Futbolistas con contrato, Zuazo y mil mas

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Futbolistas con contrato, Zuazo y mil mas

El tema de moda, Humberto Suazo quiere jugar en boca Junior y exige su salida, no me interesa escribir acerca de los equipos argentinos que venden a precio de oro y quieren recomprar por migajas, no son culpables de nada, culpables los clubes mexicanos que se han olvidado que el mundo es extenso y que hay futbolistas en todo el orbe, a los promotores de hoy solo les caben las argentinas.

OK, so I’m back from the doldrums …

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Apparently my use of this fine term, featured in the headline of this fine article, in the article right below this one has been causing quite the stir around these parts.

I half-apologize.

Not a fan of the Chelsea Offside.

1. My sense of humor usually works.

Player News and Rumors

Pitter Patter: Kasper Schmeichel Becomes A Father

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Photo copyright Mogens Flindt/

Fit Father Alert: 24-year-old Kasper Schmeichel, a recent addition to the S.O.T.H. category of objectification has become... a dad.

Yes, he may look like a fresh-faced, working-the-lemonade-stand-on-weekends kind of boy, but he's actually a macho, fully fledged and fertile baby maker.

Raging: The Pitch Makes it Good

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It's a curious thing, footballer rage. We've all seen players we love/hate/are indifferent to displaying various levels of anger and testosterone excess on the pitch. 99.9% of the time, regardless of the background to the situation, we're... well, let's put it this way: angry footballers give us the feelings.

Confederations Cup: Roll on Semis

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This photo of Gigi Buffon and Fabio Cannavaro kind of gives away the result for Italy in the Confederations Cup - they lost 0-3 against Brazil, who now go on to the semi-finals against South Africa.

In other results, the American NT made magic happen against Egypt, winning three goals to nil, and are now set to face Spain in the semis.

Confederations Cup: Roll on Semis

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This photo of Gigi Buffon and Fabio Cannavaro kind of gives away the result for Italy in the Confederations Cup - they lost 0-3 against Brazil, who now go on to the semi-finals against South Africa.

In other results, the American NT made magic happen against Egypt, winning three goals to nil, and are now set to face Spain in the semis.

futbol mundial

Fútbol Boliviano: Sergio Jáuregui podría recibir sanción de uno a tres años de suspensión

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El futbolista del Blooming, Sergio Jáuregui, podría recibir una sanción de entre uno y tres años de suspensión por aplicarle una "patada voladora" en el pecho al delantero Leonardo Medina, de Oriente Petrolero, en el partido que ambos equipos empataron el domingo pasado a dos goles por la 8va fecha del Clausura.

Torrado y Memo Ochoa ¿Al Almería de Hugo Sánchez?

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El rumor ya circula en Televisa Deportes, pero fue generado por AS tras unas declaraciones del "Macho", Hugo Sánchez.

Ya con la salvación del cuadro del Almería, Hugol tuvo que admitir las bajas de Iriney, Negredo, Bruno y Mané para la próxima temporada, así que el "PentaPichichi" pide a su directiva jugadores al menos de la misma calidad de los que se van.


Caricatura Hugo Sánchez en el Almería

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Hugo Sánchez en el Almería
Originally uploaded by Charles Drawin Caricatura Hugo Sánchez en el Almería

El sábado le rendimos un pequeño homenaje al mejor jugador mexicano de todos los tiempos en su 51 aniversario. Pero se me paso ponerles esta caricatura que me encontré y que muestra al Pentapichichi usando un sombrero a lo Tio Sam, es que ahora todo mundo le tiene miedo a los Estados Unidos, pero ya demostró Haiti en la copa de Oro que no son invencibles.

El primer refuerzo del “macho”

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El centrocampista del Boca Juniors, Fabián Vargas, es el nuevo refuerzo del Almería así lo informa la página oficial del club andaluz.

Tras la buena temporada del Almería con Hugo Sánchez como timonel, varios jugadores importantes como Álvaro Negredo y Kalu Uche están próximos a abandonar la institución, lo que ha puesto al "macho" en la búsqueda de nuevos jugadores para repetir una buena campaña.

Almería no puede de visitante

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El Almería no conoce lo que es ganar de visitante desde la Jornada 1 de la Liga Española, y es que el cuadro de Hugo Sánchez volvió a caer fuera de su casa al perder 2-0 contra el Deportivo la Coruña, equipo donde milita Andrés Guardado.


