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Belgrano Goalkeeper Enjoys Quick Nibble After Racing Fans Chuck Hamburger At Him (Video)

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Over in theArgentinian Primera Division, Belgrano goalkeeper Juan Olave demonstrated the perfect way to deal with missiles being thrown from the crowd after being pelted with a rogue hamburger by the Racing Club fans sat behind his goal.

Olave simply picked up the burger andmade a point of taking a nibble before gently stowing it away beside his goal to tuck intolater.

Argentinian Apertura Match Abandoned After Keeper Has Eardrums Blown In By Firecracker (Video)

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By Chris Wright

The Argentinian Apertura game between Independiente and Belgrano on Wednesday night had to be abandoned when Belgrano keeper Juan Olave was pelted with a firecracker by the home fans behind the goal which exploded mere metres from his feet as the second half was about to commence.

Independiente fans throw firecracker at rival goalkeeper

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Yes it is South America. And so yes, we should expect a degree of the mental, but surely this has to stop? Independiente hosted Belgrano last night, and with their side struggling in the Apertura and losing the game 1-0 at half time, home fans decided to take matters into their own hands. They threw [.

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Argentine fans join the trend of throwing explosives at footballers

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Fans throwing explosives at footballers seems to be a developing trend happening in all different parts of the world. First, there was the Asian Champions League incident in September where a player from Saudi Arabia's Al-Ahli tossed what he didn't know was an explosive thrown by fans of Iranian club Sepahan just before it exploded.