Liverpool Boss Benitez Wanted by Portsmouth’s New Owners

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Good luck with that!

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So James may be sticking around at Portsmouth but, according to reports whose basis in reality may be about as sound as an LSD-popping unicorn, Paul Hart won't – because new owner Ali al-Faraj wants a manager with a higher profile and has his eyes said on none other than Rafael Benítez!

The wonders of imagination

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It's the second half. Liverpool have bossed it and lead 1-0 through a deflected shot from Dirk Kuyt. Torres is giving Bassong the run-around. Heads are dropping and the outlook is bleak.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, Torres is through on goal. He's got about 35 yards to go. King's been caught out and it looks as if the Spaniard is going to double his team's lead.

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Thai Children Sing Surreal Tribute To ‘Celtic Dragon’ Joe Ledley (Video)

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By Chris Wright

Either I'm watching a classroom full of Thai schoolkids sing a tribute song to Celtic midfielder Joe Ledley to the tune of 'Ring of Fire' or someone has dropped a rather large quantity of LSD in my morning cuppa again...

I think I can see round corners and smell time.

Top 10 Third Kits For 2010-11

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WOUHOU! Let's hear it for totally unnecessary, and totally exploitational 'third' football kits! Yeah! Our favourite it undoubtedly the Lyon 'LSD curtains' kit...

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Which one do you like best?

Worst Kits of All Time???

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We can all admit the 90's hit us hard. Everyone of us could look back and say we looked like we were high on LSD when we were really dressed for work.

These guys are my example for 'dressed for work'.

I recommend keeping this image in your Favorites, and when ever you feel bad about yourself, pull this up.

Saturday frolics - and Happy Birthday

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First of all, I must apologise to the Ole Ole Auditor, who text messaged me last night to ask if I was all set to write the blog today. My initial reply was "who the fuck is this?" since my phone didn't recognise the number. I knew it wasn't Arseblogger, since I know his number. So said text messager replied to me and said he was the Ole Ole Auditor, and I decided that was licence to send back a rather rude message.

Hallucinogens tested to treat managers ‘who don’t see things’

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SCIENTISTS are exploring the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD to treat the widespread myopia that affects football managers and their ability to see contentious incidents. The first clinical trials to use LSD since the 1970s began in a pub in Newham in June. It aims to use ‘psychedelic psychotherapy' to help managers overcome [.