AEK News

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Vassilis Pliatsikas, who received some play time with Donis but little with Bajevic is no longer with AEK. Schalke have signed him for a price within the range of 300,000-400,000 euros. Its a good move for him, assuming he manages to impress and therefore earn some playing time. Greeks often seem to play quite well in Germany (Gekas, Liberopoulos, and many others) so hopefully he will play well there as well.

AEK 2-1 Groningen, Kyrgkiakos plays!!

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AEK finished their final friendly with a victory after going down 0-1 in the first half. The starting lineupfor AEK's final game before the critical match against Omonia included Jurgen Macho and Edinho, both of whom have not played with team for quite a while now. The game overall was a definate imprpovement over past games, [.

The Summer So Far

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The Summer transfer window is not nearly closed yet, so a good bit more will likely happen. I hope so anyway. We still have some serious holes to fill. But things have slowed to such a point that there is little to write about or even link to. Saja is supposed to officially sign today, [...]

Macho Macho Man

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Somebody thinks quite a lot of Macho. AEK's keeper made David Wilson's list of the top five keepers of Euro 2008.

Summer 08 AEK Transfer News: A Settled #1?

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It looks like we are getting what we need, Sebastian Saja, an establsihed top player between the sticks.  The San Lorenzo shot stopper was named Argentina's keeper of the year in 2002, but he has strugged to find a permanent home since them. I found a clip on youtube: Good stuff.  Moretto (released) has been too error prone [.

Squad for AEK match against Panionios

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PAO is currently tied 0-0 with Aris in the 38th minute. A draw for Aris against PAO and a win for AEK against PAO this wednesday at home for AEK will be enough to ensure that AEK finish first in the Playoffs and can therefore qualify for Champions League. The squad for AEK's away match against [...]

Squad for Match Against Panathinaikos

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Kostenoglou will be taking his usual squad with him to the Appostolos Nikolaidis stadium. The squad will include Macho, Moretto, Dellas, Bourbos, Arruabarrena, Papastathopoulos, Pliatsikas, Geraldo Alves, Edson Silva Ramos, Kone, Julio Cezar, Liberopoulos, and Blanco. Georgeas and Manduca are still not 100 percent ready.

AEK vs. Panionios Match Report

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We lined up like this: Lyberopoulos Blanco Rivaldo Edinho Toszer -Kafes Bourbos -Pilatsikas Alves -Dellas Macho And everyone played well, even Pilatsikas who is arguably a class below the rest of the team (though steadily improving as he gets more first team experience).  At the start of the second half, Kallon subbed in for Lyberopoulos; in the 59th minute, Ramos Silva went in for Edinho; and in [.

Squad announced for match against Panionios

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The squad the Nikos Kostenoglou will be taking with him is rather similar to the usual. Lyberopoulos, Rivaldo, Edinho, Kone, Macho, Lagos, Kafes, Morretto, Arruabarena, Blanco, Geraldo Alves, Pavlis, Toszer, Pappas, Julio Cesar, Bourbos, Kallon, Pliatsikas, Dellas, Ensaliwa, Edson Silva Ramos. I am pleased to also see Kapetanos included in the squad for the game tonight.

Today’s Lineup

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The coach will be taking:Macho,Moretto,Edson Silva Ramos,Dellas,Bourbos,Georgeas,Papastathopoulos,Pliatsikas,Kone,Manduca,Kafes,Julio Cezar,Nsaliwa,Zikos,Edinho,Rivaldo,Tozser,Kallon,Liberopoulos, and Blanco. A crowd of at least 50,000 is now expected according to some AEK newspapers.  

AEK 3-1 Ergotelis Match Report

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On Sunday against Ergotelis we lined up like this: Lyberopoulos Blanco Rivaldo Edinho Zikos Kafes Georgeas Bourbos Papastathopouoos Dellas Macho And we scored straight away. Kafes, who had a brilliant game all around, drew a foul in the box. Rivaldo's resulting penalty kick easily found net. There was some commotion on the field before the penalty kick with Ergotelis players protesting that Kafes handled the ball right [.

Bragging Rights (AEK 4-0 Olympiacos)

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We still may not win the title, but it feels good to win this derby, doesn't it?  And not just win it, but completely dominate the supposedly best team in the league for 90 minutes, score four goals and keep a clean sheet. How did we win?  We were, quite simply, so much more than the [...]

