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Report: Porter signs long-term contract extension with Timbers

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The Portland Timbers have rewarded Caleb Porter for the impressive job he's done in his first year in charge.

According to a report in SI, Porter has signed a five-year contract extension to remain the head coach of the Timbers, after leading them to first place in the Western Conference making him one of the front runners for the Major League Soccer Coach of the Year award.

Merritt Paulson and John Spencer: How It All Went Down

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2012 was an interesting season for the Portland Timbers, to say the very least about it. What started off on a very high note and a promise of making the 2012 play offs ended in what can only be described as a disaster for everybody involved, including the fans who were left consistently frustrated by game results.

2013 MLS Beer-view: Portland Timbers

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By Michael Orr / Host, "Soccer Made in Portland"

New coach, new players, new outlook: Everything is new this year in Portland after the Timbers hired Caleb Porter to replace John Spencer. Significant roster turnover has brought familiar faces from around MLS as well as two older gentlemen from Europe’s top divisions to implement Porter’s pressing, possession style.

Top 10 Stories On Stumptown Footy in 2012; Remembering What Happened

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This past year was an eventful year, if nothing else. Even though it's been a slog on the field, it would be difficult for anybody to argue against that. Luckily, we're venturing into a bold new 2013 with an exciting young head coach and some excellent new players to boot. And with the off season not even done yet, there's bound to be an even bigger story just around the corner.

Portland Timbers Postmortem: Gavin Wilkinson as Interim Head Coach

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On the morning of July 9, Timbers fans were whipped into a frenzy of anticipation, as news started to leak that head coach John Spencer would be fired later that day. That anticipation abruptly turned to, well, something else entirely at about 10am, when Geoffrey C Arnold reported that Gavin Wilkinson would be serving as interim head coach until a replacement could be found.

Portland Timbers Postmortem: Firing John Spencer

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By that point in the season things were looking pretty bleak for the Portland Timbers. With 17 matches played the Timbers under John Spencer had earned just 19 points -- a bit better than the 1.0 ppm they finished the season with. (That's not including the USOC loss to Cal FC.)

Cue incessant ALL-CAPS rants from Stumptown Footy community members with single-purpose usernames.

Portland Timbers 2012 Player Rankings #33: Jorge Perlaza

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Before being traded to the Philadelphia Union for hometown boy Danny Mwanga, Perlaza made John Spencer's starting eleven six times including in the final game before he was traded, the Timbers first match against Vancouver of the 2012 season, which ended in a 1-1 draw. In the eighty eight minutes he played that game he registered three shots, one of which was on goal, and before the news came that he was on his way out it seemed like things might be turning around for the speedy Colombian.

Portland Timbers Offseason 2012-13 Calendar

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If you are anything like me, you will probably do a good deal of speculating, plenty of obsessing, and more than a little reminiscing. So, with all those activities in mind, here is a rough framework for all of us to work around. Anything in italics is an u confirmed date and is based off of last year's preseason schedule, guesswork, or some combination of the two.

Five Reasons to be Excited for 2013

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It's been a grim year. With Kenny Cooper being traded to the New York Red Bulls and thereafter scoring goals like a mad man, Troy Perkins (a fan favorite) being traded and publicly dissed by Gavin Wilkinson, and John Spencer being fired it's been a whirlwind of crap that Portland Timbers fans have had to deal with this year.

Sounders at Portland Timbers Cascadia Cup - Three Questions

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When the Seattle Sounders travel down I-5 to face off against Cascadia Cup rival Portland Timbers they will be doing so with a simple goal - three points. While a draw prevents the Timbers from earning the Cascadia Cup, it is three points that advances the Sounders quest for the top spot in the West and the future earning of the Cup that fuels the team.

Portland Timbers vs. Colorado Rapids Player Ratings: No Longer Last Edition

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Well what do we have here? Could it be... should I say it? Oh what the hell, I'll say it. Could it be that the Portland Timbers have found themselves in the midst of a winning streak? I don't want tog et everybody's hopes up being that it's only two wins, both of which were at home, but I think it's safe to say that the Timbers' performance during those two games were markedly better than they were in the months since John Spencer left.

Porter named Timbers coach, will take over after conclusion of college season

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Caleb Porter is making the jump to the professional ranks, but not until December.Â

Porter was named the new coach of the Portland Timbers Wednesday, where he will take over full-time duties from interim coach and general manager Gavin Wilkinson, who took over for the ousted John Spencer.

Report: Timbers to announce Porter as head coach on Wednesday

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The Portland Timbers wanted Caleb Porter, and the second-year MLS club has reportedly gotten the coach they set out to hire as their permanent replacement for John Spencer.

