve Jobs was a cool guy!

Swedish goalie wants MLS move, MLS wants TV money, more news

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Chicago Fire's All-Star defender Wilman Conde is leaving MLS for Atlas of the Mexican League. How much did MLS sell this talented and clearly sought-after player for? Nothing, of course. They just waited for his contract to run out and hoped he would re-up. Does anyone in MLS pay attention to the rest of the world of soccer?

Maracaná 2014.

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26.11.2010 - Calígula - Copa Confederaciones 2013, Mundial 2014 y Juegos Olímpicos 2016: arde Brasil en contratos, flujos de capital y peleas políticas.
Mientras el gobernador de Brasilia – Rogerio Rosso – sigue en pugna por un lugar en el Mundial, en Belo Horizonte y Sao Paulo no hay menos voces.