Apollon Kalamarias 0-1 AEK

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Look, it wasn't our best match ever, but its late in the season, and, at this point, its results that matter, not pretty football.Edinho again, this time in the 56th minute. This guy has become so integral to our scoring efforts that I can barely remember how we played before we signed him in January.


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We are playing well now. Â Blanco, Kallon and Edinho play very well together, with nice, tight passing, unselfish play and killer instinct finishing. Â Nsaliwa and Zikos from the midfield, and Bourbos from the right back also seem top plug in well with these attackers, overlapping when necessary, making runs off the ball and quickly covering [.

Match Report: AEK 3-0 Skoda Xanthi

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How many days late with this am I? I guess just two. We played Xanthi Wednesday, lined up like this: Kallon Blanco Rivaldo Lagos Edinho Kafes Bourbos Pliatsikas Papastathopoulos Dellas Macho And though we didn't completely dominate the entire match, we played a better brand of football overall.

Michael Ballack

¡Que gol que te mandaste Michael!

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Michael Ballack, metió este golazo de tiro libre que le dio la clasificación a la selección Alemana a la siguiente fase de la Euro 2008, dejando fuera al local Austria. Se cansaron de criticar al actual jugador del Chelsea (ex-Bayern Munich) por no haber aparecido en el partido contra el combinado de Croacia, encuentro en el que los germanos terminaron derrotados por 2 a 1, esta ves apareció y se las mando a guardar, la clavo en un ángulo al mejor estilo fierrazo.

Alemania ganó y está en cuartos de final

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La selección de Alemania derrotó 1-0 a Austria y así aseguro su lugar en los cuartos de final de la Eurocopa 2008; Croacia venció por el mismo marcador a Polonia y sentenció su eliminación.

El segundo lugar del Grupo B estaba vacante, y Alemania o Polonia lo iban a ocupar, pues Croacia ya estaba calificado antes de esta última fecha, por lo que los teutones llegaron con la necesidad de conseguir una victoria frente a una débil selección austríaca.

The Rest

Know Your Enemy: Houston Dynamo #3

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Reminds me of Halloween.

OTF's Stephen Mangat takes another look at the boys from the Bayou City...

The legend of St. George states that he killed a dragon which had been plaguing some city by nesting at the city's water source. The city's leaders had been trying to placate the dragon with a daily sheep with the hope that it'd eventually leave.

Macho Camacho con muerte cerebral

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El director de emergencias del Centro Médico de Puerto Rico, Ernesto Torres, confirmó en la mañana del jueves que el ex campeón Héctor 'Macho' Camacho tiene un cuadro clínico de muerte cerebral, a poco más de 30 horas de haber sido baleado durante un ataque en las cercanías de su pueblo natal, Bayamón.

A Very Pissed Off Gooner

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Let me start inauspiciously with a vehement fuck off to computer programming. I've just given a test in which I stared blankly at the screen for ninety minutes while jotting down any synonyms of ‘prolonged molestation' that came to mind. To pointers I point a very passionate middle finger and sequential lists can sequentially ram themselves up Richard Stallman's arsehole before it's clamped up by two of those immensely irritating curly brackets.

Soccer fight, Miami FC vs Montreal and Burrito now father of 78 pups

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Hola Amigos! Burrito no write nothing in awhiles cause he become fathers of more pups which make Burrito father to 78 pups in 12 years of doggie existence! Not bad don't you hommies thinks?

Anyways, the bitches name is 'Princess' and she one mean chihuahua! She not happy cause Burrito no call her since we makes pups!

Mario Gomez, Germany: (Quad) Biker Boy

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One of our favourite German players, Mario Gomez, was out this weekend doing a little quad-biking macho manliness activity with the rest of the squad. Why quad bikes are such a turn-on to footballers we will never understand, but if Mario is happy, we're happy.

Carta abierta a Ángel Cappa.

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Don Ángel:
Sensaciones encontradas.
Dueño de una dialéctica desigual, en el mundo de nuestro fútbol criollo, que invita a seguir escuchándolo aun cuando termine sus alocuciones, expositor de franqueza, coherencia y honestidad intelectual, excelso e inmejorable puteador, pareciera manejar como pocos el arte de acentuar cada palabra como lo merece en cada situación, aproximado en el imaginario (e ideología futbolística) a César Menotti y Jorge Valdano.