Portland radio station KPAM 860 reported on Tuesday night that Portland would announce Porter as the team's new head coach on Wednesday.

Caleb Porter To Be Portland’s Next Coach?

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I want to open this up with saying I don't like the idea of this move at all, for either side. is reporting this morning that the Portland Timbers are set to offer their head coaching position to Akron head coach and US U-23 national team head coach Caleb Porter.

The Portland Timbers have offered their head coaching job to University of Akron coach Caleb Porter, according to sources.

Matchday @Red Bull Arena: Red Bulls vs Timbers

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Back to the Cathedral!Good morning! The Portland Timbers come to the Cathedral of Football for the first visit since they foolishly decided to trade one Kenny Fuckin' Cooper to the Red Bulls. We all know what has happened since: 13 goals for New York, the firing of John Spencer and a comfortable spot at the bottom of the West for Portland.

Portland Timbers Coaching Search: Five Down, A Bunch To Go

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When this week is over the Portland Timbers will have interviewed their third head coaching candidate, according to team sources. Give the team another week and the number of interviews concluded should be at five. So just who should the Timbers be looking at? And what should they be looking for?

As it stands, the Timbers are in dire straits and look like they are on course to finish the season with the wooden spoon firmly in hand.

With the Portland Timbers' Season Out of Control, Should the Young Players Be Given More Minutes? [Poll]

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Last night's game was a lot of fun. No pressure to win, no expectations for three points. Really it was all about having fun and watching our home team challenge a team from one of the best leagues in the world. More than that, though, it was a bit of a revelation watching the Portland Timbers young guns strut their stuff in front of an increasingly lethargic starting XI side.

MLS Weekend Wrap-Up: Dallas Demolishes Portland, New York Remains Undefeated at Home and Houston Takes Down Portland

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In the weekend leading up to the MLS All-Star Game, some teams showed their dominance, while others took steps in the wrong direction. Saturday saw Dallas FC make a complete mockery of the Portland Timbers, who have now lost four in a row. Meanwhile, the New York Red Bulls continued their impressive home lossless streak, dispatching the Union 2-0.

Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Really? Edition [Poll]

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Some will still point to the Cal FC loss as the worst game in the Timbers history as a Major League Soccer club, but last night's 5-0 loss that knocked the Timbers into last place in the league has got to be up there. Positives were few and far between and even the optimists here at Stumptown Footy had a hard time picking out someone to praise.

Portland Timbers @ Chivas USA Preview and Match Thread

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So, Game One with Gavin Wilkinson as interim head coach didn't go so well -- entertaining, yes, but entertainment doesn't add points to the standings. The Portland Timbers will try to turn things around in front of a prepubescent midday crowd at the Home Depot Center today. If the Boys in Green are going to get a win away from home at all this season, it might as well come against the worst offense in MLS.

MLS Notes: Rapids place Mastroeni on DL, Revs acquire Imbongo and more

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Pablo Mastroeni's season has been plagued by injuries and he has been forced to spectate in all but two of the Colorado Rapids' games this year.

Well, Mastroeni's spell on the sidelines won't be coming to a close anytime soon.

Biz of Soccer: Referencing The Word “Brand”

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Bit of a cordial disagreement here on Twitter.

Recent front office moves, (Portland firing John Spencer, DCU gaining new ownership) have created public communication from the teams from front offices where the word "brand" has been used to refer to the entity. For example, instead of Portland Timbers "club," it was referred to by Merritt Paulson in his presser this week as the Portland Timbers "brand.

Jack Jewsbury & Portland Timbers Face LA Galaxy – Saturday 10pm

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Jack Jewsbury in Springfield, MO 2006

The Gavin Wilkinson era for the Portland Timbers in MLS begins Saturday evening on the NBC Sports Network as they play host to MLS Cup champion LA Galaxy. The Timbers come off a 3-0 loss at Real Salt Lake last weekend, the last game in charge for John Spencer.

MLS Week 19: A Look Ahead

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Front-runner status in the Supporters' Shield race is at stake this weekend.

The MLS-leading San Jose Earthquakes will host a Real Salt Lake team sitting just one point back in the Western Conference standings. With the top attack in MLS, Chris Wondolowski and the Earthquakes will be eager to test themselves against Jamison Olave and Salt Lake's dependably stingy back line.

Hyndman Weighs in on the Firing of John Spencer in Portland

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Schellas Hyndman will be the first to admit he doesn't know John Spencer, the former Houston assistant who was relieved of head coaching duties in Portland on Monday personally. However, the ex-SMU gaffer does have a great deal of respect for Dominic Kinnear's top lieutenant and after practice on Tuesday, he had the following to say about Spencer being let go by the Timbers, a side FCD will face for the second time this season next Saturday at FC Dallas Stadium.

