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David Beckham arrives at the London Olympics opening ceremony…on a speedboat

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Blending the look of Milk Tray Man and James Bond, a tuxedo wearing David Beckham transported the Olympic torch to last night's opening ceremony in London via a flashy speedboat a super-slick looking journey that included whizzing under Tower Bridge with spectacular fireworks leading his way. Everybody predicted that Ex-England captain David Beckham would [.

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Saudi snub to minute’s silence ‘a disgrace’

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Sydney (AFP) – The Saudi Arabia football team was accused of “a disgraceful lack of respect” Friday for failing to observe a minute’s silence in honour of victims of the London terror attack ahead of a game in Australia.

When the stadium announcer in Adelaide called for a pause before the World Cup qualifier kicked off Thursday evening, the Australian team lined up at the centre circle with arms on their teammates’ shoulders.

WW: Mario Balotelli’s Chicken Hoodie, City vs Liverpool -Plus Thiago Silva, Ronaldo & Andre Santos

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When you're earning approximately £120,000 a week, there will probably come a time when you'll walk into a shop, spot the ugliest item on the rack and say to yourself: "F**K it, I'm buying that shit!" This is about the only explanation we can drum up for the epic Chicken hoodie worn by Mario Balotelli to Man City's training ground yesterday.