10 Possibilities for the Portland Timbers Next Head Coach [Poll]

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Earlier this week, we saw John Spencer's reign come to an end. It was a little sad, despite the recent performances of the team. When he first came on last year I thought that this could be a man who is with the team for years, makes his mark and leaves on his own terms. But alas, it was not to be.

Merritt Paulson

John Spencer will Rise Again

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Part 3 of Nick Firchau's three-part feature about Portland Timbers owner and president Merritt Paulson is out today, as promised. While it doesn't deliver quite the level of controversy that Part 2 did, it's still an interesting look at Paulson's actions in the face of adversity. The moral of the story appears to be that Paulson has learned some hard lessons.

In Defense Of Dike

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Bright Dike is, depending on your perspective, our best forward who should start whenever he’s healthy, a great 70th minute substitute, or a guy who simply doesn’t belong in MLS.

Even as the season winds down, it is important to consider his role in the squad going forward. Jose Adolfo Valencia finally made his debut with the reserves in their final game, and if everything pans out as the front office expected when they signed him, he is the Timbers’ striker of the future.

Vancouver Whitecaps

Talking DPs Busts

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Is Kris Boyd the biggest DP bust of 2012? (Getty Images)

Everyone loves this debate these days which Designated Player was a bust or not?

I've seen a ton lately on Kris Boyd up in Portland and how his days there in the Rose City are likely numbered. It makes sense, the last two times I watched him play (one in person, the other on TV) I wasn't impressed.

Major Link Soccer: Burning Cascadia Edition

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It is too hot. It is too hot. IT IS TOO FRICKIN HOT.
I mean, I was only out playing soccer for like 70 minutes the other day, and I feel like I need to visit a burn ward. It makes me feel bad for quietly chortling to myself as the east coast complained incessantly about how the trays of cookie dough on their car dashboards were overdone when they came back.

LA Galaxy

Timbers Man of the Match: Valiant Effort Edition

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Last night's match against the LA Galaxy was a confusing one for Timbers fans. Despite the team's defensive lapses the Timbers had several stand out performances in the the attack, giving some hope going forward. Nobody was perfect, but a few players stood out enough for our editors to pick them as the Man of the Match.

Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: Third Time's the Charm Edition

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With The LA Galaxy coming to town tomorrow, the Timbers underwent their final preparations for the two teams' third match up of the season at practice today. Training today was a closed session that, at an hour and fifteen minutes, ran somewhat longer than John Spencer's usual pre-match practices, which usually were between forty five minutes and an hour long.

5mTKO react to John Spencer departing and all things Timbers on the fastest growing show on CSRN

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Matches that really cost John Spencer his job. Will GW do a better job with the young guys? Looking forward to the LA Galaxy match.

The Rest

Union players report today, preseason dates, USWNT kicks off 2016 campaign on Saturday, more news

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Union players begin reporting for start of preseason today. Key preseason dates. World champion USWNT faces Ireland on Saturday. More news.

Eric Alexander Appreciation Thread

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Eric Alexander joined the Timbers in August of 2011 after successful rookie and sophomore campaigns with FC Dallas during which he scored two goals in 39 appearances. His first few months with the Timbers featured just three starts and five appearances overall, as he struggled to combine fully with his new teammates.

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MLS MVP Wondolowski will cheer former Dynamo teammates at MLS Cup

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San Jose Earthquakes forward Chris Wondolowski, who picked up his 2012 MLS MVP award on Thursday, will stick around and hang out with the Dynamo players this weekend and many of them again next weekend when he attends Corey Ashe's wedding.

Wondolowski, who tied the MLS record with 27 goals this year, was traded to San Jose in June 2009 for Cam Weaver.

Portland Timbers Player Rankings #32: Freddie Braun

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This one's a toughie. Freddie Braun is one of the most likeable guys on the team.

"One thing about Freddie is, he has got a tremendous attitude," said John Spencer after the 1-1 draw against Chivas during the preseason tournament at Jeld Wen Field. "He comes in every day, works hard, and when he plays out there he really seems to rise to the occasion.

Slide Rule Pass puts Football Manager to the test

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Slide Rule Pass puts Football Manager to the test

For good humor, read this.

What happens if we select 10 managers and let the simulation do its work? What happens if Caleb Porter takes over, or say, John Spencer gets a second tour?

Read, laugh, and cry.

QPR Report Sunday - Year Flashback: Farewell Flavio. Welcome Tony! "Fernandes to Buy QPR"

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